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Demons Are Real:- A Brief overview

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We all tend to examine society from the point of view of our own personal interests. Thus, I may have an interest in social psychology; another will see things from a medical stance; others will say society is the plaything of political forces and so on. The ills of society are usually listed and categorised for us by TV, radio and newspapers. Experts give their opinions. Christians, like everyone else, take most of their views and even their Christian beliefs, from this popularised version of everyday events.

I will not address myself to unbelievers; this Article is for Christians only. The reason is obvious - unbelievers are spiritually dead and Believers are spiritually alive. I do not intend covering the whole topic of 'demonology' (everything is an 'ology' nowadays!) in this article. It is an introduction for those many believers, probably the majority, who know nothing at all about it.

 The first thing we must do is get away from the idea that this is merely a 'topic' or a 'subject', which can be discussed in either a light-hearted or an academic way. We are talking about reality; about things that really matter.

In a sermon once I remember throwing up my hands in dismay as I looked out at the sea of disinterested faces (a sight common to all preachers, if only they care to take notice!). I said "No doubt we have all come to this church today with the same old attitude! We have looked at the weather, walked past the same old familiar places. We have had a fairly comfortable time of it all - but are we really aware of the whole point of our existence? Do you actually think of God in a real way? He will be speaking to you through me this very morning - are you prepared for that? Do you really believe it is happening?" Yes, a call of sheer frustration - preaching of our most Holy God and yet people just sit, motionless and unthinking!

I went on to voice my deep concern that even as the preacher I was anxious about my own attitude towards life, where everything carries on as normal, every day. And this is what other believers are like. Because life carries on as normal, day in and day out, we are prevented from seeing what is happening. This very 'everydayness' prevents us seeing life as it really is, a battle between good and evil, between following God and falling into the traps set by a devious and extremely clever adversary, the devil.

Demons Are Real!

The main point of this Article is to say that demons are real, very real. No doubt Christians will readily assent to this statement. But, this is not good enough, for it is only a mental assent, not an experiential acknowledgement. With utter confidence, I can assert that most Christians know nothing of the reality of demons, just as they know next to nothing about their own faith.

Probably you will retort "Okay, so what makes you such an authority?"

I do not claim to be an 'authority', but I claim the experiences of working with people who have been affected by demons. I claim the knowledge I gain from observation. I also claim the Biblical texts on the matter are true and are still relevant for us today.

Dr. Kurt Koch (who has worked in the area of 'demonosis' for many years) says there are two main errors within the churches today, concerning demons. The first is to believe there are demons around every corner and under every bed; the second is to ignore them or not to know much about them. This Article attempts to show the reader that Satan is alive and well. He is more than willing to deceive even the Elect. Indeed, I would suggest, from observation of fellow Believers and local church activities, that Satan is stepping-up his work. We are in the end times and he is aware of his rapidly approaching demise. Thus he is taking as many people with him as he can lay his hands on.

The following factors are some of the reasons behind my statement:

  1. The ecumenical movement is gaining ground.

  2. Charismatic phenomena are causing people to turn to experience rather than to the Bible and to God Himself.

  3. Christians are refusing to listen to doctrine and to proper teaching.

  4. There is an upsurge of pseudo-spiritual groups and of spiritual enemies, many of whom resemble Christian churches... including fully-fledged charismaticism.

There are many more reasons, but the above will suffice. Perhaps the most potent reason is the refusal of Believers to listen to godly teaching. Example:

A Christian man wants to divorce his wife. They have had difficulties in the past, none of which were made known to people who could have helped. It became evident that the man is more than willing to oppose God's word on the matter, simply because he is "not happy"! He has been warned of the spiritual dangers he has put himself in if he deliberately opposes God's word after he has received proper Biblical counselling.

Nevertheless, without so much as a thought, he leaves his marital home and starts divorce proceedings! All this after having the Biblical position carefully explained to him. As he left his home, he tells his wife "God will forgive me"! Basically, he prefers to follow his own opinions and earthly desires than to listen to God and His commands, and dares to claim God’s mercy even though he deliberately ignored godly counsel!

That is just one example. A book could be filled with similar ones. There are Christian parents who think they can bring up their children exactly as they wish; some like to move around their home completely naked, encouraging their offspring of either sex to be 'free'; some like to advise their girls to take contraceptive pills 'rather than get pregnant'; some do not admonish their children when they are displaying spite, hatred, or when they act badly. The list is endless. Let such parents understand that they sin! Children are not toys or objects, nor are they the property of parents; they are given by God and must be nurtured in His ways, not our own.

