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'Things We Won't Say About Homosexuality That Are True'

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Take It To Its Logical Conclusion!

Last night I watched a TV documentary (Channel 4, 19 March 2015) 'Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True' . It was written and presented by Trevor Phillips, who was once the Labour Party's Race Equality guru.

He amazed me by admitting that he had got it wrong! You don't expect frankness from a political figure unless they've been caught red-handed!!

He tackled things that are usually brushed under the carpet or abused by law, and his answers were 99% accurate. But, when he was interviewing his old boss, arch-enemy of Christ, Tony Blair, he agreed that they (Labour and himself) gave such liberality to pro-gay laws.

Now, he said several times that the reason so many people did not speak against a variety of race issues, was because they perceived they would be arrested, and because the media refused to allow them to speak the truth. For example, that the perpetrators of the Midlands under-age grooming and rape gangs were mainly Asian.


Hate Crimes & Hate Speech

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“Deliberate Distortion of Truth by Homosexuals”

Constantly, we hear homosexuals claiming supposed ‘hate crimes’ are being conducted against them. Most people think the term is substantiated by actual crimes of large proportion, and so homosexuals are right to bring it to our attention. But, is this correct? No, it is not! As with everything else claimed by homosexuals, it is a blatant and preposterous lie, a deception used to gather sympathy, as ‘evidence’ for demanding pro-gay laws to ‘protect’ them..

Let us now examine what ‘hate crimes’ and ‘hate speech’ are, and what is really happening. Yes, homosexuals are being attacked, but not in the hyped-up way homosexuals are claiming. But, so are other people being attacked (in much larger numbers)!

The definition of ‘hate crime’ does not help, because it relies less on actual facts, than on the ‘perception’ of the one making the complaint. And I can assure you that an homosexual will ‘perceive’ a wrong even when one does not exist! Indeed, gay activists invent incidents and ‘crimes’ so that they can give ‘padding’ to their complaints. Thus, someone can be arrested only because an homosexual says he or she ‘perceives’* the person hates him/her or is motivated by prejudice. This is not good law! And why have a separate category of ‘crime’ anyway, when existing laws adequately cover what happens? (2014 guidelines now say this is not a reason for arrest – but how many police authorities listen to it?).


No, Fry

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Stephen Fry had a huge number of good wishes when he 'married' his toyboy Elliot Spencer. (Daily Mail, 8 February 2015)

He said that this was the 'majority' view in the UK and he looked forward to a time when it was the total view.

For an intelligent man he comes out with a great deal of rubbish!

He is said to have about eight million fans on his Twitter account worldwide. It is logical to say that all of those letters of support came from his adoring fans worldwide and not from thinking adults in the UK.

He is also deluded by his own wicked sexuality into thinking the whole of the UK will one day accept the gay form of twisted thinking and sexual choices. No way! The majority he speaks of does not exist... rather, most are silenced by the law and by gay thuggery. They fear the intimidation and attacks from both government and gays.

At this time gays rule the roost and think it will always be so.


This is a blanket response to atheists and homosexuals, who have inundated our site to illogically defend Fry

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Firstly, we all know what Fry says, thinks, and the colour of his socks. This is because he is a 'celebrity' and a reasonable actor, and the media love to quote celebrities, especially when they become silly and off the wall.

Secondly, those who have launched into me from afar do not know me. I don't publicise my miseries and woes, or my failures for all to see. Therefore, many of the attacks have been from a basis of ignorance. You have no idea who I am or any qualifications I have to speak as I do.

Thirdly, we refuse to give a platform to either atheists or homosexuals. This is because we are a Christian website. It seems both sets are unaware of this. Your demands for me to reply to every attack leave me cold. And, mostly, I will not reply or allow you to dictate what we have on our site.


An Open Letter to Stephen Fry, 1st February 2015

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From K B Napier, Bible Theology Ministries commenting on an interview on 'The Meaning of Life' programme, unfortunately aired on RTE 1 TV, 1st February. (Guardian, 1 February 2015)

Oh dear. The trouble with a foul tongue is that the owner often trips over it.

My dear Stephen, as I teach Christians, I often have to say that atheists are stupid. Lo and behold – you have just proved me right. Sadly, many look upon you as one with superior intelligence... but your words and actions tend to disprove it; your intellect has not been guided by intelligence.


