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1 The 95 Theses – God’s Work K B Napier
2 Let’s Just Beat Ourselves Up!! K B Napier
3 THE WRITING ON THE WALL - The End is Nigh K B Napier
4 Sam Allberry the Master of Contradictory Statements David Skinner
5 The Seed of error in Article 8 of the Nashville Statement K B Napier
6 The Fire of Satan K B Napier
7 A ‘Final Solution’ is needed for those who follow Islam J. B. Waddell
8 Former Transgender - Surgery fixed nothing K B Napier
9 Inviting Typhoid Mary to Cook Your Dinner K B Napier
10 The Antidote to Secularism:- The Movement of One K B Napier
11 Placing Fault Where it REALLY Belongs K B Napier
12 UK Courts Abuse Logic to Hate God K B Napier
13 Reformation Day - 31st October K B Napier
14 Misplaced Charity K B Napier
15 Jesus was not a Refugee in His infancy K B Napier
16 Join the Internal Freedom Movement! K B Napier
17 Transgender? K B Napier
18 The Effect of a Lone Voice K B Napier
19 The Real Reason... K B Napier
20 It is not unscriptural to honour the birth of Christ K B Napier
21 Stages of Evil - Satan's Strategy K B Napier
22 'Britain First' not Christian (BBC Three) K B Napier
23 Transgender Baloney from Kellie Maloney! K B Napier
24 Gay Statistics don't Measure Up K B Napier
25 Stop the homosexual march against reason, real debate and true thinking K B Napier
26 Gays Can't Count K B Napier
27 Gays Are Unable to Critical K B Napier
28 Homosexuality and the 'Sin Scale' K B Napier
29 Ted Haggard & Everyone Else K B Napier
30 All Gays Are Heterosexuals K B Napier
31 Jesus and Gays K B Napier
32 Gays and the Bible K B Napier
33 Gays and Taboos K B Napier
34 The Gay Rights Charter K B Napier
35 Gay Secrets K B Napier
36 Gays in Denial K B Napier
37 Gay Propaganda – Deception from Start to Finish K B Napier
38 'Things We Won't Say About Homosexuality That Are True' K B Napier
39 Hate Crimes & Hate Speech K B Napier
40 No, Fry K B Napier
41 This is a blanket response to atheists and homosexuals, who have inundated our site to illogically defend Fry K B Napier
42 An Open Letter to Stephen Fry, 1st February 2015 K B Napier
43 Church of Scotland is an apostate church and a synagogue of Satan Mr Donald J Morrison
44 Wanted: Men with Vision, Conviction and Faithfulness Rev John J Murray
45 Are We Taking Error Seriously? Rev John J Murray
46 Oh for a Sense of God! Rev John J Murray
47 David Skinner (claimant) vs Professor Eric Anderson (defendant) Winchester County Court J. B. Waddell
48 The corruption of the Western Education System by Muslim financiers Administrator
49 There is no pride in sin J. B. Waddell
50 Report on 'Marriage Unapologetic' by Sir Paul Coleridge J. B. Waddell
51 British Red Cross is a ‘plus’ symbol for Political Correctness J. B. Waddell
52 CEO at Marie Curie Cancer Care corrects Political Correctness J. B. Waddell
53 Suicide and immorality are part and parcel of the 'gay' circle K B Napier
55 We Need to Discriminate Against Non-Discrimination! K B Napier
56 Get it straight! You are born heterosexual. K B Napier
57 How to create a Fortress Home:-Communiqués to Christian parents Christian Parent Talk
58 Footballer's 'coming out' is foul! K B Napier
59 NARTH get it wrong - homosexuals do not have the right to self-identify K B Napier
60 Archbishop Desmond Tutu's blasphemy to promote gay rights J. B. Waddell
61 Hands off our Children! - Pedophiles call for same rights as homosexuals Kathy Hearne
62 Gays are not ‘born this way’ J. B. Waddell
63 Annoying Bishops Utter Rubbish Again! K B Napier
64 The Biblical Approach to Public Denunciation of Sin K B Napier
65 Rebuttal to the accusation that BTM is obsessed with homosexuality K B Napier
66 Satan's End Moves K B Napier
67 The correct way to attack Same Sex Marriage K B Napier
68 A Christian's View and Response to Gay Marriage Rev James Gracie
69 The UK Government will force School Teachers to Promote LGBTQ values Administrator
70 The enemies of God will feed on their own flesh J. B. Waddell
72 'Gay Marriage' is going to lead to the demise of the Conservative Party David N. Ross
73 Verse of the Day - Jude 1:17-21 K B Napier
74 Fake Human Rights - Russia bans Gay Pride for 100 years Administrator
75 Beyond Same Sex Marriage - the Real Agenda Administrator
76 Last Chance to Reject Same Sex Marriage J. B. Waddell
77 Lay Reader suspended for supporting Coalition for Marriage J.Connolly
78 The truth about homosexuality and the Nazi Party Administrator
79 When Truth Becomes a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ Pastor Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D
80 Lynne Featherstone: Gay Marriage WILL Be Made Law, So Just Shut Up and Let Us Get On With It! J.Connolly
81 Marriage – Traditional or same-sex? Graham Wood
82 Homophobes are born that way too! Administrator
83 There is no gay gene - being gay is not down to biological factors K B Napier
84 Atheists Credit Christianity Administrator
