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Sky’s the Limit?

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Large companies think it is ever so clever and fashionable to give support to homosexuality.

They think it is so wonderful to be awarded bottle-top awards by Stonewall.

The other evening I saw an ad on Sky TV proclaiming its support for homosexuality.

Wow! Big clap on the back for stupidity! And for offending all the genuine Christians who use it.

This is because genuine Christians ‘tell it as it is’ from God’s word.

God hates both homosexuality and homosexuals. That it is legal is a national shame.

  1. Homosexuality is unnatural. Biology easily proves this.
  2. Homosexuality is unhealthy in the extreme. Millions have died thus far of AIDS.
  3. Homosexuality also fosters many diseases, including cancers, that are very exotic and almost unheard of in the normal population.
  4. Homosexuality produces its own forms of mental anxiety, depression, mental imbalance and suicides.
  5. Homosexuality relationships are the most volatile in society, many being violent. Few last.
  6. Homosexuality grooms youngsters – many who turn to homosexuality say they were groomed.
  7. Homosexuality is anarchic and demands total freedom of sexual expression, from ordinary kissing to the most foul of depraved acts. Society has to pick up the pieces and pay for it.
  8. Homosexuality is unreasonable and wicked, hating all things Christian and fighting against it.
  9. Homosexuality hates freedom of speech, because it doesn’t want the public to know the truth.
  10. Homosexuality is not just a sexual depravity, it is a source of hatred and lack of intellectual sense.

And there is much, much more against this awful lifestyle.

Yet, this is what Sky and other large companies think is ever so clever to support!

They have no idea what real homosexuality is actually about... they only know what their own sexual predilections tell them, or what Stonewall says. They don’t listen to the truth. Instead, they prefer to receive bottle-top awards that are totally meaningless. In doing so they harm all of society, includingits many customers. Others, like myself, are deeply offended by their advertisement, having been a victim of homosexual activism.

Sky – if you must spend money in support of such a vile lifestyle, at least keep it private!

We don’t wish to hear of your corporate stupidity and foul associations.

Your advertisement is a stark reminder that even the fat cats of this world can be utterly anti-intellectual; and pro-evil in all its forms. A genuine person would now contact us for further information... but while bottle-tops are your aim, you won’t do so, and will remain in your ignorance.

It is hoped that many Sky customers will now complain. But, I know how weak people can be.

But, do you know there is NO SUCH THING AS ‘HOMOSEXUAL’? There is no ‘homosexual community’...

ALL ‘homosexuals’ are just heterosexuals who have made a very bad choice of sex object.

And it IS a choice. It isn’t biological or imposed by genes. Don’t listen to homosexual lies!!

More ‘refugees’. More ‘aw’ factor!

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It is sickening.

The media are again playing agony aunt over ‘refugees’ from Africa landing in Spain etc.

Firstly, there is no proof whatever they are bona fide ‘refugees’ (see my articles on the legal definition).

But, comments made all suggest these people want a ‘better life’. That is, they are ‘economic migrants’... who, according to international law, are illegals and must be turned away!

But, the media turn on the tears and produce another ‘aw’ factor. And the gullible repeat it.

Many thousands are promised to reach Europe every year.

They have no job viability and throw away their papers – itself an illegal act.

They also bring with them diseases that the west got rid of decades ago. That is, they will drain taxpayers of every western country so they can ‘better themselves’.

They gain while we lose.

They only have to say they are escaping war and persecution – but cannot prove where they come from!



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There is only One who is Great and Glorious, that is God.

None upon earth can be called great, for we are all fallen sinners and have sinned against God. We might be praised by men, but that means absolutely nothing to God. He is of purer eyes and Holy and cannot look upon sin.

You might say, “Well, I don’t believe in God!” That is quite common today, as man has gone farther and farther away from his Creator.

Evolution is a lie of man, there is no such thing. God is the Almighty Creator and you just have to look around and see the beauty He has made and formed for the good of man. Do you ever think that He is your Maker? He formed you out of the dust of the ground and to dust you will return. He also has the power of your breath in His hand.

The Bible (King James Version) is the Word of God, and you need to read it. It will tell you what man is and who God is.

The Lord Jesus Christ is also God, and He came into this world to be born of a virgin, to live on earth for 33 years, and then die the death of a Saviour for a certain number of people in each generation, as He suffered and shed his precious blood to redeem a people (the true church) who will be effectively called in their lifetime, and saved to serve Him on earth. He is the only Lord who can be called Great and Glorious, which He is. It is a wonderful thing to be a true Christian, and love and serve the Saviour.

There are plenty of Religions and cults in this world, which are nothing but counterfeits, and they are of the devil, as they only have part truth and serve their master, and worship him instead of the One true and living God of the Bible. They serve men and their words instead of the true God.

Instead of throwing this tract away, get a Bible and read it, for it is the only means of saving your soul. The Word of God is living and true and if you are one to be called, it will become alive to you and you will not want to put it down. I can vouch for that!


Be assured, that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to God, not through any man. No man, such as priest, pope, vicar, pastor, can give you eternal life, nor can forgive your sins. Only Christ can forgive all your past and give you new life. Even the worst of sinners can be saved. Christ came to this world to save sinners, not the righteous.

Your only hope to go to Heaven is in and through Christ, the Redeemer. No christening or confirmation, or saying “Hail Marys” a dozen times can give you salvation.