Church of Scotland is an apostate church and a synagogue of Satan

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Dear Sirs (Letter published by Highland News 12 December 2014)

After reading the report over 'gay revs' on the front page of Highland News (4 December 2014), certain things that are hard to say have to be said. We say them with deep sorrow and a heavy heart. For many it is known already, but the truth has to be formally recorded about the Church of Scotland. The national kirk is an ungodly institution run by godless, and graceless, men and women. The kirk is both a disgrace and a sinful blot on our nation's spiritual landscape, and shame on it. The scandalous evidence of its reputation is in the public domain for all to see. Instead of being a light in the midst of darkness it has blackened the nation by approving of practices which a holy God, and His unchanging word, condemns and abhors.


Wanted: Men with Vision, Conviction and Faithfulness

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We seem to be in a stalemate in church and state today. Problems are multiplying. The situation becomes more confusing year by year and we are in danger of losing heart: people are at a loss what to do. There is a great deal of activity but where is the substance? Maurice Roberts has said: "Wherever and whenever a religious movement ceases to produce the spiritual mind and the God-fearing life it has become a spent force." Those who may have a heart to do something about it are sometimes restricted by denominational barriers. If men with conviction and vision would join hands, who knows what might be achieved?


Are We Taking Error Seriously?

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Scripture and history tell us that the destruction of men's best interests is brought about by the reception of error. When churches embrace a lie rather than God's truth there is an inevitable spiritual and moral decline. R L Dabney wrote towards the end of the 19th century: "While German scholarship has been busy with its labours it has suffered almost a whole nation to lapse into a semi-heathenish condition." In the same era C H Spurgeon concluded: "Modern criticism, like modern theology, is like the sirocco that blasts and burns, it is without dew or suction, it proves itself to be unblest of God and unblessing to men." What can be said of the situation today?


Oh for a Sense of God!

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"What our generation needs is a sense of God," says David F Wells, who has done more than anyone to analyse the weaknesses of modern evangelicalism. Steeped as we are in atheism and secularism in society and worldliness in the Church, the times cry out for a sense of God. The present situation should vex the souls of the righteous from day to day. Only a movement from heaven is going to change the spiritual climate.


David Skinner (claimant) vs Professor Eric Anderson (defendant) Winchester County Court

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David Skinner is a retired teacher and pensioner who "attended a lecture given by Mr Eric Anderson (pictured) at Bournemouth University on 27th February 2012, entitled 'Open Lecture: Changing the Game - Gay Athletes then and now'.

During the lecture, David became increasingly concerned by Mr Anderson's hostility towards older people and especially Christians, whom Mr Anderson perceived were opposed to his own viewpoint, and by Mr Anderson's use of obscene language.

David was invited to ask a question during the Q&A session that followed the address. When he rose to his feet, he sought to preface his question by raising his concerns about the hostility and obscenity that had featured in Mr Anderson's lecture.


The corruption of the Western Education System by Muslim financiers

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The corruption of the Western Education System to achieve Islamificaiton and radicalisation of Muslims. Bridgette Gabriel of ACT for America exposes the agenda and strategy. A similar approach is being actively promoted by the UK Department of Education.

There is no pride in sin

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Letter sent to Belfast Telegraph 25 November 2014, not published.

Dear Sir

The corrupt use of the Holy Bible, God's word by Mr Andrew McFarland Campbell of Faith and Pride (24 November 2014) to try and justify the sinful behaviour of homosexuality and the God hating parody of same-sex marriage is neither Christian nor Biblical. It is gay propaganda.

The published agenda of homosexual activists is to create a society where the true Biblical values of what is good and what is evil are inverted, as demonstrated in Andrew Campbell's letter, and then legislated out of existence, as exemplified in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.


Report on 'Marriage Unapologetic' by Sir Paul Coleridge

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On Wednesday 19 November 2014, I went to an evening public lecture entitled 'Marriage unapologetic' at Swansea University by the Honourable Mr Justice (Sir Paul) Coleridge, Chairman of the Marriage Foundation under the heading of 'Theological Public Lecture Series' and in conjunction with the Lawyers Christian Fellowship.

Sir Paul started openly declaring how he became convinced of the truths of Christianity, but did not want his talk to have a moralistic or religious theme. (Sir Paul resigned from his position as a High Court Judge "after being given a formal warning by Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas and Justice Secretary Chris Grayling for judicial misconduct. An inquiry by the Office for Judicial Complaints, the body that polices the behaviour of judges, had found his speeches and newspaper articles (supporting traditional marriage) were 'incompatible with his judicial responsibilities'.") (Daily Mail, 19 December 2013)

Sir Paul's aim was to show the benefits of stable marriage (implicitly between a man and a woman, although never explicitly stated) over co-habitation for the benefit of society and the raising of children. He made a short passing reference to the horrible cultural distortions of marriage, but there was no explicit distinction between traditional marriage and same-sex marriage in his talk or the government's hard-line determination to change the concept of marriage beyond recognition. This was the elephant in the room throughout the talk.


