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Persecution of Christians

According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, to persecute someone is to subject them to “prolonged hostility and ill-treatment; to persistently harass or annoy". In a recent BBC Program entitled 'Are Christians being persecuted (in the UK)?', the conclusion of the presenters was “no”.  Although in 2010 the UK, cannot claim the scale of persecution of Christians as reported in other Islamic countries (see Barnabas Fund), there is without doubt a pervasive secularism in British society where traditional Christian moral values are being actively opposed and the definition of what is right and wrong is being redefined by lobby groups and politicians to suit their own personal agendas, even when there is massive opposition from the general public e.g. Sexual Orientation Regulations Act 2007.

In this category we will report news on opposition and persecution of Christians in the UK and the rest of the world. Updates to this section can be posted through the contact us section or email us.

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1 Satan Has Many Ways... Christchurch Mosque Attack K B Napier
2 The Majority of Pastors are Spineless David Skinner
3 God’s Face is against the Church J. B. Waddell
4 Michael Overd wins appeal against conviction for using the 'wrong' Bible verse J. B. Waddell
5 Not even God forgives a murderer who does not repent! K B Napier
7 A reprieve before the Storm K B Napier
8 The Asher Cake - A MESSAGE FOR THE TIMID AND WEAK - KNEED David Skinner (Reproduced with permission)
9 Violence, the Ultimate Reality Show? K B Napier
10 Margaret Jones Christian Registrar reinstated after refusing to conduct Same Sex Marriage Ceremonies J. B. Waddell
11 The heathen rage against Christian opposition to homosexuality J. B. Waddell
12 Tony Miano, Christian Preacher arrested outside Wimbledon 1 July 2013 J. B. Waddell
13 United Christian Witness deplore court ruling against Christian B&B Owners United Christian Witness
14 Judgement goes against Susanne Wilkinson Christian B&B owner J. B. Waddell
15 Susanne Wilkinson’​s case at Reading County Court 17 September 2012 Mike and Susanne Wilkinson
16 Please pray for Susanne Wilkinson in Court on 17-18 September 2012 Mike and Susanne Wilkinson
17 Another B&B is being sued by homosexuals Christian Institute
18 Christians Have No Right To Wear Crosses At Work, Says Government BTM
19 Bournemouth University and University of Winchester staff allegedly violently assault member of public at Open Lecture David Skinner
20 Christians lose appeal in B&B case Christian Institute Press Release
21 Eastern Mitchigan University were hostile to a student court judge rules J. B. Waddell
22 Never before has Nigeria experienced such violence by Muslims upon Christians K B Napier
23 Chief and Deputy of Police refuse to bow to the idol and false god Allah J. B. Waddell
24 High Court Judges rule that morality has nothing to do with Christianity J. B. Waddell
25 Christian Health Worker wins victory over fascist public sector employer K B Napier
26 The evil ideology of Islam - kill a Christian and receive US$6,000 J. B. Waddell
27 Request for the immediate release of Asia Bibi a Christian woman in Pakistan accused of defaming the prophet Mohammed. J. B. Waddell
28 Christian Voice group at the Gay Pride parade in Deansgate Manchester accused of hatred K B Napier
29 Court Rule: Student at Eastern Michigan University can be expelled for Christian Beliefs that homosexuality is morally wrong. Administrator
30 Scottish Church No Longer Christian? K B Napier
31 Arrest of Dale McAlpine 24 April 2010 for saying homosexuality is a sin Administrator