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Be YOU! Part 2

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I will be writing an article on our freedom in Christ (though I could write a whole book on it).

Meanwhile, I need to comment further on my observations from yesterday...

I have been in (but not OF) churches since I was born, being taken by my mother and her family every Sunday and, later at other times as I grew up. So I know what I have seen, heard and experienced.

I have also been individual. I don’t mean trying to be different, which a lot of kids do nowadays, just for the sake of it, or even to show a rebellious streak. That is, I never followed the herd, whether in the world or in the churches. Even when I was singing and playing music, I did my own thing, not following the bands of the day. it was just... ME.

But, I watched as many like me (until about age 18 or 19) – unbelievers – became Christians, saved by grace.

I noted how they became like everyone else around them. They began to develop the same speech, same words, and even began to wear similar clothes, and copied the same behaviour. For example, in some denominations all the women were compelled to wear head scarves worn in a certain manner, their dresses fairly plain, their hair uncut and long; the men were dour-faced, rarely smiled, and always wore suits and ties to services. But, it went much farther...

Many Christians comply with these unwritten ‘codes’ because they want to fit in. They learn that to NOT fit in was to draw attention to themselves. This had a double-effect, because when everyone says and does the same things, it reinforces the idea that what they are doing is ‘correct’ and this then becomes ‘necessary’. Those who stand out as different will be pressured to comply. Not necessarily by direct command, but by an instinctive ‘atmosphere’ exuding from everyone... polite, courteous, loving... but stand-offish!

These churches may be doctrinally true, but their desire to be uniform in absolutely everything has many attendant problems. By smothering personalities and pushing people into a cloned atmosphere, every member becomes spiritually and emotionally malnourished. What is part of a person’s real self is slowly buried under the cloned self, and gifts or talents are stifled, so everything is channelled along the same church paths.

In any other situation this could be called brainwashing or even cult behaviour. But, because doctrine is right and the overall figure is outwardly nice and pleasant, few draw back from it. And so everyone is cloned, and speak and act the same way. If few smile, then no-one will smile. If few admit to doubts, then no-one admits to them.

If few give new ideas, then no-one offers a new thing... the kind of place that would not tolerate people like myself!

As I said yesterday, doctrine can have only one definition. No Christian may have his own definition, and this is what scripture tells us (for example, 2 Peter 1:20). So, when many try to tell us they do not share the common interpretation, we know there is a problem. The same doctrine can be expressed in a number of ways, but the core definition must always be the same. In this there can be no freedom to pick and choose. But, the rest of life can be expressed in a variety of ways.

Sadly, I can identify people, very often, from the way they speak, think or act. This is because they have adopted a communal spirit that has robbed them of their individuality. This is a great loss to the Church owned by God. Whole churches and denominations have, in effect, told God He can direct their beliefs, but THEY can change the wallpaper as they wish! So, they make sure Christians comply with their earthly demands.

Perhaps many think this is okay. What is wrong with complying? What is wrong is why Luther complained in his 95 Theses! Small acts of compliance with human demands, unspoken or not, make sure everyone looks, speaks and acts the same. God has given us individual personalities and so long as they are not warped by sin, they are how God made us to be. Those who accept being cloned are usually types who like to be told what to do; they hate being outside the accepted circle; they do not dare even thinking maybe a pastor is wrong, or doctrinal statements might possibly need examination. I know all this because I was in such atmospheres for a very long time and know that not to comply is to finally be shunned by those who once were your friends.

All believers are compelled to be led by their elders in the Lord, and pastors are there to guide the flock, who should listen to careful counsel. Yet, outside all that is freedom in Christ... something few believers know anything about.

The more a person is taught by scripture and the Holy Spirit, the less tolerant he will be of what amounts to dictatorship, and the less he likes the fact that his pastor, perhaps, is put on a pedestal by members.

