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Regret – The Tombstones in Life

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Often I lay awake at night, as a topic comes into my head.

I mull it over and, at times, I go downstairs to my computer to begin writing.

This is because these topics are important and someone, somewhere, needs to read about them.

It is the same with this topic... ‘Regret’.

Paul once said that he sometimes did things he should not have done, and did NOT do things he SHOULD have done.

In other words, he was expressing regret.

The trouble with regrets is that they are of things we cannot undo or do. They are in the past.

But, one thing I do know – some of these regrets refer to speech or acts that change us, usually badly.

And many of these regrets are about sins we have committed.

Sometimes, such sins can be repented of and their effects amended.

But, some sins cannot be amended, even if we repent of them. They are like tombstones in our lives, God’s reminders of what we have committed or omitted. Tombstones should not be in a lovely garden! And, their presence is a reminder time and again of what we have said and done, something we cannot change.

Some sins, if not most, appear to us at the time to be lovely. We desire them above all else.

I have used an illustration in the past, of the way Pinocchio followed after rogues who took him to a place he thought was wonderful; but it turned out to be shabby and wicked.

How many young people do this? How many commit sins whose effects are to kill the soul and badly damage their walk with the Lord? How many, before it happened, were on the true path and acting honourably? Of course, we can ask the same of anyone at any age, but younger people are special targets. Of who and for what?

They are targeted by Satan, who sees young souls battling against his evils and living as they should.

He does this to cause them to stumble and so stain their image as well as laugh in the face of God.

The regrets might not show for a long time, but when they do they can devastate the Christian, who might have tried covering the sins up, even though they were hidden from others anyway. But, no use! The sin has done its damage and those with discernment can see it has been done. They see a previously godly person who is now altered... their spirits are no longer true but darker. The effects on one’s life of certain sins can never be altered and so they remain like tombstones in the spiritual garden, ugly reminders of what we have said or done wrong.

Some sins are irreversible. And it is these that do the most damage. How many Christians have had an abortion?

How many realise that they cannot take back what has been done, and will probably suffer psychologically, physically, emotionally and even spiritually because of it? They might repent much later – but it is too late to have total rest in this life. The same goes for sexual sins. Once tasted, sexual activities cannot be reversed... they are indelible and cannot be removed; they are an affront to the Lord’s holiness and commands, and so they stand up in the garden as tombstones, never to be removed. Perhaps one can grow the grass until it covers the stone – but it is still there. One can repent of such activities, but they are one of several sins we cannot amend or get rid of – once done, they have brought about a fundamental change in our characters and spirits. One reason for this is that sins do not just pop up unannounced – we mull them over in our minds and hearts and desire them. Then comes the time we actually commit the sin, and Satan has won. Any former delights to the Lord in our lives have vanished and our path becomes more worldly.

I look at my own life daily, to check my soul against sin. I don’t always win, but it is a vital activity to maintain the health of my spiritual life. Many Christians do not apply such checks, so any sin they commit is like being hit by a ten ton truck, full-on. Some never recover. This is because they have not been careful over their souls. HAVE YOU? Remember – the sin you have committed is never a surprise to you! It has slowly or slyly insinuated itself into your heart and mind, and with a few prompts from Satan and your own desires, it becomes a reality as you deliberately manoeuvre your activity so that the sin can be committed.

No sin is committed without this deliberate action on your part, though you might pretend otherwise.

And as I have noted, some sins are irreversible in their effect, so they remain in our souls like stains, like tombstones in an otherwise beautiful garden. And the longer we try to hide our sin from others the bigger is the tombstone. God has witnessed your sin, though you hide it. Repent, and if the sin cannot be eradicated you must hitherto avoid it at all costs.

Make no mistake, sins unrepented of and not walked away from are noticeable. Those with spiritual discernment can see the change. Your spiritual walk is now on another path, different from the one God originally put you on. The spiritually good life you lived has been damaged. Repent and put it right, or risk God’s anger. Or, worse, His active removal from your life. SOMEONE needs this warning.

Check that it isn’t you... or me. May God bless us all with the humility to repent and the honesty to change.


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