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Velvet Glove - Iron Fist!

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I constantly warn Christians never to enter a building where Toronto-style/charismatic meetings are being held, or to engage in futile 'dialogue' with those who attend them. There is now enough information available on what happens in such meetings, so there is no need to 'satisfy curiosity'. Leaders of the 'TB' (an excellent shortened version - the 'Blessing' IS an infection!) movement mock those who refuse to attend a meeting, and charge them with not knowing their facts. DO NOT LISTEN. It is just a ploy.

I remember reading the account of a missionary in India who stood at the side of the road one day to watch a passing festival held in honour of a particular goddess. His conscience told him not to watch, because watching condoned the activity. But, he thought, "There's no harm in just watching from a distance!"

As the dance troops passed by and the main tableau came adjacent to the missionary, the platform-bearers suddenly stopped. The actor taking the part of the goddess turned his head and stared directly at the missionary. The 'goddess' then jumped down into the crowd and rushed at him, screaming horribly, grabbing hold of him. The 'goddess' babbled in a language the missionary did not understand and ran back to the platform. Shaken, the missionary returned to his quarters.

That night began a period of horror for him, with terrifying nightmares. A peculiar malady took him over and he convulsed, cried and felt terrible. Continuous frightening visions of demons appeared, night and day, and he knew he was being attacked and oppressed by Satan. Later, he warned others never to enter the domain of evil ones.

Friends - TB style churches are the domain of the Evil One. Just as the Lord is jealous for His holiness and His holy ones, so Satan is jealous for anything and anyone he has managed to dupe into serving him! Those who willingly enter a TB/charismatic meeting specifically to obtain an illicit 'blessing' show their interest in serving Satan, for they have already ignored God's word by setting foot on ground taken over by demons. Inevitably, one way or another, their lives will change, but not for the better.

That missionary experienced raw demonic activity. Literally, it took him many months of agony to be released and to turn back to the true God. During that time, he was useless to the Lord and Satan had the victory. But, WHY? He was a Believer, so why did God allow it to happen? If you ask such a question, then you are in real need of counsel... God had ALREADY WARNED HIM not to watch the festival. Scripture tells us to reject and shun even the APPEARANCE of evil! So, when the man deliberately ignored both his conscience and scripture, God gave him over, for a season, to the very evil ones who were present in the festival. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BELIEVERS IGNORE WARNINGS AND SCRIPTURE, and they deliberately enter a TB-style/charismatic meeting. There is no excuse at all.

In the USA alone, hundreds of pastors - many of whom were previously known for big congregations and true Bible ministry - decided to 'find out for themselves' and sat down to 'only observe' TB meetings. Some were 'zapped' immediately. With others, it took longer - but the result was the same. The fact that they entered the building was sufficient; it was a chink in their spiritual armour and Satan took the opportunity! Friends, if you ignore this warning, you do so at your own peril.

One writer on this subject rightly said that of all movements that have come to fruition, the TB is one that cannot be ignored and choices must be made: we cannot sit on the fence, but must come down on one side or the other. The trouble is, the two sides are total opposites: come down on the Toronto side and you can correctly be termed an heretic, or at least a gullible barbarian (Gk: one who is untaught and unskilled). Come down on the other side and oppose the movement, and you are acting according to God's grace, but you will be in a minority and will be scorned.

As such, you will already have an inner disquiet concerning the TB. Maybe you do not know why. That does not matter: listen to the Lord and His guidance, for that is what is making you uncomfortable. Several Christians (I am only one of them) are now publicly opposing the TB movement and have published a great deal on the subject. Read it and get back to scripture. Check the claims of both 'sides'.

You will find that when the TB circus comes to town, it is no laughing matter! It is an iron fist inside a velvet glove - and it will crush you easily, if you do not stand squarely on the Lord's side. Today, especially in the form of the TB movement, Satan is running free. Throughout the world, his mask has been removed and he can be seen to be a roaring lion. His objective is to devour as many Believers (and unbelievers) as he can.

Is this possible? Surely God protects His own? Yes, He does - but not when we deliberately enter Satan's own arena and ignore warnings the Lord has given to our spirits by way of scripture, preachers and conscience! Those who continuously ignore God's warnings can be given-over in this life, to the ravages of Satan. Yes, they will finally enter heaven, but they pay a dear price on this earth for their ignorance and deliberate rejection of Truth. Is this what you want for your own life? Surely not!

When the TB settles in any area, churches flock to join in the hilarious activities. This is not a sign of spiritual seeking, but is a sign of the spiritual emptiness of thousands. Most of these folk will previously have been known to be regular churchgoers and may even have taken an active part in church programmes. DO NOT BE FOOLED. The fact that they are now in the TB domain is sufficient proof of their previous ignorance and shallowness.

Those who truly know the Lord, even if imperfectly, will not be caught in this demonic trap. God knows the hearts of His people. If the heart is set on the Lord, He will guard the Believer from harm. But if the heart is hypocritical and only superficially His, the person will stupidly and willingly join with demons in TB meetings. God warns these folk, too, but because they are shallow, of their own accord, they will not listen. God removes His protecting hand from them, that they may either repent or continue in their sin, heaping coals upon their own heads.

Remember that the TB is passed on to others either by being touched by those who have themselves been 'zapped', or simply by being in their presence. One group of protesters handed leaflets to foolish men and women who entered a TB meeting in Belfast. The same folk came out later, wanting to shake their hands, but the protesters wisely refused. It is likely that the attendees had been instructed to do so by the leaders, that the 'Blessing' could be passed on in the street.

You will be told, with a smile, that the 'fruit of the Spirit' prove the genuine nature of the TB movement. THIS IS A LIE. Scripture speaks of BAD fruit as well as of good! The TB movement gives bad fruit, because the root is bad, coming from Satan. He is counterfeiting the Truth of God and people are falling to the lie, like lemmings jumping off a cliff. The superficial 'love' and other life-changes will soon slip away, and hatred, bitterness and disregard for God's word will take their place.

Do not be duped by smiles and assurances of 'fruit', or by life-changes. If these are claimed against a back-drop of lies, deception and a disregard for God's word, then they are all false. BE WARNED, FRIENDS. DO NOT LET YOUR LIVES BE SHIPWRECKED FOR THE SAKE OF A GOOD LAUGH!

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