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1 Academic Propaganda & Scripture K B Napier
2 Behind the Versions Peter Harris
3 Bible Versions K B Napier
4 Charismaticism and New Versions K B Napier
5 Does Doctrine Trump Everything Else? K B Napier
6 Does the Bible Trump All Evidence? K B Napier
7 Easter... or Passover? Acts 12:4 K B Napier
8 Examples of New Version Corruption of Truth K B Napier
9 Hebraisms K B Napier
10 Higher Criticism: The Evil Eye K B Napier
11 Is the Bible the Direct Word of God? K B Napier
12 Is There a Difference Between 2 Kings 8:26 and 2 Chronicles 22:2? K B Napier
13 Jesuits, Others, and New Bible Versions K B Napier
14 King James Authorised Version Translation Aid K B Napier
15 KJAV - The Story So Far... K B Napier
16 Mark 16:9-20 - “Were these verses added?” K B Napier
17 New Bible Versions are Satanic - An Introduction K B Napier
18 New Bible Versions. Are they just ‘mistaken’ or Satanic? K B Napier
19 Origen and New Bible Versions K B Napier
20 Paths of Truth and Error K B Napier
21 Problem Criticism K B Napier
22 Recommended: What’s the Big Deal about the King James Version? J. B. Waddell
23 Rome and New Versions K B Napier
24 Simple Chronology of KJAVand New Versions K B Napier
25 Sola Scriptura -“An Outline” K B Napier
26 The Absurdity of Atheism K B Napier
27 The Authorised Version: Its relevance to Christian life and witness today George M Ella
28 The Bible – Scroll to Codex to Book to Digital K B Napier
29 The First Welsh Bible K B Napier
30 The King James Bible:- The finest version ever produced K B Napier
31 The NIV Deceiver of Christians K B Napier
32 The Superscription on the Cross “Evidence of contradiction?” K B Napier
33 Was it a Camel – or a Rope? Luke 18:25 K B Napier
34 Westcott and Hort:- Unbelievers who influence millions K B Napier