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Termination of Pregnancy provision for women from Northern Ireland

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Bible Theology Ministries have submitted the following response to the consultation "Termination of Pregnancy provision for women from Northern Ireland" undertakne by the Welsh Government's. 

Consultation Response:

It is pathetic that this consultation in its opening sentence and paragraph uses the phrase “Termination of Pregnancy” as a more sensitive clinical term for the legal and more explicit term abortion. Why not be straightforward on such an important matter as state authorised killing of a baby?

When a woman becomes pregnant she is having a baby, who in the natural process of time, will be born. Complications aside, the origin of the baby starts at conception. Gestation states are irrelevant as the process has already started. A fully formed baby will result if the pregnancy proceeds normally, but the process of forming is already underway from conception: everything is there.

This consultation is then asking the Welsh people to sponsor with their taxes the killing of a baby in the mother’s womb when the woman happens to live in Northern Ireland (NI).

“Come to Wales and Abort your Baby!” I am sure the Welsh Assembly Government will want to use that slogan in their 2018 promotions to encourage NI pregnant women to visit Wales.

In 2016 in England and Wales there were 190,406 abortions, that is to say a wilful decision was made to terminate the life of the baby. 

Considering there were only 696,271 live births for the same year that means for each conceived baby in England and Wales around 20% (1 baby in every 5) were aborted, which is baby-killing on an industrial scale. 

In practice, the supposedly tight legal constraints to the application of abortion are liberally interpreted so that abortion can be used as a late form of contraception. Indeed a whole industry with fancy ‘blood washing’ marketing has evolved Note that 98% of all abortions are for ‘social reasons’.

The whole abortion ‘industry’ and the euphemisms it uses to describe its practices are meant to somehow dissociate the act of killing a baby with abortion as if it not part of the process.

The spiritual consequences of abortion being carried out in our nation are just so huge – we will as a nation suffer the judgement of God for the existing baby murdering legislation, let alone extending its reach. And this does not take into account the clinical fact that psychological damage is done to most women who are aborted.

So in answer to the question for the consultation:

I totally oppose the funding in any form the killing of a baby in Wales or the rest of the UK, unless there is a medical emergency for the mother e.g. ectopic pregnancy, but that is not always fatal . Mothers who abort are often later diagnosed with depression and other psychological (and/or physical) problems.

I totally oppose Wales being used as a destination of choice for the abortion of babies from NI. This objection is also on a social/economic ground as our taxes are for our use and NOT for the use of someone from an entirely different part of the country. This would allow a precedent that could include other misuse of our taxes with ever increasing devolved government.

Dr James B Waddell
'Christian Doctrine'
Bible Theology Ministries

The Trump Interview #TrumpMorgan

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Did you watch the Donald Trump interview with Piers Morgan on Sunday 28 January 2018 on ITV??

Did you note that when asked about his Tweets quoting the Britain First group, Morgan almost demanded an ‘apology’ from Trump for doing so. Trump did so.

But, Morgan vitally missed the whole point!

When he Tweeted three quotes from Britain First he made it clear that even if the exact details were not correct, each of the three examples quoted was true in other cases... that is, they represented what Islam does everywhere.

Morgan cleverly sidestepped the real issue – Islam is a violent and untrustworthy politico-religious military movement intent on doing us deadly harm. Trump’s Tweets
were a warning to the West, even though it was not suitable to quote Britain First.

Morgan didn’t continue this fact to highlight ongoing Islamic terror in the West... he was more concerned with being trite about it, pushing it under the carpet... like trying to throw a cloth over the elephant in the room!!

Morgan insisted that ALL Britons were offended by the Tweets. That is a direct lie, a piece of propaganda. Most Britons KNOW we are coming to a crunch point with Islam. And Britain First and others like them will easily become a vigilante group when it happens.

UK citizens who are aware, KNOW Trump spoke truth and KNOW Islam is in their face and wrongly so. They KNOW Trump is saying what our own government refuses to even talk about. That is why I presently am all for Trump. He has courage of his convictions, and what he says makes sense. He is currently the only one.

Some, like leaders in Hungary, are trying to stay strong, but their membership of the EU is forcing them along a very bad leftist fascist path. And Germany and its closest friends are pushing out pro-Islam propaganda and hiding the truth so people are misled.

Until Morgan and others publicly call out Islam Trump will be made to appear to be a liar or buffoon – he is far from both.

In an interview this morning, both Morgan and the interviewers sagely pronounced against Trump’s early trouble with women. This left me angry, given that the media industry is rife with its own sexual antics. What if THEIR lives were closely scrutinised, eh? They are Pharisees whose sexual sins are kept locked away from public view! It is sickening.

