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UFO:- “Aliens from Inner Space”

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If you want to find real UFOs, just take a look deep inside yourself, because that is where you will find them! They are born inside your head and project themselves onto a sky ahead of you. If you are extra vigilant you might even abduct yourself and take a trip in a mental spaceship! What are UFOs? Do they really exist?

Do UFOs Exist?

Of course they do! They are objects apparently flying in the sky, but they cannot be identified. But, to say they are alien craft is a completely illogical thing to say. Ancient Greeks saw a bird in the sky during an event, and thought it ‘must’ be a god, or a sign from the gods. Others saw something in the sky they thought ‘must’ be a miracle instead of a normal physical action. Today, if people see something they cannot explain in the skies, they say it ‘must’ be alien.

The brain ‘sees’ something and immediately tries to categorise it as something we already know, and can often be wrong. If the amazing nerve pathways or cells of the eye are damaged or badly developed, what we ‘see’ may not necessarily be what is actually there. But, the UFO phenomenon began properly in the 1950s, when massive ‘sightings’ were reported just before the Roswell ‘incidents’. Now, whatever cannot be explained is automatically called a ‘UFO’ and invariably it is ‘alien’, despite there being no proof whatever! We ‘see’ what we wish to see, and what better excitement is there than claiming we have ‘seen’ a UFO or an alien?

Books have been written on ancient carvings etc., that appear to look like aliens. But, nobody would think they looked like aliens unless they firstly had seen something similar in the current spate of ‘alienisms’, and which are stored in the mind.


There is nothing at all mentioned in the Bible about aliens or their ‘flying craft’. Always, those who believe in life on other planets, say, without any kind of proof, that (a) aliens exist and (b) they are light years ahead in intelligence and technology. Yet, nothing has been discovered to support either claim! Just grainy photos, shaky videos, and statements by dubious persons who think they have been ‘abducted’.

It is said that Christians who deny UFOs or aliens do so because of fear. But, what fear? I would not be afraid even if aliens were proven to exist! It would just mean God did not tell us about them. It would not harm my faith in any way. But, I have a big problem with accepting alien life (and alien UFOs depend on aliens being true).

God gave us His word, the Bible. There is nothing at all in the Bible and its long history to even hint at the existence of inhabited other worlds, or alien races, or UFOs. This makes it all the more curious, because IF aliens existed and they came to Earth millennia ago, as many insist, we would have read of it in scripture. Stones would contain script detailing them. But, NOTHING exists to this end. And, there are NO PROOFS at all from science or any other source. That is why I do not believe in UFOs as an alien phenomenon. To me, they are a modern take on Baal!

Some think UFOs (that is, those that do not have a scientific explanation) are demonic manifestations. The whole issue, then, is ‘up in the air’ (excuse pun). However, as far as I am concerned aliens and alien UFOs are a sign of things within, our own imaginations, possibly nourished by demonic suggestion.

Christians – Be Aware of Satan

It is interesting that unbelievers who laugh at Christ and God are so easily persuaded that aliens exist, that they abduct humans, and that aliens are ‘obviously’ so much more intelligent. It all makes for a basic reason to accept these aliens as superior... just as ancient false gods were accepted as superior to humans in history, thus attracting human devotion and worship. Satan will devise so many fakes, he can make any Christian head spin – unless they are settled in truth.

I used to laugh at the idea of UFOs, until my co-founder had dinner with a pastor who said he believed in UFOs. This was a very serious admission of ignorance and dangerous beliefs cloaked in a Christian life. If a pastor can say he believes in UFOs as an alien entity, then he is easy prey for Satan. There is 100% NO PROOF that aliens exist, let alone alien craft, so no Christian should contemplate believing in what cannot be proved, without opening himself up to other, more devious, fakeries.

Huge sums are spent by governments in a search for that first voice or radio message from space. At times this can have a very laughable result. When a major Australian radio telescope suddenly emitted radio blips that stood out as extraordinary, the media went wild. At last, aliens were contacting us from billions of miles away! But, there were red faces a few weeks later, when scientists realised that the ‘blips’ only occurred when their canteen microwave was switched on to cook their lunch! The microwave emissions caused the blips in very sophisticated computer equipment! Other than that, no radio telescope anywhere in the world has ever picked up strange messages, or even an email.

