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The Truth is out there about the PLO

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How to stun the UN Assembly.  PLO lies exposed by former Hamas Leader. (Jewish Press, 28 September 2017)


Friendly Killers

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H.H. Holmes, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer. John Wayne Gacy, Andrew Cunanan, Richard Angelo, Karl Denke, Dennis Nilsen, Albert Fish, Phillip Markoff, Harold Shipman, Michael Swango, Sean Vincent Gillis, Paul Bernardo, Dorthea Puente, John Bodkin Adams, Marcel Petiot, Dean Corll, Randy Steven Kraft, Robert Lee Yates, Linda Hazzard, Dennis Rader, Cary Stayner, Jane Toppan, Donald Harvey, Charles Cullen, Arnfinn Nesset, Amy Archer-Gilligan, Kristen Gilbert, Orville Lynn Majors, Beverley Allitt, Robert George Clements, Henri Désiré Landru, Rodney Alcala, Marybeth Tinning.

The list is endless. Recognise a few of the names?

I have given full names so you can look them up, if you are so inclined.

They were all serial killers. And, guess what people said about them?

They were all said to be nice people, friendly, helped the community, and their close family had no idea they were sadistic killers.

Today, Muslim terrorists are ALWAYS called nice, friendly, decent, and so on by their close family, friends and associates. All were shocked by their killing sprees. Therefore, they can live right next door to you... as they do.

Though Islamic clerics and leaders openly tell us there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim, western fools in government and police continue to assure us that we must rely on moderates, and that terrorists have ‘nothing to do with Islam”. Yes – they are fools.

Yet, clerics tell us otherwise, and that Islam is about conquering the West, making us submit to Allah, and to sharia.

There is no real difference, then, between the killers listed above and Muslim terrorists, all of whom were known to be ‘moderates’. I keep repeating, for your own safety and Christian mind, that Islam is hated by God, who also hates Muslims themselves. (This is not incitement, but simple fact).

How dare we think of ‘Moderate’ Muslims as our closest friends? How dare we send charitable help to Islamic countries to help those whom God says we must NEVER help?

How dare we give sanctuary or state help to Muslims, when they will turn on us when their numbers are enough? They are already doing so in the guise of terrorists, but government and police insist on pulling the wool over our eyes, though I think most know by now that it is all a deception.

‘Moderate’ is a name given to Muslims who are currently quiet, a name given by westerners, not by those in charge of Islam!

Remember – all the serial killers above were also known to be quiet.

Look again at those quiet family men and women above, whose horrific crimes were unknown to families and friends. Now add ‘moderate’ Muslims to that list, who have already killed. Many more are waiting to pounce, well over 30,000 of them!! And even when caught, the latest bleated excuse is ‘mental illness’. The UK, whose legal system was the envy of the world, is now the protector of Islam, no matter what it does.

It sickens me to talk about Islam and Muslims, but I have to counter the lies put out by our fake leaders and guardians of security. When will my fellow Christians take note?

When will government and police stop their game and truly protect us, by deporting the later batches of Muslims, removing citizenship from many others, and surveilling the rest? Otherwise more Islamic names will be added to the list above, while Islam gains power rapidly in the next few years.

There is only one reason I speak like this. Many quiet people have committed murder, so why single out Muslims? The answer should be obvious – the Koran and its wicked child, Islam, contains direct commands by the false god, Allah, to kill everyone who will not submit to his name! THAT is why all Muslims should be held responsible and why we must be very cautious.

Last night as I lay in bed, I bemoaned that my wish is to only study and present biblical doctrine. But, with the lack of realism created by Islamic propaganda, and repeated by western politicians and police, I am compelled to speak out. If no-one listens, then their future is in their own hands, and not in the hands of God... except as a penalty for their wilful ignorance.

As I have indicated earlier today as I listed another set of Muslim murders and attempted bombings – they are only today’s examples. There are many, many more from around the world that I cannot possibly repeat. How many more examples do we need before we take action as a nation?