There are workers who think they can do what they like. I know of many Christians I would be ashamed to work with, especially some who have attained to positions of 'power'. They abuse their position and the people who work for them. They exert influence in a bad way and make themselves out to 'be something'. They are hateful and they run with the pack, always on the look-out for personal gain.

There are pastors who think they have some kind of Apostolic succession built-in to their 'job'. They think they own 'their' flocks and try to be managers rather than the under-shepherds they really are, placed by God to guide the sheep belonging to Jesus Christ. What they say is 'law' and woe-betide those who step out of line!

There are church members who listen to sermon after sermon, but who do nothing at all to remedy their faults or to follow God's commands in any depth. They are 'hearers only' who lack power in their spiritual lives, because they are living them by proxy! The messages they hear from the pulpits are inevitably for 'someone else' and not for them. They hear what God demands but it does not strike home in their own hearts. They just sit there, unmoved and not understanding they are listening to the word of God, which is aimed at their lives, by the Holy Spirit. Most Christians think attending a church is a nice way to spend Sunday!

I am not merely telling folk that they have splinters in their eyes when I myself have got logs! What I am saying to others can so easily apply to myself. It is commonly said amongst Christians that we 'must not judge'. This is a fallacy based on inadequate teaching or on an avoidance of the truth. It is much easier to 'not judge' than to enter into spiritual battle, or to tell the truth.

What has all this to do with demons? Everything!

Walter Chantry, in his book 'Signs of the Apostles', warns that God has given the West over to its lusts and sins. He wrote the book in 1973, before AIDS and open homosexuality entered the scene! How right he was. I know that many Believers have a very optimistic (and rose-tinted) view of the West. Indeed, many congregations still think ‘Revival’ is just around the corner. Yet, the signs are unmistakable - the West has been given over to its lusts and rebellions against God.

We have been given over because of our laxity. We wallow in filth and degradation rather than move out of the dirt to be cleansed. I marvel that with such an attitude, God allows us to exist! No, I am not talking about perverts, violent men, or the world; I am talking about ordinary Believers! If we are blind to what we should be doing and we refuse - like the man seeking a divorce - to return even to a mechanical obedience to God's word, then we can be assured that Satan is not just on his way to tangle with us, but that he is already in amongst us and is behind the whole, sorry mess! That is how relevant to this Article the above discussion is. When Christians grow lax, Satan gets busy, very busy. Am I saying that demons are behind the various things mentioned so far? Yes.

This is not a sudden belief on my part. Like others, I have watched Western nations go 'down the drain' for many years. The wheels of Satanic oppression grind on, continually. To warn of this activity does not place one in a favoured position! Rather, the warnings are met with fierce opposition from those who call themselves 'brethren'. Nevertheless, the message is simple and urgent and it MUST be given: THE CHURCH IS IN ERROR AND IT MUST REPENT. It must recognise that God is displeased; we are not climbing a mountain in triumph - we are sliding down the mountain at ever increasing speed!

As time goes on, this message hits me harder and harder. It must be voiced. And it must be obeyed by those who unwillingly listen. Not for the sake of the one bringing the message (whose task is not to be envied), but for the sake of Jesus Christ and, more precisely - BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO!

While all this is going on, Satan and his demons stalk the world, devouring souls and defeating Christians in their petulant walk with God. It is terribly, terribly sad to watch folks pretending to live good, Christian lives. They think others cannot see the difference!

Recently, I heard of a woman (who claims to be saved) warning her children: "Your father has just become a Christian, but don't talk to him about it or ask him questions, because you'll spoil it"! That lady is in error. If her husband is really saved, then nothing can 'spoil' it. I suspect, knowing her, that she is actually trying to hide the fact that the supposed 'salvation' is dubious. She does not want others talking about it, because they will discover this fact for themselves. This is just another clever move by Satan. He keeps Christians quiet so they maintain a low profile! But, Believers who remain silent are of no use to God (He says so in scripture). To remain silent is a common deception put into the hearts of many Christians today.

Yes, Satan and his demons are very alive. They are real. The results are before us and are increasing in their incidence rate. What we see happening in the world is NOT a natural progression as some suppose. It is the result of our own laxity and stupidity; our own refusal to do God's bidding; our refusal to put listening to the truth into action. Many entire denominations are falling over themselves to do what is evil. Look at the way they are tut-tutting over 'open' homosexuality; they are about to condone and bless homosexual 'marriages'! (There are many other examples). This has nothing to do with God. It is show; a farce; dross. It is the tail of Satan being wagged by the dog of perdition.