In the year 2000 43% of Americans said they believed in UFOs (‘The American Public: a 2000 USA Today Survey’). Yet, belief in God is rapidly diminishing. Bug-eyed little beings with big heads are far more interesting than Almighty God!

One astronaut gave a typical but ignorant statement: “I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets and are obviously more advanced than we are here on earth….Also, I did have occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them [UFOs], of different sizes, flying in higher formation, generally from east to west over Europe.” (Letter to the UN from Gordon Cooper, published in ‘Above Top Secret’, Timothy Gord, 1988).

Others, including presidents, have claimed to see UFOs. But, this is very misleading. HOW DO THEY KNOW what they saw was an alien UFO? Without proof, it is rather ridiculous to say with confidence that something is ‘alien’. It might indeed be odd, unexplained and different – but that does not make it a certifiable alien UFO. The astronaut spoke not of scientific evidence but of his ‘belief’. We might indeed see UFOs, but to immediately say they were ‘alien’ is going beyond the pale, to make an unfounded belief into a fact. Really, it is just an urban legend.

The USA government stopped funding NASA finding extra-terrestrials, but the same organisation became privately funded as SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute. As the CRI quipped, “It wasn’t that long ago when an admission of the belief in aliens may have qualified a person as a candidate for an insane asylum. Today, such a confession may further advance one’s chances in receiving a research grant or qualifying as a candidate in a Ph.D. program.” (‘Seven Things you should know About UFOs’, Bobby Brewer, 2002).

We are seeing the same outlandish activity in all areas of what used to be intelligent research, where what is unproved becomes urgent study: homosexuality in its many forms, environmentalism using trashy material to ‘prove’ man is causing climate change, and so on. And while belief in God, based on thousands of years of proof, is cast aside, belief in UFOs and aliens is held paramount, though there is no shred of proof for their existence! Can you see what is happening here? And why we should tackle it seriously, though, to many of us, the idea is just plain silliness?

Yes, people actually do see things in the sky. Just because they cannot put a finger on what they are, there is no reason to suppose they are ‘alien’. The first ‘flying saucer’ was seen in 1947 near Washington; actually nine of them. They ‘flew’ much faster than any speeds possible at that time. Just after that the famed Roswell incident took place. Since then many things unexplained have been ‘saucer shape’. But, would the same shape be given if the original name had not been given to what was seen? And, why say the shapes were ‘flying’ (which implies a craft)? And, why suggest they ‘must’ be alien? Big jumps of logic are being made. Add to this some gullibility and an easily manipulated mind, and you get ‘aliens’. If I saw something unexplained in the sky, even if it was saucer or cigar-shaped, I would be puzzled but would not jump to the conclusion that it ‘must’ be alien!

Most sightings can be easily explained – unless, of course, the hearer prefers his biased belief to explanations. Very few sightings cannot be explained easily. But, even these should not assume the guise of ‘alien’, because when we attribute what we see to something that has not been proved to exist, we are expressing a personal belief rather than a rational explanation. ‘Operation Blue Book’ studied UFO sightings from 1947 to 1969, but was then discarded, because out of 12,618 sightings to the end date, 94% of them were explained logically. Only 6% were left unexplained – but that is no reason to say they ‘must’ be alien! (NASA Fact Sheet 2000-01-015-HQ) It was this project that was used in the successful TV series, ‘XFiles’... fun viewing but of no use, and nothing was proved to be alien.

Ezekiel 1:16. Not Proof!

When unbelievers try to use scripture to underpin their beliefs, they are usually very confused and inaccurate. But, there is no excuse when believers use these same ‘explanations’ as part of what are supposed to be Christian, biblical beliefs.

I have come across use of Ezekiel 1:16 as ‘proof’ of aliens... and some Christians have fallen for it. How? By not being critical and by being ignorant of how to read scripture. What does this text say?

“The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.”

