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The Biblical Pathway to Heaven. Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

  1. God elects a man in eternity to be saved. This sets in motion an historical process that cannot be changed.
  2. A man thus elected by God WILL be saved at some time in his lifetime.
  3. When God prompts him He begins by making him ‘born again’. This is when his dead spirit is made alive, so he can recognise, and respond to, God through the Holy Spirit.
  4. Once he is born again, the man will undergo remarkable differences, and he at last responds to the things of God.
  5. Then at some point he recognises his sin, repents, and may (some do not, because it is implied) ask God to come into his life.
  6. At that precise point he is saved on this earth, completing God’s election.
  7. After this he ‘works out’ his salvation in godliness until he dies.
  8. Then, he will be resurrected with a new body fit for Heaven immediately before the Judgment, and he will finally take his rest in Heaven, the whole process coming to its proper conclusion.


Saved in eternity – saved in time – working out salvation – entering heaven, saved forever. Baptism is only the sign to others that all this has and will take place.

But, the man who is not elect knows none of this and he does not really care. He does not care because he is not elect, so his conscience is numb, his spirit dead, and he cannot seek after God (unless he is born again). To put it plainly, such a man does not even understand this truth when it is explained in simple language. The Christian cannot overcome this barrier, which is eternal. 

Is God calling you to obey the command to follow Jesus Christ? This website will teach you true Christian Doctrine.

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