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Fifth Column UK Government

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How Islamic leaders must be smiling with great satisfaction!

Tommy Robinson dared to speak out and was put in prison using fascist/communist zeal.

Street preachers are arrested and grilled just for saying what the Bible says.

Now, even governmental figures are thrown to the dogs by May’s Brownshirts!!

Boris Johnson made an appropriate comment about women in Burkas looking like letter boxes.

So what? It happens to be true... AND it is a security risk.

But, politicians are tripping over themselves to be real servants of Islam, so much so they order police to arrest anyone who is critical of Islam... even if it is in the form of a joke. Meanwhile, Muslims can say and do whatever they like, though most of it is foul, malignant and threatening.

Well, as Tories try to force Boris to apologise, Taj Hargey, a leading imam, SUPPORTS what Boris said!! In charge of Oxford Islamic Congregation, Hargey urged the target of Tory bile NOT to apologise! In fact, he told him he DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH! How we agree! MUCH needs to said about Islam and Muslims, but the UK government is just as eager to protect its captors so we can be a happy band of slaves under the coming caliphate, as they were (and still are) pushing hard to be the first EU country to obey everything the EU demanded.

“There was no Koranic legitimacy” in the wearing of burkas, said Hargey. Of course, those of us
who speak out against Islam already knew this, but we are glad a Muslim actually admits to it.
But, UK government cowards (or are they vassals, paid to adopt Islam’s demands?) want to kick
a man on the floor rather than praise him for being forthright! That is what cowards do.

Hargey said that by pushing to allow the burka was doing the job of supporting and promoting extreme militant Islam. Very soon we will be forced to obey EVERY jot and tittle of Muslim demands.

Boris did not call for the banning of burkas, but he is still being vilified anyway, by Tories who want a complete shut-down on anyone who rocks the boat... hence Robinson’s arrest.

In which way was Boris’s comment “rude and gratuitous”?? It was honest and needed! And it only touches on a small part of what we SHOULD be saying about Islam. Boris spoke about just one aspect of radical Islam, because it is a symptom of a grave illness amongst politicians... the sickening slave mentality that will get us all killed, maimed or somehow violently assaulted, in body and mind!

We call on Boris to stick to his rhetorical guns and to shoot from the hip!

We NEED and MUST get this kind of honesty in Parliament!

And all people in the UK and the West MUST similarly speak out, or be subjugated...

Not just by Islam but by our own government whose job SHOULD be to protect us from the invading army of Allah, who promise us only false worship, loss of freedom, and death.

Only God has the power and authority to pardon the guilty sinner

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In one speech at the Holyrood Parliament Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, brazenly thinks she can revoke and rescind God’s inerrant and infallible laws, as recorded in His perfect Word, and then exonerate every lawbreaker! On 7 November 2017, the First Minister, on behalf of the Scottish Parliament, offered an apology to ‘gay men’ convicted of sexual offences, under historical laws, that are no longer, she claims, ‘illegal.’ Yes, believe it or not, she attempted to forgive those who, in the past, were guilty of homosexual practices! What the Bible unambiguously condemns she commends to the Scottish public.

Acting the part of a religious priest, in a confessional box, she unblushingly said: ‘I categorically, unequivocally and wholeheartedly apologise for those laws and for the hurt and the harm that they caused to so many gay people...these individuals therefore deserve an unqualified apology as well as a pardon!’ Pardon?

Let the truth be known. The First Minister, along with many of her political allies, may not wish to accept it, but God defines, in the Bible, the practice of homosexuality as a sin. It is a distortion of His created order and a violation of His revealed will. This is not my assessment but His. God describes the behaviour as unbiblical, unnatural and unholy and, like every other sin, must be laid at the Cross of Christ , repented of and forsaken.

While politicians may dare, at their peril, to refute it, not one legislator at Holyrood has the power to pardon sin, whether past sin or present sin, not even Nicola Sturgeon. Only God, the supreme Lawgiver, can give full and free pardon for sin. Shame on the First Minister, and her heretical supporters for ‘exchanging the truth of God for a lie’ and ‘calling that which is evil, good.

The reality is that all sin is against God and, as sinners, we are all guilty: ‘for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ All sin is a violation of God's law. Since God is the offended one, God is the lawgiver, God is the judge and executioner, only God has the power and authority to pardon the guilty sinner: ‘Who can forgive sins but God alone?’ When we do confess our sins to Him, and Him alone: ‘He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’ This is the good news, the gospel message of hope!

While homosexuality was illegal in Scotland, until 1980, the practice is still illegal, even in 2018, in the eyes of God. What the supreme law of God says about this sinful practice is not negotiable, and no amount of ‘new legislation’ at Holyrood will change that. Nicola Sturgeon can shout as much as she likes at her ‘worldly confessional box’ on the floor of Holyrood, but what the Divine Judge says about His laws, which have stood the test of time ‘are forever settled in heaven.'

