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Brandon Barthrop and his Red Letter Ministries

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The Latest Charismatic Goofery

Charismaticism is the home of innumerable spiritual debaucheries. Red Letter Ministries is the latest of its demonic offerings and yet it is also strangely sad and pathetic as people hope that what they are doing is the ‘real thing’. But, it is not the real thing. It is more of Satan’s deception, using the fake ‘church’ of charismaticism.

It takes just a nudge for a space capsule to miss the earth’s atmosphere and to propel itself into outer space forever. In the same way, it only takes a minor infraction for a movement to move away from God, eventually doing so in leaps and bounds. And that is why we must deal swiftly with what at first seems minor. Except that this movement is not minor and it is gaining traction amongst the already corrupt charismatic movement (which was corrupt at its birth).

The Toronto Blessing was bad; this newest charismatic offering is up with the top deceivers, growing fast. Though I call it ‘goofery’ in the sub-title, it is really far more sinister, as Satan uses buffoonery to hoodwink thousands of gullible and ignorant people, and give a bad image to things of Christ.

The Basic Facts

Red letter Ministries was founded by a young ‘graduate’ of Teen Challenge, Brandon Barthrop. He is called a “hipster preacher” who started as a minor figure, but who is now attracting thousands, mainly young people without purpose and without genuine Christian guidance. In other words, they are typical prey for charismatic deceptions.

His particular form of charismaticism is to pretend to smoke imaginary spliffs (those home-made conical-shaped cigarettes used to smoke marijuana), and pretend to be ‘high’ on drugs. He ‘shoots up’ with imaginary needles and eats chocolate figures of a tiny ‘baby Jesus’, and, in general, pretends that his imaginary activities are symbolic for the work of the Holy Spirit.

One blurb to a documentary film on his movement talks of him “getting wasted on God”, and of Barthrop being part of a “new generation of godly drunks”. The blurb explicitly links this new foolishness with the original Toronto Blessing, which is the spiritual equivalent of the modern, foul, godless homosexual movement.

The blurb also links it to the ‘next phase’ of the Toronto Blessing, the “Florida Outpouring” (Pensacola, et al). This latter phase, it is noted, began to use the then new internet means of reaching millions, and so the phenomenon spread Satanic flames around the world. Barthrop realised the importance of the internet and this is his prime means of reaching people with his stupidity.

Barthrop operates from a building he calls the ‘crack-house’, because it was bought for a knock-down price after crack addicts left it a mess. Here, he began his “drunken glory” ministry so-called. And it is just another wicked deception used by Satan to entice people away from God Himself.

To see what I am talking about watch these:

Drunken Glory

And what his mentor preaches.

John Crowder - Sons of Thunder 

Religious insanity – not God. Notice Crowder’s half open eyes.

Joel's Bar Drunken Glory Broadcast

Can any genuine believer allow this kind of giggling nonsense go without comment? And can anyone watch these silly people who follow him, who do ridiculous things, pretending to be ‘drunk’, without thanking God for true belief and activity? Barthrop calls what he does “genuine biblical Christianity”. Can you imagine the apostles doing anything like this? No, because their faith was genuine and they had the Holy Spirit within: they did not need silly theatricalities.

His meetings are a joke, but the joke is on him and those silly enough to follow him, who have no idea they are actually following Satan. During the main documentary film you will sometimes hear Barthrop talking naturally, without the stupid giggling and drug-fakery. You will also hear him admit that his movement is really about gaining personal power and money. Listen to him and you will understand that his ‘Christian’ activity is fake.

Listen to Crowder and his ‘take’ on the biblical depiction of Christians being charged with ‘drunkenness’. Not a genuine interpretation! And it goes with his idea of ‘meetings’... ‘fun’ and ‘drunkenness’. He calls the constant laughing a sign of God’s presence. Watch his video – can you detect God in any of it? Many of those in his meetings, like all who insist on attending charismatic meetings, can be seen to be mentally unbalanced. Just watch the documentary!

Ardent charismatics always want new things to happen. They are addicted to it and cannot tolerate simple Bible teaching without having personal experiences they THINK come from God. So, they invent their own experiences, pretending that what happens to them is from the Holy Spirit. They are like children creating their own fantasies; children without God’s control over their lives. They loathe it when genuine believers call upon them to submit to God. This is why one commentator on the film said that young people will not respond to the true message – repent and change. But, he said, they WILL respond to those who enter their clubs and do similar things! This is not how God works on souls! This is evidence of rebellion, not of people responding to God. The same can be said of Teen Challenge – the Director said he approved of the “drunken glory”. Enough said!

Personally, I do not accept the need for groups such as Teen Challenge, or any similar means of reinforcing this ‘need’. Rather, those who are saved by grace should just mix with other believers, including those who have not taken drugs. Otherwise, the drug experience is given greater importance than living in the Lord.

Well, I do not think I need waste any more time on this newest charismatic drivel! If you cannot see what is wrong with it from the film, then I despair!

I repeat my long-standing claim, that no charismatic can hold his own against God if they are separated from other charismatics. They cannot stand alone before God and cannot face genuine believers. Once separated from their fellow addicts they crumble internally because what they have is not real. Their minds are so soaked in Satan’s foul sewage, they cannot withstand truth and cannot exist without some kind of ‘excitement’ or other. In other words, they are brainwashed, just like so many other false ‘believers’ (JWs, Mormons, and so on).

Like drug addicts, charismatics must keep ‘taking the drug’ in greater strengths. But, the time comes when they can take no more and their personalities explode wide open, exposing the desperation within. Drug addicts must continue to take higher doses just to survive. The body adjusts to these ever-increasing amounts until death occurs. This is the lot of all ardent charismatics. They will become mentally unbalanced to such an extent that they must eventually collapse... the faster this occurs the better. The only strength they have is not from God, but from constant meeting with fellow brainwashed souls. This is why it is so important to them to keep meeting together, and to experience ‘excitement’. Without it they are like drug addicts without drugs.

Barthrop is a fake, as are those who follow him. The whole charismatic movement is fake, from Satan, and those who follow it are fake. May the Lord help these people to know the real Jesus Christ and a true life of the spirit.

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