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Hijab worn by presenter on Channel 4 mid-day news.

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Tuesday 27 September 2016, the news presenter was wearing an hijab.

In view of the VERY serious consternation in the West about the insidious infiltration of the West by Islam, using ‘cultural’ weapons (burka, burkini, etc), was this choice of presenter genuine?

Was she chosen because she is superior to white, non-Muslims?

Or was it, as I suspect, a provocative pro-Islam move to bring Islam even closer to the people, by dominating the news?

I know what it was – a definite statement of pro-Islam. It is getting viewers used to seeing the signs of Islam. What comes next – BBC-style news favouring Palestinian terrorism and Islamic violence?

No offence to the presenter, but it begs serious questions.

It is noted that Ofcom has rejected complaints that it was inappropriate for Channel 4 News to allow a Muslim journalist to present coverage of the Nice truck attack (Guardian, 22 August 2016).

So a Muslim can murder and injure scores of tourists in a terror attack in Nice and then another Muslim report their 'success' on Channel 4 news.

Would a Nazi be allowed on Channel 4 News to report on the 'success' of the gas chambers in killing Jews at Auschwitz?

Be Divergent!

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I don’t normally watch a secular film, but on this occasion... I just watched a film named ‘Divergent’ (rated ‘12’ and no foul language etc)  (2014). I bought it for £3 in a superstore (Tesco? Asda?) because of what I suspected was the concept... brainwashing by PC methods. (Please note I am not saying that the film 'Divergent' is in anyway edifying for a Christian. Watch at your own discretion.)

And I was right.

It made me shudder, because it contains strong elements of fascism – something I have fought against for years. In the film young people were persuaded by psychological pressure (which they did not realise was there) to conduct mass shootings of people not wanted in the walled city. Those who were considered ‘divergent’ were sought out and thrown outside the city walls and killed. The symbolism was accurate and heavy, reminding me of Nazi Germany and ISIS who brainwash people to do what they would not normally do, including murder (actual psychology trials confirm people are willing to do this). Basically, it shows what happens when a few individuals do not comply with the (fascist) rule and demands of a very few, just like today. It also displayed very strong PC commands by people in power. For me, the violence portrayed mimics Nazi rule.


Titanosaurs – biggest ever? (BBC 1. 24 January 2016)

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I rarely watch anything by David Attenborough, but for some reason watched this programme (BBC1 , 24th Jan.).

I'm glad I did, just to see the excavation of the biggest ever dinosaur 'Titanosaurs' (actually seven of them) thus far. It would not surprise me if someone in the future dug up something even bigger, such was God's design ability! It is 10% bigger than any other similar species, so they think it might be a new species.

I don't watch his programmes simply because his script is littered profusely with evolution, and, for me, that spoils the programme. It spoils it for me because when he utters a pro-evolution statement I immediately answer back – though he can't hear me!! When I know pro-evolution statements are unscientific and unprovable, it is a source of much annoyance when I can't shout "Hey! Let's argue that point!"

It showed that seven bodies of this dinosaur were found in one place. Also, nearby, some of their eggs.

Remarkably, baby dinosaur skin was found in an egg and Attenborough, perhaps inadvertently, said that the eggs were taken by a flood. He meant a localised flood – but the water pressure, he said at a later time, was not powerful enough to float such huge animal bodies to their final resting place!


The BBC's Devious and Biased Reporting of the Migrant Crisis

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The BBC is not stupid. It is just devious and deceiving, pushing a pro-Islam agenda.

  1. Its news on migrants continue to speak in hushed tones, thus lending them sympathy
  2. It refuses to call them 'migrants' even though this is what most are – they only want our money and refuse to integrate... and many are ISIS operatives.
  3. They keep referring to them as 'refugees'. Very few are genuine, The rest are invaders, using the Syrian war to infiltrate illegally. And most are violent and demanding, plainly vaunting Islam.
  4. Cameron is only bringing Muslims from Syrian camps to live in Britain. Local councils are now preparing housing stock for these people, thus placing our own citizens even lower on the list. YET – it has been reported that ISIS now have members in these same camps, killing at will. How does Cameron know WHO is genuine and WHO is a terrorist mingling with the real refugees??? It is a frightening fact that he could be bringing terrorists into the UK. I guarantee there will NOT be rigorous checks.
  5. Cameron wants to send troops to Syria (the obvious and only real option), but government says it wants to exhaust diplomatic options first. In this they prove to be stupid and gormless. Several commentators have likened their stupidity to that of Neville Chamberlain, who waved a bit of paper telling Britain there would be no war. (On the strength of that promise, many escaped Jews returned to their countries and ended up in death camps, gassed or shot). The BBC likes this option!
  6. The BBC also speaks of 'civil war' in Syria. Further stupidity. The evidence shows that ISIS are invaders, NOT Syrians interested in a better deal. They are mainly foreign to Syria and only wish to exterminate ALL Christians (or those bearing that name), Jews, and Muslims who are not of their particular brand of Islam. They have openly told us they are establishing a caliphate. Their reach goes far beyond Syria, to all partsof the earth where they can get their soldiers into place. That is NOT 'civil war'. It is global terrorism.

Please send this email to relevant BBC bosses and demand they adhere to good journalism and NOT to persuade with hushed tones and obvious sympathy. Sympathy is NOT appropriate at this time. 

The Ark: BBC 1 (30 March 2015)

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I promised to review this one-off programme, The Ark shown on BBC1 on Monday 30 March 2015.

Is it not the way of things... pen and paper to hand, my TV began to experience massive glitches and 'freezing' of both vision and sound!! (Something to do with weather) and I missed huge chunks of the film.

So, I can only offer a VERY brief observation of what I managed to see.

The first is the TV blurb itself, which inadvertently warned of the programme's coming problems!

It said: "Epic one-off drama telling the story of Noah: a man who risks everything to save the people he loves. A retelling of the classic tale, fusing elements from the Bible and Qur'an."

There you have it in a nutshell. Typical BBC hatred for the genuine biblical message and an insult to genuine Christians.

1. It did not tell the story of Noah – it gave a very skewed novel-writer's approach to the biblical facts.

2. Noah did not "risk everything" – he faithfully obeyed God and knew he would not lose anything, but would gain God's care, help and rewards.

3. It was NOT his aim to save those he loved – Noah did what he did out of obedience to God! That he also saved his family was just a bonus.

4. Calling it a "classic tale" is another way of calling it a myth, which it was, and is, not.

5. And fusing Bible and Qur'an is a major insult to Christians and God. Mohammed plagiarised huge parts of the Old Testament/Torah so as to mix it with his odd ideas of what life is and Who God is. And he got it all wrong! Where the Qur'an agrees with the Old Testament there can be no argument. But, where it says something different from the Old Testament, the Qur'an has got it wrong. Simple as that. In other words we cannot 'fuse' Bible and Qur'an!


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