This section has been saying just one thing - that demons are behind all the evil situations around us today, inside and outside the churches. This especially applies when Christians refuse to do what God commands. All other 'reasons' for failure and evils: political, social, medical, psychological, are secondary. Those who pin all the evils of the world on one or more of these factors is totally missing the point, that Satan is persuading Believers to oppose their own God! It is Satan who is behind 'social' problems.

Many Christians will laugh at this kind of argument. This is because they are empty; they know nothing of spiritual warfare; they are at the shallowest end of spiritual life, because they have been saved but they will not follow-through to enjoy life in abundance. They lack the guts of their convictions! This is very easy for me to say, because I, too, have fallen into the very same errors in the past! Therefore, it is not empty talk or sabre-rattling. I know what YOU are like, because I know what I am like!

Demons are real. They are storming your mind, heart and home. When was the last time YOU urgently pleaded that God should protect your very home, because demons were pressing on every side? Not real? Imagination? If demons see you are not living as you ought (and they do, every time) they will gladly leave you alone, because you are not a threat to them, but an asset who pleads their case. This is why you will not feel the urgent need to call on God.

Demonic Activity

As this is only an introduction, I will not enter into great detail. But what kind of incidence rate are we talking about? How active is Satan today?

Kurt Koch, in his many books on demonosis, says that his own country, Germany, is crawling with evil. He claims, with evidences, that Germany is the witchcraft centre of the world. If this is true, it helps to explain why some of the worst theological deceptions of this century have come from that country. It also explains how it was that Hitler was able to become an occult wizard of such magnitude that his black magic powers frightened even his occult, Nazi colleagues.

Occult classes are being taken in schools and colleges; university departments work on occult phenomena; it is claimed there are at least ten witches' covens in every large town (note: from evidence given to a regional newspaper in the 1970's). Witches pray for the downfall of all Christian families, so they will be led into divorce and ruin. More and more families are being subjected to enormous stresses and emotional upsets. I have no doubt at all that Satan is behind this, too. Remember - this is all on top of our own natural bias toward evil.

Is Satan, then, stronger than the Holy Spirit? Of course not, but Satan will ruin your family and your life if you allow him to gain a foothold. He, along with his demonic following, has been mobilised in exceptional force over the past several decades (the 1960's marks a special time in history). The Church, however, has been largely ignorant of this, by its own preference.

As churches slumber, Satan causes damage beyond measure and often, beyond repair. Churches are being uprooted with rebellions and opposition against God's word. How Satan must laugh when he hears silly Christians seriously say: "angels are the disembodied souls of Christians who have died"! Or, when they say: "God is a force". How he slaps himself on the back when outraged Believers retort in defence: "How dare you question my Christianity - my belief is between me and God!" when someone queries their obviously unbiblical behaviour and speech. No-one is willing to have their beliefs questioned anymore. Everything is taken at face value. Those who demand proof of salvation in the form of a changed life, are shunned. In these ways Satan is espoused and his ways are given precedence.

Satan can be observed at work in these days - can't YOU see it happening? No, I don't mean I see little red-clad demons with forks and tails! No, I don't see demons under every bed! I see them at work in society and in churches especially (what do you think the charismatic waves of activity are?). The rate of incidence is high and rising. The AIDS crisis is just one proof of this. It is noteworthy that today demon activity is openly rampant. One big reason for this is that many Christian lives are not effective and are not being lived in a holy way. Thus, demonic activity rises sharply.


It has saddened me to listen to pastors encourage their flocks to 'fight Satan', when it is worryingly obvious they do not know what they are talking about. They have a 'romantic' view of the battle. To them, Jesus is triumphant at all times and it is true, but then they project this legitimate and true triumph onto themselves. This is theologically wrong and personally dangerous. We do NOT triumph all the time. Indeed, experience tells us we triumph only rarely. Thus, there are many casualties in this battle, but they are hidden away so as not to spoil the zeal of those who follow.

Pastors who act this way know nothing of the reality of Satan, though they think they do. They do not realise just how close Satan is to them. Never get excited about fighting demons... they are stronger than you, smarter than you, know more than you. After all, they were created angels in heaven, to be higher than humans. Since their banishment from heaven, they have inhabited the earth and have had many centuries to learn all there is to know about human beings and about the sum total of human knowledge. Without Christ, no man can do battle with demons and survive intact. Just bear in mind that even the strongest Christian can be injured in spiritual battle. Do not be duped by talk of triumph!

