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The ‘Good Samaritan’ Disorder (GSD)

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A small part of this paper is tongue-in-cheek. The rest is meant. Can you tell which is which? The topic is more important than you might think.

Portrayals of vicars often show them taking in tramps and giving them meals, clothes, money and a place to sleep. And some have been murdered for doing so. The Salvation Army has ‘doing good’ down to a fine art. They give help to those on the streets. Even when the people they help are on the street for a very good reason – being drug addicts, alcoholics, people who have done some rather nasty things to others. In this paper reference is also made to Islam and Muslims.

Christians and even unbelievers are targeted by clever marketing companies who work for charities. They work on the premise that people have a soft-spot for helping others, without checking-out the reason why others need help.

And most Christians, at least when in ear-shot of fellow Christians, show a remarkable desire to help others. Like the local church that offered soup meals every Friday to rough-sleepers. They were surprised when almost all the rough-sleepers in the town attended and got their free food and any spare clothes, every Friday. I was not surprised when I heard that the street folks were stealing all the Bibles and hymn books they could lay their hands on. But, there was no religious reason. The books contained paper that was eminently suitable to rip out and make cigarette papers with. I knew what men and women can be like, having worked with so many deceptive types. I ask “Is this charitable work a reason to allow people to tear up God’s word?” and “Why give such help to people who could not care less about God or you?”

The list could go on. Christians are suckers when it comes to charity and helping people. Sadly, many of these do-gooders are beyond the label of ‘charitable’... they have what I call ‘Good Samaritan Disorder’ (GSD). By that I mean they are compelled, without good reason, to help everybody. Anything wrong with that? Yes, there is. But, first, I must describe the Bible account of the Good Samaritan, so that I can compare it with what many Christians are like today... to their detriment.

The text is famous, and can be found in Luke 10:30-37. Unfortunately, Christians have been drilled into giving help to all and sundry, without genuine reason. I see no virtue in giving help to everyone, when even the Lord forbad us from helping certain people. Yet, many display all the marks of GSD.

The Good Samaritan – the REAL Meaning

I will give a brief interpretation.

V30: A man (assumed to be a Jew, because of mention of a Samaritan) wanted to walk from Jerusalem to Jericho. He was accosted by bandits who took everything he had, including the clothes from his back, causing injuries that left him nearly dead.

V31: A Jewish priest saw him and went to the other side of the road, not wishing to get involved, or to stay around to also be beaten and robbed.

V32: A Levite, of the priestly tribe, did the same thing.

V33: Then, a Samaritan came to the spot. We are not told what direction he was travelling. He saw the injured man and had compassion on him,

V34: and immediately dressed his wounds at the roadside, using oil and wine to salve the wounds. Then, he placed him on his own beast (camel? Horse? Donkey?). He took him to the nearest inn to take care of the man.

V35: Next day the Samaritan left, giving the inn-keeper money to continue caring for the injured man. He said he would repay any other expenses when he returned.

V36: Jesus rhetorically asked His disciples who they thought was the real neighbour to the injured man.

V37: Jesus gave the answer – the one who showed mercy to the injured man. He then instructed the disciples to go and be similarly compassionate.

Now, note this: it is likely that the Samaritan was mentioned because he was the most unlikely candidate to come to the aid of a Jew. This is because Jews considered Samaritans to be sinful neo-Israelites. Yet, it was a despised Samaritan who gave help to the Jew (an assumed religious/national identity, unproven).

The discussion is NOT about race or creed, but about helping those in dire need. BUT, Christians are not asked to help everybody they come across. This is because God Himself warned that we should not help those who hate Him (and, by association, His children – Christians).

Other than that, there are other defining points that can only be given on a case-by-case basis. For example, if two men are fighting furiously, should we go to help either of them? No; to do so would be very foolish and dangerous; leave it to police. Another example – if we come across a drunk laying in the street, do we give him money? No; to do so would be inappropriate because his first act would be to buy some more alcohol. What if the man was a drug addict who we find sitting on a park bench? Well, we could talk with him (if called to do so by the Holy Spirit) and, perhaps, he might listen to counsel (rare). But, he could also turn on you, beat you up, and rob you; do not give money, etc. And so on.

