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The Great Flood and the Ark

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There is a strange law within our churches today. It states that every Christian can think whatever he or she wishes, so long as their view is held in love. It does not matter if each view is mutually incompatible with the others or, even, if it does not match Biblical revelation at all! This kind of interpretational democracy is not valid, either as a statement of Truth or as working theology. What the Bible says is final.

When it comes to the Flood and Noah's Ark, we find a wide range of views, few of them Biblical. Yet, the Bible is a goldmine of information: sometimes its nuggets lay on the surface; sometimes they need to be dug out; sometimes they are large and easily identifiable lumps of gold; at other times, they are like tiny grains, to be sifted slowly and with effort. When it comes to the Flood and the Ark, we find that the major teachings are simple and straightforward. And these are supported by the smallest of clues. Altogether, these form what is a true historical account of the destruction of the entire world, by a God of wrath. Not a childrens' story and not a fairy story, but a real account.

It might sound odd to some readers, that there are Christians who question this fact. But they do. They have been swayed by years of watching programmes on popular TV made by people like the anthropologist, David Attenborough, who weaves evolution into everything he can lay his hands on. They are influenced by films portraying cavemen and dinosaurs as though they lived millions of years ago.

In school, they remember their teachers telling them the world is billions of years old; that dinosaurs died out millions of years before man 'evolved'; that the mythical worldwide 'ice-age' created mountains (and also created fossils, which obliterates any idea we may have of a flood!) and so on. They have, then, been brainwashed into an evolutionary frame of mind. Many of them are earnest Christians, but they stumble and stutter when it comes to Creation, the Flood and the Ark. In short, some think it is just a myth. But is it? Let us see what the Bible tells us (read the longer Article on the same topic, for more details)...

Firstly, although scientists present evolution and the ice-age etc., as scientific facts, they are not: neither has ever been proven and neither can be proven. Secondly, some scientists (but not all) claim that the Flood and the Ark were just myths. What they do not tell you is that there is nothing scientifically implausible about them. Indeed, what God says about the Flood coincides more readily with known scientific facts than do evolutionary theories! Let us look at just a few facts...

Noah was told by God that He would destroy the entire world because of the gross evil of its inhabitants. However, He would spare Noah and his family, because they obeyed Him. (Noah's grandfather, Methuselah, was alive until the year of the Flood and died just beforehand). For 120 years Noah built the Ark: it was massive! Conservative estimates say that it was longer than a football pitch and over 50 feet tall. Shipping experts say it was the biggest ship ever to be built until the 20th century. Other experts suggest the Ark used only one third of its space to carry animals. The remaining space was used for exercise, their food, and for the humans aboard.

The ark was like a huge barn, possibly with a sloping roof. For the time the rain fell, it was sealed up... the biggest and most comprehensive zoo ever! People laughed at Noah for building such a ridiculous thing. Bear in mind that no-one had ever seen rain: God provided dew in the mornings and an all-year even temperature. Rain was not needed. When God created the world, He placed a water canopy all around it, which would have warded off the harmful rays of the sun whilst regulating the temperature. What terror the people must have felt when they saw sheets of water falling from the sky!

When the Ark had finally been built, God commanded the chosen animals to make their way to the Ark. It is likely that dinosaurs were amongst these: not fully grown, but younger animals. Once these and Noah's family were aboard, the Ark was sealed with pitch and Noah waited in awe. Then God released the water canopy so that billions and trillions of tons of water fell to the earth. At the same time billions of tons spurted in great fountains from caverns under the earth. This combined upheaval and torrent was so traumatic that massive tracts of land were thrown upwards, creating the mountains and valleys we see today. Reasonably, we can say this is why many mountain regions have upside-down layers of rock: after being thrown upward, they folded down upon themselves because of their colossal weight.

When the water stopped falling and rising, the Ark floated for a while. Then, as the water subsided, the Ark settled on top of a mountain. Where did the water go? Some of it returned to the skies as clouds; some of it returned to its under-earth caverns; the rest helped to form the seas as we know them today. Before that time most land was connected. Since that time, water has eroded coastlines so that we now have islands and almost-separated lands. Thus, it was easier for people and animals to emigrate just after the Flood and it explains how people, animals and plants etc., came to be in seemingly isolated places, sometimes becoming unique to their environment, such as those on Madagascar.

Before the Flood, animals were (it seems) vegetarian! Afterward, some became meat eaters. After the Flood, there were plenty of carcases around and God provided fresh plant life for the rest of the animals. But, with the Flood came judgement. The all-enveloping water canopy was now reduced to clouds/vapour and that meant harmful rays of the sun could burn the land and people. Temperature and weather variances began to occur. Also, lives were shortened: before the Flood it was not unusual for people to live for many centuries; after the Flood, life-spans decreased dramatically.

Why is it important to read these accounts as historical facts? Simply because God said they happened! We need no other reason. Afraid of what scientists say? Then we suggest you look closer at what they do say, for they cannot displace what God has said, by scientific or any other means. Nor can they replace Creation with evolution without scientific proofs. Let God be true and every man a liar!

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