Note: On 31 January 2017 the UK Policing and Crime Bill received Royal Assent – enshrining, in UK law, pardons for those convicted of consensual same-sex relationships.

Acceptance of Islam or Muslims is Counter-Intuitive

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I must say that Christians who accept Islam or Muslims are very odd.

It is counter-intuitive to do so when we know that the ‘holy’ book of Islam instructs its followers to kill Christians & Jews specifically, and anyone else it thinks is not complying with Allah.

It is counter-intuitive to accept Muslims when they say females are worth only half the life of a man.

It is counter-intuitive to accept Muslims when they hate the West.

It is counter-intuitive to befriend those who lie as part of their religion, pretending to be your friend when they are not.

It is counter-intuitive to accept and welcome Muslims into our midst when they TELL us they hate the West and DEMAND we change so as to comply with Sharia.

It is counter-intuitive to accept Muslims as friends when they consider young boys and girls to be suitable sex objects for their use at will.

It is counter-intuitive to befriend Muslims when they believe they can rape ANY non-Muslim female at ANY age, just because they want to. 

It is counter-intuitive to accept Muslims when they denigrate the place and role of Jesus Christ and reject His way to salvation.

It is counter-intuitive to accept them when they reject the Trinity, repentance and salvation as a gift from God.

There are so many reasons why acceptance and befriending of Muslims is counter-intuitive!! So, why do Christians do it?

Are they mentally and emotionally stunted? Have they been well and truly propagandised? Do they not understand God’s reason to reject these pagans out of hand? Or, is their acceptance of Satan, who wants to destroy the stability of the ekklesia? Even the idea of ‘moderates’ can be used to deceive and pull us down.

Any problem with any of this?

Transgenderism ends with self-castration

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Here is a link to the government consultation of proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. It is very important to send the government and others a strong conservative message. 

As you know, there is immense pressure from the very well-funding LGBT movement to legalize self-ID i.e. individual choice of "gender" without medical or legal procedures, and to criminalize all resistance from those who may intentionally or not "misgender" a transgender person.

Schools, universities and media, even the NHS are already imposing this regime as if it were law and many people have become confused about what the law is. UK schoolchildren are being harmed as the result of transgender ideology more and more of them are announcing they want to "transition". But this is a cruel deception.
You cannot change sex. Post-op transsexuals are neuters, their bodies mutilated, sterile and incidentally incapable of sexual enjoyment.

LGBTs are asserting the right of children as young as 4 upwards to take such decisions and use hormone injections, without parental permission.

The sexual revolution began with sex-obsession and ends with self-castration.

Mad? Yes, it is mad.

There is no space here to summarize all the harmful aspects of this false ideology. One is permitting men such as Ian Huntley into women's prisons - yes! - and another is retrospectively falsifying birth certificates.

These consultation forms are often long and onerous. Please if you ave time answer it to the best of your ability , the essential messages being:

  • MAN = XY

Nobody is "born in the wrong body".

Nobody has the right to force others to affirm their delusions, in any way.

No child should be taught transgender ideology which is illogical, contradictory unscientific bunkum, and no child under the age of 18 should be allowed to change their gender as there are long-term implications, and many side-effects.

No child should be given puberty-blocking drugs, as contrary to widespread claims they are not reversible and later the person will not be able to mature sexually. The window of opportunity is passed.

80% of children suffering from gender confusion get over it by the time they grow up, if not encouraged to take drastic steps.

All LGBT ideology should be removed from schools, and funding and charity status withdrawn from LGBT promotional groups.

Bring back Section 28.

Please share this link widely among like-minded people.


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It should be said at the outset that I am not a supporter of Tommy Robinson and disagree with many of his views.

However, I am a staunch supporter of freedom of speech and fair play.

Like so many people around the world, I find it staggering that the British justice system was able to concoct reasons to jail Mr Robinson with indecent haste, without his even having the opportunity to be judged by his peers, a jury.

Moreover, it is not unreasonable to consider the rapid and draconian action against Mr Robinson for publicly discussing a case in which, in comparison, , it seems clear that countless children had been sexually abused on a grand scale by a gang of paedophiles. As we all know, this particular dreadful case follows a pattern seen across the United Kingdom, in which gangs of sexual predators, not all of them by any means of Asian origin, have clearly and criminally been protected for decades by local and national politicians, senior police officers and social services personnel.

Such officials are surely accomplices in the committing of shocking crimes that frequently destroy the lives of defenceless victims.

This unacceptable situation can sometimes be compounded by the incompetence and/or corruption of certain members of the judiciary, who are even less likely to be held to account that the other types of official previously identified.

Public concern must now exist as to whether our once respected justice system remains fit for purpose.

The treatment of Tommy Robinson should serve as an alarming warning of the fate that not only awaits future victims of child sexual abuse, but also those who are prepared to challenge the authorities over their continuing failings.

Tommy Robinson may have been tried and convicted, but it has led to a situation whereupon the entire integrity of the British justice system now itself faces a trial of public lack of confidence.