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Do Ghosts Exist?

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The question was asked in an article: ‘Are Ghosts Real?’ ( in the later part of 2010. But, the sub-title is “Are people really communicating with the spirits of the dead?”. The trouble is, they are separate questions. They were based on TV programmes that claim to ‘hunt’ for ghosts, but never, ever give proof for them.

The article concludes that there are no such thing as ghosts, or UFOs. The author says: “It seems evident that these phenomena are produced in the same manner that other occult manipulations are produced. They involve dramatic manipulations of matter and energy. Although they originate from the spiritual world, they can produce very powerful, temporary physical manifestations at the material level…”

This may, or may not, occur. It is also possible that spirit beings (demons) can produce their effects without resort to anything physical. That is, what is seen is not material, but spiritual. Nothing can be proved either way!

I can, though, concur with several points made in the article (and add a few more), concerning these spirits:

Their number may be too large to count; they can appear as men or as other shapes or things; we only know the name of the leader of the demons – Lucifer/Satan; we may come to know other names on occasion – Jesus named a group of them ‘Legion’, which simply describes their number, not their names; they are always malevolent because they do the bidding of Satan, and so always harm humans; they are very powerful with amazing strength and abilities; they can influence and drive whole nations (as in Germany, for example) and in modern movements of homosexuals, etc.; they can influence, oppress, or possess people and animals (as is evidenced in the growing number of homosexuals, violent men, wicked rulers, etc.), and they actively attack the Christian faith.

What Are Ghosts?

Ghosts are very real, but they are NOT the souls of the departed; they are demons. If you are persuaded to attend a séance or similar activity, even on a theatre stage, you are willingly cooperating with these entities, and will be badly affected by them, sometimes permanently. Christians must NEVER be part of such activities.

If they are not the souls of the departed, how is it that they can tell you exactly what Aunty Joan or Uncle Bill were like, and what they said?

Demons are angels who rebelled alongside Satan. They know they are bound for an eternity of chains and hell. They also know they cannot harm God, but can certainly wreak havoc amongst people. The growth in violence and sexual wickedness is down to these demons, who are driving unsaved men and women with whips of evil. Though they do not know the exact date when Christ will return, they do know that when He does, their time on this earth will end. So, they are increasing their activities as time runs out… they know it must be soon.

Part of this effort is to deceive Christians, and this is why charismatic churches and Rome have excelled recently in gaining converts, and why so many Christians and pastors have fallen to sexual and other sins, and why governments are creating totalitarian and wicked regimes.

How can these demons mimic our loved ones? Very easily! Demons are as old as creation. Their strength, powers and intellects are greater than those of mankind. They can move amongst us unseen, and watch people being born, living and dying, century after century. They have been in the room with our aunties, uncles, parents, children, friends, etc., and know exactly what they look like, how they speak, how they think. They know what they have done throughout their lives. So, when people foolishly watch clairvoyants on TV, or go to their ‘shows’, or to private consultations with mediums, demons who knew the relatives or friends can flawlessly mimic their voices and words.

Why? Because by making you believe you are talking to a dead relative or friend, they also make you instantly more susceptible to other demonic acts and ploys. You will then go on to search out other ‘psychic’, occult events and activities, perhaps including ouija boards. In other words, you will be duped. All demons need to ruin your life is to catch you on a hook!

With this kind of deception comes involvement in adultery, fornication, pornography… you name it and demons can supply it. All you need to do is show the slightest interest in the occult and a demon will see you and bring you all manner of seductions and temptations. Ghosts are part of this demonic deception. It does not matter how they can show themselves, whether as grey shapes, half bodies or full bodies, humans or terrifying images – it is all demonic, designed either to frighten you into submission, or to draw you into their clutches with lies.

One Christian was drawn by seemingly Biblical means – he began to have the idea that he must “pray without ceasing”. So, that is literally what he did: he prayed non-stop, day and night. He did not sleep or even eat and drink, for fear of offending God! Over a week or more he got weaker and quite deranged, eventually collapsing. Was that God? Of course not! Demons made him believe a lie, to harm him. And this is exactly what is happening to charismatics, whose lives revolve around demons, though they are unaware of it. Unsure about what is occult? Then write to us.

Resist the devil (in Christ) and he will flee! Just like Luther, throw your inkwell at him when he tries his antics! Resist by knowing God and His word, and by living righteously. Satan cannot break through such a defence. And if you see ghosts, remember what they are – they are demons sent to persuade you they are for your good, or from dead relatives. In reality, they are there to ruin your Christian life.

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