There is far more to casting out demons than simply being a Believer. Over the years I have listened to horror stories of folk who thought they knew it all and subsequently fallen prey to the same demons they claimed to have authority over! Some who are depressed are products of these false triumphs. If your life is lived apart from God, or your life is filled with sinfulness, you will fall to demonic pressures if you dare to 'exorcise' them.

Then there is what I call the 'bell, book and candle' brigade! These people think a ritual must be performed in order to cast out demons. This is rather like playing games with a willing participant - Satan loves games in which he pretends to be 'cast out'!

Look at what Christ did and throw out your silly candles, books or other trappings! I have been in homes where demons were 'fought' with the aid of crucifixes. Or, where a 'photograph' of Christ hangs on the wall, like a good-luck charm. One London Anglican bishop even 'exorcises by telephone'! Just call him on the hot-line and he will throw out your demons over the wires. He will even cast out demons who are not there, if it makes the client feel better! "Exorcism is therapeutic" he said. What a fool! What a dangerous man!

I can testify to the fact that facing demons can be disturbing. Even when we know the Lord is with us and the Holy Spirit is greater than Satan, demonic activity can still be frightening. On one occasion, I literally froze with fear when faced with a demon. It is nothing to be proud of, but it happened. I received the distinct message: "I am more powerful than you and you are showing me your bare neck! If you dare to oppose me, I will destroy you!" This is what happened at the time and it was very, very real. (Recorded in 'The Christian and Mental Illness'. Unpublished manuscript). I do not know why it happened, but it did, even though I had faced people with demons before.

Yes, Christ is victorious, but we can easily fall because of our own stupidity, ignorance, or hidden personal sins. I heard of one Christian living near my home-town, who claimed to have cast out a large number of demons from a man, in a church vestry. But, during the session, he was himself attacked by demons who demanded to know what authority he had, when he himself harboured so many deep and secret sins in his life! They even named his secret lusts and passions, one by one. The man was transfixed by this exhibition of demonic knowledge and he crumbled with fear! His witness had been challenged and so his pride and fear caused him to back down. It is true that in spiritual warfare, your own sins will find you out. Be assured, that fellow Believers will eventually find you out, too.

Exorcism, then, is not an exciting ego-trip, or a way of adding spice to your life. It is doing battle with a being of immense power - more power than you can ever imagine. But for the power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, it would kill you. Praise God, this is not the lot of holy men of God!


Many errors are made in this area of spiritual life. Some, especially those who come from a charismatic background, tend to see evidences of demonic activity where it does not exist. So, they eagerly pounce on the 'possessed' person to 'exorcise' him. After intense 'struggle' (it has got to be intense, because one is doing battle with a delusion), the 'demon' is cast out; good has been declared triumphant over evil and everyone is happy. But, it is all a foolish game of childish imagination.

Particular mistakes are made in the realm of the mind and the emotions. It is not unusual for someone with a neurosis or psychosis to be pronounced 'demon possessed', whether or not he actually is. An exorcism is conducted and the exorcist is perplexed when the 'demon' does not appear to be cast out. After that, the 'possessed' person becomes worse, providing 'proof' he really is possessed! It is not uncommon for exorcism to be carried out many times and then for the person to commit suicide. All this does is to kill someone and drag the Name of Jesus through the mud.

As I have stated in 'The Christian and Mental Illness’, human beings are quite capable of committing the most terrible sins without the assistance of demons! There is no need for Satan to 'force' us to sin. Thus, what appears to be a Satanic occurrence may just be an incidence of extreme human folly and sin. We must not attribute to Satan what is really of human origin. Whilst there are no formulae for the proper conduct of a spiritual life, there are ways of checking if a situation is of Satan, or not. They are not foolproof because there are no formulae, but they are helpful. (Note: Most of my own experience with the demonic has been in the field of mental disturbance. As Satanic involvement inevitably alters the mental state - though not always obviously - this experience is valid in other areas of life, too).

There are unlimited kinds of demonic manifestation, from 'ghosts' and séance phenomena, to strange voices and wild behaviour. Even so, there would appear to be three main types of manifestation. Two are Direct and the third is Indirect.

Direct Manifestations

Possession and Oppression can be placed in this category (definitions differ between writers). All forms of Black or White magic come under these headings. We can also add many religions and some so-called 'medical' treatments. The most extreme form of demon activity via humans is Satan worship.