Most Christians who come across that for the first time, will likely say “Uh??” They would NOT say “Oh, that refers to an alien craft”, unless they had first been persuaded by unbelievers to think it! A wheel spinning within a wheel? Why should that be ‘alien’? When we read the whole context, it is obvious we are reading about a vision from God, NOT an actual alien visitation. Indeed, as we read in verse 22, the entire ‘thing’ was a creature, not a craft. And, in verse 25 a voice was heard above this creature, coming from someone on a throne. Then, we have the conclusion: “This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD.”

Go back to verse 1, and see that Ezekiel “... saw visions of God.” He saw a whirlwind from the north with a fiery cloud, out of which came the same creatures linked to the ‘wheels’. The word, ‘owphan, refers to a chariot wheel (or wheels used in a clock regulating its motion) – a symbol often seen in Old Testament visions. The wheels were guided by other creatures and did not move on their own.

The Occult and Aliens

I first came across ‘serious’ UFO material in the 1960s and my immediate thought was to think of it as somehow occult. I have experienced a sleep activity that gives a person ‘sight’ of someone in the room, possibly malevolent. Some of these are psychologically-driven manifestations rooted in sleep abnormality. But, a few have occult dealings, such as demonic visits designed to frighten or even seduce towards belief in Satan’s works.

One of my nephews unfortunately slept in a house owned by Hindus, who, like many Hindus, had a whole room set aside as a shrine to their many gods. At the time, my nephew was speaking to the owners of the Gospel and telling them that their gods were worthless. Thus it was that he was awoken one night, by a large vision of an Hindu god, who threatened him and warned him to leave, because the house and its owners belonged to him. My nephew, though afraid, called upon God to protect him and the vision disappeared.

The point is, that Satan can bring about all manner of visitations and visions, if he wants to intimidate or persuade. This can easily include bringing about belief in UFOs and aliens, for his powers are immense, though not like that of God. It is therefore possible that abductions, which are usually horrific, are the activities of demons. They are not interested in the possible harm done to those abducted; their real interest is to remove belief in God and to redirect it towards Satan and what he does.

Hinduism is perfectly designed to bring about belief in aliens, with its countless false gods and goddesses, all of whom can perform ‘miracles’. Other occultisms and cults can do similar things. If they can divert beliefs from the one true God to false gods, then Satan is more than happy. So, if an activity or event starts to move one away from belief in God, we can assume its true origin, Satan. I saw a TV programme in which abductees were interviewed, and many of them were involved in the occult or cults. Satan will always oblige such foolish people with visions of UFOs and aliens! What of mass sightings? Same applies – do you think Satan is restricted to giving visions to just one person at a time?

Huge numbers of people have an interest in things ‘spiritual’, though most of these are centred on the occult and cultic teachings. They have no interest in God or Jesus Christ, but in things that give them personal power or insights. It follows on from intense belief in New Age teachings. Indeed, a big movement is afoot in the ‘Green’ movement, whose central figure is Gaia the earth goddess, and within which is the desire to get rid of the idea of God and Christ. Yet, the movement contains many Christians! If they knew the truth, they could not remain. Even so, they are in a highly dangerous condition, for Greens include many spiritualists, Eastern mystics, witches, and so on. The longer they remain in its fold, the more likely they are to lose their sense of reality and their spiritual standing. ‘Aliens’ fit well into this atmosphere. 


Yes, there are things moving in the sky we cannot explain. Therefore, we may call them UFOs; they are unidentified and they fly. Simple. But, it is a quantum leap with many missing logical steps, to say that UFOs are alien craft, and that aliens exist. Indeed, it seems rather comical that aliens come many light years to earth only to mess about in the sky for no apparent reason! There are no proofs whatever that UFOs are alien, or that aliens exist. None.

However, there is proof that demons can cause all types of phenomena. Interestingly, though, such manifestations are very brief, as demons, though powerful, cannot maintain their visits for very long at any one time. And any such visits depend heavily on people who are either gullible or too afraid to admonish them. The Christian who thinks he is seeing such a visitation should immediately call on the Name of Jesus Christ to get rid of it. Then, it should disappear. If it does not, then another explanation may be possible, from things natural.

Until then, I see UFOs as a waste of time, and aliens as non-existent. Christians are often accused of being alien to science... but, in this instance, it is scientists believing in little green men that fly at them from their own minds, causing them to give scientific status to what cannot be proved! Odd, eh?

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