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Prince Charles:-“Leading Britain into Islam?”

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A Middle East Quarterly article dubbed Charles as “Prince Charles of Arabia” (1997) and its writers, Ronni Gordon and David Stillman, gave a suggestion that possibly Charles had converted secretly to Islam. It would certainly be consistent with his public statements that Islam is a ‘solution’ to the ‘ailments’ of Britain, and sharia is to be defended. He set up a panel of twelve Islamic men to ‘advise’ him on Islam. The writers of the article concluded by saying, "should Charles persist in his admiration of Islam and defamation of his own culture," his accession to the throne will indeed usher in a "different kind of monarchy." Twenty years later, what has changed? 

Charles visited Oman and the following activities were noted ( ):

  • He toured the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque for almost two hours and "took keen interest in studying various sections at the mosque, including the main prayer hall." As his spokesman put it, "The Prince was particularly keen to come to the mosque today to see the fantastic building and remarkable architecture which the Prince was fascinated with. The Prince has a great love for Islamic architecture and I can't think of a finer example than this mosque."
  • He "spent a considerable time at an exhibition of Islamic calligraphy and held meetings with Sheikha Aisha Al Siaby, Head of Public Authority for Craft Industries and Taha Al Kisri, the Head of Omani Society for Fine Arts to discuss various aspects of Islamic art."
  • He "broke fast with a large congregation of people from different nationalities as he sat with folded legs on the floor in the open. He ate date and drank juice at the call of Iftar."

To keep political peace the Queen showed a similar deference to the pope and Rome. Was Charles simply being religiously stupid, or ignorant? Well, yes, just as his mother was by wearing black and a veil to visit the pope. But, in his case, the ignorance is more diligent and deliberate.

In 2004, he was awarded a prize by Islamic scholars for his promotion of Islam and its culture, the first non-Muslim to be thus rewarded. Later the same year (2004) he agreed that apostates from Islam should be executed (Daily Telegraph, Dec 2004). Next year (2005) he foolishly uttered the same words given by Prime Minister Theresa May this year – that terrorists have nothing to do with genuine Islam!

“... some deeply evil influence has been brought to bear on these impressionable young minds. ... Some may think this cause is Islam. It is anything but. It is a perversion of traditional Islam. As I understand it, Islam preaches humanity, tolerance and a sense of community. ... these acts have nothing to do with any true faith. ... it is vital that everyone resists the temptation to condemn the Muslim community for the actions of such a tiny and evil minority. If we succumb to that temptation, the bombers will have achieved their aim. Likewise, in my view, it is the duty of every true Muslim to condemn these atrocities and root out those among them who preach and practise such hatred and bitterness.” Prince Charles, ‘True Muslims Must Root Out The Extremists”, Mirror newspaper, 14th July, 2005).

This is incredibly stupid and ignorant and it echoes the propaganda put out by the Muslim Council of Britain and others. Great words, but not a shred of substance – Muslims continue to hide their errant fellows, and most UK Muslims want sharia law. Clearly, Charles has no idea what real sharia is like.

“Prince Charles revealed in a letter leaked to the Daily Telegraph that he had strained relations with George Carey, then archbishop of Canterbury, over his attitude toward Islam. Particularly contentious was his expressed intent, on becoming king and supreme governor of the Church of England, to ditch the centuries' old defender of the faith title and replace it with defender of faith and defender of the Divine. The letter reveals the archbishop's reaction.

I wish you'd been there for the archbishop! Didn't really appreciate what I was getting at by talking about "the Divine" and felt that I had said far more about Islam than I did about Christianity - and was therefore worried about my development as a Christian.

According to royal aides, Charles did not much respect Lord Carey's views and the feelings were reciprocated.” (Pipes).

When Charles visited the USA in 2005 he wanted to persuade the USA to stop confronting Islam and to accept “his fondness for Islam” (Daily Telegraph, November, 2005). George W Bush did not seem to appreciate his meddling and stupidity, and issued a statement at the state dinner welcoming the prince:

“In the first part of the 20th century, our nations stood together to ensure that fascism did not prevail in Europe. In the second half of the 20th century, we worked tirelessly to defeat the totalitarian ideology of communism. And today we're fighting side by side against an ideology of hatred and intolerance to ensure that the 21st century will be one of liberty and hope.”