Indirect Manifestations

These are influences that lead a person away from God or God's ways (which are mandatory upon all people, saved or unsaved) and towards what is unsavoury, occult or of cults. Included would be: inordinate desire toward bloodthirstiness or horror (i.e. films), strong desire for pornography, activities proscribed by scripture, continuous deliberate acts of gross sin, use of magical treatments or diagnostic techniques, homosexuality and other extreme sexual perversions, and so on.

Indirect manifestations are without number and can change with historical setting. Certain branches of psychology and psychiatry are demonic in origin. Those religions that directly and obviously oppose God are direct manifestations. ALL other false religions are indirect manifestations. These range from Roman Catholicism, JW'ism and Mormonism, to Spiritualism and Unitarianism. The World Council of Churches is an example of demon-inspired opposition to God. Anything that actively and continuously opposes or perverts the word of God, is demonic.

A significant number of cases of mental disturbance, including various neurotic states (i.e. 'breakdowns', depressions, anxiety, etc.) are instigated by demons. Many who attend Spiritualist churches display signs of mental disturbance. A report on JW members (USA) indicates that a high proportion are mentally disturbed. These are to be expected, for demons want to draw people away from God into what is false. Once in a false church, members experience direct attacks of demons, often leading to mental disturbances.

Demons can alter thoughts and actions. They can totally control the unsaved. Whilst they can have a similar effect on Christians, they do not have ultimate control. Suffice to say that if a Christian is constantly oppressed by demonic activity and if his thoughts and actions are led by demons, there is reason to suspect he is indulging in a sinful lifestyle. (Of course, this is not the same as, say, a preacher being attacked by demon pressures because of his faithful witness, etc.).

A word of warning is required at this point, for those who think they know everything there is to know about demons! NEVER, EVER, 'diagnose' demonosis in a person by using a list of attributes or by applying a set of rules. Demons do not work by numbers! We must repeat - demons are far more clever and subtle than human beings can ever be. If they are found out, they will change tactics. So, don't think you can outwit them or discover them by using humanly devised checklists.

God alone can ‘diagnose’ demonic presence. If you are to act against demons, then God will let you know in no uncertain terms, through the witness of the Holy Spirit. NEVER attempt action unless prompted to do so by the Spirit. It is highly feasible that Satan and demons play games with those who think they are 'exorcists', allowing them to 'exorcise', thereby thinking they are gifted by God to do so. These misled folks are a danger to others and to themselves. (All Christians have the authority to cast out demons - there is no separate 'gift' for the purpose).

To my knowledge I have personally seen only two cases of actual possession, in the 45 years I have been a Christian. Cases of possession usually (but not always) approximate to the case of the Gadarene man, in that they are obviously demonic. In the mid 1980's when I first wrote this article, I said: "there appear to be relatively few cases of possession in the West, although some have suggested these numbers will increase as our national waywardness increases." This prediction appears to be coming true at a fast rate. Cases of mass murder, gross indecency and sexual perversion, lust for violence, etc., are all indications of heightened Satanic activity, as is the ease with which cults and the occult proliferate, and the way government opposes what is godly. Children are particularly at risk, given the fact they are continually watching horror stories, tales of demons and acts of violence. The influence this has on even young lives is blatant and can be seen in their eyes and faces. This will continue, as will their acts of ungodliness.

Apart from possession, there is oppression. This is when demons do not enter a body to control it totally, but place undue pressure on people to such an extent that they think, do, or say things they do not particularly want to experience. By far the most extensive kind of demonosis - and one mistaken for ordinary human behaviour - is 'Influence'. The current obsession with sexuality ('erotomania') is an example. It is hard to escape eroticism in everyday life. It permeates society and our thoughts, whether or not we wish it to. Everything has been sexualised, young people in particular, and it is also behind most adulteries. This is not just human beings doing what is natural for their sinful natures - it is instigated by demons who know how to trigger and maintain those exact sins that are 'current'. The Toronto Blessing epitomises demon-led activities of this kind.

Mediums, Faith Healers, etc

To bring this overview to a close, a word of warning about 'mediums' and others who similarly claim to work on behalf of God. Mediums are nothing less than witches. Their modern name does not give them credibility or approval.

Those who say they speak to the dead are liars and demon-led. Mediums/witches have always been condemned by God. King Saul's own suicide was the direct result of his involvement with a medium. It was a punishment from God. There are deceived Christians who think mediums do good work. They have watched famous mediums like the late Doris Stokes. They have witnessed her (and others) predict the future accurately and believe the predictions 'prove' what is claimed. What nonsense!

