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The Crusades, Slavery and Apologies

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Western leaders who pretend to be humble, love to apologise for things done by their countrymen hundreds of years ago! It is a current fad, and it is supposed to be good. But, all it shows is gross ignorance.


A normal apology is not the same as repentance, and seeking ‘national forgiveness’ is not possible in reality. What we see today is a political apology as an appeasement to other countries, over activities perceived to be wrong or bad.

So, a leader apologises on behalf of crusading knights, or for taking slaves. Intrinsically, it is nothing but ‘window dressing’, a piece of fantasy without foundation. No man can apologise on behalf of another! Only the one guilty of a crime or action can apologise. Though this is logical and obvious, leaders just love to be humble in public! Or, to put it more correctly, they make fools of themselves.

I am not guilty of taking slaves. Nor did I fight in the Crusades. Therefore, I am not culpable and I have nothing to apologise for. Any sin was committed by those who took part, not me. I am responsible for my own sins. Everyone else is responsible for theirs. I must repent of what I do; they must repent of what they do. Simple as that. There cannot be a national apology! Indeed, I resent a national leader apologising on my behalf, when I am not guilty and do not wish to be involved.


National leaders in Britain, and religious leaders so-called, have both apologised to Muslim nations for the Crusades. But why? The Crusades were the brainchild of Roman Catholic popes, not me. It was Romanists, not Christians, who tried to take over Palestine. So, why is anyone apologising on my behalf, when the popes, in charge of a fake church, are responsible?

And why apologise anyway? Palestine was not owned by Muslims – they took over by force, after God had given the land to the Jews! There is an absurdity in academia nowadays, that argues for the return of this land or that to the ‘original’ owners. Who exactly are these ‘original’ owners? Every country in the world has been taken over by another nation. Every country has been invaded and eventually integrated into a synthesis, to produce a newer nation. Then, another nation invaded and started the process all over again. What belongs to who?

The main point, though, is that the Crusades are the sole responsibility of Romanism, not of Christians or Christianity.


The West, listening to the leftist-theories of historical revisionists, went on its knees in abject apology to Africa, because some of its people were taken away as slaves. What poppycock!

Even at the time richer westerners went into Africa and stole people to be slaves in America and other countries, African chieftains were doing exactly the same thing deeper inland! Slavery was a part of African life for millennia before white men came along. Powerful chiefs or kings ran amok, killing thousands and taking the rest as slaves, from one part of Africa to another. Or, they simply took them a few villages away to another stockade.

Every country in the world (possibly with the exception of Australia and New Zealand) fought and took slaves. To lay the blame solely at the door of white men is historical nonsense. Egyptians took slaves. Arabs and Muslims took slaves, Russians took slaves. Vandals took slaves. China took slaves. Red Indians took slaves. Rome took slaves. Britons took slaves. You name any nation up to about the 19th century and you will find slavery in their history.

So, why specifically apologise to Africa? One reason is to use it as an excuse to ‘compensate’ Africa for any supposed economic hardship caused. This is another nonsense, because Africa has gone downhill steadily over centuries, all on its own, with or without slaves. Yes, white men were unscrupulous, but they only came along well after African chiefs indulged in their own stealing and bad leadership! As researchers discovered about the Mayans, there is plenty of evidence that what we now think of as Third World countries were once powerful, rich and advanced. Over time, they have degenerated of their own accord. But, it is easier to blame the West, because it is the communistic thing to do.

The main reason Africa and similar nations are poor today is not because of white men, but because of the indolence and bad leadership of nationals. Poor countries are not poor because of capitalism, but because national leaders subdue their own peoples, do not bring about good change or technological advance, and steal funds for their own lavish lifestyles. Any who dare to oppose them are gunned down.

So, if you wish to apologise for your great-great-great grandfather, who stole a wooden pole from Winga Wonga, don’t bother – they probably stole it from someone else years before. Besides, you can’t apologise for someone who is long dead. The real answer is for everyone on earth to apologise for breathing. Then, everyone can pretend to be sorry, and feel politically better.

I will not waste time on further discussion, because it is an absurdity to begin with.

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