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The Effect of a Lone Voice

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Do you think your voice will make no difference? Take heart – it might have more effect than you think...

When I published my work on Quakers being non-Christian it brought many thuggish Quakers out of the woodwork – and one Quaker even started a whole new website just to hit back at me! That proved Quakers were rattled and that what I said had hit its mark. As truth often does. Similar shouting followed my work on the grotesquely Romanist Alpha course and even more when I tackled the Toronto Blessing.

All of them tried to intimidate and attack.

When my first VERY short letter was published (about 100 words!) summarising my AIDs research, the homosexual backlash was more than strident, followed by death threats, and mass complaints to the major media. Yes, it was horrific and I lost my job – but it was obvious that I had pressed the right button and that many people had read my summary. It was followed by ridicule in main Christian newspapers.

When I wrote my book against environmental nonsense and was critical of the ‘hockey stick’ graph devised by Michael E Mann, used erroneously in support of the false global warming scam, and debunked by climate scientists, Mann himself wrote a hefty rebuttal against me in a science article! Yet, I am a nobody!

This has been the pattern over the years, and such outright nasty stuff played a big part in ruining my academic career. But folks – it all proves just how effective my voice has been in fighting wickedness and error.

The same kind of nastiness comes at me time and again from within the churches so-called. SO?

At one time I tried to say only nice things and did not speak against the errors in the churches.

BUT GUESS WHAT? It made no difference whatever! The nasties stayed nasty, the ignorant remained ignorant, the bible dunces remained dunces... and people were misled by them. So, I plucked up courage again and rebooted the aims given to me by God. 

The purpose of this short piece is just to encourage the honest Christian to stay honest, and to NEVER cave in to evil men in any quarter, nor to be silent when God’s word is plundered or rewritten. Be vocal.

Write down your responses. Your voice WILL make a difference and God will reward you with peace.

Yes, you will be a target... but the real target is God, and the real victim was Jesus Christ on the cross.

Do you want to be known for your complicit silence? Or, for standing with your general in battle?


The Real Reason...

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The real, most basic, reasons why...

our ministry condemns and shuns homosexuality in all its hues is that God Himself condemns it AND homosexuals and because homosexuals harm society as a whole and persecutes believers.

The real, most basic, reasons why...

our ministry condemns Islam is because Islam is idolatrous and God hates idolatry, commanding us to reject it.

The real, most basic, reasons why...

our ministry rejects any call to help Muslims who invade Europe is that they contain many murderers AND because God says we must NOT help those who hate Him... and when they come they commit crimes.

All other reasons are just details! Christians – GET UNDERSTANDING!!!


It is not unscriptural to honour the birth of Christ

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Christmas is a weird set-up!

There are ads on TV from the Salvation Army (itself apostate) that base their appeal on Christmas, even though Christmas AS Christmas is an invention of the unchristian Roman Catholic church. The sentiments and emotional claims made for and by Christmas are both interesting and ridiculous. Suddenly everyone becomes 'mushy' at Christmas time, play Jingle Bells, and become a bit friendlier. Then they revert back to their usual sins afterwards!

But, how many genuine Christians know the difference between truth and their poor reactions?

For example, 'Christmas' as per Roman Catholicism, is unscriptural... but genuine Christians who tend to see the time as worthy are NOT being unscriptural. Sadly, some believers become so hyped-up against Christmas that any other Christians who have other ideas are lumped together with heretics and satanic groups such as the RCC! The REAL facts are these:


Stages of Evil - Satan's Strategy

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A long time ago (the 1970s) I warned about Christians letting sin into their lives, and described the process.

I repeat them here because they have proved to be correct, and we are close to being crushed. Bear in mind that these steps have only taken forty years to evolve. The pack of cards is ready to collapse.

First – Satan uses association with unbelievers. This helps to desensitise them to sin. This began after WW2 but gained momentum in the 1960s, a period of muddled thinking and youth rebellion.

Second – Satan starts to use the back door, usually while distracting the person at the front door.

When he enters he begins to slowly and painlessly introduce the Christian to wrong ideas and sins. Satan was content to let this happen, and for Christians to tackle 'big' issues... because they were ignoring all the smaller issues he wanted to bring in behind their backs. (This is Obama's method today).

This allows the Christian to think "Is this really sin?" Many Christians today do this, even though the sin they are thinking of is clearly denounced in scripture.

Third – rebellion starts to show its head in the churches, and bad pastors do nothing or little, for fear of losing 'their' congregation... though it is NOT theirs at all, but the Lord's... and when he allows these sins to continue he has already lost the congregation. God even says He will remove congregations from bad pastors. Don't rest easy about this – I saw the process begin way back in the 1970s. It is now endemic.

