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Politics and Christians

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This brief article is written a few months before the UK is plunged into the mire of political voting for the UK General Election 7 May 2015. Many Christians, scared of the ‘big three’ parties, are willing to give their vote to UKIP. Yet others – which gives me a grave doubt about their understanding – will vote for one the three parties, even though their track-record is foul and godless. So, what should we do?

We should ask ourselves a question: Is it acceptable and biblical to vote for the ‘lesser evil’? Should we vote willingly and with faith, for those who are known to harm us and reject God? The answers should be obvious. If there is a choice between two systems and both are wicked, then we should not vote at all, whether as a ‘spoiler’ vote, or as a deliberate way to stop another party’s progress. To vote in this way is to be complicit in the sins of the parties involved.

What of the alleged ‘Judaeo-Christian’ basis claimed by UKIP? As I have said many times before, the claims are just words designed to capture the Christian vote! Until they are locked in actual policies, AND properly defined, AND put into practice, they are meaningless claims. One has only to look at the way David Cameron urges Christians to be strong in their faith and beliefs, only to attack and strike them down with pro-gay laws! And in the way he refers to ‘British values’... which means Stonewall and Islamic values! In the same way, UKIP can say what it likes, but without genuine definitions prior to an election, its words carry no weight or meaning.

Do I trust politicians? No, I do not. Their track record on everything from pro-gay to expenses fiddling prevents me being so gullible. As my mother used to say: “See what I do, not what I say”! Any party can pull the wool over our eyes, but it is their actions that prove their sincerity or worth.

We must call for ‘Judaeo-Christian’ values (a weak version of ‘Biblical truth’ but pointing in the right direction), because such values have proven use and worth, and are superior to any other ‘values’. The worth of Islam, for example, is nil, because it is a charter for jihadists and murderers. We can be thankful to God that most Muslims in the West, to this point, have not taken up arms; but, it is only a matter of time, because they fear the jihadists and will comply with their demands. The political parties allow this and commend it.

Similarly, in biblical Christianity there is no harm, yet governments accept and promote what harms the general population – not just Islam, but homosexuality (which is now spreading its wings to show its many facets, from paedophilia to bestiality), which is the epitome of harm to society. It is unnatural, unhealthy in the extreme, hateful of God and scripture, evil towards children, anarchic by nature, and immoral. Indeed, Romans One properly describes this wickedness. Yet, parties insist on upholding what less than 1% illicitly want, and reject and ignore the will of the voters, 99%, who want something cleaner and better.

So, to vote for the main parties is to vote for our own demise, dictatorship by Stonewall, and the dishonour of the Lord. There is also a huge financial cost to this blatant support for immorality, as we pay in our taxes for treatments for AIDS amongst homosexuals, for their fake relationships, and for the deaths of many millions worldwide who are infected.

Therefore, nothing in homosexuality deserves legal recognition, and should never, ever be spoken of, except in terms of distaste and removal from society.

Parties blindly follow the demands made by environmentalists, too, who follow the unscientific ideologies of greens and pagans. All talk of ‘saving the planet’ is spurious and stupid. There is no global warming, and trying to stop climate change is, well, childish and impossible. It is also fascist, as is homosexuality and Islam. (See my detailed book on the ‘Global Green Agenda’).

The financial cost of being ‘green’ is stupendous, affecting how we care for the elderly and young, and increases our taxes enormously, for no scientific reason. But, in the eyes of the various parties, this is acceptable because it is a sideways method of increasing their own power base. Meanwhile all costs go up greatly, in support of green initiatives that actually do nothing. Added to this is the declared genocidal ideas put forward by many ‘leaders’ to reduce numbers of people on earth.

Ask questions of the parties! Demand real statistics and proof for what they do. Never believe the claims made by homosexuals, for they lie constantly and invent their own ‘facts’. Demand a stop to Islamic immigration. Stop paying out for all but the first child born. Stop supporting the immoral, whether white, black or yellow. See Islam for what it really is – opposing genuine values and life and hateful towards the West – and demand a proper and immediate response from MPs. Stop the sexualisation (that is, homosexualisation) of our children in schools and colleges. Pull back pro-gay laws so that we regain truth and reality. Stop sympathy for Islam.

We must earnestly pray imprecatory prayer against the parties because they are godless. We must pray against homosexuality, Islam and environmentalism. We must pray that God will rain-down His anger upon the nation, but particularly on the unrighteous MPs who rule us without our wish or knowledge, and who use the iron-fist of the fascist EU to do so.

There is so much Christians can do, but they must start with demanding truth, not emotional blackmail and intimidation. Voting for one party to spoil another’s chances is futile and ungodly. Voting for ANY party is ungodly, if that party will harm us and defame God. A time is coming when all Christian involvement will be shunned and made illegal. This has been made possible by weak Christians in the past who care nothing about anything, and whose beliefs and actions do not match their mouths and minds. Do not vote unless a party openly concedes to truth and morality, and TELL THE PARTIES before the election why you will not vote. Let them see the force of feeling. In reality few Christians will do this, but those who do will receive honour from God.

Think my words are pointless or ‘unchristian’? Then read your Bibles and listen to genuine men called to teach God’s word, not those failures who think it best to be ‘balanced’. In God’s economy there is no ‘balance’, only His commands! We need not ‘balance’ what we say if what we say is from God! A true preacher or teacher will declare God’s word, not debate it or hone it to appear acceptable to wicked men.

Politics must be an extension of what God demands. When it moves away from God’s word and commands it becomes wicked and godless, not to be trusted or upheld. If you, as a professing believer, do not understand or accept this, then the next election is already lost to the ‘screaming hordes’.

In King Saul’s time ONE MAN, or rather, ONE YOUTH, David, gave the victory to Israel. Not because he was stronger but because He believed God and obeyed His commands. We are approaching just such a time and place in history with the next elections. Will you be a David – or a weak soldier wishing to save his own life by giving in to the wicked hordes?

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