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In the news are two distinctly absurd items.

The young woman who wants to return to the UK after serving ISIS, and the kids who skipped school to demand we stop climate change!

The ISIS girl is now on her third baby. ISIS strongholds are shrinking so she wants to have her baby in the UK so it will be paid for and treated.

Some say the law will bring her back... but you know what they say about law!

No way should she be allowed back into the UK. She is already radicalised... note how she has no regrets being with ISIS and had no reaction to seeing severed heads in trash cans!! We don’t want her here – but we all know the tragedy of British political weakness.

And the kids who took time off school to demand we stop climate change.

No-one in the news studio put them right!! Climate change is normal, whether it gets worse, better, wetter, sunnier, dryer... these kids are being played like violins! Like all kids they are immature and see things in a childish way. Indeed, they are following adults who are childish, too!!

They believe the world is going to end in the next few years. Why aren’t real scientists blasting them with truth and scientific facts? I urge all readers to also urge their friends and churches... everyone... to speak up for truth and genuine science. I did that with my 2009 book, but much more is needed to silence the lies and repair the damage done by Al Gore and his sycophantic friends whose only interest is grabbing our money and silencing our freedoms.

To do this you will need to know the facts. Learn them. Fast! Otherwise not pnly kids will be raising a noise of protest without reason... childish adults will also get in on the act to make demands that are utterly ridiculous.

As I have said several times – the claim that the world will end in ten years has been made every ten years for about four or five decades!! Yet the earth is still with us. Climate change is normal and it varies. No man can alter it, and men are NOT responsible for changes anyway.

Leaving the EU... But Not

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This is What May’s ‘Deal’ Will Cost the UK

Member states of the EU have been soothed by a note from Brussels – that the UK Will STILL be tied to its laws and rules for many years to come, AND we will still pay a staggering multi-billion leaving fee... even though we have no legal reason to do so!!

Brussels also told them they have got “almost everything” they wanted in important areas, thanks to May’s turncoat actions. Trade will also be controlled by the EU, and fishing rights in favour of EU fleets will INCREASE. The news was presented to EC rulers, with info given by journalist Nick Gutterridge.

As we have said for years, we MUST get out with NO DEAL!! Otherwise we will still be shackled to the EU, gaining nothing and losing everything!

The boss of Wetherspoon, Tim Martin, has got his head screwed on right...

He said “A deal with the EU is a trap – just ask the Greeks”! a Trojan Horse indeed!

As the Chairman of a large concern, Martin says that the ‘cliff edge’ Theresa May is portraying is an illusion she is putting out to deceive us into accepting her ‘deal’.

The ‘deal’ is her allegiance payment to the EU, making sure we get nothing and the EU gets the cream. Anything we cannot buy from the EU can easily be bought from the rest of the world or from the UK... so the only ones to suffer will be EU sellers!

Wetherspoons has tested this theory by NOT selling its usual German-sourced beers and replacing them with UK-made beers at LESS cost and HIGHER income!! You might say, who should Christians listen to the profit-ideas of a pub chain? The reason is simple – it is a large company with professional directors who have examined the Brexit debacle for a long time, and investigated the post-Brexit situation in great detail. EVERY company with EU interests has done so and the conclusions are clear – GET OUT NOW without a deal... or be deluded into accepting a ‘deal’ that harms us for decades to come.

Always remember – as we have said many times – the EU needs us, but we don’t need them!

The UK can drive down imports to zero, according to Martin, and I believe it after looking at the figures and facts for the past several years. We have also noted that even if there is a slight dip in trading for a short while, we still have 93% of the world to trade with!!

And if the EU wanted to cut up rought, all we need do is slap a heavy import tax on all its goods... then wait for the fur to fly as exporters battle it out with the EU moguls. It means the EU will suffer – not us! Importantly, as Martin says, “We want freedom and democracy”.

He reminds us of a leaflet posted through every UK door before the Referendum, which promised “The government will implement what you decide”. Yeah, right!! May is betraying
that promise with her own ‘deal’.

Martin adds that Cameron and his cronies predicted a deadly spiral of commercial death if we did not adopt the Euro. We can thank God we rejected it... and nothing bad has happened.