Fourth – Satan brings in bad civil leaders. And by this time Christians do almost nothing. They even allow their leaders to rid the country of everything godly and let them live publicly sinful lives, thus giving the green light' to all citizens to do the same. At this stage Satan knows he will have an unchallenged run!

He will raise up godless ideas and start to persecute Christians in the West. We are way past this stage.


'Britain First' not Christian (BBC Three)

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I just finished watching a programme on BBC Three. It reported on a group called 'Britain First'. (BBC for 30 days, 6 October 2015)

Supposedly a political group on the far right, and supposedly wanting to combat Islam in the UK, I found their views and actions disturbing. They use large white crosses but use foul language and even veiled violence.

Here at BTM we sincerely hope we do not come across to genuine Christians as racist or hateful towards Muslims. What we do is report and comment on actual Islamic terrorism and violence.

We acknowledge that at this moment in the UK 'moderate' Muslims far outnumber extremists.

But, as we Have noted many times, moderates tend to be harassed and bullied by those with terror in mind. It is a fact throughout the world.

Anything we write about concerning Islam is always measured and rooted in actual fact, whereas groups such as 'Britain First', from what I heard, cannot string together concepts in a logical way or use information in an accurate, factual way. At BTM we wish only to warn readers that Islam, based on the Koran, teaches violence towards, and death of, Christians and Jews. However, moderates mainly do not espouse such evil and we thank God for that.


Transgender Baloney from Kellie Maloney!

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Sorry, but I couldn’t help it! I had to use an humorous title for this short paper. Just a few years ago society would have laughed its head off at the utter nonsense called ‘Transgender’! And rightly so. Another word I would use is – pathetic. To think that people admit IN PUBLIC to being like this is truly pathetic. It is so pathetic it does not deserve to be on our regular publications’ list. Even so, my comments are to be taken seriously.

I take my cue from an article in the Daily Mirror, 4th June. Written about a boxing promoter named Frank Maloney who renamed himself ‘Kellie’, I am exasperated that a journalist should refer to him as a ‘she’, a woman! You can cut off bits and sew on new bits, but a man is still a man, and a woman is still a woman! Genuine scientists tell us that our DNA causes us to be born male or female (not counting those extremely rare cases where one’s sex is undetermined. But, these are physical mistakes, not examples of excellence!).


Gay Statistics don't Measure Up

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The gay community illusion

"A just-released Gallup survey says Americans "greatly overestimate" the number of their fellow citizens who identify as "gay" or lesbian, mistakenly believing about 23 percent of the population fits this category." (WND, 22May 2015)

This is how homosexuals maintain their power – by making sure everybody thinks there are more queers than 'straight'.

For those who are interested, my own estimate placed them at just 1.5%, some years ago... this survey proves

I was right. BUT to be even more precise, note this:– Even the figure of 1.5% (or 1.6% as in this survey) is ONLY A SNAPSHOT FIGURE. It is woefully wrong when shown over a period of time.

Even over a few weeks the figures can change dramatically.


Stop the homosexual march against reason, real debate and true thinking

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FAO Equalities Minister Caroline Dinenage MP, Minister for Women and Equalities and Family Justice,  (In reference to letter received by BTM  21 May 2015 from Government Equalities Office)

Dear Andrew (Andrew Odeleye of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Correpondence Team) 

Though the Minister is voted for and paid for by the people, I doubt if she will even read my retort, and you will dutifully protect her from its content, but at least I have contacted her.

1. I see that she did not vote for gay marriage because her constituents did not want her to. Good for them.

But, what this shows is that she thinks she can do as she wishes and will do so, possibly secretly, in future.

Like all MPs today, she thinks she is her own manager and can work without our consent, and without any kind of check or limitations. As such, she thinks she is her own authority, instead of what she should be – a representative of the voters. This means her own 'conscience' does not come into it... if she feels that strongly, she should stand down and get votes from someone else!

Apart from that, I have some questions to ask (again, because of the above mentality, I doubt she will answer).


Gays Can't Count

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Mistaking Interpretation for Fact

For thousands of years a jungle tribe lived on their wits, historical knowledge of their environment, and natural abilities. They knew every inch of their land, and every animal, insect and plant. They taught their children how to recognise dangers, such as tigers, water poisoned by algae, and steep cliffs.

One day, a man from the tribe, knowing all the dangers, begins to muse that a tiger is not dangerous. It is just misunderstood. The tiger has eaten three locals in the past week, but the man steadfastly continues to believe the tiger is misunderstood. If only the tiger could become part of the community, he said, it would live happily amongst us and be a friend.

