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Charismatic Checklist:- do you call yourself a Charismatic?

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  1. “I am a charismatic/Pentecostalist”.

If you refer to yourself as such, you are acting unscripturally. You are either a Christian or you are not. There are no ‘brand names’ in God’s sight! Those who call themselves by other denominational titles, are just as wrong. See BTM article on Pentecostalism.

  1. You Chose Christ/Made a decision for Christ.

If you did either of these things, when told/invited to do so at a large campaign, or even a small gathering, then we suggest you look again at the awesome and unswerving doctrinal teaching of election. You will find that you cannot choose Christ or salvation. Such is impossible, for all men and women are dead in their sins before God touches them and makes them spiritually alive. A dead man cannot make a decision, nor can he make choices! We pray that, by God’s grace, you will repent of your error (perpetuated and taught by those who ‘led you to Christ’. You did not know any better. But now that you do, you must repent and ask the Lord if salvation is yours, through His elective grace). See BTM Article on election.

  1. Tongues are a proof of our salvation.

If you believe this, you are totally wrong. Nowhere in scripture do you find such a statement. Once you say it, you make tongues a condition and proof of salvation. In effect, you are calling God a liar – for He says in His word that not all speak in tongues! Tongues are given as a spiritual gift to some, but not to others... and spiritual gifts are only given to those who are saved. Real tongues are hardly ever evidenced today. See BTM Article on Tongues.

  1. “I use my tongues for private devotions” etc.

Even if your ‘tongues’ are genuine, they are not for private use at all. All gifts are given for the benefit of the whole Church. Most teaching on tongues is based on misinterpretation of a small number of texts. Another deception is that tongues are some kind of ‘heavenly language’. This belief is founded on just one seemingly ambiguous text, and it is wrong! Tongues are just foreign languages. That is exactly what the tongues in Acts Two were. There is a very big problem with saying tongues are a heavenly language... see Article above.

  1. You received a ‘second blessing’ (of the Holy Spirit).

Sorry – no such thing! Scripture tells us that we receive the Holy Spirit immediately we are saved. The idea that we have a second kind of option is untrue. However, it is a fact that God will give us power and authority to perform certain tasks and ministries, which He alone gives us. But this is not a second blessing, it is merely an expansion of what He has already given us at salvation. We are told that He gives each his or her own ‘measure’ of spiritual things. That is, He gives us whatever He wishes: we cannot claim it or demand it.

  1. You received gifts of the Spirit.

Only those who are saved by grace (not by choosing Christ) are given gifts of the Spirit. All Believers are given gifts when they are saved. Salvation, love and faith are three examples of gifts, too. The so-called ‘gifts’ claimed by most charismatics, especially those received during Toronto Blessing-style meetings, are obviously false. Some are of Satan and the rest are of one’s own desires. That is, they are psychological. Either way, they are false! See Articles on the gifts. We pray that the gifts you claim to have match the scriptural criteria. If they do not, then you are believing a lie. It is also a fact that many people who received ‘gifts’ at Toronto-style meetings were not even saved. We suggest you read the BTM Article ‘Azusa Street’!

  1. “We must offer Christ to everyone we meet.”

See number 2 above. If you are a preacher who ‘offers Christ’ to everyone, then you are in error. You have no right to make such an offer. Only God knows who will be saved and He never sends out His word without reason. If folk are not saved during a meeting, it is not our business to ‘bring them in’ by our own efforts, with soft music/rock music, mime, clowns, or by any other mechanistic means. The Spirit moves as He will, not by our humanistic efforts. It is the task of a truly called preacher simply to declare the Gospel. It is up to the Holy Spirit to quicken the spirits of the hearers. He will do this only if they are elected to be saved. The gospel is always effective in people who are elected, but in no-one else. God’s word is never wasted. Those whom He calls will be saved, in their lifetime, at exactly the right time and place.

We must not ‘offer Christ’ to anyone: He is not a commodity! God prompts a preacher to speak. He will coincide the action of the Holy Spirit, so that the message applies itself to a particular person, to whom the message belongs. Those who are not elected will never be saved. This seems ‘unfair’ to many a human mind, but, nevertheless, it is stated unequivocally by God in His word. To those who understand election as a concept of scripture, it makes perfect sense. Read BTM Article: ‘Election’.

  1. “We are now in extra-Biblical times”

This is taught by Rodney Howard Browne and others and it is a lie of the devil. Extra-Biblical means outside of scripture and even opposed to it. This is different from something that is ‘not found in scripture’. Many things are not found in scripture. But, anything that is extra to scripture has been added on, as being equal to scripture. This is the lie of many cults, including Roman Catholicism. Scripture is finished and complete. All else must be rooted in scripture, for this is our only Guide from God. Whatever does not accord with scripture is not of God, for God is always consistent with His own declared will. He cannot contradict Himself or change His mind.

  1. We must ‘pray down’ the devil and crush his presence in our midst.

Such a statement is founded on Dominion theory and other charismatic lies. In the last century foolish men and women barked up trees like dogs, on all fours. They believed they were ‘treeing the devil’!! Similar claims are being made today, and can only be described as lunacy or stupidity. The devil, though subject to Christ and to His power, is not subject to our own puny machinations. Even the archangel Michael dared not attack Satan in his own power and authority; Satan was the mightiest of all angels and amongst angels his power is supreme, so what effect do you think men, mere specks of dust by comparison, can have on such an individual? We may only cast out demons by the power of Christ, not by our own imagined, non-existent, power.

To say we can banish Satan himself from the world or from a whole city or place, is an abandonment of senses. Satan is the ruler of this world until God intervenes, at the very end of time, and banishes him. The man who barks up a tree is doing so because Satan has made him do it. Can you imagine the mirth of demons as they watch silly humans crawling about, thinking they are doing God’s business? Sitting outside a dance-hall, or cinema, or a town, and attacking Satan head-on with prayer, will do nothing except bind those who utter such godless prayers, to the very one who they wish to attack! For these reasons, Marches for Jesus are also satanic ploys. They are not visual proof of God’s kingdom, but they are proofs of stupidity and spiritual darkness.

  1. “My pastor must be obeyed without question, for he speaks from God.”

This is a wonderful bit of psychology! It says that the pastor always speaks from God, even if what he says is shown to be wrong. This direct use of the pastor ‘by God’ implies that to question him is to question God himself. Therefore, the one who does so is disobedient and is backslidden - he must beware and repent, just in case he falls so far back, he will never regain favour with God. What a disgusting lie of Satan! Christians are to obey their pastor only insofar as he teaches the truth! If he teaches anything that is unscriptural, then he is outside the authority given to him by God. Indeed, we question his very right to be called a pastor, if he makes such claims. The end result is that the pastor himself is a god, and this is taught by some charismatic leaders. It is a natural progression of charismatic teaching.

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