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Are YOU going to Heaven?

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Most people would think so But what qualifies you for Heaven? Is it your good works, or do you think that you are not so bad as other people? You even think your good works should outweigh all your bad ones? Surely, as you have kept man's laws, it does not matter much that you have not obeyed God's Holy Laws? After all, no man can keep ALL of God's commandments, can he?

All this is pure rubbish, for there is nothing a man can do to make him fit for Heaven! It has to be a supernatural work of God on the heart to make him or her a new person. If he did not long to know God here, how is it that he would long to be with Him in heaven for eternity? He would hate to be there. No sin can enter Heaven, and we are all sinners. We have all broken the commandments of God.

The truth is only found in the Word of God, the KJV Bible. In the Gospel of John, it says that Nicodemus came to Jesus by night and asked Him a question, and Jesus answered “Verily, verily, I say unto thee “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” verse 3 In other words, no natural birth would qualify Nicodemus or any man a place in heaven, for we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Only a second birth, a spiritual one, would make anyone fit for heaven, and this is a miracle of God alone, by the power of the Holy Spirit, who gives a sinner a new heart. He then knows that something wonderful has happened to him or her, and that his heart has been given supernatural light to see. He or she has been given the gift of repentance for his sins, and he has been forgiven, through the precious shed blood of Christ on the Cross.

No man or woman or child can earn Heaven, by attending a church and saying prayers or even being christened or confirmed. That would only get you into that church, not into Christ. Quite a difference! So do not trust your childhood Religious activities, for entry into Heaven.

There is only one truth, and Christ is the way. “I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one can come to the Father but by Me.” Jesus said. John 14 v. 6 Christ is the Only Saviour, the only mediator between God and man, and He is the only One who can forgive your sins.

If you are serious about escaping separation from God in hell, when you know you are a great sinner, then get a KJV Bible and read it with no pre-conceived ideas of your own, but come in a humble, penitent manner and if God has chosen you to salvation, you will see the Words suddenly filled with light and they will penetrate your heart. That is exactly what happened to me back in 1975. There is no place like it. Or you will hear the Gospel of God's grace in Christ through a Preacher. The Bible says “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Acts 16 v. 3. It is called being “born again.” and that is exactly what happens. No longer are you that old man or old woman in all your sins living in this sinful world, but you are a new creation in Christ. It is so wonderful to love, serve and obey Christ, the only Saviour and to know that you are pleasing God. You have lost your life, but found it in Christ.

So think seriously about what is written here. It is written in love, trusting it may reach someone who longs to know the truth, and who is heavily weighed down with their own sins. No sin is too great or small to be forgiven, by the Lord Jesus Christ.

This world will soon pass away, and be no more, but there will be a new Heaven and a new earth for God's people, wherein only righteousness reigns. May you be found to be one of them.

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