One day, he was at the riverside and pondered on the bright red colour of a section of water affected by poison algae. The more he pondered the more he was convinced that the algae were not dangerous after all - they were a means of introducing colour into the drab lives of the locals. All that was needed was acceptance of the colour.

As he was out walking, he came close to a perilous cliff. He looked down at the rich vegetation and over towards distant mountains. He deduced that the cliff was really a philosophical break, between the life of the tribe and a better life out there somewhere. All that was needed for that better life was for the tribe to somehow bridge the gap. In his mind, the way to do it was to just jump off and fly. No-one had done it before. Therefore, any danger was only perceived and not actual.


Gays Are Unable to Critical

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“How Gays Make Fools of Themselves”

Whenever I write anything about homosexuals, I am attacked mercilessly, with wave after wave of vicious libel. It does not matter what the publication is, or what the subject is.

I have noted over the years that the reactions are usually the same. This is because they are all the same. Gays and pro-gays invent responses that spit out vile objections, and their feeble-brained supporters simply repeat them ad nauseum. That is why reactions found in newspapers, etc., are all the same. It is pathetic but they still do it. I urge you to read them for yourself.

Another thing to note is that no gay or pro-gay has anything to say! They bluster, yell, and whimper like little schoolgirls, but nothing substantial ever comes out. All you get are the usual suspects: 'bigot', 'hate speech', 'homophobe', etc.

But, what they don't reckon with, is that I will stand my ground. I never give in to fools and bullies! I know what I want to say and I will say it, because it is the truth. All gays and pro-gays can do is… wait for it… tell me that I really and truly want to come out of my closet, and I really and truly want to be xxxxx by gays! Well, that is quite edifying, isn't it? And doesn't it show us the sparkling wit and wisdom of gays and pro-gays? Oh yes, and in many other sites, they also use foul language and disgusting pornographic references. Shows what is top of their minds, eh?

So, don't expect wit and wisdom from gays. It just shows us how stupid they are, and how grossly ignorant is their mindset. Between them, they couldn't catch a cold. But they are very good at manipulating websites so that those who have superior arguments cannot be read, or be rated with five stars!


Homosexuality and the 'Sin Scale'

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“Are All Sins Equal?”

It is a truth that, to God, all sins are equal in terms of culpability. And when it comes to salvation, all sins are equally forgiven. Thus, for purposes of salvation, a man who murders 1000 people is no more culpable than a man who, say, has not committed any obvious sins at all. In the matter of salvation, the sins of neither will alter anything in their salvation, simply because 'sin is sin'.

This is possible for two reasons:

1. It is the principle of Sin that sends men to hell, not the many sins they commit every day. These resultant sins are caused by the inward principle of Sin, and it is this inward principle, the very core of a man, than sends him to hell. Thus, if we play the numbers game, a vicious killer who later repents and is saved, is acceptable to God, whereas a lifelong church pastor who has never been saved, will enter hell!

2. God chooses Who He will save. That is why the above factor must be treated carefully. No Christian knows exactly who will be saved in the future. Therefore, we must all witness to others and preach the Gospel. No person can be saved unless he has firstly been predestined by God. Most people scream abuse when they hear that, but it makes no difference at all to the truth.

What does this mean for homosexuals?


Ted Haggard & Everyone Else

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“We Can All Be Sexually Immoral”

Ted Haggard was president of the National Association of Evangelicals. Now he is nothing, thanks to his alleged foolish behaviour. Did he have sex with an homosexual over three years? Though the jury is still out on the verdict, the evidence appears to be fairly conclusive that he did.

But, for reasons I cannot fathom, both Christians and homosexuals are jumping up and down. The Christians do so with dismay and the homosexuals use it as an excuse for their own behaviour. So, what's the answer?

Each one of us can fail and fall. Each one of us could become, by choice, homosexual. That is because everyone on this planet, including myself, is what God calls a 'sinner'. That is, we fall short of doing what God demands, and what our consciences require. That goes for Christians, too. Not recognising this simple fact can lead to so many problems!!

The Bible tells us we are all sinful from the moment of our conception. Sin is our inward state. Only those who are predestinated by God can ever escape this state, Meanwhile, some go all the way and become 'wicked'.

In a Sunday study recently, one of our younger members reminded me that many younger gays he has come across do not think of themselves as 'wicked'. Sadly, this is because they have been brought up in a society that seemingly accepts their condition. They are unaware that most of society loathe what they do, but are too intimidated to say so. Again, sadly, a lot of homosexuals are ‘nice’ folks. Until, that is, gay activists influence them and they become hateful. (Ed. 2015 note: This ‘niceness’ has now mainly disappeared).