One writer was to the point: Julie Burchill asked why Charles praised Islam and its murderous ways, but said nothing in defence of Israel, or Christians killed by Islamists. (5th November 2005). Al-Qaeda sees Queen Elizabeth as “one of the severest enemies of Islam” (2005, spoken by Ayman al-Zawahiri), whilst insulting British Muslims who lived by British laws. Overall, Charles continues to praise and support Islamic initiatives. In 2006 he praised Islam and condemned cartoons in Denmark. Outrageously, just a few days later in 2006, he said that Christians and Jews should learn from Islamic teaching, claiming that Islam had great wisdom! Islam offers nothing but pillage, murder and evil. Yet, in his speech he identified with Islam by using the word “we”! (See my article, A-826: Arab/Muslim Legacy – Nil!’).

Earlier, in the year 2000, he told children of the Islamia Primary School (headed by the infamous ‘Cat Stevens, a convert to Islam and head of the school, who threatened Salman Rushdie with death), the first to be funded by OUR taxes: "You are ambassadors for a sometimes much misunderstood faith. I believe that Islam has much to teach increasingly secular societies like ours in Britain." We understand Islam only too well, Charles! There was also talk amongst Muslims that princess Diana was close to converting to Islam, which is why her own mother called her a “xxx whore” for “messing around with xxx Muslim men” (evidence given in court, 2008). There are many more references to Charles as defender of Islam!

In a Christmas message given in 2016 (reported in the Daily Telegraph and mentioned in Jihad, he said:

“Normally at Christmas, we think of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder, though, if this year we might ... also remember that when the Prophet Mohammed migrated from Mecca to Medina he did so because he too was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.”

This is such a fractured and irrelevant thing to say! There is no comparison! The reason Mohammed ‘migrated’ to Medina was to destroy the residents and to impose his will on the people. It had nothing to do with wanting to ‘worship’ – Islam was just a thin cover of religion to hide Mohammed’s wicked, military violence. Charles also contradicted himself by telling British Muslims to “abide by our values”... because his trouble is, he has fallen to propaganda from all sides. Thus, he also calls us to bring in MORE Islamic migrants!

The pro-Islam ideas espoused by Charles were given their first public airing in October 1993, when he addressed the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford. His talk was titled ‘Islam and the West’ (for the full speech go to, also see Channel 4 'The Royal House of Windsor' Ephisode 6 - time limited).

He began his lecture with a moment of truth: “I confess that I have few qualifications as a scholar to justify my presence here, in this theatre, where so many people much more learned than I have preached and generally advanced the sum of human knowledge.” It is my observation he is not alone in using his position to propagandise others with ignorance. But, suggesting Islam adds to the sum of human knowledge in any useful way, is vacuous!

In his second paragraph he admitted to knowing little about Islam, yet Muslims around the world applauded what he said! It began innocuously with:

“Given all the reservations I have about venturing into a complex and controversial field, you may well ask why I am here in this marvellous Wren building talking to you on the subject of Islam and the West. The reason is, ladies and gentlemen, that I believe wholeheartedly that the links between these two worlds matter more today than ever before, because the degree of misunderstanding between the Islamic and Western worlds remains dangerously high, and because the need for the two to live and work together in our increasingly interdependent world has never been greater. At the same time I am only too well aware of the minefields which lie across the path of the inexpert traveller who is bent on exploring this difficult route. Some of what I shall say will undoubtedly provoke disagreement, criticism, misunderstanding and, knowing my luck, probably worse. But perhaps, when all is said and done, it is worth recalling another Arab proverb: 'What comes from the lips reaches the ears. What comes from the heart reaches the heart'.”

He seems not to understand that any ‘misunderstandings’ are on the part of Islam, not the West; we in the West can see what Islam is about, very plainly. Any wickedness is Islamic, not Western. Any persecution is by Islamic evil men, not us. Yet, he skirted around all this, possibly because he knew his words would reach Muslims in various Commonwealth countries. He mentioned an even earlier error, this time by his mother, who opened the Festival of Islam in 1976. The royals, then, have been instrumental in giving Islam its head in Britain.

He then spoke of the “obscene lies” supposedly told by Saddam Hussein, but did not speak of the continual lies told by Islam to the West and to its own followers. This shows the influence on him must have been Sunni. Another statement foretold the very near future, when Islamists would bomb, shoot and kill British people: “Ladies and gentlemen, we must not slide into a new era of danger and division because governments and peoples, communities and religions, cannot live together in peace in a shrinking world.” He was wrongly advised – it is ISLAM that is the danger, not the West! It is Islamic terrorists who refuse to live with us in peace!