The same fog filled the minds of Christians over the loathsome behaviour known as homosexuality. With this subject, too, I was taken to task for saying all homosexuals are the same (to God), and we should have nothing to do with them. Sadly, my warnings were not heeded, and homosexuality has taken over every aspect of our lives. The same is happening with Islam.

What more can I do? Nothing.

Metropolitan Police Emergency Response Decades Too Late

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Head of the Met Police says police acted swiftly to the London Parsons Green tube bombing (Metro, 15 September 2017)

What absolute nonsense.

Yes, they acted quickly AFTER the event.

Those lower in the ranks do that because they are professional. But the boss knows the truth!

Police and parliament should have responded two decades ago.

We are now in a mess, with increasing terror attacks. WHY?

Because Muslims are being allowed in without documents and are not being checked... Because it is far too easy for Muslims to slip into the country, thanks to cuts in port and other entry points... because everyone is afraid to apply the nasty word ‘Islam’ to what are clearly Islamic actions... because weak leaders are too afraid of making the Islamists mad by doing what is right to protect us... because they do not believe the REAL Islamists who are deeply offended when some are called ‘moderate’ – they claim NO Muslim is moderate!

Until I see a lot of deportations and imprisonment of thousands of Muslims being surveilled, I will not believe either the government or the police heads are serious about protection.

There also needs to be a clamp-down on Muslim ‘courts’ and the shadow Muslim ‘government’, plus a non-voting status until Muslims toe the line.

If the Koran was a poem!

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H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser  “sees the threat of Islam through an Obama administration lens, meaning that religion has nothing to do with the war we are in.” (Sebastian Gorka, Jerusalem Post, 27 August 2017)

"When jihad terrorists the world over are invoking the Qur’an and Sunnah to justify their actions and make recruits among peaceful Muslims, this is a self-defeating stance that prevents American officials from understanding the enemy and devising ways to counter that enemy properly. This was something Trump appeared to be saying during his campaign that he would end. When he rebuked Obama and Hillary Clinton for refusing to say “radical Islamic terrorism,” he seemed to be saying that he would deal realistically with the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat. Trump has failed, and betrayed that promise." (Jihad Watch, 28 August 2017)

If the Koran was a poem

“This is an hammer.

I am going to beat your brains out with it.

I will do it because I found the command to do so in a poem.” (Poemist Extremist, 610 AD to present)

No, says the onlooker. It has nothing to do with the poem.

So the hammer is left in the man’s hand and the poem is not destroyed.

So around the corner another person lays dead of hammer wounds.

But, the poem is okay. It is sent off to someone else, who repeats the same actions and quotes the same poem and so the body count continues to rise exponentially. 


When will Western governements destory the poem that inspires the Poemist Extremist to use a hammer to beat the brains out of anyone?

When will Western governments purge completely followers of the poem from their borders?

Why do Western governments want to protect and welcome more followers of the poem so that they can follow the commandments of the poem and kill?



Barcelona Attack

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As I expected and as I predicted, the usual comments have been made about the terrorist attackers... (Jihad Watch, 21 August 2017)

“They were all good boys”.

It took radicalisation by an imam who preached hate from a mosque. Before that the boys had a ‘normal’ life. Even the father said he had never noticed radical behaviour.

“Moussa was a nice boy...”

“these boys were always good people...”

“he didn’t look like someone with this kind of ideology...”

“he was a normal person... you wouldn’t suspect...”

“They (were) good people...”

Neighbour said “totally normal... nice to everybody...”


Many times before I have referred to the same kinds of statements from family, friends and neighbours of Muslims who turn to terrorism.


In this case even the father of one killer didn’t know. Everything seems to suggest the killers were ‘normal’, ‘nice’, ‘quiet’... which all implies they used lies as a way of life, at least for a short while, to put others off the scent.

This is why I advocate profiling ALL Muslims; that is, keep them ALL ‘on the radar’ of official scrutiny. This is why I CANNOT trust Muslims, even when they APPEAR to be quiet, decent, etc. This is why I remain wary of them all, though I can also be courteous.

This is common sense security. It does not say all Muslims are terrorists... but as no-one, not even fathers and friends and neighbours, know when people they see every day are terrorists, what hope do westerners who are not Muslims possibly know the difference???