All Gays Are Heterosexuals

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“But Almost No Heterosexuals Are Gay”

Some gays claim they have been homosexual since childhood. Yes, of course, and there are good reasons for it, according to genuine research (I disregard pro-gay research, because it is prejudiced against truth).

Some very young children are groomed. So they grow up thinking gay is all there is. Others see and hear promiscuity and pro-gay scenes in their homes and on TV, etc. Yet others are drawn into the gay lifestyle because gay propaganda makes it seem so cool (well, in a way they are right - dead people are definitely 'cool'). Whatever!

But the main point to make is that ALL homosexuals, without exception, begin life as heterosexuals, and remain so. They can't get away from that. And this is what genuine research tells us: gays are made, not born.

Everyone is heterosexual at birth, because that is the way we are made. That is why people must 'orientate' themselves to become gay. No-one 'orientates' to become heterosexual, because it is a natural state! It is why large numbers return to heterosexuality, at least once, and some many more times; others permanently. Those who go back to being normal (heterosexual) from homosexuality, and back again, do so much like a drug user who returns to his habit. The habit kills him, but he returns (to homosexuality), such is the psychological reliance on his habit. He does not return because taking drugs is 'natural'. He does it because it is habitual.

So-called transgender issues are a farce. Men and women who wear clothing of the opposite sex are only gays in disguise, literally! They look and act pathetically, and at one time society was free to say so. Just because the law has been misappropriated by gays, don't think that everyone now accepts these weird looking people as normal, with or without bits taken away or plastic bits added! Remove legal restraints and gay intimidation and the truth will soon be expressed.

The whole academic transgender scene is just gobbledygook, full of theories that cannot ever be proved, and recommendations that cross the barrier of decency, morality and social good. It is just very bad science.

Which brings us to the point - WHY should we accept homosexuality as normal and good? It has brought us AIDS. It kills millions. It has increased the number of rare diseases amongst gays. It seduces children, at a time when they are far too young to make such choices. It is dumbing-down academic thinking. It wickedly trashes Christians and their beliefs… but far worse, gays act this way legally in the hope that Christianity will just fade away. Hard luck. It won't.


Jesus and Gays

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“Notes for the Clueless”

Inevitably, with monotonous regularity, pro-gays and gays bleat like sheep, that anyone who dares to oppose homosexuality is full of hate, spouting hate-speech. Even a pastor's wife says she ‘wants to cry’ because people like us speak against this most heinous of sins.

So, am I full of hatred? (Was Jesus full of hatred when He said the scribes and Pharisees were like vipers and whited sepulchres?). To date no-one has questioned what has been said - only that I have said it at all! I fail to see that presenting the facts about something constitutes 'hatred'.

In my work and study I am academically rigorous and know the difference between opinion and fact. But, most 'critics' I come across have no idea at all. They are clueless. Rather than face the truth, they shout abuse and will not even contemplate that what I have said is based not on my own views, but on scientific and medical facts. My 'critics', on the other hand, speak emotively, with scant regard for truth and facts. Their aim is to hate, not to know.

Laughably, many try to argue from scripture, though they are either atheists or just plain ignorant. They conclude that I must be full of hate, because there is nothing in scripture against homosexuality. Excuse me? Are they on the same planet? They also try to spread the myth that since Jesus did not mention homosexuality by name, then it must be okay to be gay! In academic terms, this is such a moronic statement to make, it is not worth looking at in detail. But, I'm going to anyway… but only insofar as to give an outline.

What homosexuals do, male and female, is called an 'abomination' by God. Romans 1 devotes its whole message to describing the evil nature of homosexuality. Other texts tell us that homosexuals (amongst other sinners, of course) will never enter heaven. Yet, homosexuals/sodomites use an inane excuse - "But Jesus did not mention homosexuality once!"

Invariably, 99.9% of all homosexuals will not be Christians (despite claims by some to be 'gay Christians', who, because of their sinful lives, cannot understand Biblical concepts or the theology that comes from it). They bluster, of course, and insist they are capable of understanding… but they are not. This is because their main task is to promote and maintain their sexual sins, which are gross. And, more importantly, God says that we can only truly understand what He says when we are filled with the Holy Spirit - and this only happens to Christians.


Gays and the Bible

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“The Truth”

Gays abuse Biblical text just as much as they abuse each other. So-called 'gay and lesbian Christians' also misrepresent and misuse texts to appease their own consciences and to try and convince others they are right. But, anyone who has a proper knowledge of the Bible can easily discern the error in what they say.