When I became a Christian, the church I was already attending openly treated me as a great prize! I had long hair, I made my own clothes or wore different kinds of things, I played rock music and sang on stage, I painted even on all the walls of our house (my mother loved it!). That is, they prized me because I was so very different. Almost immediately I was asked to speak!! Sure enough, what I said was also different. Only much later did I see their folly. I was not mentored at all. However, I managed to learn very fast! And the more I learned the less I was acceptable
to my local church! This was because I retained my individuality and they saw this as a liability. I spoke my mind, and discovered amazing things in scripture. But, it differed from what I was being taught, almost by rote.

After ten years of trying to comply (badly) I finally submitted to the Spirit, Who showed me in no uncertain terms, that I was wrong. After preaching for all those years in many churches, even up to middle England, every week, I could no longer justify trying to marry my individuality and growing knowledge to the cloning process of the churches.

That’s when churches I once preached in stopped asking me to speak!! On the other hand, in my final engagements the Holy Spirit did mighty deeds when I was speaking! But congregations only wanted novelty, such as I gave them before. They didn’t want truth or tough Bible facts. All I need to do was comply with the ways of all the other speakers!

But, I couldn’t. This eventually led to shunning, but by that time I had been toughened by the Lord!

So, friends, think carefully, if your desire to belong means you lose yourself in a common personality and cloning.

Those who follow the herd do not fly high like eagles, nor do they have fresh insights. Nor do they speak honestly or with care for real knowledge. Instead of flying towards the glorious sun they stay in the shadows of the valley, becoming slow and unresponsive to the dynamic life given to them by God in Christ.

There is much more to say... but I have given you the gist.


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In our Sunday meetings many topics arise from our study time...

Many might think I want everyone to think and act like me, because I am so strict about doctrine and I insist that EVERYONE believes scripture in the same way.

BUT... do not confuse this with being dictatorial!

Scripture itself – God’s own word – says we must ALL believe the same doctrine, and, because God only gives us ONE definition of doctrine, there can be
only one way to think about it.

HOWEVER... all believers are individuals, made so by God. I am saddened by those churches that make everyone a clone... so every woman wears the same kinds of clothing, or the same kind of hat, and men must wear a suit.

Many churches make conformity to its internal characteristics a matter of orthodoxy. When you enter them all the members look the same and act the same way. There are churches where spontaneity is frowned upon and smiling is almost a sin!

In these churches ideas are a matter of suspicion, and individuality is like backsliding!

Friends, a spontaneous or smiling person can lose his or her freedom in Christ by obeying a corporate mantra! Those who once were openly happy are forced to comply with the corporate dirge, sing badly with poor music, and be driven into a corporate mundaneness!

Don’t let it happen! Be YOU, or your personality will suffer. So will your spirit. 

God has made you different. Yes, we must all believe the same doctrine, but if ANY Church causes you to lose your smile, or your wellbeing, or your spontaneity... walk away!

You are You because that’s how God wants it. don’t me grizzled by a demanding and unduly funerial spirit that lets you lose yourself in a pool of grey compliance.

I never complied and so am usually shunned... but, I don’t care, because God is my Lord, not the local pastor or congregation! They might believe all the right things – but if their lives are made miserable by their compliance with an human code of conduct... well...

Smile and be free, my friends!!

Part 2 on this topic.

Love is not mandatory in all cases!

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Punch the Transgender Issue on the nose

There seems to be an unwritten rule amongst Christians that one must always be ‘loving’ when responding to vital issues. What does this maxim really mean? And is it always possible?

Most recently one ministry asked how we may ‘lovingly respond’ to the transgender issue.

Friends, transgenderism requires a sharp punch on the nose, not a ‘loving response’!!

It is part of the homosexual movement that has brought havoc to everyone and will play an even bigger role in hating God and His people, and destroying scripture and biblical values.  With transgenderism in particular it is a bizarre and wicked position, based on really stupid ideas – hence I call it stupid. I have no time to play games and piously smile with a ridiculous supposedly ‘godly’ indulgence. There are times when we must hit a wicked situation right between the eyes. In this case it is ruining children for all their lives, underpinning it with satanic theories and practices. It is another ‘prize’ owned by foul people who claim ‘gay’ is normal and even a gift from God!!

There is no way I can give a ‘loving response’ to the movement that tries to destroy man and woman as created!!

