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Feminism – Godless Defiance

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Feminism is defined simply as the ‘advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.’ The trouble with this definition is that it is not much of one – the definition itself needs a definition! Like homosexuality (one of feminism’s major branches) feminists continually expand what they do and argue about.

What is meant by ’equality of the sexes’? Equality in what? Everything? At the time of writing the USA military is ready to give women places in the marine corp. But, ordinary intelligence knows that a woman and a man might enter the same battle scenario, but the woman is naturally smaller, weaker and less able to administer deadly force in hand-to-hand combat.

Look at any UK police reality documentary. Female police officers have their worth, but not on the front line when violence erupts. Too many times I have watched as the females were unable to cope with the wickedness of much bigger male thugs, and male officers have to jump in to deal with it.

But, sadly, the feminism we now see is really a front for homosexual anger and untenable claims. More than that, it is against the natural order created by God. Woman are certainly equal to men in many things in God’s eyes, and in things like work (mainly, but with exceptions), but they are still second overall in the creation of men and women – women were created as ‘helpmeets’.

In the UK, the Fawcett Society is an advocacy group fighting for the rights of women. It says that every woman should be treated with respect and valued for who she is. This is only half right. For example, no Christian can value or respect someone who, say, is homosexual, or who is Islamic, or who has any beliefs and practices that are against God and His word. The same is also true of men who have these flaws. As I have said many times, I can respect people for being human beings, but I cannot respect who they are or what they believe if these are against God. Sadly, feminism respects and values even lesbians, demanding we observe their fake ‘rights’.


Then we come to the matter of work. For a long time women were not given full opportunities simply because they tend to get pregnant and then need a lot of time off work. To make this a matter of ‘rights’ is debateable, and costs employers much money, as well as disruption of work. Before the reader says I am a chauvinist – I also apply a similar problem tag to men who cause similar concern. I have already spoken of the male Muslim police officer whose ability to comply with his role is sometimes badly disrupted because he cannot chase villains during Ramadan – on TV he was shown to stop chasing a ‘baddie’ and sit down, breathless, because he did not eat! That was a very clear example of inability to fulfil his duties at that time... how many others got away during his other Ramadan times?


Another problem is the monthly period experienced by women... why should an employer have to put up with the time-off taken by many women, in jobs that are essential or vital? I can multiply this kind of problem with both males and females, but you get the gist. Generally, though, there are not many circumstances where I would hesitate to employ a woman. The reasons would always be rational and necessary. However, these are just examples and do not constitute my full-span views on feminism; these are just initial, very broad comments.

Feminists are behind the abortion debate, and push for ever more liberal laws. This aspect of feminism needs its own paper, but suffice to say that a Christian cannot accept the feminist argument that ‘it is my body’. No, it is a body created by God, and to deliberately cause the death of a baby (conveniently called a ‘foetus’ to avoid acknowledging that it is a human being from conception) without good cause is murder. (This is also open to interpretation). The pregnant woman does NOT have the right to abort her baby, because the baby is an human being. My wife once worked on a ward where abortions were done, and her reports of women who had multiple abortions for ‘social’ reasons make the skin crawl.

When it comes to ‘feminism’ the subject is far too wide a subject to discuss briefly, except on a one-item-at-a-time basis. And, even feminist companies and groups often do not practice what they preach (the Guardian, April 2017)!

This paper does not intend to take the issue further, because it is too vast a subject to deal with in one argument. Feminism has been used by many homosexual groups to further their wickedness. And, even in churches, feminism has trumped what God says. God tells us that women are ‘helpers’ of men. Generally, then, we can say that if women usurp the authority and place of men in the churches, we may reject it. If they take the place of men in the workplace, we must be realistic – if women take time off for ‘female’ reasons, when males will not, then there is a problem. But, the same can be said of men who present with problems of their own (e.g. taking time off to watch football, when drunk, etc. ).

So, in VERY general terms, women were not created equal in terms of all of life, but they ARE equal in terms of salvation. In the churches, then, women may NOT become pastors and may NOT teach men, though they may teach fellow females and children. And, ANY feminist activity that pushes, endorses, or maintains a lesbian/homosexual ‘right’ is automatically wrong, not to be accepted.

To repeat – we need a point-for-point examination of every issue raised by feminists, and cannot really discuss it further in this introductory article. Thus, if any wish to argue, let them do so on such a basis. Just remember that women were created to be the helpers of men – not as their masters.

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