Genesis 13:13

"But the men of Sodom (were) wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly"

Those who believe the sin of the men of Sodom was primarily their refusal to honour the Eastern rules concerning hospitality should consider what this text is really saying. The word "wicked" is loaded with significance. It means: (1) Bad/malignant/evil (giving pain, suffering, hurt, misery, unhappiness, disagreeable, unpleasant, displeasing, valueless, worse than others, sad, unkind and of a vicious disposition. (2) Distress/injury/calamity/wrong. The word is based on the meaning: to break; to be broken into pieces; mischief.

Notice the profound meanings of this word? See how the Sodomites were vicious and unkind, unpleasant and malignant? See how they meant to harm and destroy and were of no value to society at all? And see how they were worse than others? This is a picture I readily see amongst homosexuals every day.

It is correct to say that, to God, every sin, whether big or small in our eyes, is deserving of His wrath. However, we are repeatedly told in scripture that Sodom is an example of extreme wickedness deserving not just eternal hell but also the temporal, summary penalty of total destruction. Sodomy is not 'just another sin', it is the culmination and expression of the depths of human depravity (see Romans 1) and Sodom has been given as an example of utter godlessness throughout the ages.

Also, look at the word "sinners". This word is an extreme expression meaning sinful; exposed to condemnation; reckoned to be offenders. It is a word which has the following root meanings: (1) To sin/miss the true way of right and duty; to go wrong; to be guilty and to incur a penalty. (2) To induce to sin/cause to sin; to bring into condemnation and to incur punishment.


Gays and Taboos

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"Crossing the Line

Though the following statement is concerned primarily with escalation of violence, it applies in principle to all taboos: "… taboo lines… normally restrain our most inhuman impulses. It can also lead people to take ever more extreme and unjustifiable positions."

It can also be applied to the general attitude of extremism and violence openly declared by gay activists toward those who reject their views, and to their general demeanour, which, in any decent society, is foul.

"Escalation is the increase in intensity of a conflict. Perhaps the most destructive conflict dynamic, the cycle of provocation and counter-provocation eventually results in the replacement of substantive debate with increasingly hateful and sometimes violent confrontations directed more at hurting opponents than at advancing interests.

This process plays a crucial role in the long slide toward war and the crossing of taboo lines which normally restrain our most inhuman impulses. It can also lead people to take ever more extreme and unjustifiable positions. Escalation alone is sufficiently powerful to transform what should be a tractable dispute into one that is virtually impossible to resolve."


The Gay Rights Charter

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“A Summary of What They Want”

Everywhere, gays (male and female) are claiming their 'rights'. Below is an accurate portrayal of what these 'rights' are:

"As homosexuals we have the following inalienable rights:

  1. Not to be questioned on anything, no matter how stupid is our claim.

  2. To lie to governments and people, without being accountable.

  3. To intimidate and commit acts of violence without restraint.

  4. To willingly contract fatal diseases, without blame.

  5. To willingly pass-on fatal diseases to all of mankind, without blame.

  6. To misrepresent the facts, whether social, scientific or theological.

  7. To force governments to ignore actual facts and to be as stupid and unbalanced as we are

  8. To reject all and any rational examination of the falsity we care to shove down the throats of all and any people and official bodies

  9. To bring mayhem and havoc to the streets of all countries, by flouting their laws, and then shouting 'abuse' when their police are rough with us

  10. To demonise those countries if they resist, so that other deluded countries force them to give in and allow us, as immoral people, to flood their country with evil, leading to disease and massive financial costs to the economy

  11. To bring about media control so that no media ever produce anything contradictory to what we really do or want, and suppress facts

  12. To control business and university policies, so that those who know the truth cannot speak it and are demonised

  13. To control law so that those who know the truth are criminalized or lose their jobs if they dare to speak out.

  14. To scream, shout, and abuse and offend anyone we wish.

  15. To seek legal and police action if anyone does the same back.

  16. To do the same even if people do nothing at all

  17. To deny freedom of speech to all and any peoples, because we say so

  18. To introduce false data to universities, medical, psychological and scientific circles, so that these will be used against the population and in our favour

  19. To prevent opposing views from surfacing and ruining our carefully constructed lies, and to subvert genuine research

  20. To make immorality the new moral.

  21. To pretend unnatural acts and thoughts are natural and good.

  22. To seduce children so that we can have as much illegal sex as possible

  23. To teach children in schools that we have a right to sodomise and otherwise sexualise them, even though parents object and common sense and morality reject our values – in other words, to groom them into being our future victims.