I have heard many Christians repeat western propaganda against Trump and I have to grit my teeth. But, I always set them straight. Trump has been elected by God to put many things right in the USA. He won’t get it all done and he is not perfect. But, he is still in office because God has shown mercy towards the west Grasp it with both hands and stop whining. Yes, Trump might flip over into sin, but this does not mean God has not been behind some of his biggest successes or more godly actions.

He is not better and no worse than all of us!! Think you are more holy or less sinful? Hm.

Ross Kemp: Extreme World: Sky 2: 18th December 2017

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Racism in the USA rooted in Barack Obama

His programme looked at the rising racism in the USA.

But, a number of problems arose, in my view.

He appeared to begin his quest with Donald Trump’s presidency.

But, he didn’t question the part in this of Barack Obama.

Indeed, one statement he made showed a pro-Obama stance. 

True, some of the things said by the various black and white racist groups were alarming, and some were disgusting.

For someone like myself, who has followed the situation closely since before Obama illicitly took power, the programme was unbalanced and too brief to deal with the facts. 

I have no doubt both black and white groups have grievances, but, no-one has highlighted the way Obama drove a huge wedge between black and white citizens, and how he showed nothing but contempt for the police in the USA.

As a Marxist it was his aim to divide society deeply, so they rose up in anger. He has managed to do that, and Ross Kemp began at Trump instead of with Obama and socialism.

What we now see – and it was said on the programme by the various groups – is the expression of views suppressed and yet encouraged by Obama and socialism. They said that with Trump telling truth and being open, they could now do the same.

In other words, they were prevented from doing so under Obama, and the new environment has meant they can at last be open!!

What we are seeing is a natural outcome of being suppressed.

Bury people and their views and they’ll become resentful and angry. Push farther, and they’ll jump out of their corner fighting.

This has occurred throughout history! It was not caused by Trump and he is not a white supremacist, nor does he condone its ethos. All he did was remove the communistic prison door used by Obama to lock out sense, discussion and open views.

He did it simply by being open and rejecting the PC attitudes of a Marxist government. The various movements have suddenly found their voices, whether or not what they say and do is right.

People like George Soros are paying individuals to rise up in anger and to further divide society. It is why Obama did the same thing. It is typical Marxist/fascist/socialist strategy – get the people to be at each other’s throats. Wait for it to reach its height so most of society is afraid and angry. THEN come in with draconian force to bring ‘peace’. Or, in other words, socialist totalitarianism.

Kemp, then, is missing the whole picture. He sees racism, when, all along, it is about socialist meddling, destroying the fabric of society.

It has gone on for decades with politicians being paid goons of Soros, etc., just as Obama was. Obama has now done his job and become very rich. He is still peddling his socialist wares and stirring the racist pot. But, no-one points the finger at him. This is because people get used to being pushed around, to having socialist dreams foisted on them, covering up the real aims of the elite few who really run countries. If nothing else, the election of Trump and the fight against Brexit have brought to light the stinking underbelly of the beast before the world. The two issues have pulled back the curtains to reveal the actual state of the West.

Instead of voting for politicians who are true, honest and ready to serve those who vote for them, voters have elected men and women they KNOW to be corrupt, self-centred and self-serving. This has been done on the back of rampant godlessness, and so godlessness has become our flag AND life. Christians have been at the forefront of this movement, by not condemning evil, by electing corrupt men to office, and by watering down their own faith and keeping sinful men in their pulpits.

What we now see happening in Europe and the USA is but the opening of the dam of unrighteousness, a dam filled with the needs and wants of evil men and women, undealt with by those in power, because they themselves are equally unjust and evil. This could have been averted by true men of power authorised by God to rule. But, the three presidents up to and including Obama kept filling the dam with the filth of nations. In Europe, no-one stopped the fascist EU from its race to control the northern hemisphere. And no-one kicked out the UN. And that is why Brexit may be crushed – by people who want to return to their own vomit rather than begin a fresh life outside of the shackles of corrupt people and systems.

Meanwhile God is providing a penalty, including green anti-science costing us billions, the foul diseases given to us by homosexuals, and the violence of Islam. There is much more to come, but people have fallen in love with their vomit and greedily lap it up.

So, when watching programmes such as Ross Kemp’s, use your discretion and probe the background. He gets only so far, giving good facts... but fails because he doesn’t ‘join the dots’... something EVERY Christian, academic or not, should do every day. It has nothing to do with having an high intellect – it is to do with being aware and honest, seeking facts not fiction. Few attain to this, mainly because they can’t be bothered and don’t want the responsibility of knowing the truth, whether it is political, social or spiritual.

