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Don’t Know the Motive!

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Incredibly the official statement today on the London Westminster attack is “We may never know the motive” of the attacker. (Guardian, 25 March 2017)

Try these motives for a start...

  1. He/they was/were Islamic terrorists
  2. Islamists (followers of Islam aka Muslims) hate the West and their values of democracy, freedom, etc.
  3. They have openly defied laws and say they want to kill us
  4. The killers were ‘good guys’ (aka by the euphemism 'moderate Muslim') in society but were lying
  5. The Koran teaches death to kafirs.
  6. Preachers of hate in the UK and on the Internet by leaders of Islam.

Need I go on and express the VERY obvious??

Most of the public, though angry, will be subdued by the statement.

It might be too horrific to think that an ‘ordinary’ Muslim will suddenly get up one day and go on a murder spree as a gift to their mythical God, Allah. But that’s exactly what is happening every day throughout the world!

London Westminster Attack

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UK Parliament sides with Islam

When news came through of a terrorist attack in London I predicted the government would side with Islam. And so it did!

I further predicted that friends and family of the attacker would say he was friendly, nice, and wonderful. And so they did!

For a while some years ago we ran a column inviting Muslims to respond to a variety of comments and accusations. This they did – and ran true to Islamic form.

Time and time again, Islamic murderers who kill in the name of Allah, are claimed to have been friendly and normal. This has serious ramifications for all who side with islam!

Firstly, it shows that Islamic terrorists come from those known as ‘moderates’.

Secondly, it shows that NO Muslim can be trusted.

Thirdly, each attack displays the same ‘ordinariness’.

Fourthly, though each killer is Islamic, governments insist their actions have nothing to do with Islam... shout ‘Allah is Greater’ and it makes no difference.

The battle cry is Islamic, from the Koran, but it still isn’t Islam!

Fifthly, no Christian has the right to befriend Muslims. We may be courteous, but when a Christian stands by the side of ‘moderate’ Muslims they are actually standing by the side of Islam, a pagan, wicked, godless, murderous cult.

Not all Muslims murder, but their basis is the same and if even their friends and family say they were nice folks and friendly... how dare any Christian think they ‘know’ individual Muslims and claim they are ‘not the same’ as known terrorists???

God hated the pagan idolaters of the Old Testament and sent them to hell.

Kings were commanded to get rid of them, if not put them to death.

Yet modern Christians think they know better than God, and deliberately stand alongside Muslims, because they are ‘nice’.

God help Christians who cannot see the point of what I am saying, for they stand in the way of a just solution... condemn Islam itself. Send all recent intake back to their own countries. Do not give citizenship. Do not give political freedoms. Do not even suggest Islam is worthy, when God says otherwise.

IT IS TIME TO STAND FIRM AS BELIEVERS AND AS CITIZENS. Put the blame for terror where it belongs – Islam and the Koran. Unless they ALL change, ALL Muslims must be treated with suspicion. Lives depend on it.

Readers think this is extreme? Then tell us so we can show them their error!

Within the next few weeks, Islam will again be sanitised by government.

Even though they know absolutely nothing about erroneous theology.

So, wait a short while until they paint the sepulchre white...

The UK Government let the Terrorists Win.

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The terrorists have already won! We have already given in.

The UK and Europe continue to go softly with Islam and refuse to brand the pseudo-religion as a hateful, violent military threat.

Now we have to wait for another Muslim to try similar tactics... and another... and another... until the West shows true grit, deaths will continue and Islam will rise until we are finished.

But, Islamists are trying to cause civil unrest, so it can be exploited.

Yesterday I sent out a video of the mayhem and evil brought about by Muslims trying to enter the UK. Unfortunately I did not see all of it until later, and discovered a part of the video taken by a foreign lorry driver on his way to Calais,
trying to avoid being boarded by migrants, who used foul language; he veered his lorry towards a group of Muslims and threatened to knife any Muslim he found behind his cab. I have warned that this kind of reaction will become prominent
unless Muslims are stopped from entering the UK, NOT given any state benefits, and are deported immediately. That driver’s reactions will soon be common-place thanks to inaction by a government that is supposed to protect UK citizens. 

There will be more incidents like that in London yesterday. And we can know that police knew the perpetrators who were no doubt ‘under surveillance’. Why not ignore the EU and deport these malicious, evil Islamists? Being under surveillance
doesn’t stop these murders!

Thump the EU Bullies on the Nose!

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I have just reviewed all the information coming from the EU concerning Brexit.

It is very clear that the EU (and its supporters) is acting like a schoolyard bully, threatening all kinds of retribution. Instead of accepting that a country wishes to cancel its contract, it uses force and threats. And of course Scotland is again talking about a second referendum.

All of this should be nothing to a strong leader! When a victim is bullied the best way out for the victim is to simply thump the bully on his nose! It is just getting rid of an enemy, as in any war.

Don’t like such language? Then stay a victim... I have never been good at that!

I find submission to bullies rather repugnant! Yes, some can be afraid of confrontation – but it is better than submitting to lies and force, which never has a happy ending anyway.

Recant or Go Mr Speaker

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Email sent to: Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to register a complaint against the Speaker John Bercow’s comments expressing his personal position as a reason for refusing an invitation to POTUS Donald Trump to address the House of Commons during his state visit to the UK later this year, as reported on BBC News 6 and 7 February 2017. 

The basis for this complaint are that Mr Bercow:

  1. Breached the Code of Conduct and its associated rules of a Speaker by expressing a partisan, unsubstantiated set of allegations against POTUS Donald Trump, and then made a Parliamentary decision without a debate or vote. He has therefore stepped outside the scope of his role with this position and statement.
  2. The Speaker can in no way claim that his views are the view of the people of the UK (Parliamentarians are meant to represent the views of the people) or MPs, which have not been substantiated on this matter.
  3. The Speaker should encourage debate and not censorship of opposing positions, especially from a democracy such as the USA, which with a clear majority elected POTUS Donald Trump. This brings the House and UK democracy into disrepute.
  4. The Speaker has of his own initiative and without consultation cut across the expressed will of the Prime Minister and HRH the Queen to make a warm invitation to POTUS Donald Trump to come to the UK on a state visit, and thus causes embarrassment and a political snub.

I therefore call for Mr Bercow to apologise to the House and British people and recant his refusal to give an invitation to address the House by POTUS Donald Trump, or resign as Speaker.

Yours sincerely

Dr James B Waddell
'Christian Doctrine'
Bible Theology Ministries