Like me, Martin says if anything adverse did happen (which he does not believe) it would be worth it just to get back our freedom from what is a fascist organisation that wants to become a total nation, where member states are reduced to vassal status supporting a vast EU army. WHO in Germany does that remind you of??

To quote Martin: “A ‘deal’ is just a trap laid by the CBI, the FT and others, for keeping us in the EU” and by keeping to a ‘deal’ we are submitting to the EU powers, thus showing our weakness to a trashy, dark and uncontrolled beast, who feeds on our fears. “But the public isn’t all that thick, and perfectly understands that the customs union means staying in the EU by the back door.” And this is true – a deal is just another way of keeping us chained to the EU. Making us dependent on the EU and so reducing our economic progress to nothing.

“Almost all MPs were elected on a manifesto of honouring the referendum result, So, let’s have some honour we say, by leaving the EU and the customs union on 29th March”. DO NOT PANIC!! Once we have left the obnoxious totalitarian EU we can immediately drop import tariffs. What this will do is immediately bring world trade to our doors – and we don’t need to check everything with the EU!!

Indeed, the world has already worked out its strategies and plans, and is waiting to see we do the right thing. Then, they’ll flood in and our trading situation will be greatly enhanced. Dropping the tariffs will also mean cheaper goods in the shops for over 12,500 products. And note – every time we take money in tariffs, we pay it to Brussels!! We thus lose the money.

Remember – the £39 BILLION payment to the EU for leaving is NOT legally enforceable, so May is trying to give away a huge sum that could easily pay for new hospitals or schools, instead of to
faceless EU moguls and unproductive sectors of the EU. By leaving without a deal, our fishermen, whose work has been stolen by EU fishing fleets for many years, can rebuild their own fleets.

Martin says that “The cliff-edge nonsense is just another pro-EU shaggy-dog story... It’s time to say Goodbye.” Finally, “(That our future) should depend on the outcome of negotiations with the
unelected Brussels oligarchs we oppose, is deeply offensive.”

All-in-all Martin leads a large commercial company, so the people should listen to his company’s projections of post-Brexit activity. Such companies have already assessed the situation and won’t support May’s ‘deal’ unless it would improve their bottom line. They have concluded it won’t.

Many UK companies think the same way... except for those who have vested interests in their individual results that won’t benefit the public. Look again at the facts and figures we published
before the referendum and remind yourself of the truth!

I don’t rely on Wetherspoons and I don’t drink their beers... but we must look above the issue of individual pubs, and look at national trade, as Martin is doing. And remember – a no-deal
also means we control our borders and can stop Muslims streaming in by both front and back
doors! We can also freely deport UK-haters.

So, you have an analysis of one of the UK’s top businesses. And it doesn’t even refer to God!

Analysis can be undertaken on a simple statistical and business level, but as Believers we should understand that people like Martin can protect us better than anything put out by the EU, which
loathes Christians and hates anything we stand for. We have an opportunity to get out from the crushing weight of pro-wicked laws which flow thick and fast from Brussels for the only single reason – to control member states with fascism. Christians MUST stand firm and get out of the EU. Contact your MP and demand he or she obeys the Referendum mandate. Get them to
agree to a ‘no-deal’ Brexit so we can at last be freed from our chains. OR, LET MAY DESTROY WHAT LITTLE FREEDOM WE HAVE LEFT.


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It is not just our national borders that are being broken down, it is that of our institutions, the church, marriage and family whose duty and responsibility it has traditionally been to protect the next generation. And it is not just the physical safety of children and the unborn child that are threatened, it is the very Biblical truths and morality upon which our nation was establish.

Parents are the link in the chain of the generations, charged with handing on from generation the eternal truths of the Bible, but the state is in the process of breaking the relationship between parents and their children. For over fifty years ever since the serial adulterer and bisexual, Roy Jenkins, decriminalised homosexuality and abortion and relaxed the laws on divorce and pornography, Marxists and their useful idiot allies within government, have used both feminists and homosexuals to break the bonds of marriage in order to free children from their supposedly oppressive parents, thus making them the property of the state.

