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1 The British MPs Oath:- “Hypocrisy for Status” K B Napier
2 Deradicalisation is a Secular Myth K B Napier
3 The Police Officer’s Oath:- NOT Being Upheld in the UK by Some K B Napier
4 Feminism – Godless Defiance K B Napier
5 Ockham’s Razor Today K B Napier
6 Halloween Harms Children K B Napier
7 Tattoos & Piercings K B Napier
8 Multi-Cultural Schools and Religious Education K. B. Napier, G. Thomas and an Anonymous Writer
9 McNaughton’s Rules K B Napier
10 Free Speech? Yes and No... K B Napier
11 Would same sex marriage be a crime against humanity? J. B. Waddell
12 Just Wars K B Napier
13 The Death Penalty - Is It Still Applicable? K B Napier
14 Politics and Christians K B Napier
15 The Conditions of Omar K B Napier
16 Forms of Civil Government K B Napier
17 Why the unsaved hate Christians and the Bible, by Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards
18 Human Rights K B Napier
19 The Absurdity of Atheism K B Napier
20 Anthropopathism:- Excessive Regard for Animals K B Napier
21 Should Christians Support a Corrupt Government? K B Napier
22 Obeying Powers K B Napier
23 Satanic Rulers:- Obama, Blair, EU and UN K B Napier
24 The Death Penalty K B Napier