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Arminianism:- Godless Error

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Arminians fill our churches, under the guise of Protestant and Christian. But, the very nature of Arminianism prevents it from being Christian. It preaches ‘another gospel’ that is ‘no gospel’. With such we can have no communication nor fellowship, for theirs is a product of spiritual darkness and, because it preaches another gospel, it is wicked to the core.

The claim to have an ability to choose Christ and salvation, even in part, is a lie. Arminianism, a Roman Catholic device invented to counter predestination, is grounded in Thomas Aquinas’ theory that man already has good within before God gives him salvation. Indeed, this good is used as a foundation for the man’s salvation, as a kind of ‘membership key’. This is where Arminian universalism, and its blasphemous idea that men are free to choose their spiritual destiny, proves to be Satanic and worthless.

To believe such a theory is to accept that man has inherent goodness, if only a spark (the error of Quakerism). Perhaps modern Arminians are unaware of their Romish pedigree, but it is not relevant to the issue. What is relevant is that to be able to choose God, one has to have the ability within to do so. God says otherwise. His word tells us that all men are conceived in sin and that this sin gives us a dead spirit. Thus we are unable to commune with God.

Now, if God does not commune with us because we are sinners with dead spirits, and the regeneration of the spirit is essential to salvation, and regeneration cannot be achieved except by the Holy Spirit alone, through grace… how can any man claim to choose God? It is impossible!

Arminianism, then, makes a claim directly against what God says. We have no connection with the divine. None at all, until the Holy Spirit makes us spiritually alive. No amount of ‘free will’ (another impossibility) can change this basic fact.

Because Arminianism teaches what is directly incompatible with scripture, particularly in relation to salvation, there is no possible communion between it and true Christians. It means that men supposedly saved by their own free will are not genuine converts, and are not our brethren. Therefore, we cannot have fellowship with them.

It also means that no genuine Christian should give them credibility, nor the idea that they are our ‘equal’… for they are not. They have no part in salvation and will never enter heaven, unless they repent. This is plain scriptural fact.

Arminianism is a cult of self-sufficiency based on Romanistic opposition to truth. It is not genuine, authentic Christianity, but a lie. The claim to have some spark of goodness or ability to choose God, flies against scripture that tells us we are of our ‘father the devil’ before we are saved. We can only do whatever he makes us do, because we have nothing good within us! If we had even the smallest hint of goodness, it would contradict what God says about us. It also means we could, if only in part, work towards our salvation (through choice). This is not the Gospel, but a direct lie of Satan. Christ did not die for Arminians, but for His Church alone.

Because it is an evil lie, no Christian should give room to those who believe Arminianism. I am talking about hardened Arminians who actually believe its tenets of false faith, not about those who have no real idea what Arminianism is all about!

Arminianism can be found in many Protestant churches, and in most parachurch movements. The biggest right now is the Alpha course, a modern deception made very big by the ignorant folks who believe in it. Alpha was built upon the fall-out created by the Toronto Blessing, which was an heinous deception. The Alpha child is nothing but a clone of this charismatic heresy. A free supper cannot hide the truth!

Interestingly, I have found that Arminians can be extremely hateful towards critics of their lies. Yet, they throw out many texts about ‘love’ to those they wish to denigrate! It is how liars operate. They have no biblical right whatever to be critical of genuine Christians. But, genuine Christians have God-given authority to rebuke them, because they are liars and deceivers.

Be careful what you believe. Be careful who teaches you, for there are many who wish to make shipwreck of your souls.

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