Did not the Marxist Gay Liberation Manifesto of 1971 promise to abolish the family and destroy the church?

“The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family…Formal religious education is still part of everyone’s schooling, and our whole legal structure is supposedly based on Christianity, whose archaic and irrational teachings support the family and marriage as the only permitted condition for sex...Yet although this struggle will be hard, and our victories not easily won, we are not in fact being idealistic to aim at abolishing the family…. In some ways we are already more advanced than straight people. We are already outside the family….We question however as an ideal, the finding and settling down eternally with one ‘right’ partner…. we believe that the suffocating small family unit is by no means the best atmosphere for bringing up children………

The GLF Manifesto articulates a radical agenda … it outlines an alternative vision of how society and personal relationships could be, including living communally, gender subversive radical drag and non-possessive multi-partner open relationships.”[1]

In 2010

Theresa May, when she was the Home Secretary, in 2010, trotted out the following mantras whilst speaking at an event hosted by the homosexual lobby Stonewall. She spoke about how incredibly proud that she and the Home Office were, to have come top of 2010’s Stonewall Workplace Equality Index:

"I think that shows how far we, as a society, we  have come…..As a country we have come a long way….as a party, my own party, the Conservatives have come a long way. We now have more openly gay MPs and openly gay ministers than ever before ….We've come a long way……despite the real progress we have seen in recent years, there is much still to do….despite the real progress we have seen in recent years, there is much still to do…..And we will go further…We are committed to taking action to tear down these barriers….” [2]

In 2012

Peter Tatchell, one of the signatories of the Gay Liberation Manifesto, along with the Marxist Elizabeth Wilson, future civil partner of the Angela Mason who served as the Chief Executive of Stonewall from 1992- 2002 served notice on the British people, during World Pride 2012, by saying,

“There are no borders or boundaries when it comes to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender human rights. No nationality, no culture, no belief system can stand in the way of the historic quest for LGBT freedom,”[3]

 And, pray, what borders and barriers are Peter Tatchell, Stonewall and Theresa May  determined to tear down? They are  talking about our consciences, you and me my dears, all those who wish to protect their marriages, families and children from the predatory sodomites who use children as trophies, human shields and commodities.

In 2013

Theresa May joined Stephen Fry and Peter Tatchell in coming out for same sex marriage.

“Hello, everyone, my name is Theresa May and I’m the Conservative member of Parliament for Maidenhead, in Berkshire. But I’m also the Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities. More and more people are today are coming out for marriage and I’m listening to that, but I recognise that there are some strong views on both side of this argument and I need to listen to all of those views and that is why the government is consulting on this issue . But today I want to tell you about my own views:I believe marriage is a really important institution. It’s one of the most important institutions we have . Marriage binds us together . It brings stability . I think marriage makes us stronger.   But I believe also in commitment and fidelity in marriage . I think these are good things . And we should enable them to flourish . And that’s why I believe that two people care for each other; if they love each other . If they want to commit to each and spend the rest of their lives together, then they should be able to get married . And marriage should be for everyone . And that’s why I’m coming out for marriage” [4]

 It was claimed by David Cameron and Theresa May that including homosexual partnerships as part of the definition of marriage would actually strengthen the institution of marriage. But the last thing the government had in mind was that  stability, commitment and fidelity would be the hall mark of marriages, for it was left to the jaunty, single woman, Baroness Tina Stowell, of Beeston, to push through  same sex marriage legislation. [5] In the process she said that faithfulness and consummation were no longer necessary.  Since 2014 , when the first same sex marriages were registered.,  the number of marriages amongst the younger generation  has plummeted  and the number of gay divorces increased.

On February 8th 2018 , in a Parliamentary Committee Fiona Bruce MP said that, “Research from the Social Trends Institute into families with children under 12 shows that Britain has the highest level of family instability in the entire developed world. Family breakdown has reached epidemic proportions. If it were categorised in health or environmental terms, it would be a national emergency…..

The sad but undeniable truth is that Britain is one of the world’s leading nations for family breakdown, and the trend shows no signs of abating. ….