  24. To be thoroughly objectionable and evil and not to face the consequences of our actions.

  25. To pretend to be happy when we are all miserable

  26. To pretend, against the facts, that our sexuality is fixed

  27. To twist all known facts so that they are unrecognizable

  28. To spread lies and deceit in such a way as to bring about a 'following of fools' (politicians, medics, scientists, police) who support our false cause, making them more stupid than we are.

  29. To crush all Christians in particular, and to erect a false gay 'Christianity' in its place, so that we may ease our consciences our own way.

  30. To do the same with any religion that opposes us.

  31. To build societies completely under our control, with official sanctions.

  32. And to have Gay Pride parades so we can do whatever we like without police action being taken for our indecency

These are our inalienable rights, because we say so and idiots support us. We uphold the freedom of fascists and the individuality of Marxists, and denounce everything we have not constructed on the failing foundation of the rotting flesh of homosexuality. Anyone who rejects this Charter will be attacked with ferocity and foul-mouthed abuse.

Furthermore, those officials and governments we have already brainwashed will NOT repeal pro-gay laws after being shocked by the truth of what we truly are, because we command them not to."

Gays and lesbians who are 'offended' should remember that all the points above are taken from their own statements. And any 'offense' is NOT to their consciences but to the smooth-running of their agenda. They hate objections and pretend in oh so many ways to be put out. They bluster and criticise (well, they try to), but it won't work with those who know the truth.

Some, in their stupidity, try to say that all this constitutes 'hatred'. If you publish anything against anyone, even with good cause, it is 'hatred'. Such is the limit of their argument! The veins in their heads must be very close to bursting point, such is their viciousness and anger.

(Note: Each of these 12 articles (A-800 to A-812) were first published in 2006 on a news-article website, now closed down. They were then republished by Yahoo and rediscovered by us by accident.
At the time they were the top-ranked articles on the site, but homosexual activists hacked into the system to reduce their popularity - such is their free speech and tolerance! It is this fascism that proves the weakness and intellectual paucity of their arguments.

© October 2006

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United Kingdom

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© October 2006

Gay Secrets

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“Keeping Truth in the Dark”

After writing several articles about how gays are deceiving whole nations, I have received a number of well-crafted 'criticisms' (well, bumbling attempts anyway). Really, I didn't know I had so many fans! But I am now convinced by all your fine words and realise I am just multi-talented. Thank you all for your support. (P.S. Sorry, Mr Hagan, I didn't write anything entitled 'Jesus likes sending 9 year olds to hell'. You made it up, but I found it amusing).

As a reward to all my fans, I will now offer another article, so move to the starting line and get ready with your itchy keyboard fingers. Mr Hagan - are you ready? I'm sure you all have many great abuse-words already listed, ready for use.

This time we will look at the fact that gays are hiding the truth from society. They do it because they know the truth will bring an instant back-lash against them. I have already spoken about many of the things gays want to force on nations. So, as Mr Hagan puts it, let me tell you the truth again "through my very narrow lens".

"Time and again I have been described as someone who 'proved that homosexuality is genetic'… I did not." Guess who said that? None other than the gay icon researcher, Simon LeVay, the man every gay and pro-gay blindly quotes as giving 'proof' that homosexuality is natural and genetic! They do it, even though LeVay's work has been debunked by more researchers than there are gays in San Fransisco! They do it because they want to dupe the public. So, they keep any bad research a secret and call it 'good'.

Even more interestingly, ALL quotes I have given in my other articles are endorsed (or said) by leading gays. Did I forget to say that? That certainly makes monkeys of my critics. How many pro-gays will accept this to be true, when they slavishly follow LeVay and others, though their 'gay genetics' work is nothing but debunked nonsense?

Whilst I am being called a 'terrorist' for telling the truth, a rampant gay like Simon Sheppard is praised for telling us that he loves promiscuity (the backbone of gay society, though they try to hide it) and that gays are going to dramatically increase AIDS by indulging in what can only be described as filthy sexual aberrations. With gays there is no such thing as loving sex, only perversion wrapped in unrelenting impersonal lust. What Sheppard calls "unapologetic homolust".

Gay columnist, Michelangelo Signorile, says that unsafe anal sex was "quite common five years ago", but that it is now "making a come-back. It's the danger that makes this kind of sex so exciting." Yeah, right – yet they insist on reaping sympathy for having AIDS! It's yet another secret gays like to keep from the public, just in case all those Joes' and Jane's might just get the right idea about them.


Gays in Denial

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“Pride Comes Before a Fall!”

