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What is Prayer?

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What is Prayer?

By K B Napier

A Biblical challenge to the tradition of Prayer Meetings 

Every Christian claims to pray. Every pastor tells the congregation that prayer meetings are the 'hub' of local church life. It is the view of the author, after decades as a Christian and pastor, that few Christians understand what prayer is and even fewer do not realise that prayer meetings as we have them today have no sure basis in biblical reality.

Indeed, it is the author's researched view that prayer meetings are invalid. We must all test the spirits... the book challenges Christians to do just this by setting church traditions aside and seeing what God really says. Are you truly a faithful believer, or not?

First Edition 2017

ISBN: 9780244360061

eBook PDF £2.50 (183 pages)

Paperback £14.50 (ex VAT) (148 pages)