“As well as the substantial personal impact on individual lives and the wider family, the fiscal cost of family breakdown has been variously reported to be about £50 billion a year, but I think that a vast underestimate. It does not include the indirect costs, such as local authority care costs and prison budgets, given that one quarter of prisoners were looked-after children. Indeed, it is estimated that up to 60% of prisoners’ children grow up to offend and enter prison themselves.” [6]

 The numbers of children now in care, being trafficked and sexually abused has reached epidemic proportions.

 Another barrier, protecting children,  the Conservatives are proud to have disowned was Section 28, created by Margaret Thatcher in 1988, to protect children from being corrupted in schools by gay propaganda.   It was the Labour party , under Tony Blair who repealed it in 2003,. Baroness Stowell, like Theresa May, bent over backwards to apologise for upholding  Section 28. [7]. From 2003,   the Labour government went into overdrive to produce  laws that promoted homosexuality and silence anyone all dissent .

 In 2018 

Theresa May hosted a celebration  of London Gay Pride Parade 2018, before an assembly of sodomites and gay perverts, in the back garden of No 10 Downing Street  She  boasted,

“Not so long ago, London Pride March was just a handful of such events of such events mostly confined to the big cities but this Summer it is one of more than eighty Prides taking place right across the UK . from Aberdeen to Newquay and many places in between” . [8]

 Like those who are warned of an approaching Tsunami but who do not believe it, there are many who, either choose not to see , or, are simply incapable of seeing the rising tide of filth in our nation.  When one compares Theresa May’s  congratulatory message of “love”, “tolerance” and “inclusion” with the reality of the display of perversion and disintegrate personalities paraded on the streets of our capital city, her message takes on an especially macabre and grotesque profile. As she says,   gay pride parades  are appearing every Summer in increasing numbers of cities and towns throughout the UK, often sporting the EU flag. Essentially gay pride parades double up as EU parades [9]. She should be forced to march in one these parades, preferably doing one of her crazy dances.

Theresa May  did not believe a word of what she said about supporting marriage and the family,  neither should we believe what she said about Brexit,  protecting out national borders, when she says,

“I recognise that there are many people, that are many people watching this programme as there were those millions of people who went out to vote leave, who feel really strongly who feel passionately about this issue, about leaving the European Union. And you know, many people who voted from the heart to leave the European Union. My job as Prime Minister is to deliver for them but also I have to be hard headed and practical about this ……

She has never hidden her desire that Britain should remain in the EU for the simple reason that since Gay legislation comes from the European Union , if we were to gain our independence all gay legislation would have to be debated again and re-written.  The pressure from Stonewall, her own gay MPs and hundreds of other gay activist groups for her to scupper Brexit must be enormous. Leaving EU for LGBT people in Britain is very concerning. The laws that have been bolstering LGBT equality in Britain are EU laws. Now those laws will need to be recreated in the UK. And there is a lot of concern from LGBT people that what they are being told is that nothing will change. But this is not true. They will need to be re written to harmonise with EU law, even as it evolves to cater for ever more examples of polysexual and transsexual perversion. [10]  


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[3] World Gay pride, London 2012

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© December 2018

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Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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Fifth Column UK Government

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How Islamic leaders must be smiling with great satisfaction!

Tommy Robinson dared to speak out and was put in prison using fascist/communist zeal.

Street preachers are arrested and grilled just for saying what the Bible says.

Now, even governmental figures are thrown to the dogs by May’s Brownshirts!!

Boris Johnson made an appropriate comment about women in Burkas looking like letter boxes.

So what? It happens to be true... AND it is a security risk.

But, politicians are tripping over themselves to be real servants of Islam, so much so they order police to arrest anyone who is critical of Islam... even if it is in the form of a joke. Meanwhile, Muslims can say and do whatever they like, though most of it is foul, malignant and threatening.

Well, as Tories try to force Boris to apologise, Taj Hargey, a leading imam, SUPPORTS what Boris said!! In charge of Oxford Islamic Congregation, Hargey urged the target of Tory bile NOT to apologise! In fact, he told him he DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH! How we agree! MUCH needs to said about Islam and Muslims, but the UK government is just as eager to protect its captors so we can be a happy band of slaves under the coming caliphate, as they were (and still are) pushing hard to be the first EU country to obey everything the EU demanded.

