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Mary, Jesus, Joseph Were NOT Refugees!

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Abusing scripture to reinforce an agenda is not sound! Have you heard the absurd story passing around liberal and atheist circles, that the ‘holy family’ were ‘refugees’ when they went to Egypt? The idea is simply to make political gain by equating Muslim migrants with Jesus’ flight from Herod’s murderous anger.

It is a fact that over 90% of all migrants are NOT refugees, but are in the West to fleece host countries out of state benefits – the people come and the state gives them everything free. Yet, almost NO migrant is a refugee escaping anything at all. Even so, ignorant (deliberately or not) people try to make the movement of Muslims the same as that of Jesus to Egypt. It is a lie!

The first thing to note is no man can make Jesus and Muslims equal! Muslims are followers of Allah, a false God, and so stand condemned by God; Jesus is the actual Son of an actual Heavenly Father, and they are the only true God.

Then we have the reasons for migrating. Muslims do it to get everything for nothing. They usually have no skills or education, and do not even speak English (or the language of their host country). I do not know of any who want to work – they simply want free money and services. On top of that they want their host country to change everything to suit their fake religion, and if the country refuses they try to force it into compliance with jihad and murderous hatred.

Now compare…

Jesus was a toddler when the wise men visited Him at home. Herod knew they had come to see the prophesied King of the Jews. When he realised they had not gone back to tell him where Jesus was living, he was enraged. Already a killer of his own family, Herod erupted in a rage and commanded all babies up to age two to be put to death, and his soldiers obliged. But, before this occurred, Joseph had been warned by an angel to escape the coming slaughter. He took Mary and Jesus that very night.

Joseph did not travel all the way to Egypt (probably the Goshen area) to get money for nothing from the Egyptians. Indeed, there were no state benefits at that time! It is likely (but not documented) that he used the expensive gifts brought to Jesus by the wise men, as spending money to live. Even without any money he might have raised from selling the gifts (IF he did so), Joseph had much to commend him as a temporary resident of Egypt – his trade as a builder/carpenter/craftsman (a tektōn).

Before the family were forced to travel, they had their own home. They were not escaping Roman persecution, but a very personal attack by the king. They still had their home and left it until it was safe for them to return. So there was no intention of going to another country to gain benefits. They paid their way. And the fact that God Himself told the family to move for a while is not repeated in ANY Muslim entering the West! They move out of greed or Islamic fervour – to cause their host country to lose huge amounts in taxes, given to the migrants… the more migrants come the more taxes will go up and the fewer state benefits and services will be given to those who deserve them (natural inhabitants).

“And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.

When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt:” (Matthew 2:13,14)

Ignorant people who know nothing of scripture and who usually hate or reject God, now use this to ‘prove’ the family were ‘refugees’. No, they were not homeless nor were they refugees! Muslims MAKE themselves homeless in order to get to the most generous country. They do nothing to work or to learn and do not integrate. Do not DARE to say Joseph, Mary and Jesus were the same! They travelled to Egypt, which was part of the Roman empire, so the travel was within the same larger ‘country’ run by Rome. The family was commanded by God to go there until Herod died. Muslims go to the West because they want everything for free. Their ‘god’, Allah, is fake, so he could not command them to do anything. But, their man-made Koran does!

Muslims and the ‘holy family’ could never be compared! They are two separate issues with no equal status. Do not believe the nonsense given by socialists who already hate Christians and scripture – unless it suits them. Do not believe Muslims, whose very book tells them to kill us and take all our money. The cost to the West of allowing Muslims into their countries is enormous and growing. It will not stop until Muslims are banned (which will not happen).

To sum up: Jesus was taken to Egypt, a Roman-ruled province, to escape the murderous will of Herod. It was God Who told Joseph to go there until the time to return was right. He left his house and later returned there. He kept his small family either by selling the gifts or earning a living by practising his trade. So, there is nothing at all in the account to make them equal to deceptive Muslims.

Politicians, and Islamic deceivers all want you to accept their lies by equating Muslim migrants with Jesus’ family. It is just a cynical ploy, especially as they all hate Christians, God, and His word! Believe God, not lies.

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