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1 Are We Souls? K B Napier
2 Augustine and Creation K B Napier
3 Christians Cannot Be Theistic Evolutionists J. B. Waddell
4 Creation - Why we must believe it K B Napier
5 Dark Energy, Dark Matter. Unscientific! K B Napier
6 Evolution: A Recap K B Napier
7 Holographic Reality K B Napier
8 Ice Ages? A Differing Creationist View K B Napier
9 Is Man Two-Part or Three Part? K B Napier
10 Soul K B Napier
11 The Drake Equation “does not equate” K B Napier
12 The False Gospel of Darwinism “And demolishing its strongholds” Gary Bates
13 The Great Flood and the Ark K B Napier and D .Napier