Do you think Christ would have given a ‘loving response’?? I don’t think so. See how He spoke to the Pharisees? How many believers almost choke on being ‘loving’ to those who deliberately destroy God’s word and deceive humankind? I would.... so I do not pretend just to appear ‘pious’. If a transgender wishes to sincerely get out of his or her wicked musings, then fine – they’ll get my sincere and patient attention. But to love I must be so led by Almighty God, not by Christian tradition, which tries its best to love every kind of deviation and vile foulness. I will not do it!

Call me what you like if you think (as many do) that I should shut my mouth. No – what is at stake is greater than sin-o-philes. What is at stake is vital truth of God, needed immediately
with a strong dose of realism and even righteous anger.

The 95 Theses – God’s Work

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Some doubt Luther pinned his 95 Theses on the church door, but, personally, I see no real reason to doubt it. What he did was not in itself a revolutionary act (as claimed by Rome in its current publications and in a special DVD), but quite normal at that time. It was a prompter for other monks and clerics to join the debate Luther hoped to begin. But, instead of having a simple debate about a worrying movement (the selling of indulgences for the dead), his words began something far greater!

The Theses themselves are not that remarkable in content, and anyone who has actually read them will realise that what are called ’95 theses’ are fewer – possibly 15 theses or propositions, with sub-notes in support. They are not written as theological statements but as complaints against something Luther and others were critical of. Not remarkable, that is, for us in modern times with centuries of accrued knowledge. But, highly dangerous in the Middle Ages.

How many Christians, celebrating the 500 years anniversary of pinning the Theses to the door, have actually read the Theses? And how many think Luther was arguing against indulgences? In truth, he was NOT speaking against indulgences, nor against them being sold! He supported the indulgences system so long as they were issued by, or accepted by, the pope. What he criticised was the gratuitous selling of indulgences by money-grabbing priests, even for the dead. Indeed, his support of popes is well documented in the 95 Theses. (It is my view that at that time Luther was himself thinking very deeply about biblical truths, but as ideas they were quite mixed and the start of forming truth in his mind).

When he pinned his paper on the front door of Wittenberg church, he expected some dissent, but also a debate. He wanted others of the Catholic faith to present their own arguments, for or against, so that the issue could be dealt with. It is obvious from the contents that he was writing as a good Catholic, not as a revolutionary. Though Luther did not intend to cause an European tumult, he began to examine his own heart and beliefs following the sharp and violent reaction of Rome and Romanists to his Theses, eventually coming to salvation. But, a truly ‘biblical salvation’ does not appear in the Theses, the writing of which was apparently prompted by his university.


Let’s Just Beat Ourselves Up!!

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Just watched the TV news... and what hogwash we are being fed!

It looks like we are heading the same way as those gormless propagandised USA folks who call for white people to be ashamed of being white!

Now, the UK says it must act, because latest figures show Afro-Caribbeans are not treated so well as white people (work, school, etc). But, too many variables are missing from the data, such as school drop-outs, etc (many white kids drop out and get nowhere. What about them, too??)!!

But, the best bit is that Pakistani women feel marginalised.

It was obvious that the group of Pakistani women being interviewed were obviously monied and middle aged AND spoke English. The latest batches of Pakistanis were not interviewed, complete with their burqas, no-English with a chip on the shoulder!

If a person comes here and can’t speak English, it will be a massive barrier. So is the very low education and skills shortage, plus an attitude of wanting everything free without working for it.

This kind of news item is sickening, because the real issues are not mentioned. In particular, that Pakistanis are Muslims, and don’t want to work or ‘get on’. They just want our state benefits. Those older ladies, though Muslim, are the ‘old breed’ who came to the UK TO work!

We must watch that we don’t travel the road taken in the USA and blame white people for being born white! No more concessions, please! Too much notice is taken of Muslim sensibilities.

Jobs must go to those best qualified and skilled, not to a quota by government to hire ‘minorities’. Christians are now a minority – so why don’t THEY get similar privileged attention??

This ridiculous guilt-trip society must stop being fools. If any foreigner wants to get on in the West, let them work for it and stop wanting everything for nothing. And let then radically change
their nasty disregard for the West.