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To Those Who Foolishly Host the Alpha Course

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In this brief outline I will tell you something you will not wish to hear. But, I must tell you, because there is a need to do so. If you want to check out what I am saying, go to our Publications List, or look at our website. Both provide ample proof that the Alpha course is an evil but subtle tool of Satan. Other critics of Alpha are out there, too!

If you host an Alpha course and you are a pastor, I must say, quite bluntly, that you are acting foolishly and without due regard for the truth of God. I say this because Alpha is a charismatic implement, used to reinforce the disastrous and wicked Toronto Blessing, which is now operating under many different charismatic guises.

Pastors who endorse and use the course show positive proof they are being deceived, besides teaching heresy. I also suspect that those who use it are not called of God to be pastors or preachers in the first place.

Why do I say this? Because any man (I automatically reject female preachers and pastors) truly called of God will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit and will be given all the gifts necessary to fulfil his office. That includes any evangelistic abilities. If he does not have what the office requires, then this is, again, proof he is not called to office. So is the fact that he has to rely on others to ‘draw them in’. It is God Who draws people to any church, not the cleverness of its tactics, or a course.

If such a man has to call in outside agencies, it means he is not being led by God in the first place, or, he is called by God but is not living as he ought, thereby becoming impervious to God’s commands and guidance.

Alpha is blatantly heretical and charismatic. It is based on a godless Arminian theology devised by Roman Catholicism. Put simply, Arminianism is the idea that we may choose God ourselves. This totally contradicts God’s own word, which tells us that He chose all who would be saved, before the world was even made! Thus, it stands to reason (and is taught in scripture), that no man can choose to be saved. Yet Alpha teaches that men can choose Christ!!

So, if you are a pastor or preacher who insists on using Alpha, I challenge you right now to look again at what God says about predestination and election!! If you teach Alpha, you are opposed to God and His word.

Do not come back to me with words of Arminian hope – that you preach the Gospel and encourage men to be saved, who then choose Christ of their own free will. Do not come to me with such a claim, because I reject it as Satanic! God says that no man can choose Him, because they are all of their ‘father’, the devil! They are unable to choose Christ because their spirits are completely dead in sin. They cannot respond until the Holy Spirit ‘quickens’ (makes alive) their spirits. Only then can they be saved.

Even when they respond to this quickening, it is all of God, and nothing to do with free choice. If a man is dead in sins, how on earth can he be saved by his own free will? How can he have ‘free will’ to do so, when he is the slave of his father, the devil? Arminianism is great at boosting self-morale, but it is totally unable to cause a man to be saved. This is because it is opposed to God’s word and teaches heresy.

If you are teaching or hosting Alpha, you are proving you are either dead in your own sins, or that you are untaught. To be untaught is to be an heathen, a ‘barbarian’, according to God’s word. Is this what you are? If you have been taught by the Holy Spirit, you will shun Alpha with all your strength. But, if you are deluded by Alpha, you will take your congregation into the den of Satan, because you are yourself deluded and unable to discern the spirits.

If you call yourself a pastor or preacher, are you saved? If you are truly saved, you will warm to the teaching of predestination and election and will drop all pretence of ‘free will’ and the idea that we may choose Christ. This will dramatically alter your preaching of the Gospel, for you will no longer teach that any man can choose Christ, or that you can somehow persuade men to be saved. The Gospel is NOT for everyone, but ONLY for those elected to salvation by God.

Even if you are truly saved, it does not mean you have been called to minister as a pastor or preacher. Some go into the pulpit because they ‘feel’ they should. For myself, I preach and pastor because I have no other calling, and my calling has been verified many times over. I cannot remove my hand from the plough. I know without doubt that I am called. And this is underpinned by my understanding of God’s great truth concerning predestination and election. If you do not understand what I am saying, or reject it, then you are not called of God to pastor or preach! I tell you what God says – it is not my human view.

Because you are not called, you will teach Alpha and give it all the praise! I will not retract this claim, for your teaching of heresy is sufficient proof. Do not speak to me of ‘many being saved’ by Alpha, for I refuse to accept the claim as true. Satan will give us many thousands of supposedly ‘saved’ people who are deluded by heresy. This is part of his great end-time plan and part of the massive apostasy that will come before Christ returns.

So, I challenge you, as a pastor, preacher or ‘leader’… are you saved by grace alone? If you are, then you will understand predestination and election and will know that God chooses who will be saved. If you understand this, you will also understand that no man can choose to be saved; if he has not been chosen before the world began, no amount of persuasion will save him.

And if you understand these things you will not oppose God by teaching Alpha, which is Arminian, heretical, pro-Romanist and ecumenical. The proof you understand is that you will shun Alpha and see it for what it really is - a deception. Teach Alpha and you prove you are a sinner, possibly unsaved yourself. But, if you are saved then you are being deceived – if you were not, you would shun Alpha!

So, there you have a simple challenge: prove you are saved by shunning Alpha. Prove you are called by God to office as a pastor or preacher, by condemning Alpha. If you continue to teach it, then, rest assured, we will consider you to be either deceived or uncalled to your office.

There is plenty of material proving beyond doubt that Alpha is satanic. Only those who reject God’s word and are uncalled can stand against such testimony. Do not allow pride to stand in your way of truth. Show humility and reject Alpha! Or be known as an heretic and apostate.

© December 2002

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