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What God Requires of Us

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What God demanded of Israel before they entered Canaan is also demanded of us today. Few modern believers actually show they are the Lord’s.

“And now, Israel, what doth the LORD thy God require of thee, but to fear the LORD thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul,

To keep the commandments of the LORD, and his statutes, which I command thee this day for thy good?” (Deuteronomy 10: 12-13)

Jehovah put many thousands of the Hebrews to death for not obeying these demands. It is proper for all who claim salvation to believe and obey! Note the several requirements of those who claim to know the Lord.

Fear the Lord

It seems I must again repeat what this truly means, in times when Christians are taught that fearing the Lord simply means to respect or love Him. Not so! It means much more than that! And it is “required of thee” – it is not an option nor a request, but a direct command to obey. “Fear the Lord thy God”, yare’. It means to be literally afraid because of what the Lord can do to those who disobey. This includes reverence – but does not solely mean to revere. If you know of the deeds God has performed you would not hesitate to fear Him. It is a fear that comes before you obey, and is always in the background, no matter how much you say you love Him. He is the “Lord thy God”, the Jehovah (existing one, the one true God) your ‘elohiym (the great and mighty judge). He is NOT our ‘mate’ or ‘Dad’. He is the Creator, the Almighty, the One Who made and sustains us, but Who will also end our days if we work against Him. So, yes – we are to fear Him if we do not obey!

Walk in His Ways

The next phrase: “to walk in all his ways” is the result of fearing Him. We are to “walk”, yalak, or follow by copying His holiness. There is nothing empty about this. It must be part of us, a daily communion with Him through our actions, automatic and not needing prompting. Are you holy only now and then? Or, do you wake up holy, be holy, go to bed holy, and even develop holiness in your dreams? Sadly, many think all this is too much to bear! Sunday is fine, but the rest of the week usually follows a worldly pattern. Is this how you live? Note the rest of the phrase: we must walk “in ALL His ways”, derek; walk the same road or journey, copying His manners and habits, morality and course of life. In a human way we must appear to be as He is, with every breath we take, so that it becomes natural and automatic. The root of derek (darak), is more forceful, for it suggests much effort – marching, treading (a press), bending a bow. There are no back-seat drivers, no ‘couch potatoes’ in God’s view of our demanded way of life! He expects us to be dynamic, strong, powerful in witness, and holy. He allows for no excuses.

Love Him

I am not sure if Moses’ words here are meant to be progressive, but this is how they appear. Fear God, and this leads us to mimic His ways, making them our own. And then we can truly “love him”, ‘ahab. There are several possible meanings for this, but in context it means to love God, this being symbolised by being righteous. Mainly it means to see God as our friend (that is, if we do not sin and remain unrepentant) and so to treat Him with great affection. This is not a fake love nor is it only applied now and then – it is our constant attitude towards Him. Is it?

Heart and Soul

If you love your husband, wife or child, you will do everything you can to show them that love and care. You will do whatever it takes to show them your devotion. This is what God requires of us – “serve the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul”. Your emotions, thoughts, will, desires, will conform to everything He demands of you. Your soul (mind and character, etc.) will lovingly follow whatever He wants for you, no matter what the circumstances may be. A child will jump off a wall into his father’s arms, without fear, because he trusts him. The child does not consider it might be dangerous or ill-framed – his father is right there to catch him! Is that how you view your life? If we truly love God and believe in Him, we will KNOW that whatever happens is in His will. And His will is always to do us good, even if on the way we suffer. Do you believe this? Is this how you live?

Keep the Commandments

Not just the Decalogue, but everything God tells us! It is “for thy good”, towb. That is, everything in our lives is for our good… what is best for us, towards our prosperity, fair, precious, beautiful, in our favour. Do not look upon what we call ‘bad circumstances” as if they are our final state. No, they are not! ‘Circumstances’ are the things we meet on our path that can sometimes cause us dismay or suffering. They are there to test us, to try our love for the Lord. They are ALL for our good!

Even if we go through many trials there is only one reason for them – our good. God does not try those whose lives are abysmal, miserable or insincere. He sees our hearts and tests us in life, and when we stay firm through the trials, He rewards us immeasurably, because He loves us. We are on a glorious road to Heaven. Do you see it this way, or are you weighed down with misery and woes? Until you realise God’s ways, even the sun will appear to be darkness. Obey His commands, and you will soon see the power and strength He will give you. 

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