Then we come to the most current problem: migrants. No doubt a VERY small number are genuine refugees, who desperately need help, because they come from a war zone where terrorists are systematically slaughtering Christians. However, those who are genuine are VERY scarce – most are just coming to get free money, and some are here to be terrorists. If you had an opportunity to help such a terrorist because he was injured, would you do so? (See my articles on ‘refugees and asylum seekers’, which contain sober facts)

What of thousands of them who arrive in Europe claiming to have escaped war? This one is far more problematic! (I will not go over plenteous information I have already given in a number of articles; read these). There are two major reasons not to help these Islamic people. The first is that God tells us not to help those who hate Him; they also include terrorists who kill. The second reason – Islam is a foul pagan idolatrous pseudo-religion that fouls the name of the Lord and says those who follow Him must be put to death.

Added to this very general observation, we read this in Proverbs 6 (verse 16-on):

“These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

How can any Christian help or give charitably to those who God says He hates? (When God says He hates a sin, He includes in that hate, the person who commits the sin, as He tells us in the New Testament. To God both the sin and the sinner are hated for their godlessness). Who is included in this list? Anyone, of course, but God mentions a few groups of people who earn his special hatred (and so, given no help). Take homosexuals. God hates what they do and their persons. Not only because of their sexual sins, but for the godless mind behind them. Look at the list – they are proud and arrogant, they lie constantly, they devise wicked imaginations and are quick to invent ways to ruin Christians, they bear false witness and sow discord.

We can apply every one of the evils in the list to Islam, whose false god, Allah, leads men and women to repeat the foul wickedness of Baal, including the shedding of innocent blood. We can observe that Allah and Islam are the opposite to the holiness of the one true God of scripture. Therefore, they may not be helped for any reason. The only exception is the rare time when the Holy Spirit leads a Christian specifically and personally to an individual, with a burden for their soul.

Other than that, every Muslim must face whatever path his wicked religion offers him. If they are poor, it is because if Islam, if they are unhealthy, it is because of Islam, if they have no future, it is because of Islam, if they are harmed by their fellows, it is because of Islam. They choose Islam so they must live by its grotesque teachings. It is all hated by God, so we may not help them.

Also, lame-duck Christians do not understand that there are also periods when we may not help. Take the teaching in Ecc. 3:8, “A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.” Verse one begins “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Verse 3 tells us there is “A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down and a time to build up”. A little later, we find there is a “time to refrain from embracing”. Sadly, most Christians claim to love the Lord and to do His bidding, but they actually mean “If it agrees with my own ideas”! There is a time to hate, a time to go to war. More often than not, the peace can only follow a time of war, when haters of God are mown down and subdued. We see this many times in the Old Testament.

There is even a time to kill. Do not deceive yourself with odd interpretations! To ‘kill’ is harag. It means to slay, destroy out of hand. (It can also mean to murder, but it does not apply in this text). This killing can be personal, but it here applies to the death of enemies in war. No-one (except perpetual ‘lovers of everybody’) can deny that ISIS has declared war on the West and on anybody who does not think their way. Therefore, they must be ‘killed out of hand’ on the battle field or when they attack innocents, as I have said many times.

In no way can Christians help these people. And, as terrorists are part of Islam, and all Muslims follow Islam, we have no way of knowing who is guilty, or who is not a murderous Muslim. Therefore, we may not help them... not even the so-called ‘moderates’ (for more detailed reasons see various articles on Islam). Even if not guilty of murder and hatred, ‘moderates’ are pagan idolaters – and read what God says about those who are in this despicable state of mind and heart.

Career Beggars

Large towns and cities across the UK have a similar problem with so-called beggars. And there are Christian groups who go out into the streets to help them. But, do they deserve help? I have followed police reports on this for many years and conclude that such help is not required, and is even foolish.

Dundee city manager, Sarah Craig, puts it succinctly: the vast majority of supposed ‘beggars’ “have homes and already receive benefits” (Daily Mail 28th March 2016). In other words, they are cheating and deceiving. In truth they should be hauled before magistrates for fraud. If an ordinary person did what they do, he would be stripped of his benefits and made into a criminal!

The story from Dundee can be replicated many times over. Yet, because Christians are a soft-touch, they are highly susceptible to what I call a ‘sob story’. In my own city I often see them on their knees talking intensely and ‘lovingly’ to beggars (who are breaking the law by being in the centre and accepting money – so Christians are actually helping them to break the law). I have seen them go and buy food from a shop for them. And I have seen them foolishly giving them money. My mother once gave a room to one drug addict. She caused mayhem and I threw her out.

The hard truth is that the majority of these are cheats and liars! They go home and add their stash to state benefits. Then, they buy booze, cigarettes, drugs, etc. Many also harm others in the street and break in to people’s houses.