British Red Cross is a ‘plus’ symbol for Political Correctness

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"A volunteer has been dismissed from the British Red Cross for protesting against gay marriage.

Bryan Barkley, 71, was told he is no longer welcome at the charity because his views are incompatible with its values.

The church-going pensioner received his dismissal letter after holding a one-man protest outside his local cathedral.

He held up a placard saying 'No same sex marriage' and 'No redefinition of marriage'.

Yesterday his supporters said the charity's action was shocking and it was punishing volunteers for their thoughts and views." (Daily Mail, 1 November 2014) also see (C4M, 3 November 2014)

Below are three letters written to the British Red Cross directors challenging their Politically Correct and fascist decision to dismiss Mr Barkley.


CEO at Marie Curie Cancer Care corrects Political Correctness

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On 20 October 2014, a Christian woman visited a Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity shop in Bournemouth and after making a purchase enquired whether they had any Bibles. To her surprise she was informed by the shop worker that they "do not sell them because it offends some people".

The Christian woman then decided to write a letter of complaint to Dr Jane Collins, the Chief Executive of Marie Curie Cancer Care, see below.


Suicide and immorality are part and parcel of the 'gay' circle

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Many parents of 'gay' children hate what their child has become, even though they love them as offspring.

The heart break, pain, turmoil and anguish when your child chooses to reject God's way and follow a life of sin is an almost unbearable trial. When a child or adult accepts the lie that they are homosexual, when we are all born hetrosexual, a vortex of self-destruction to the indivdidual starts with huge collateral damage to the parents, family and church as an integral consequence. (Huffpost, 16 October 2014, 7 January 2013)

No Christian parent can deny this, nor should they. Suicide and immorality are part and parcel of the 'gay' circle.



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It is reported by the BBC (8 August 2014, that due to a campaign by members of the British Humanist Association (BHA), Mrs Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary, said "there is no place for extremism 'anywhere in the education system'.

Funding would be withheld from establishments that teach creationism as scientific fact, Mrs Morgan said.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said the change brings nurseries into line with schools where funding can be withdrawn if there are concerns about 'extremism', pending investigation by Ofsted".


We Need to Discriminate Against Non-Discrimination!

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Arsenal FC fouls with their PC laces

There was a time not so long ago when people of any age and ability searched after knowledge and truth and were able to identify wrong information and propaganda.

But not today.

Today, people do not search for meanings of words and phrases. They just accept whatever garbage comes from PC Hitlers.

For example, this morning on the news we heard that Arsenal Football Club is to hold a non-discrimination day against 'homophobia' and to wear rainbow coloured laces at their match on Saturday with Manchester City.

"Arsène Wenger believes football has a responsibility to fight homophobia and has strongly backed this weekend's Rainbow Laces campaign.

Arsenal players will lace their boots with rainbow colours when they face Manchester City at Emirates Stadium on Saturday, showing their support to help end discrimination in the sport." (, 11 Sept 2014)


Get it straight! You are born heterosexual.

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"For over 10 years I lived the homosexual lifestyle, and for 34 years I have not."

This testimony of an ex-homosexual (David Kyle Foster) is not unusual, but very common. (CharismaNews, 18 July 2014)

It confirms my expert view (and I really do know what I'm talking about) that if the public actually KNEW what homosexuality stood for, about its aims, and the awful reality of its existence, they would NOT give it any support whatever! The only support comes from those who are themselves sexually perverse, or who are woefully ignorant... and this ignorance today comes about because Stonewall has used laws to protect and hide the truth.


How to create a Fortress Home:-Communiqués to Christian parents

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christian-parent-talk-logoChristian Parent Talk  have launched a courageous series of one-page articles called ‘Communiqués’ to encourage Christian parents to confront the world’s values which can enter the home and turn it into a battleground when it should be a fortress home. These have been posted on the internet at

The term ‘Communiqués’ have a deliberately wartime ring and are issued from a ‘War Office’ that urges Christian families to take a firm stand within the four walls of their home.


Footballer's 'coming out' is foul!