Well, the truth they hide from is soon going to batter-down their front doors!

Jerusalem Recognised as the Capital of Israel

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Violence has erupted throughout the Middle East because  Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Some have criticised him for doing so, saying that it will unleash more violence.

But, wait a moment – that area is ALREADY committed to mindless violence anyway!!

And violence coming from ‘Palestine’ is ongoing – violence being its daily wickedness!

In other words – so what?

Yes, Muslims will step up their harassment of the West, but it is about time the West stood up to the continual Islamic bullying of non-Muslims.

We must also ask a question – what has Trump’s declaration got to do with those who do not live in Jerusalem???

Nothing!! The reactions in other places are evidence of hatred for the West and Jews. The fake hold on Temple Mount is manufactured, a claim made outside of historical facts. The Muslims still have control of the Mount, so what is the big deal? The deal is that Islam wants ALL of Jerusalem. Simple as that. But not content with political negotiations, Muslims prefer to use violence, as they do everywhere in the world where they can’t get their own way. The violence was coming; anyone with sense knows it. So, Trump has not really caused it.

Islamic countries should just shut up – they already have their Mecca. But, typically of Islam, they also want control of anywhere else they stake a fake claim... including buildings and burial grounds legally owned by Jews.

Much of ‘Palestine’ was bought and covered by contracts by Israelis Jerusalem belongs to the family of David... and today there are a defined group of David’s family alive today. Therefore, THEY own Temple Mount, not the fickle and violent Muslims. Forget the ‘poor Palestinians’ who want death and evil, for they bring their own downfall upon themselves. Israel has always offered them free health care and jobs!


The UK Government on Strictly!

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Islamic Salsa Side Step Dance

The British government is missing the point deliberately, in an effort to side-step Donald Trump and dance around the real issue - Islam.

What Trump refers to is the growing menace of Islamic violence in the UK, which will not stop.

He has the guts to speak out. Britain First is merely saying what everyone with the facts know.

Even if the incidents in the videos are not as they seem, they did occur. Muslims in the UK are pushing the boundaries, carry out hate campaigns with violence, and take over whole sections of cities (no-go).

That the mayor of London condemns Trump is no big deal – he is himself pro-Islamic control of Britain and sharia!!

Boris Johnson says Britain First is a “divisive, hateful group, not in line with our values”. WHAT? VALUES?

He means allowing Muslims to murder people on the street and doing nothing about it.

I may be a Christian and a Bible teacher, but I refuse to wear rose-tinted glasses that don’t see what is blatantly obvious!! Muslims are continually pushing us around to see what police, courts and government do about it. They do nothing but pretend all is okay. Jihadists KNOW they can keep on killing with no chance of real fight-back by government. It is not Trump who is divisive,
but Islam is. So is the UK government, who refuse to protect us and deal with Islam.

Boris says we are an “open, tolerant society and hate speech has no place here.” Unless, of course, the hate speech comes from Muslims in the streets and on the internet!!

We are NOT tolerant of those who hate and kill us!! And we don’t appreciate being pushed around by Muslims and then government and police for speaking our minds.

Sadiq Khan cutely swerves around the real issue by saying Trump is speaking against Britain – NO HE ISN’T. 

He is speaking against jihad and Muslims! Trump did not show support for Britain First... he simply repeated videos AS EXAMPLES of Muslim hatred for the West. As I said yesterday his only error was in sending out Britain First videos. The organisation has no voice because government refuses to speak the truth. So it hits out the only way it can. I would not support the organisation but everything it stands against I agree with!!

Sadiq demands Trump removes the Tweets and apologises to the British people. FOR WHAT? For telling the truth about the real aims of Muslims? We don’t want apologies – we want our government to do something real about Muslims who hate and about sharia and jihad.

The “fundamental values” referred to by Theresa May are the bad values of allowing murder to take place and Muslims to rant evil in our streets, including beheadings and killing of non-Muslims!! VALUES? The ‘values’ she speaks of are NOT those of the country, but of a devious weak government.

The government is switching emphasis from the truth about Islam to a minor mistake in choice of videos.

It is a deliberate cover-up of what Islam really stands for and I, for one, am heartily sick of those sycophants who are so ignorant they fall-in behind Theresa May, Sadiq Khan and others who love jihad.

When Christians do this, I am angry, for they dispute truth and facts and are deliberately ignorant. They are a big part of the serious and growing problem of Islam in the West.