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Are you One of God's Lost Sheep?

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As you pick up this Tract, are you thinking “what are you talking about?”

Well, you see, that in this world of sin and wickedness, everyone is either a lost sheep or a goat. God has His sheep which He searches for in this life, and He will find them. He will bring them into His fold, for He is the good Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep. The Lord Jesus Christ came into this sinful world to give His life as a ransom for many. He died in their place, and bore all their sins on His body on the tree. He willingly gave up His life and bore their punishment in their place. What a Saviour! What a wonderful Redeemer! God, the Father, then resurrected Him and he now sits in Heaven waiting for all His lost sheep to be brought in, making them willing to come to Him at His command. When they are all found and collected in, then the end of the world will come.

So are you one of His sheep? If so, you will be brought to Him in your lifetime. No Religious activity, no church, no denomination can bring you – only the Spirit of the Lord can do that. You will either read the Bible and find that you are enlightened and greatly moved by the Words you hear, or you will hear the true gospel of God’s free grace and mercy in Christ through a Preacher ordained of God.

There are many false gospels in the world and many false preachers, but only the true Christian, God’s elect and true sheep, will know the difference. They will not be deceived. They will hear and they will know the truth. The goats may also hear, but they will not hear the truth. They will either turn away, or rubbish what they are hearing. They will not see or know the truth, for they will be spiritually blinded to that truth. They will think it is all lies. They will carry on with their sinful lives in the same way they have always done. Oh yes, they might attend a church, but only have an outward form of Christianity, because it has not penetrated their hearts and their lives have not been truly changed. Those who are truly born again by the Spirit of Christ are brought from darkness to spiritual life and they are transformed in the likeness of God’s dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

So look into your own hearts, and see whether you are a true sheep or a goat! If you desire to know more and feel that you are hungry and thirsty to find out more, then get a King James Bible and read it.

Fall down on your knees before God, and cry out for mercy, for if you are a sheep, He will give you the gift of repentance and faith, and you will know that God is very real and He is alive. You will then seek to follow Him and to grow and learn the Scriptures, which are to make you wise unto salvation. You have been brought from death to life.


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