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Psycho-Meddling ('Christian' Counselling)

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Psycho-Meddling ('Christian' Counselling)

By K B Napier

A Biblical approach to Christian counsel - led by the Holy Spirit

The counselling business has grown rapidly and many local churches have one or more members trained in counselling. However, this academically-based training is NOT the same as godly counsel, which is given by the Holy Spirit alone on an ad hoc basis, by whomever He chooses to give counsel. Those who ignore this most basic of biblical facts are meddling and so can do more harm than good. This book is from an academic thesis (MA Psychology), but it has a biblical stance taken by the author. Think hard!

First Edition 2018 (Psychology Master's Thesis 1984)

eBook PDF £2.50 (183 pages)

Paperback £12.95 (ex VAT) (182 pages)