As Sarah rightly says – there is no need for these people to be on the streets. There is always an option. But, very few are actually on the streets. And most of those who are, are in their situation because they are criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, and so on. Christians who ‘help’ usually end up unwittingly aiding them to commit crime and to further any harm they do to themselves.

To be frank, these people are their own worst enemies. They have alienated those who once loved them, abused them, and done things they should not do. And they will not stop. It is not up to Christians to be the world’s social workers! I see nothing godly in what they are doing to ‘help’. But, I DO see that they suffer intensely from the Good Samaritan Disorder. They see someone like me as ‘hard’, of course.

Unless God specifically tells a Christian to go and seek a specific person at a specific time, there is no real reason to ‘help’ modern day beggars... they are not in Calcutta where beggars are beggars for genuine reasons (but even there we have fakes!). I have seen the effects of such kind-hearted folks on these professional scroungers, and they would have their soft-hearts broken if they heard and saw what their ‘help’ facilitated.

Good Samaritan... or just foolish?

The account of the Good Samaritan is very specific in its teaching, and it does NOT apply to helping anybody without sound cause. Christians who give help or money or food or goods to people indiscriminately, do so sinfully. Their charity must follow the Biblical pattern – God first, then close family, then fellow believers. NOT cats or dogs, NOT foreigners we do not know, NOT ministries that cater only to the naïve and ignorant, NOT to wider charities who send money and goods to Islamic countries (thus excusing their own governments from doing good to their own people), NOT to tramps, drug addicts or alcoholics who live rough. The list is very long!

Start to think clearly; think as God thinks! You can only mimic God if you truly know what He says, thinks and does Himself. Most Christians know next to nothing about what the Bible says, and, more importantly, what it means. So, they throw their money, time and effort to the swine. Think carefully, friends. By helping those who are hated by God, or who deliberately despise Him, we are aiding and abetting wicked people who are bound for hell! Do you not find this rather odd? To help those God hates is to condone their sins.

I once nursed an alcoholic in his thirties. He came to us with a liver severely damaged by alcohol. Unfortunately, his lot was not helped by receiving a large inheritance, including a big house. In my presence, the doctor told him bluntly that he would die very soon if he did not stop his drinking. He left our care and went home, He told me he did not care about consequences. He then ordered in stacks of drink and boozed himself silly. He died within two months.

That man had everything to live for, but preferred the blunt instrument of alcohol to place him in oblivion. If such a man is on the street, his only care is to get more drink. Any money given to him goes to that end. Christians must understand that before they can ‘help’ such a man, he must firstly decide to stop his self-destruction. Your well-meaning but ignorant idea of helping him will simply bring his death closer. I doubt if this is your idea when you crouch down to chat and give him money. And even if you give him food, it means he can continue to spend his money on booze instead of on food, which you have kindly but foolishly given to him.

I was speaking to a man in the hospital who was pacing up and down a large therapy room. I told him in no uncertain terms that his anxiety and depression was caused by his own reliance on self, and not on God. His answer? “It is too late for me. I cannot change”! So, I stopped my counsel and let him suffer his self-inflicted misery.

A pretty young woman kept cutting herself on her wrists, arms and legs. I spoke to her several times about stopping her behaviour, and showed her how God alone can help. She ignored the counsel – she had a comfortable life in a nice hospital room of her own, and did not need to have responsibility. I stopped my counsel. To my knowledge she is still there, a life wasted by self-pity and no real reason for her behaviour.

I have many examples of this self-destruction. We can only go so far, but we must first recognise the REAL reasons for such activity. The real reasons are godless self-interest and rejection of the Gospel. We have no mandate at all to continue trying to help such people. We must simply shake the dust off our sandals and walk away. Sadly, most Christians seem unable to do this, and so they become embroiled in fights that are not theirs, and try to help what cannot be helped. And I can say that if you DO continue in trying to help, it is YOU who will be demonised by the very ones you try to help.

Before you offer help, think twice. And then think another twice! Do not offer help out of sympathy or sadness. Only offer help if the Holy Spirit TRULY guides you to a person. And, even then, do not try to persuade. Let God do that.

Unfortunately, most Christians are not tough enough for the world outside of their local churches! They are unprepared for the blunt disregard and coldness of those they THINK need help. In reality, they need a challenge and a rebuke. Don’t waste your valuable time – there are others out there who genuinely need your help, BEGINNING with the brethren, the people of God known to you. If you cannot help these first, do not bother with the rest.

Are YOU suffering GSD?

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