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How Can We Be ‘Eternally’ Saved?

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Ever thought about it? Scripture says our salvation is eternal. How can this be, when we are born at a specific time and date on this earth, and when we have a beginning? That is, we are created and are not eternal. So, is this an error? Perhaps it is at first glance – but no Christian should be content with the first glance!

The answer to the supposed conundrum is really rather simple...

Born In Time

Time was created by God so that humans could have a framework in which to live. Without time history could not exist and we would have no idea about living normally. Yet, time is only for a season: it was instituted on the very first day of Creation, and will end when God burns it up (the entire universe) at the very end, as though it had never existed.

Somewhere along the ‘time continuum’ people are born and they die. After a person is physically born he (or she) may be prompted by God to be ‘born again’. This is when the person’s spirit is made alive, which enables him to receive the word of God and the desire to be saved. (See O-104).

Then, at a time determined in Heaven, the man recognises the need to repent and does so. This ‘switches on’ his salvation and he is saved on this earth.

Now, we know that because he is saved during his own lifetime, he will eventually enter Heaven and live forever. But, how can we say his salvation is ‘eternal’, if eternal means no beginning and no end? We can understand that he has a beginning and no end... but an eternal salvation seems illogical compared to it.

So, what is the answer? As I have hinted at above, the answer is really rather simple...

Hebrew 5:9

“And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;”

This text speaks of the deity and authority of the Son, Who, because of His divinity, is the “author of eternal salvation” for those who are saved. “Eternal”, aiōnios, means to be without beginning or end. It also refers to what has always been and always will be (‘isness’). The root, aiōn, supports this adjective. But HOW?

It is made fact because God elects those who will be saved. Thus, He made an eternal choice about a created being. Because He chose those who would be saved in eternity, that choice remains active and potent for eternity. This is not just a biblical statement, it is also biblical logic...

God is eternal, with no beginning and no end.

His thoughts are likewise, because all His being and thoughts are uncreated and eternal, with no ‘new’ thoughts or actions possible.

To speak of God ‘making a choice’ is almost superfluous, for His thoughts have always existed in eternity, and are neither sudden, previously unknown, or different from everything already in His mind and plan.

So, anyone elected in eternity has an eternal condition, because God is eternal and the ‘choice’ is itself eternal; it cannot change and cannot be eradicated; nor can it ever be altered for any reason – once God chooses, it is fixed.

And, because it is fixed, and though a man is created, God bestows upon him an eternal act of His will affecting his spiritual state. Thus, though the man is saved in the created era of ‘time’, his salvation was determined in eternity and is part of God’s mind and will. His body is just the outer garment, to be cast off at death, and replaced by an eternal body at his resurrection. Simple.

Other texts speak of this eternal relationship: such as Matthew 25:46, Mark 10:30, John 3:15, 4:36, 6:54, 10:28, etc. The key to it all is the choice of God made in eternity: He ordained or elected those who would be saved: Acts 13:48. Ephesians 3:11 tells us that this is the eternal purpose of Jesus Christ and was in His plan before the world was made: Titus 1:2.

Those who are NOT elect can never achieve salvation, nor can they alter election or those chosen to be saved, just as they can never, ever be saved by their own volition and choice. The eternal nature of God’s election completely locks the door to Heaven – those ordained to be saved are already in God’s eyes, behind the door of Heaven, whilst those not chosen are the other side, never to enter.

Instead of fighting this fact, embrace your salvation if you have it as a gift from God! Those who fight it are probably unsaved themselves, for if they believed the Lord they would not kick against the traces and oppose His commands and teachings. If you are saved then pray for the salvation of others, if the Holy Spirit guides you to do so (but forget those round-the-world ‘prayers’ that are universal, meaningless and fruitless, not of God!). Those who are ‘Arminian’ about this truth are, bluntly, wrong. 

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