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The 'Decade of Evangelism'or Decayed Evangelism? The lie of a social gospel

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There are so many evangelistic campaigns around nowadays! Which ones are real? To me, it seems that evangelistic campaigns are organisational rather than spiritual successes. Millions are spent on some campaigns - and the foundation of them all is Arminianism (see other BTM papers on this topic). Without doubt, they base everything on what we can do. Some of them even claim - against all scriptural teaching - to make the Second Coming of Christ to arrive 'faster', and so their efforts are geared toward that aim! Those who think that we can do this - to 'help' God to bring His date forward - should consider a few obvious problems:

Firstly, with God, all things are known beforehand. But, more than that, all dates and occurrences have been fixed in eternity. It is impossible for God to bring forward the date of the Second Coming, because that would mean He has changed His mind. Jesus told us that the Father knows when the Second Coming would be.

Secondly, for God to change His mind according to our own efforts, is to make God's determinations depend entirely on the will of the creature. This, too, is impossible.

Thirdly, for those who feverishly seek to 'evangelise the whole world by the year 2000' (or whatever), so that they may 'present the world to Jesus', there are further problems: It is impossible to evangelise the whole world by a certain date, for people will die before that date and others will be too young to hear the message. Also, even if we could evangelise whole countries at a time, there will inevitably be those who will not hear the message - they will be on holiday, or they will be working, or they will not hear for one of many reasons. Furthermore, it is presumptuous to the point of blasphemy to claim that we can 'present the world to Jesus' (i.e. 'on His 2000th birthday'. YUK!!). The world and the entire universe already belongs to Him! He is Lord of all creation; there will be a time when every knee shall bow and everybody, saved or not, will confess that He is Lord; He already knows who will be saved, for He, as God, has elected them in eternity. What nonsense these campaigners come out with!

Like most other campaigns, the ‘Decade of Evangelism’ is ecumenical. That, for a start, is heresy. Roman Catholics enthusiastically join in, NOT to save souls, but to gain them for the Roman Catholic organisation itself. Listen to the many groups and individuals who make up the motley crew of the 'Decade of Evangelism' and you will hear nothing but babble and nonsense dressed as theology.

What exactly is the 'Decade of Evangelism'? Nobody really knows! This does not surprise me, for many of the campaign members are Anglican clergy. I still remember with some anger the time an Anglican archbishop had the opportunity to preach the Gospel on TV, and he completely messed it up. He had a whole one-hour slot and the interviewer asked him a straightforward question: "What is salvation and how can a person be saved?"

The archbishop waffled for the entire time and not once did he say what the Gospel was, or how a man is saved. NOT ONCE! It was an appalling show of ignorance but, far worse, it was an indication that the Gospel was being buried under a mound of man-made garbage. That archbishop - like others since, including the present one - has much to answer for... and he will on the Day of Judgement.

So, with such Biblical ignorance from eminent leaders of the Decade of Evangelism, we can expect nothing. When I listen to enthusiastic organisers of the Campaign, I conclude that it is just a massive (but worthless) marketing ploy. As one leader admitted, so far the Campaign "has not made a significant impact". He also said that no-one really knows what the Campaign should be doing. All of this is sufficient proof that the Campaign is not of the Holy Spirit.

The same spokesman (on radio) said that the Campaign was about "building bridges between lapsed Christians and non-Christians and to commend the Gospel." It is about "Looking at strategies" and looking at "how should the Gospel be presented?" No mention of preaching in this, the means appointed by God to spread the Gospel! There can be no bridges between Christians and non-Christians: men are either saved or not. The difference cannot be bridged by men. The Campaign is also about "producing a mission statement". For the uninitiated, this is current business jargon, meaning "what are we going to do?" But, says the spokesman, the Campaign means different things to different people. Thus, to some vicars and leaders it means "making buildings more attractive"!!

When we evangelise, he says, people are not interested about dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's of doctrine; they ask questions like "What is life all about?" (See papers on Arminianism, Alpha Course, and questions the world asks). What a thing for a supposed preacher to say! It is 'doctrine' that tells us how to be saved and Who saves us. Every other question asked by men is irrelevant by comparison. Without salvation a man's questions are useless and not worth answering. Any true preacher can tell you that people will spend many happy hours asking inane questions... anything that will detract from the real issue of sin and salvation.

Typically, this spokesman for the campaign said: "Evangelism is simply a proclamation of the love of God." Sounds good? Yes - until we realise that this is ALL that the Gospel means to such people, i.e. "God is love" and therefore, "He cannot possibly send people to Hell!" This is why he adds "Different churches look for different responses" and they are looking for "A way to halt the decline of church attendance". There are no 'different responses' to the Gospel - there is only salvation. As for decline in church attendance, there can be many reasons for this: one big reason is the way false pastors are driving Believers out of churches with perverted doctrine. Another is that unbelievers who sit in pews are now bored with the nonsense churches have to offer, so on Sundays they go to the local garden centre instead.

In the midst of this shambles, it is said that we "need to pray for revival". It is possibly the best thing the man has said (though it is Biblically unsound – see the end-times scenario), even though he has no idea what he is talking about. Another possible answer is "we need more prayer". Can you see what is happening? The established churches have expensive buildings to run and false pastors to pay. They need people to enter church doors in order to keep the whole tottering monolith upright! But, because they are not authentic Christians they do not have a clue what to do about it, so they try a little bit of this and a little bit of that! Basically, there is nothing they can do. Their various schemes will all come to nought. Instead, they ought to cut them all away, like a tree that bears no fruit. The Holy Spirit is not in them, so they are dead anyway, false witnesses.

"It all costs a lot of money" says the spokesman..."one campaign alone cost £7 million"!!! Incredible amounts of cash are wasted on these events and all for nothing. But, as a non-campaign spokesman responded in the same radio programme: "When we proclaim but do not have a credible community, it is hypocrisy and empty... when we proclaim and don't know what we mean." Quite right! Fake churches (that form the majority in the world) preach a fake Gospel and show a fake face to the world. So when the worldling hesitantly walks through the doors of a fake church, all he sees are lots more just like himself. Nothing different and nothing of God. So he walks back out again! But, one 'method' to stop this departure, says our persistent ignoramus, is "friendship evangelism" that will "build a community which displays the values of Christ"!

Notice the methods and schemes, but no real Gospel. 'Friendship evangelism' is fake evangelism. It is NOT equal to evangelical preaching by a preacher ordained of God to do so. Teaching the community the 'values of Christ' is a great way to settle society, but it does nothing to save it. It is not the values of Christ that save, but Christ Himself. Those who lead the Decade of Evangelism know nothing of Christ, so we cannot expect anything from the campaign. Nor should we contemplate it. There are countless such false campaigns, all demanding cash and human effort. Let them be anathema! The answer is simple: let all true Believers witness to their neighbours and let all true preachers preach the Truth and fight evil. If YOUR church has endorsed the Decade of Evangelism, then put the matter right and speak against it.

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