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King James Authorised Version Translation Aid

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Paths Taken by the King James Authorised Version (KJAV) Translators

Original manuscripts written by Apostles → First copies→ Subsequent copies through centuries→KJAV

  • The originals were verified as true by the Apostles and by the churches.
  • The first copies were made during their lifetimes and were verified as true.
  • After the deaths of these first witnesses, copies were accurate and perfect, transmitting the exact words of the originals.
  • The KJAV used these perfect copies, thus transmitting what the originals said.

Paths Taken by  Westcott and Hort (W&H) and new versions

Original manuscripts→Copied by heretics and changed→Used by other heretics→Used by Rome→Used by Higher Critics and W&H→Revised Version and all new versions

  • Throughout, the path used by new versions used corrupt sources. This is an act of unbelief, heresy and godlessness.

You can see that both paths are different and the one used by the new versions is linked to Rome and unbelieving theological methods. One path links directly to the originals as they were intended. The other path links directly to the earliest heretics, repeating their errors.