Demons easily imitate the voices of the dead! They have immediate access to information about the dead, because they knew them when they were alive! Demons often know a family history in greater detail than the family itself, because they are present in their everyday situations and have had centuries of observation to call upon. They can 'predict' the future - and then cause to happen what has been predicted. They can 'arrange' fatal accidents, meetings of two people, even conceptions! In this way, it appears that a medium can foretell the future. Note that when they do so, from information given by demons, they are not really telling the future, even if what is said comes true.

How is this possible? Well, demons are angels, created beings. They cannot be everywhere at once and they do not know everything. They are of higher intelligence than human beings, but they do not know what is going to happen in the future. Using their millennia of stored information, they can make educated guesses, just as human beings can guess the outcome of certain sets of circumstances. But, mainly, correct 'predictions' are the result of manipulated circumstances, where what happens has been arranged by demons.

However, demons do not always have their own way - hence faulty predictions - and God steps in to undo their plans! Or, human beings simply do not comply with their wishes. The main thing to remember in all this is that GOD DOES NOT USE MEDIUMS to speak to human beings. Rather, He condemns them to hell. Never be fooled by mediums.

Faith healers are of two types - psychological workers and demon workers. Both are dangerous pretenders. Never visit a faith healer, whether in private session or in packed 'Christian' meetings. I have attended mass rallies led by famous 'evangelists' where the main feature has been 'healing'. These meetings left me empty of spiritual feeling but full of dark foreboding. The atmosphere was electric with anticipation, but was cold. In one instance, there was a strong demonic presence.

God does not give permanent use of gifts of healing to Believers. That is, Believers may not use gifts given by God whenever they wish. This is because, as scripture tells us, we are merely 'conduits' through which the Holy Spirit acts. Conduits are only open-ended tubes, through which something can pass unimpeded! Once it is stopped-up by human desires and supposed control, the Holy Spirit has been impeded. Biblical logic therefore tells us that full-time healers are not acting on behalf of God. But, the way many so-called healers act, you would think they were salesmen selling an unlimited supply of ice-cream!

Healing is definitely not for everyone. I know Christians with various ailments who go from charismatic meeting to charismatic meeting, seeking healing, because the 'healers' claim Jesus will heal them. Each time, the 'healer' has done his job, but there has been no healing. This tells us two things - that the healers are frauds and that the person is not to be healed (at least not at that time). The result has been a depressed person whose 'faith' has been knocked down. The reasons for this can be that their faith was defective, or, they have been misled by those who should know better. But, the main cause is the active involvement of demons. It is not God's way to send people like whimpering dogs to sniff out healers or spurious miracles. God's dignity is always present when a person is healed.

Since 1978 I have had arthritis all over my body. I know that God works miracles and can heal. Yet, I have never been led to ask for healing. Therefore, I will not go looking for it. It is sad to see people hobbling from meeting to meeting, searching for a cure they will not receive. All they are doing is fighting God. They will not submit to His will in the matter and there is no dignity in the way they face their illness. Instead, they seek the help of evil-doers.

Yes, I would rather be completely well without pain or tiredness. But, God has shown me much during the course of my condition, through the pain and tiredness. Until - and if - God says otherwise, I will remain in that condition. Knowing our hearts, demons will send us false hopes through false teachers. Many of them are in our churches. When they fail (which they must), we are left dejected and forlorn, until the next false teacher comes along. In this way, demons can ruin what should be an effective witness in the face of suffering. (* I was healed in 1996, without seeking it).


Pompous (foolish!) Christians tell me they are able to fight Satan and escape his clutches with their own power. What vanity! We are warned to beware lest we fall. Although this Article is not detailed, it gives a broad warning - Satan is increasing his activities. His demons are almost everywhere, searching for whom they may devour. They are congregating in the West at this time, because there are so many rich pickings. We do not know how many there are, but they are countless. Unlike God they cannot know all, be everywhere at one time, or be all-powerful. Nevertheless, they are vastly superior to ourselves in ability and capability. They can do great damage to people, Christians included. They can even kill.

Demons are roaming the churches today, because of the confusion in them. Doctrine has been made subservient to 'love' and 'experience', so demons are reaping a fabulous harvest. Today, many Believers are untaught or badly taught (with the same results) and refuse to be taught properly. God help us all to submit to His will, Love and Truth.


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Note: BTM does not necessarily approve all that the above writers say. Always check references against scripture. The bulk of this Article is based on a chapter entitled 'Demons and Mental Disturbance' in 'The Christian and Mental Illness' (unpublished) by this writer.

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