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Anti-God Beliefs

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1 Roman Catholicism Continues Deceit K B Napier
2 Hindu Violence K B Napier
3 Transcendental Meditation and Yoga K B Napier
4 Are Homosexuals the ‘Image of God’? K B Napier
5 Unitarian Universalism :- “An Introduction” K B Napier
6 Islam and Jerusalem Adam Eliyah Berkowitz (Guest Contribution)
7 Islam Epitomises Marxism K B Napier
8 Islam's Response to Extremism does does not match reality K B Napier
9 What Contemporaries Thought of Islam and Mohammed K B Napier
10 Allah: God? Or just an Idol? K B Napier
11 Buddhism - “Self-Improvement without God” K B Napier
12 Anti-God Beliefs K B Napier
13 Hinduism - “Satanic to its core” K B Napier