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First Assessment of ‘The Bible’ series on Channel 5

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So, I watched the first episode of ‘The Bible’, (Sat.30th Nov, Channel Five). It was billed as authentically close to the original. My first reaction was to think “Here we go again!” and I sat there with writing pad at the ready! Need I have worried?

It all depends on how ‘close’ this closeness to the original is supposed to be. For me the question is, “Is it scriptural, or not?”

The sponsor of the series (five episodes in total) is a website called ‘What’s in the Bible?’ and I must admit to being very disappointed. Why? Because it used children to offer cute ideas about what the bible contains, and a cartoon character to narrate.

For a genuine attempt to teach what scripture says to adults, this is not the approach to use! It implies that what is to follow is just a kind of cartoon, or a mere story.  Charismatics and progressives will love the series of course, but I am very reserved after watching the first episode. And, to add to this, advertisements in the breaks were by Spring Harvest, which hardly represents sound biblical teaching.


BBC – Reliable as ever in its wrongness!

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BBC 4, "Rome: A History of the Eternal City".

Well, you'd never have guessed it – the BBC got it wrong yet again!

With seamless intellectual nonsense the presenter and historian of BBC 4 'Rome: A History of the Eternal City' , Simon Sebag Montefiore, talked of Peter being the first pope, and that he was in Rome. No proof, just a bald statement! (That's how academics work it nowadays – no need to prove anything; just follow the PC line, even if it is stupid.

Everything else in the programme was founded on that simple, unsubstantiated statement. Yet, the whole self-assumed authority of Rome depends entirely on this claimed 'fact'... but, look at the ACTUAL facts and you won't find these 'facts' exist at all!

There is NO EVIDENCE other than contemporary hearsay, that Peter was ever in Rome. There is certainly no evidence that he was the first pope, or Rome's first bishop. If anything, these accolades should go to Paul, who WAS in Rome. But, Catholics don't like Paul, because his work denounces Rome and its falsity! So, they chose Peter.


Channel 4 will broadcast a call to idolatry worship of Allah during Ramadan

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Ralph Lee, the head of Channel Four’s (TV) channel factual programming, gleefully announced they would broadcast a Muslim call to prayer, every morning  at 3:00 am throughout Ramadan (for 30 days) which begins on Tuesday 9 July 2013. (The Guardian, 2 July 2013)

Ralph Lee told the Radio Times it would act as a form of provocation aimed at those associating Islam with extremism.

He also suggested that Ramadan was of more interest to viewers than "blanket coverage" of Royal events. (BBC News, 2 July 2013) (Daily Mirror, 2 July 2013).


Rock Music is Voodoo Music

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In his 1984 book, "The Secret Power of Music," secular researcher David Tame traces rock music to its' satanic source in Africa as well as revealing extensive scientific research demonstrating the destructive effects of rock music on both mind and body :

"Were we to scour the globe in search of the most aggressively malevolent and unmistakably evil music in existence, it is more than likely that nothing would be found anywhere to surpass voodoo in these attributes ... as the rhythmic accompaniment to satanic rituals and orgies, voodoo is the quintessence of tonal evil. ... Its multiple rhythms, rather than uniting into an integrated whole, are performed in a certain kind of conflict with one another. ... What is certain is that to hear this music is to become instantly encompassed by the sound of its raw, livid power. ... Musicologists and historians are in no doubt that the drum rhythms of Africa were carried to America and were transmitted and translated into the style of music which became known as jazz. Since jazz and the blues were the parents of rock and roll, this also means that there exists a direct line of descent from the voodoo ceremonies of Africa, through jazz, to rock and roll and all other forms of rock music today." (pp. 189-190)


Vilification via 'Art' (Again!)

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Christianity An Easy Target - Other Groups Protected

The Street 'artist' Banksy has unveiled a new 'artwork' in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. For those who don't know this 'artist' (and perhaps are wondering why I use apostrophes): Banksy is the pseudonym of an anonymous graffiti 'artist', whose work is categorised by its frequently satirical and socio-political nature.

The messages that Banksy often tries to convey in his work are typically 'left-wing' (for want of a better phrase), and anarchic. No matter how clever the irony may be at times, the work is vandalism (and therefore criminal), and the message that is conveyed is generally socialistic and anti-Christian.

Banksy's latest piece is perhaps the greatest example of the latter. The sculpture, entitled 'Cardinal Sin', is a "bust with its face sawn off and replaced by blank tiles", creating a pixelated effect (Banksy unveils church abuse work - BBC News, 15 Dec 2011). The piece is an overt dig at Catholicism, and appears to be in response to the child sex abuse scandal by Roman Catholic 'Priests', so called. It is Banksy's second piece to be displayed at a museum. The 'artist' had this to say:

"The statue? I guess you could call it a Christmas present. At this time of year it's easy to forget the true meaning of Christianity - the lies, the corruption, the abuse." (BBC, 15/12/11)


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