People who don't get out much tend to make up stories about their lives. They even come to believe them. Take fascist gays for example. You know, those gay activists who are so heterophobic they try to make 99% of the population criminals. Why? Because they know what gays already know - that homosexuality hasn't got a leg to stand on.

Though nothing in science or morality recognizes any credibility in homosexuality, gays cling hysterically to their corner, pretending all is okay. When anyone opposes them, they come out with all kinds of intelligent criticism. High-octane stuff like "Stupid", "bigot", "hate speech" and that quaint made-up word, "homophobic". No actual criticism, just words. Against such brilliant intelligence and rapier-like wit, I have no defense.

Well, in the midst of my angst (because gays don't like me), I bring you some stuff gays hate to be made public. Why? Because I don't suffer fools gladly… and there are now an awful lot of them out there, which I find queer. For all I know they might be ready to throw the worst critical denunciation at me for it… maybe even "fool", or "shut up".

"According to fascists, the decisions (of men) are dangerous for the survival of the species. Their range of choices therefore needs to be controlled, restricted, destroyed. They must be manipulated and dominated… you'll note that through some strange psychotic transfer, fascists do not (think of themselves as bad), but that 'others are bad'. Fascism starts with self-hatred that is always (projected onto) others." (Eric Coates, who translated 'Men are good. Period' from the French. It is an accurate portrayal of gay activity and characteristics).

"(We must make homosexuality acceptable) by using a carefully planned and calculated public relations propaganda campaign." But, "the critical thing is not to let the public know how it is to be done." The aim is to "reshape American law and society" and then "the rest of Western culture." And "First you get the foot in the door, by being as similar as possible; then, and only then… can you start to drag in your other peculiarities, one by one." And if anyone complains "demonize them!" "Identifying homosexual behavior as a choice must clearly be avoided, as this would open a can of worms…" (Kirk and Madsen, gays who wrote the 'gay agenda' in 'After the Ball'). Note they are hiding vital information from the public.

They also admit to making their claims to 'rights' a deliberately false ploy to get their own way: "Our campaign should not demand explicit support for homosexual practices, but should instead take anti-discrimination as its theme."

It is they who call it a 'propaganda campaign', one that would "normalize homosexuality… as an acceptable lifestyle, through planned brainwashing on a massive scale… This invasive 'marketing' strategy describes tactics to use the media, to desensitize, to jam and ridicule opposition, to make gays appear victims and to seek high-profile media, political and legal office."

See how gays deceive you? The quotes again came from Kirk and Madsen, whose ideas permeate all homosexual activities today. In their book they openly and defiantly proclaim the 'gay agenda', which would use propaganda, manipulation of leaders and demonization of anyone who opposed them. This same book launched the current maniacal gay movement and shows us the fascist nature of activists.

"Homosexuality is not normal. On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm. Nature exists whether academics like it or not. And in nature procreation is the single relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction. No-one is born gay! The idea is ridiculous. Homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait."

What a terrible thing to say! How dare I put it into this paper! He or she should be strung up for it! Okay, but guess who said it? Give up? The person who said it was… a lesbian leader! You'll find it in 'Vamps and Tramps' by Camille Paglia, 1994. Pages 70-72.


Gay Propaganda – Deception from Start to Finish

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“The Myth Makers”

In the original Pinocchio story, two very suspicious characters duped him into going with them to a town offering all kinds of earthly delights. He swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker!

After a while of sampling those delights, Pinocchio slowly saw the reality behind what was going on. The glittering prizes proved to be shoddy and perverse. Kicking himself for his stupidity, he got rid of the myth and all was eventually well.

Today, naïve Pinocchio clones are everywhere. But, it seems, they can't separate reality from myth. The worst social disruption and myth-making today is in the hands of gay activists. Their influence is vast and seemingly unstoppable… but who has bothered to check-out their claims?

Without doubt, gay activists are now master scenery manufacturers. They are making a whole town out of wood and string, in their attempt to get everyone on their side. Those they dupe are usually highly intelligent and in positions of influence. But, for all that, they are nothing but Pinocchios, duped by what they see and hear. They have been told things by gays - but have not looked behind the scenery. If they did, they would be shocked to find an empty space!


'Things We Won't Say About Homosexuality That Are True'

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Take It To Its Logical Conclusion!

Last night I watched a TV documentary (Channel 4, 19 March 2015) 'Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True' . It was written and presented by Trevor Phillips, who was once the Labour Party's Race Equality guru.

He amazed me by admitting that he had got it wrong! You don't expect frankness from a political figure unless they've been caught red-handed!!

