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The same old deceptions come up time and again, with fresh coats of paint, but they remain the same old deceptions! One of these is ‘Anthroposophy’. It can be found in a number of cultist movements and general charismaticism.

It was developed by Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925): born in Hungary Hungary (now northern Croatia) and moved to receive education in Vienna (Austria) in 1879, he worked in the fields of philosophy and architecture, and had a deep interest in esoteric thought. He dabbled in transcendentalism (an Hindu occult practice) and was involved in Theosophy, before finally inventing his ‘Anthroposophy’.

At first this was mainly philosophical in nature, and tried to find a bridge between science and mysticism. About 1907 he then attempted to mingle this with various arts media and architecture. Then, after 1919, he tried to apply his thoughts to medicine, farming, educators, and so on, mostly based on the ideas of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. He said that thinking was just another sense organ activity – which I disagree with, because all the senses operate without any necessary thinking process, being mechanical in construction and use.

Steiner added that there were no limits to human knowledge. (Depends on what he meant. Though human knowledge is potentially (almost) limitless, accruing it is very limited for a number of reasons: inaccessible knowledge, incomprehensibility of knowledge, lack of intellectual understanding, the limits of the brain, and so on).

He thought that we all had free will – a staple of all humanists and atheists – but he based it on inner experience, which is very different in every individual. He thought that creative independent thought was built upon free will, a suggestion I roundly deny, because no man has free will, and could not cope with it if he had it. Rather, creativity is framed by our input from the world, so the more restricted that input, the less will be our creativity.

Like so many charismatics today he attempted to explain what he thought to be the truth, perceived inwardly. This kind of self-interested philosophy always results in countless hypotheses, which will all be godless! He was almost single-handedly responsible for expanding Theosophy in Germany from a handful of adherents to 69 Lodges… a similar career path to that of something like the equally deceptive Alpha Course, and charismaticism itself. There is always someone to adopt deception.

Steiner split from the main Theosophy movement when Annie Besant tried to promote Jiddu Krishnamurti, a mere child, as the reincarnated Christ. Steiner objected strongly… Theosophists leaned towards eastern mysticism, whilst Steiner’s interest was in ‘Christianity’ (as he wrongly perceived it) and natural science. Many Theosophists followed him into the new movement, especially as he was by then considered to be a spiritual teacher of great stature.

He believed he had direct knowledge of the Akashic Records/Chronicles. Written in Sanskrit, it was a collection of mystical knowledge found only by entering a non-physical plane of existence (which conveniently cannot be verified), and through astral projection (spiritualist activity). This was rooted in Hindu religious ideas. In this scheme of things the person is led back in time by hypnotherapy, to view ‘pages’ of this Record, to choose a new life after death. The occult practices of channelling and visualization were also involved.

Steiner said that anyone could do the same, and this was to be his work. In other words, he began another branch of occultism. In the rise of the Nazi regime, Steiner’s society was banned, but by 2007 there were societies in over 50 countries, and 10,000 institutions founded on Anthroposophy, which was dubbed the “most important esoteric society in European history’.

People were encouraged to use their mystical experiences in every aspect of life, so that they could be free of external authority, and grounded only in themselves. This would eventually enable each person to research his own form of spirituality. Is this not what most people do anyway? Especially charismatics and superficial Christians!

Steiner saw Lucifer and Ahriman (in his own system) as combining good and bad, and as urging people to think they were divine. They were competing agencies. He also drew them to be creative and spiritual. But, these influences needed to be ‘balanced’ by the ‘Christ-being’. The Christ stands between the two bad influences and harmonizes them, as the representative of humanity.

Steiner’s schools have also had influence and are even funded by UNESCO. There are over 1000 of them in 60 countries. It is quite probable that Steiner’s occult approach will feature in the New World Order, as it is said to be “the leader of the international movement for a New Education” (From a UNESCO bulletin).

Steiner is also known to be a founder of the organic agriculture movement, via ‘biodynamics’, and a branch of complementary medicine. The number of activities touched by Steiner’s ideas is vast. He is partly responsible for the debauched ‘human rights’ movement in Europe.

We can see where modern charismaticism comes from, taking many features of Steiner’s work as their own. Note that Ellel also uses visualization.


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