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Reformation Day - 31st October

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Lucas Cranach DA painting of Martin Luther 1528 Today is Reformation Day. Why is the Day held on 31st October? It’s nothing to do with Halloween – it marks the day in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church (All Saint’s Church), Wittenberg, Germany.

The Theses were highly provocative to Rome, but copies spread across Europe, sparking the Reformation. The Theses included complaints about certain practices within Catholicism, as well as a declaration of the biblical truth of justification.

Luther’s complaints were correct, for he opposed the selling of indulgences, yet he wrote as a scholar rather than as an antagonist. But, in Thesis 86 he bluntly asked why the pope built St Peter’s Basilica using money taken from the poor, rather than his own money. He had a lot to say about indulgences, which bartered salvation in return for money, deceiving many thousands into thinking they were saved.

Within two months all of Europe, including Britain, read the 95 Theses, and people flocked to hear him speak. Possibly in 1567, the church in Regensburg initiated an annual remembrance of Luther pinning the Theses to the door. However, a formal remembrance did not occur until about two centuries later, in 1717.

Today, some mistakenly think Luther wrote his Theses for the ordinary people. But, they were written in Latin, the language of priests, not common people. And he probably pinned the Theses up on October 30th because he knew crowds would fill the church to look at the collection of relics, and wanted to oppose indulgences with maximum publicity.

Nowadays, it is as if Luther had never lived for modern Lutherans, who have officially accepted the popes as their spiritual heads, and whose theological errors are now multiple... not that many reformed churches are that much better!

It is my experience that reformed Christians look back on Luther’s brave action, and hold the day in remembrance of the start of the Reformation. This, to me, is not of much use, because what is past is past. If the day was used to continue the Reformation, I would be most happy, for instead of looking back at what someone did in the eons of history, all Christians should look forward with great expectation, checking out their Reformed status by personally continuing to reform. Otherwise, the application of Luther’s work is lost in time, having no special purpose in our own day.

Misplaced Charity

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Well, it had to happen. I had half an ear to the TV today and I caught a glimpse of the usual charity plea to give to poor people in Africa. You know the stuff – children with big eyes, mothers looking sad, hacking at dry earth, etc. Then came the final sentence:

“Give as Jesus would give”. Well...

I must again warn that what we are seeing in almost all the charity ads is manipulation of emotions. What they don’t show is the CAUSE of the failure of water and agriculture.


Jesus was not a Refugee in His infancy

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"The Bible is full of stories of refugees. Jesus himself was a refugee in his infancy. To protect the stranger, the one who is not protected, runs like a thread through the Old and New Testament. There would probably be no approval from Jesus for the government policy." (Gatestone article about the way Swedish pastors have turned the Gospel into multiculturalism, 13 September 2016).

It is always difficult for me to answer rubbish like this because what they claim is so ridiculous!

I have come across this kind of argument several times in the past. What ignorant writers they are!

They wilfully misinterpret scripture to suit their socialist ideals.

I’d love to know what other ‘stories of refugees’ are in the Bible!!

Jesus was not a refugee in His infancy... His earthly parents fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s murderous aims, but there is NOTHING in scripture about this being the actions of a ‘refugee’!! They simply lived in Egypt, that’s all. There is no record of Joseph pleading to enter Egypt, or to be accepted as an asylum seeker.

It is likely that he just worked at his trade to keep his small family, before returning to Israel when the king died. He might even have used the expensive gifts from the kings to enable the family to live (Matthew 2). A far cry from modern so-called ‘refugees’ and very like the way ordinary folks today go to live in foreign countries.

Scripture must never be used to push a political agenda. Those foolish churches that centre on multiculturalism do not seem to grasp the hard fact that they are just as prone to Islamic rape, violence and throat cutting as those who do not accept these devils into their midst. They also fail to note that Islamists are content to join local churches in order to murder the pastor or his family (a stated objective of jihadists). What fools.

I suppose in a sense it is their ‘just reward’ for altering God’s word for political purposes!

Join the Internal Freedom Movement!

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Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage:
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for an hermitage.
If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty. (Richard Lovelace, To Althea, from Prison)

Lovelace wrote the poem to which this stanza belongs, when in Gatehouse Prison. He was protesting governmental laws against clergy and said that ‘obeying the king and following England’s orders does not make him free’. On the other hand, he did not believe that being in prison made him less free, because imprisonment and freedom stem not from what is done to us, but from the body and soul. Because he started a petition he was imprisoned, with the approval of then then ‘PC’ Church of England luminaries. At that time freedom of speech was far from reality.

Today, in supposed enlightened times there is similar loss of freedom, so Lovelace’s poem resonates with us as we struggle against PC, onerous laws and attitudes that fear freedom of thought and speech. Legal action against Christians is rife, as is hatred for their very existence. Many are killed and many maimed, and all are persecuted to some degree, even in the West.

This is why we need the Internal Freedom Movement! Will you join?



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Let’s get it right!

The whole subject of ‘transgender’ is absolute wicked nonsense.

Those who claim to be the opposite sex when they were born as male/female, are, to put it bluntly, crackers. They are insane. Don’t mess about with sympathy for something that is obviously so stupid. Just a few years ago these ridiculous people would have been put into a psychiatric unit!

Nowadays, those who pretend to ‘treat’ them also deserve to be put away for supporting such bizarre and insane ideas. There is no psychology that can support this kind of absurdity and still remain intellectually sound. Rather, it is plainly abuse. And, when they talk so seriously about something that does not exist, well, I must smirk. They’ve lost the plot!

But, far worse, the whole country is being forced to accept this insanity as genuine and real, or else be taken to court!!!

It is not a case of the king’s new clothes – it is now the king’s entire clothing manufacturing complex!! And no idiot will tell the truth.

Yes, I mean ‘idiot’. I don’t care how intelligent someone is, or what their job is – if they support the idea of ‘transgender’ they are barking mad and don’t deserve to be called intelligent or to hold a serious ‘caring’ job.

All of this rubbish is coming from the homosexual lobby... a group of distasteful men and women whose intention is to destroy our children with homosexualised lies and deceptions, and to obliterate Christianity.

Friends, whether you are Christian or not, if you support, or even show sympathy for, so-called ‘transgenders’, then you are proving yourself to be deficient in mind and thinking. You are deforming your ideas and adopting the mindset of lunatics. And if you are Christians, you are seriously sinning against the God Who made just two sexes – male and female. There is nothing in between!!

So, if you are even mildly thinking of aligning with ‘transgenderism’, you are in a very bad spiritual place and out of phase with the Lord.

GET IT RIGHT! Transgenderism is a foul deception and it is determined to shape your child’s mind into homosexualism. You are either FOR or AGAINST it. Totally, not partially. And remember – after transgender will come a long line of other sexual idiocies. I am VERY clear about where I stand but are YOU??