He tackled things that are usually brushed under the carpet or abused by law, and his answers were 99% accurate. But, when he was interviewing his old boss, arch-enemy of Christ, Tony Blair, he agreed that they (Labour and himself) gave such liberality to pro-gay laws.

Now, he said several times that the reason so many people did not speak against a variety of race issues, was because they perceived they would be arrested, and because the media refused to allow them to speak the truth. For example, that the perpetrators of the Midlands under-age grooming and rape gangs were mainly Asian.


Hate Crimes & Hate Speech

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“Deliberate Distortion of Truth by Homosexuals”

Constantly, we hear homosexuals claiming supposed ‘hate crimes’ are being conducted against them. Most people think the term is substantiated by actual crimes of large proportion, and so homosexuals are right to bring it to our attention. But, is this correct? No, it is not! As with everything else claimed by homosexuals, it is a blatant and preposterous lie, a deception used to gather sympathy, as ‘evidence’ for demanding pro-gay laws to ‘protect’ them..

Let us now examine what ‘hate crimes’ and ‘hate speech’ are, and what is really happening. Yes, homosexuals are being attacked, but not in the hyped-up way homosexuals are claiming. But, so are other people being attacked (in much larger numbers)!

The definition of ‘hate crime’ does not help, because it relies less on actual facts, than on the ‘perception’ of the one making the complaint. And I can assure you that an homosexual will ‘perceive’ a wrong even when one does not exist! Indeed, gay activists invent incidents and ‘crimes’ so that they can give ‘padding’ to their complaints. Thus, someone can be arrested only because an homosexual says he or she ‘perceives’* the person hates him/her or is motivated by prejudice. This is not good law! And why have a separate category of ‘crime’ anyway, when existing laws adequately cover what happens? (2014 guidelines now say this is not a reason for arrest – but how many police authorities listen to it?).


No, Fry

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Stephen Fry had a huge number of good wishes when he 'married' his toyboy Elliot Spencer. (Daily Mail, 8 February 2015)

He said that this was the 'majority' view in the UK and he looked forward to a time when it was the total view.

For an intelligent man he comes out with a great deal of rubbish!

He is said to have about eight million fans on his Twitter account worldwide. It is logical to say that all of those letters of support came from his adoring fans worldwide and not from thinking adults in the UK.

He is also deluded by his own wicked sexuality into thinking the whole of the UK will one day accept the gay form of twisted thinking and sexual choices. No way! The majority he speaks of does not exist... rather, most are silenced by the law and by gay thuggery. They fear the intimidation and attacks from both government and gays.

At this time gays rule the roost and think it will always be so.


This is a blanket response to atheists and homosexuals, who have inundated our site to illogically defend Fry

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Firstly, we all know what Fry says, thinks, and the colour of his socks. This is because he is a 'celebrity' and a reasonable actor, and the media love to quote celebrities, especially when they become silly and off the wall.

Secondly, those who have launched into me from afar do not know me. I don't publicise my miseries and woes, or my failures for all to see. Therefore, many of the attacks have been from a basis of ignorance. You have no idea who I am or any qualifications I have to speak as I do.

Thirdly, we refuse to give a platform to either atheists or homosexuals. This is because we are a Christian website. It seems both sets are unaware of this. Your demands for me to reply to every attack leave me cold. And, mostly, I will not reply or allow you to dictate what we have on our site.


An Open Letter to Stephen Fry, 1st February 2015

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From K B Napier, Bible Theology Ministries commenting on an interview on 'The Meaning of Life' programme, unfortunately aired on RTE 1 TV, 1st February. (Guardian, 1 February 2015)

Oh dear. The trouble with a foul tongue is that the owner often trips over it.

My dear Stephen, as I teach Christians, I often have to say that atheists are stupid. Lo and behold – you have just proved me right. Sadly, many look upon you as one with superior intelligence... but your words and actions tend to disprove it; your intellect has not been guided by intelligence.


Church of Scotland is an apostate church and a synagogue of Satan

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Dear Sirs (Letter published by Highland News 12 December 2014)

After reading the report over 'gay revs' on the front page of Highland News (4 December 2014), certain things that are hard to say have to be said. We say them with deep sorrow and a heavy heart. For many it is known already, but the truth has to be formally recorded about the Church of Scotland. The national kirk is an ungodly institution run by godless, and graceless, men and women. The kirk is both a disgrace and a sinful blot on our nation's spiritual landscape, and shame on it. The scandalous evidence of its reputation is in the public domain for all to see. Instead of being a light in the midst of darkness it has blackened the nation by approving of practices which a holy God, and His unchanging word, condemns and abhors.


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