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I Samuel

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1 Samuel 1

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I first taught the books of Samuel to a packed adult class that met in my home over 40 years ago. My wife, who attended those classes, requested a repeat study of the Books and I was more than happy to oblige, for I had very happy memories of those days. So, we again studied both books from early 2000 to the middle of the year 2001, this time with different Christians. (note: and studied in 2017, again by request).

In many of those early classes, the listeners were often gripping the edge of their seats as they heard the historical narrative unfold like some great Hollywood movie block-buster! I did not need to use theatrics to make the Books come alive - they already are alive! If Christians can only read these marvellous Books with open and searching minds, they will see an era when God spoke in His actions as well as through the mouths of prophets. There was a direct response to God’s commands with direct results. And the same applies today, if only we would trust!

Samuel gave me a big thrill the first time I expounded the Book, and it did so again. I find Samuel enthralling, full of excitement and intrigue, political manoeuvres, sinful mistakes and God’s mercies. I have told my present class that Samuel would make a magnificent film if only it could be done, such is its enormous breadth of action and its portrayal of people! I find the Books breath-taking, and those who hear the account verse by verse are often on the edge of their seats as that ancient time comes alive in their minds and hearts. I hope that some of this excitement we first felt is conveyed in a small way to the present reader!


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