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1 Adeodatus -“Son of Augustine” K B Napier
2 Alexander and the Jews K B Napier
3 Arab/Muslim Legacy is - Nil Peter BetBasoo
4 Burned Mystery Scroll Digitally Unraveled Reveals Bible Unchanged for 2,000 Years Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz
5 Christians in Britain Before Rome K B Napier
6 Did Darwin Repent on His Death Bed? K B Napier
7 Ezekiel 28:11-19 “Does it Reference Adam or Satan?” K B Napier
8 Jesus in the Old Testament K B Napier
9 Jewish Festivals, etc. K B Napier
10 Jewish Hymns – Not Like Ours K B Napier
11 John Napier – Also a theologian K B Napier
12 Nazis/Marxists and Homosexuality Historical Evils K B Napier
13 Now Camels are Anti-God Missiles! K B Napier
14 Palestine - “The phantom country” K B Napier
15 Praise-God Barebone K B Napier
16 Reformation Day K B Napier
17 The Ark and The Shroud K B Napier
18 The Bible’s Buried Secrets Part 2 K B Napier
19 The Book of Sports, or Declaration of Sports (King James 1st) K B Napier
20 The Clarendon Code K B Napier
21 The Crusades, Slavery and Apologies K B Napier
22 The House of Hillel, and Paul K B Napier
23 The Real Story of King Canute K B Napier
24 Thomas, Bishop of Marash K B Napier
25 Valentine’s Day K B Napier
26 Was Shakespeare a Christian? K B Napier
27 Were Jewish Activists Responsible for Communism? K B Napier
28 Who Killed Jesus? K B Napier