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Who Is Paying Migrants to Enter Europe?

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Most migrants pay thousands to traffickers to take them to Europe. The young men who form the largest number, are fit and wearing designer clothes. They can live without funding from the West. Apart from using thuggery and theft, where does their money come from? And why do a large number return to their home countries after spending a while in the West, when they are supposedly under threat of death? Some migrants have openly admitted that ISIS gave them large sums of money to get into Europe. Is it because they are terrorists? Or, perhaps, because they will colonise Europe with radicals, to weaken us? It is very difficult to identify who is paying these people to suddenly ‘flee’ to Europe, but even ‘anonymous’ details appear to bear the ring of truth about them... we are all being duped!

Austrian Intelligence

“An anonymous employee from the Austrian Defense Office, which is operated by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense, says that some groups in the USA are paying smugglers to get more African and Middle Eastern immigrants into Europe.”(http://whitegenocideproject.com/austrian-intelligence-says-us-organizations-are-funding-immigration-into-europe/ )

The informant says that a trafficker demands between 7,000 and 14,000 PER PERSON before he will transport migrants to Europe (Translated: info-direkt.eu). He says that certain US organisations are paying a substantial part of the trafficking costs of each person thus transported. He said what I have wondered: “Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 euros in cash. Nobody asks where the money comes from.” He claims there is a “strict news blackout” about how migrants can pay traffickers. Yet, it is OBVIOUS that genuine refugees usually move with nothing but the shirts on their backs!

The next part of the reference again sounds very true, especially in the face of Obama’s hateful attitude towards white people, who he blames for colonialism. He has rapidly emasculated the USA, thus destabilising the entire world, while inviting Syrians into the USA without proper checks.

“... it means various anti-White groups have resorted to paying for non-White illegal immigrants, instead of legal ones, all so they can make White Europeans a vanishing minority.

While these anti-Whites claim to be building “diverse” societies, it seems highly suspicious that ONLY White countries are targeted to become “diverse”.

The point that we are putting out is that a targeting of a group (in this case White people) is genocide. Only White countries, cities, and towns are not “diverse” enough, and the “final solution” is to make all of them minority White.

Deliberately trying to turn us into a minority is as much White genocide as shooting us or putting us into camps.”

This is not an absurd observation. Obama has been waging a war on white people since he was placed illegally into the White House by George Soros. He uses black groups to fight against the white population. This is openly acknowledged. It is also a fact that socialists in Europe want a ‘light brown’ population, so as to eradicate both white and black, making everyone the same colour. Absurd? Yes. Real? Yes. So, who are these US organisations? Are they led by George Soros, arch-socialist? The nature of what is now happening is secretive, but these claims appear to be more than just conspiracy theory. Let investigators find the truth!

It should also be noted that a one world government will arise out of chaos, the central atmosphere needed to impose Marxism on a people.

British Gangs

Smuggling gangs working from Britain are using over 200 websites/social media to advertise their ‘services’, charging £13,500 per person for transport and fake papers. Because of border patrols, they are now starting to use quieter ports such as Hull and Portsmouth. (Daily Mail, 12th April, 2016) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3536285/Migrants-trying-Britain-pay-gangs-13-500-head-smugglers-target-quieter-ports-east-south-coast.html). Migrants are also brought in by air. For being given a route map across land to Europe, the charge is about £4000 from Iraq, for example. And those who are undetected can then ‘benefit’ from renting housing from the same gangs. One smuggler was arrested in a migrant hostel in Liverpool, with £17,000 cash and a ‘company turnover’ of at least £7 million. (Report by the National Crime Agency). Ironically, the hostel is funded by taxpayers! His gang brought in at least 100 migrants a day for the past 16 months. Now multiply that figure by an unknown number of similar gangs. The arrested man’s associates are mainly Greek and Syrian. It is imperative that the UK does not give out citizenships to migrants for many years.

But, no matter HOW they get here, the big question remains unanswered – who is paying for these large fees? I live in the supposedly ‘rich’ West, but I could not get together £1000, let alone £14,000! SOMEONE is providing the cash... but who is it?

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