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Homosexuality is gaining ground NOT because it is true or valid, but because homosexual activists deny everyone else the opportunity to speak their mind or to be critical. Stonewall controls the media and government, and have almost entirely tied-up society so that it cannot speak the truth.

Former Premier League footballer Thomas Hitzisperger was the "Brave ace (to be ) first to come out". (UK newspaper headline, also Mirror, 8 January 2014 and BBC, 8 January 2014). Fellow retired footballer Gary Lineker immediately jumped to his side, saying it was a "brave move". It isn't 'brave' – it is just using current legislation to show one's self to be perverted!

More 'gays' are likely to now 'come out', complete with fanfares in the media.

Do you think this is sudden or unexpected?

Be assured that many more sports names will 'come out'... because they are being supported by Stonewall (BBC, 8 January 2014).


NARTH get it wrong - homosexuals do not have the right to self-identify

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I have a problem with this statement by NARTH in a recent press release:

“Individuals should be protected in their right to self identify as homosexual without fear of persecution. At the same time, individuals who experience unwanted homosexual attractions should also be protected in their right to voluntarily seek assistance to manage or overcome those attractions. The right to indicate our sexual or personal identity and to choose how to respond to our sexual attractions should be a universal human right.” (NARTH, 13 August 2013)

Individuals do NOT have a ‘right’ to ‘self-identify’ as homosexuals.

God does not give them such a right. Nor does morality.


Archbishop Desmond Tutu's blasphemy to promote gay rights

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who has been a long standing campaigner for gay rights, shows again his complete hatred for God and the scriptures by stating publically at a UN backed campaign launch in South Africa 'Free and Equal' to promote gay rights that:

"I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place."

"I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this."

"I am as passionate about this campaign as I ever was about apartheid. For me, it is at the same level," he added." (BBC News, 26 July 2013)

Any true Christian would be agasped at this brazen blasphemy of God, and His word the bible. Desmond Tutu is a wolf in sheep's clothing and an evil imposter calling himself a Christian, when the god he worships is Satan.

Shaun Willcock of Bible Based Ministries has recently published an article on Desmond Tutu showing just how abominable this man is. The lesson for Christians is to observe the scope of the hellish exhortations and pronouncements made by people like Tutu and to be prepared for their lies to become more extreme and the new godless morality, which will be used to persecute true Christian who stand by the word of God.


Hands off our Children! - Pedophiles call for same rights as homosexuals

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Paedophiles call for the same rights as homosexuals (North Colorado Gazette, 3 July 2011) , (WND Faith, 18 July 2013) - of course we knew this was next in line on the sexual agenda, along with porn for schools. The Sex Education Forum (SEF) which is the lead body guiding schools in sex ed, in their new magazine, 'the Sex Education Supplement', the SEF argues that children should be taught about pornography in sex education lessons "in order to know how to interpret it". The magazine points out in a 'Teacher's Wishlist' (p12): "we want teachers to know... that pornography is hugely divers - it's not necessarily all bad".


Gays are not ‘born this way’

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Gays are conscience-seared sinners

There is an information war being waged across the world to brainwash all people everywhere, to believe and accept without question that gay people of any GLBTQ behavioural persuasion are “born this way” and to equate sexual orientation with a person’s race.

Truth, scientific evidence, common sense and biology no longer matter. Gay’s and their sycophantic sympathisers, don’t give a fig as they excrete layer upon layer of disinformation.  Their strategy is simply to just keep repeating the "born this way" message across all media and get the politicians (aka polluticians) to legislate to reinforce the myth and silence any opposition to it.

A person who chooses to satisfy their lusts with GLBTQ behaviour is a conscience-seared sinner who is in rebellion against God (Romans 1). “Born that way” ( expands on the doctrine that homosexuality is a sin. NARTH also presents evidence based on “The Importance of Twin Studies” to debunk the “born this way” myth.


Annoying Bishops Utter Rubbish Again!

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The way churchmen pontificate about news items as if they knew what they were talking about! ('Carnage' of gun violence must stop, bishops say: Anglican Communion, 13 March 2013)

The gun violence in the USA is exactly the same as the rampant gun and knife violence in the ex-Russian Eastern Bloc countries, (brought to the UK by 'immigrants') in many parts of Muslim Africa, Mexicans who overrun the USA border, and... well anywhere!

The violence comes not from ordinary gun-owners, but from people intent on harming or killing!

The cause is not gun ownership – which is nearly always illegal for these violent men and women – but sin!


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