This tract is sent with Love, for it is the truth.


The Beast in Disney must be Slain!

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I have recently read several conflicting opinions on Disney and the latest film, Beauty and the Beast, which contains a brief ‘gay’ scene. (LifeSiteNews, 17 March 2017)

For some years commentators have spoken of support given by Disney to homosexuals and homosexuality.

Yet, today, I read an email by a well-known Christian, who says he went to Disneyland with his wife a few days ago because it is the most heterosexual place on earth. Very strange given the past decade or so of pro-gay activities said to emit from Disney.

As I have asked several times in Bible studies – how much sin is allowable by God? The answer is - NONE.

No Christian, no matter how well-known, can advise us that a business is 100% heterosexual when it is not. Or, are all the previous commentators lying or confused? Over the years I have read for myself the way Disney has promoted homosexuality.

Maybe I am just reading it all wrong.

Beauty and the Beast might only have a very brief token indication of ‘gay’. But, it is enough to beat Disney over the head with it.

NO amount of gay content is acceptable. We meet enough homosexuality in real life without a film portraying it as something ‘cute’.

That one short ‘cute’ depiction is only a crack... but a crack in a dam leads to its total failure and collapse and cannot be ignored.

The film’s encounter with ‘gay’ is very brief and hardly noticeable... but it is a crack. If ignored, how many worse depictions will appear in Disney films in the future?? It is the practice of homosexuals to push boundaries ever farther. It is written in their agenda!

They have said they will keep pushing and showing greater depictions until they finally reveal to the world their REAL nature and the foulest of sexual deviances. But, I have warned of all this in great detail for several decades and Christians don’t listen or do anything constructive.

Do not fall to the acceptance of ANYTHING ‘gay’. It is a foul, dangerous, godless behaviour, one that is used to harm Christians and reject God and His Gospel, no matter how small the picture is painted. How much homosexuality is acceptable in even a Disney film? NONE.

Political Correctness, Killer of Truth

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Channel 4 TV ‘Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?’, Thursday 23rd February 2017

The programme was very depressing for all who, like me, attended college in days when we almost had freedom to speak our minds and to think individually (though Politcal Correctness (PC) was waiting in the wings)! In the programme, the student activists who spouted their poison showed a distinct lack of ability to be critical. Critical thinking is not just ignoring or accusing others, it is to do with an overall genuine desire to discover truth and speak out against lies. The students in the programme did not have this ability (except for one who was shouted down), but were plain stupid.

There have been psychology experiments where large groups have attended a discussion or have been part of observational studies. A few ‘plants’ were included, whose task it was to give the opposite view of truth. The idea was to persuade everyone in the group to agree with everyone else even when they strongly felt the group was wrong. No-one resisted such peer pressure. The students in the programme had all the signs of this peer pressure mentality, to their detriment and shame. Much of what they said was absurd.

Their attitudes were also shameful, and much of what they said was beyond acceptability... their higher IQ meant nothing!! Students who act like this have nothing to offer society or themselves, but they are exceptional in banning free speech and causing mayhem for respected academic staff who dare to say something they don’t like! Some of their statements were astoundingly ridiculous.

As the presenter, Trevor Phillips, said, we ought to live with the possibility of being offended, and he was right. We are in a police state when everything we say and do is checked by a fascist mentality. Those students will probably continue their frantic witch-hunts after they get their degrees, and it is their kind that bring legislation against Christians, making their power to censor greater than the freedom to speak.

Some things should be recognised as being so offensive as to be worthy of public disgust... but how does someone in a Pocahontas costume offend anyone?? (They didn’t explain why). We now live in a western world where ideas and speech are banned, and people are thrown out of their jobs because others simply don’t like their beliefs. I keep on saying it – this is fascism. Hitler might be dead, but he has many children alive today, who make it their business to wear black arm bands and brown shirts. If we continue to allow them to act then we will soon be living on a prison island.

Similarly, people were asked to rank printed statements as either highly offensive (and so worthy of banning) or marginally offensive. One of the top statements they wanted banned because it offended believers was one that said Mohammed was a rapist, killer and paedophile. But HE WAS!! Whether or not followers are offended is not the issue – it was a factual statement. Yet, it is acceptable to mock Jesus Christ in so many ways, and for Muslims to openly hate Christians!!

And statements against homosexuality were also at the top of the list. But why? Homosexuals created AIDS and their diseases have killed millions in the last 30 years alone. And the deaths spiral every year. They are violent people and loathe free speech. So why harbour them and give them the power to shut down the truth? In reality they should have to hide away behind dark doors, or at least bear the brunt of tough talk and critical observations. Why? Because what they say and do is revolting and harmful to all of society.

The ability to be critical thinkers is almost dead, but without it there can be no progress and no advancement of thought. And without it, vile political movements like Islam will continue to murder and oppress. Every one of us is responsible to sustain freedom of thought, and Christians who don’t understand the fuss are part of the problem. As believers we should fight for freedom of thought with a passion. Some things are automatically wrong and should be cast out – murder, sexual perversion, violent religion, are just a few examples. There should be a market-place attitude – you give me your views and I will give mine, and both should be able to criticise the other. To simply ban something we do not agree with is foolish and naïve... one day the need to speak will burst forth and everything will be reversed again! THINK...THINK...THINK... don’t let fascists remove your brain!

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