He puts much blame on our ‘inability’ to understand, but none on those who deliberately spread lies on behalf of Islam, to engender confusion and hatred for the very real violence they threaten and practice. He kept referring to ‘misunderstandings’ between the West and Islam. There are no misunderstandings, only a grim observation that Islam hates the West and wants to kill us... the stated aims and policies of Imams and others throughout the Islamic world.

Charles does not know that the Koran took many pages direct from the Old and New Testaments. So, when he said “honour your father and mother” was “also a Koranic teaching” he did not realise the Koran is full of plagiary! Of course it is – it is straight from the teaching of Christ and the Old Testament! The parts of the Koran not taken from our scriptures, are confused and illogical, and even contradictory.

He speaks of the fall of Islamic Spain as a ‘tragedy’ for Islam! No, it was taking freedom back for Europe! Islam used violence to take Spain. To refer to this as the “end of Muslim civilisation” is surely a joke... little in Islam can be called ‘civilised’. Then, he said:

“Our judgement of Islam has been grossly distorted by taking the extremes to be the norm. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a serious mistake. It is like judging the quality of life in Britain by the existence of murder and rape, child abuse and drug addiction. The extremes exist, and they must be dealt with. But when used as a basis to judge a society, they lead to distortion and unfairness.”

It is the ‘extremes’ that ARE the norm! When so-called ‘moderates’ refuse to condemn terror and say they want sharia to rule, they support the worst aspects of Islam. When ALL Muslims share the same Koran, which calls for the death of infidels, there is no room for ‘hail fellow, well met’! The crimes he referred to are NOT the norm in Britain, but they ARE the norm amongst Muslims. He mentioned four major crimes – and the Islamic migrants who enter Europe commit all four, and continue to do so! There is no ‘mistake’ in our understanding. There is no distortion or unfairness! Except on the part of Muslims.

After this Muslim propaganda he launched into a cry to accept sharia and not to ‘distort’ its meaning. As if he understood it himself! The rest of his silly talk about how wonderful sharia and how well Muslims treat women, was just bunkum, and can now be seen as an historical error of huge dimension. He only saw what he was told to see by his Muslim advisors, and at a time when Islam was hiding its ugly face from society. Today, the mask is off, but Charles has not yet reversed his love for Allah.

Even so, what he said about wearing veils (and thus the burka) happens to be true:

“I was intrigued to learn that the custom of wearing the veil owed much to Byzantine and Sassanian traditions, nothing to the Prophet of Islam. Some Muslim women never adopted the veil, others have discarded it, others - particularly the younger generation - have more recently chosen to wear the veil or the headscarf as a personal statement of their Muslim identity. But we should not confuse the modesty of dress prescribed by the Qur'an for men as well as women with the outward forms of secular custom or social status which have their origins elsewhere.”

What Muslim males now fight for as their ‘religious’ demand for women to wear certain clothing is not religious at all, but a long-held social demand, based not on women’s modesty but on male dominance and hatred for their women! Thus, to make a law binding women to wear scarves, veils and burkas is preposterous, especially when Muslims use these things to bully the West into submission.

Charles later spoke of the “debt” we owe to the Islamic world. See my words on this false idea (A-826)! We owe nothing to Islam. It is backward, regressive and oppressive. Islamic countries refuse to give even basic things such as housing and water to their people, keeping aid for their leaders and allowing death on a grand scale for the people. Much that is attributed to Islam was actually Assyrian (see the article on this). He then came to an appalling degradation of Christianity:

“More than this, Islam can teach us today a way of understanding and living in the world which Christianity itself is the poorer for having lost.”

Christianity, that is, Christian belief in scripture, has lost nothing! Islam has never been peaceful, despite lulls in toleration. Who do Islamists think they are, ‘tolerating’ people who do not believe in Allah? How dare they be so arrogant?

Prince Charles may indeed be the portal through which Islam finally descends in full horror upon Britain. When he gave his speech in Oxford, Islamic leaders worldwide clapped in praise. Like Romanists, they do not praise what is against their beliefs and practices. Rather, Charles showed them he was an easy target and a ready spokesman for their cause. It is no coincidence that the Queen is revered in many Islamic countries, following her friendship with Islam in 1973.

No doubt Charles has been horrified by the rapid increase of Islamic terror since his ill-fated speech. Even so, he has not back-tracked and has promised to side with Islam when he takes the throne. And so he will plunge us deeply into the dark pit of Allaholatry. Politicians are already starry-eyed about Islam and continually tell us terror has nothing to do with Islam. Satan is very successful in these last days!

Every effort must be made to show Charles the truth. This begins with every genuine Christian telling the truth to whoever they can.  

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