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Psalm 68

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A Psalm written by David and handed to the Chief Musician, Asaph.

God rides the heavens; He gives His people many benefits; He is the destroyer of enemies. Today, these simple facts are ignored or forgotten, as Christians refuse to repent of their gross ignorance and the sin of pride, allowing enemies to grow in large numbers. These enemies hate us and want to see us hidden away in a dark corner, if we cannot be killed! But, the atheist Hitchens is now dead and waiting for judgment. His friend, Dawkins, will soon be with him. Their combined hatred for God is already turning against them as they await the day Christ comes again to send them to hell. At that time their human cleverness will be exposed for what it is – stupidity and futility'; no-one can reject God and live!

It is well for every one of us to meditate on Who God is and His mighty power. He is the ONLY authority... not earthly men who loathe morality and purity. Satan is getting ready for his big, last push, but he knows he is defeated. So, his push is one of intense wrath against God and His people. We see it in the wickedness of men and women who follow him, shackled to his heinous demands, remorselessly carried out by those who hate us.

But, do not look at their faces, for they are condemned by God and will soon be no more; they have no power or authority. Even as they run through our streets with glee vaunting their sins, protected by evil human agencies, the angel of death follows and will soon overtake them. The end of our enemies is nigh, for Christ's return is imminent. Look to Him and not to our enemies... who are already counted as dead.


Psalm 67

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The plea by David in this Psalm is not just for a warring nation against attacking foreigners. It can be used by any believer in any age, for any reason! Have mercy upon us, God – bless us; cause Your face to shine upon us! It is He Who gives us spiritual health, and so we must praise Him. It is God Who gives us any good and any blessings, and it is He Who causes the wayward nations and peoples to fear.

Let us pray that He will cause wicked people in our day to tremble with fear. It will not come about by mere talk, but only by our individual righteousness, played out against the backdrop of evil men and women who wish only to destroy us. When each and every true believer does this, we can be assured that God will not just protect us – He will make the enemy as dust, to be trampled underfoot. Give praise to God, for it is our only godly way to scatter the wicked.


Psalm 66

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A Psalm of David.

As I observe, and experience, the quickly-growing hatred for believers in this world, made almost a legal requirement by governments, it would be very easy to fall into a mood of despondency or paranoia. Enemies are all around us, threatening our lives, freedoms and livelihoods, depending on which country we live in.

Yet, David, who himself experienced these things, shows us time and again that if we are righteous God protects us. We must not allow the wicked to bring us down, or make us ‘victims’, but must praise God and bless His name continually, even as the enemy bangs on our door. Not like rabbits caught in the glare of a headlight, but as an act of faith, calmly shown and followed. Yes, the initial fear must give us a jolt, but do not let it stay in the heart and mind. Instead, ask God to keep you safe and to guide your mind and heart in all things.

Verses 1-4

[1] Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands:
[2] Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious.
[3] Say unto God, How terrible art thou in thy works! through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee.
[4] All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name. Selah.

It is often taught that we cannot demand the unsaved to listen to God. But, God Himself demands that all people everywhere obey Him. It is not relevant that they wish to disobey or even if they say they do not believe in Him. They must obey and they must praise God, whoever they are! All people must make a joyful noise to God, “all ye lands”. Not just Believers, but everyone. “All ye lands” means everybody in every land on earth (whole earth, ‘erets). We have already seen that atheists are called ‘fools’ (which can be translated as ‘stupid’) by God. They also receive God’s wrath for not praising Him. We must make a joyful noise to God. (This is interpreted [in the Hiphil form] as shouting in applause, or to shout impulsively and [in the Hithpolel form] in triumph or joy. Other interpretations do not apply in this text). We must proclaim the honour of God’s name… that is, everything He stands for, is, and does.


Psalm 34

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This Psalm was written after David was driven away by Abimelech (also known as Achish: ‘Abimelech’ is more the title of a king or prince; thus ‘king of Gath’, a Philistine city). At one time David was so afraid of Saul that he tried to appeal to the Philistines, who were his enemies, to give him sanctuary. But, when he banged on the city gates, guards recognised him as the leader of the Hebrew band that killed their fellow Philistines.

Realising his error, David pretended to be crazy and drooled at the mouth. Quick thinking! Believing David really was mad, the king sent him away from the gates. It was memory of this incident that led David to write Psalm 34.

It is a reminder to us not to fall into the delusion that our enemies will give us help, or will become our friends. Many Christians befriend wicked people today, thinking they are doing the right thing. But, they are deluded.

The wicked do not care for believers, nor do they love them – rather, they hate Christians and will only tolerate them whilst they do the bidding of the wicked, or say nothing about their sin.


Psalm 33

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“Let all the earth fear the LORD”.
“By the word of the LORD were the heavens made”.
“He spake and it was done”.

These are powerful words, referring to Almighty God. Today, many who call themselves ‘Christian’ show disdain for God by their lack of faith and by their public denunciation of what is holy and true. They twist scripture to mean whatever they want it to mean. They side with wicked men, showing a love for what is sinful and ugly, harmful and untrue. They will be judged!

Others, genuine believers, are afraid; they hide behind the baggage as spiritual war rages around them. They ‘tut-tut’ against fellow believers who fight alongside the Great General of our faith, who receive many wounds and scars. They want a quiet life, regardless of what scripture says about true Christian living.


Psalm 32

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Someone recently suggested that all Christians ought to write their own Psalms. Maybe that is not such a bad idea. The Psalms were written from the heart, with God in mind. They are some of the earliest examples of formal prayer to the Lord – yes, that is what they are, written in poem form. It would be good to write down our thoughts on how we are and how God is part of our lives.

Many Psalms express David’s humility, his hurts, his fears, but they all contain his praise for God. The reason the Bible is made up mainly of warnings and woes is that this is what people are like! We are very good at messing things up and doing what is wrong. Then we expect God to pick up the pieces. And, very often, He does, because He is a merciful God. Why not meditate on Who God is and what He does for you? Thank Him just for being Who He is. Praise Him even when you think everything is going wrong. It is His due, and it will clear your head of self.

As David says (verse 6) - make no delay; pray to God when He will be found. We need to talk with God all the time; when we accrue anxieties and reluctances, our lives turn to dust. Be with God daily and see the difference! Or, He will not be found, but will have retreated to a distance until we repent. This is a time of loneliness and despair… David speaks of it many times. Repent and get back to God.


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