85 Leave Our Children Alone! - Petition Administrator
86 Punished: Mayor who criticised Halloween K B Napier
87 Gay Activists Want YOUR Children! Administrator
88 Tesco will announce worst Christmas performance for decades K B Napier
89 Declaration On The Torah Approach To Homosexuality J.Connolly
90 The Fat Lady Hasn't Sung Yet! K B Napier
91 End Of Year, 2011 K B Napier
92 EU rules on promoting sex education in schools ‘linked to attempt to legalise paedophilia’ British Church Newspaper
93 Cameron Calls For Biblical Values K B Napier
94 Rev James Gracie answers the charge of ‘discriminatory rhetoric’ on BBC Scotland Call Kaye Rev James Gracie
95 Formal Complaints made against Rev James Gracie for views expressed on BBC Scotland Call Kaye United Christian Witness
96 Report of United Christian Witness Protest 8 December 2011 against Same-Sex Marriage in Edinburgh United Christian Witness
97 CONTACT A PEER: - House of Lords vote on civil partnerships in churches Administrator
98 Clinton Says Obama Wants Gay Rights Over Religious Freedom in Key Speech J.Connolly
99 Scottish Government Marriage Consulation not Fit for Purpose Scottish Christian Party
100 Urgent UK-wide action alert: Respond to Scottish Government Consultation to defend Marriage J. B. Waddell
101 The King James Version the Bible in English J. B. Waddell
102 The inherent danger in promoting homosexuality to children Administrator
103 Incoming Spanish PM Promised to Repeal Abortion Laws, and Ban Promotion of Homosexuality Administrator
104 Atheism Equals Degeneracy and Evil K B Napier
105 Russian Good Sense K B Napier
106 Do not be moved! K B Napier
107 Nationwide Statement Rebukes Stonewall K B Napier
108 Muslim: Britain needs to be more Christian J.Connolly
109 It’s not Tesco’s finest . . . Administrator
110 Nationwide support Stonewall bullying Administrator
111 The Reality of 'Gay Pride', and Another Letter to Tesco Administrator
112 Only One Mommy: A Woman's Battle for Her Life, Her Daughter & Her Freedom Administrator
113 Tesco's Illogical Double-Talk K B Napier
114 Shorter University requiring staffers to reject homosexuality Administrator
115 31 Reasons why Tesco should not sponsor World Pride 2012 K B Napier
116 Boycott Tesco for sponsoring World Pride 2012 J. B. Waddell
117 Boycott Tesco for advancing fascist LGBTQ propaganda J. B. Waddell
118 Study: Gays can change sexual orientation Baptist Press - Michael Foust
119 A Reader's Letter to Tesco, Regarding their Support of Gay Pride Administrator
120 BOYCOTT TESCO STORES:- Cancer Charity out Queers in J. B. Waddell
122 United Christian Protest & Witness Against Same Sex Marriage 8 December 2011 Donald J Morrison
123 United Christian Protest against same-sex marriage" Donald J Morrison
124 What Will Be Illegal When Homosexuality is Legal Way of Life Literature
125 Homosexuals and the Local Church Barry Napier
126 AWAKE O SLEEPER - Know Your Enemy GLBTQ David Skinner
127 Student Who Objected to Homosexuality Vindicated Barry Napier
129 NO SUCH THING as a homosexual condition K B Napier
130 Legalised Paedophilia is ‘a long the way’ for the UK J. B. Waddell
131 Wake Up Call:- UK Ruled By Sin David Skinner
132 Beyond 'Broken' - Our Society is Godless J.Connolly
133 England Riots - a Natural Result of Atheism K B Napier
134 Tottenham Riots K B Napier
135 Equality Commission U-turn? EHRC States Christians Do Have Rights to Follow Beliefs K. B. Napier
136 Judge Allows 10-year-old to Undergo 'Gender Reassignment' J.Connolly
137 Deep-frying a Bible is Art; Burning a Koran is a Crime J.Connolly
138 Croatians publically protest against “Christianofobia” J. B. Waddell
139 Debate on the Johns Case, Cameron Shows His True Colours (Again), & More Gay Subversion of Children J.Connolly
140 Cold Weather Payments for UK Pensioners K B Napier
141 Will teaching Biblical truth by Christian parents by considered by the UK authorities as child abuse? K B Napier
142 The truth is plain - homosexuality is an abomination K B Napier
143 Palestinian Authorities invest in Jericho K B Napier
144 Gay lobby groups use arrest of transgender prostitutes to manipulate high-level officials K B Napier
145 Finnish (lesbian) woman reveals sad state of EU rights for same-sex families K B Napier
146 Nancy Heche and the Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality K B Napier
147 Donkeys are rulers of the universe! J. B. Waddell
148 More than 98.5% of people are NOT gay – so get over it! K B Napier
149 Obama has plenty of talk but no walk! He is a deceiver, liar and God-hater K B Napier
150 HIV study 'manipulates' public view K B Napier
151 An Independent Witness to Marriage K B Napier
152 The 1972 Gay Rights Platform K B Napier
153 History Is Going Backwards Peter Jones
154 Tax 'Em to Death! EU tax on CO2 though no proof K B Napier
155 Censoring the Internet:- Moves to silence dissent? K B Napier
156 Human Rights = Murder K B Napier