“There was no Koranic legitimacy” in the wearing of burkas, said Hargey. Of course, those of us
who speak out against Islam already knew this, but we are glad a Muslim actually admits to it.
But, UK government cowards (or are they vassals, paid to adopt Islam’s demands?) want to kick
a man on the floor rather than praise him for being forthright! That is what cowards do.

Hargey said that by pushing to allow the burka was doing the job of supporting and promoting extreme militant Islam. Very soon we will be forced to obey EVERY jot and tittle of Muslim demands.

Boris did not call for the banning of burkas, but he is still being vilified anyway, by Tories who want a complete shut-down on anyone who rocks the boat... hence Robinson’s arrest.

In which way was Boris’s comment “rude and gratuitous”?? It was honest and needed! And it only touches on a small part of what we SHOULD be saying about Islam. Boris spoke about just one aspect of radical Islam, because it is a symptom of a grave illness amongst politicians... the sickening slave mentality that will get us all killed, maimed or somehow violently assaulted, in body and mind!

We call on Boris to stick to his rhetorical guns and to shoot from the hip!

We NEED and MUST get this kind of honesty in Parliament!

And all people in the UK and the West MUST similarly speak out, or be subjugated...

Not just by Islam but by our own government whose job SHOULD be to protect us from the invading army of Allah, who promise us only false worship, loss of freedom, and death.

Only God has the power and authority to pardon the guilty sinner

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In one speech at the Holyrood Parliament Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, brazenly thinks she can revoke and rescind God’s inerrant and infallible laws, as recorded in His perfect Word, and then exonerate every lawbreaker! On 7 November 2017, the First Minister, on behalf of the Scottish Parliament, offered an apology to ‘gay men’ convicted of sexual offences, under historical laws, that are no longer, she claims, ‘illegal.’ Yes, believe it or not, she attempted to forgive those who, in the past, were guilty of homosexual practices! What the Bible unambiguously condemns she commends to the Scottish public.

Acting the part of a religious priest, in a confessional box, she unblushingly said: ‘I categorically, unequivocally and wholeheartedly apologise for those laws and for the hurt and the harm that they caused to so many gay people...these individuals therefore deserve an unqualified apology as well as a pardon!’ Pardon?

Let the truth be known. The First Minister, along with many of her political allies, may not wish to accept it, but God defines, in the Bible, the practice of homosexuality as a sin. It is a distortion of His created order and a violation of His revealed will. This is not my assessment but His. God describes the behaviour as unbiblical, unnatural and unholy and, like every other sin, must be laid at the Cross of Christ , repented of and forsaken.

While politicians may dare, at their peril, to refute it, not one legislator at Holyrood has the power to pardon sin, whether past sin or present sin, not even Nicola Sturgeon. Only God, the supreme Lawgiver, can give full and free pardon for sin. Shame on the First Minister, and her heretical supporters for ‘exchanging the truth of God for a lie’ and ‘calling that which is evil, good.

The reality is that all sin is against God and, as sinners, we are all guilty: ‘for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ All sin is a violation of God's law. Since God is the offended one, God is the lawgiver, God is the judge and executioner, only God has the power and authority to pardon the guilty sinner: ‘Who can forgive sins but God alone?’ When we do confess our sins to Him, and Him alone: ‘He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’ This is the good news, the gospel message of hope!

While homosexuality was illegal in Scotland, until 1980, the practice is still illegal, even in 2018, in the eyes of God. What the supreme law of God says about this sinful practice is not negotiable, and no amount of ‘new legislation’ at Holyrood will change that. Nicola Sturgeon can shout as much as she likes at her ‘worldly confessional box’ on the floor of Holyrood, but what the Divine Judge says about His laws, which have stood the test of time ‘are forever settled in heaven.'

Note: On 31 January 2017 the UK Policing and Crime Bill received Royal Assent – enshrining, in UK law, pardons for those convicted of consensual same-sex relationships.