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The Bible Lives New Testament

  • Mark ( 16 Articles )

    The Bible Lives commentary of the gospel of Mark.

  • Luke ( 15 Articles )

    Luke chapters

  • John ( 21 Articles )

    The Gospel of John was completed, to form part of The Bible Lives series, during a time of great cultural and legal change in the UK and the USA (2104-2015), which resulted in the government's promotion of sin, particularly with respect to homosexuality and Islam.

  • The Acts ( 5 Articles )

    The Acts chapters

  • Romans ( 16 Articles )

    The book of Romans was written by the Apostle Paul and lays a sure foundation of Chrisitna doctrine and teaching on Christian living with a clear definition of sin and false teaching.

  • I Corinthians ( 16 Articles )

    I Corinthians

  • II Corinthians ( 13 Articles )

    II Corinthians

  • Colossians ( 4 Articles )

    Colossians  chapters

  • Titus ( 3 Articles )

    Titus chapters

  • Philemon ( 1 Article )

    Philemon chapters

  • I Peter ( 5 Articles )

    I Peter chapters

  • Jude ( 1 Article )

    Jude chapters

  • Revelation ( 22 Articles )

    The Revelation of John is at times a very difficult book to interpret the symbols and metaphors used in the narrative and to place them in a timeframe. Therefore, where it is not clear, reasonable suggestions are given without forcing the text as to its meaning. In any case there is plenty to learn and meditate on in the account of the vision.