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All Gays Are Heterosexuals

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“But Almost No Heterosexuals Are Gay”

Some gays claim they have been homosexual since childhood. Yes, of course, and there are good reasons for it, according to genuine research (I disregard pro-gay research, because it is prejudiced against truth).

Some very young children are groomed. So they grow up thinking gay is all there is. Others see and hear promiscuity and pro-gay scenes in their homes and on TV, etc. Yet others are drawn into the gay lifestyle because gay propaganda makes it seem so cool (well, in a way they are right - dead people are definitely 'cool'). Whatever!

But the main point to make is that ALL homosexuals, without exception, begin life as heterosexuals, and remain so. They can't get away from that. And this is what genuine research tells us: gays are made, not born.

Everyone is heterosexual at birth, because that is the way we are made. That is why people must 'orientate' themselves to become gay. No-one 'orientates' to become heterosexual, because it is a natural state! It is why large numbers return to heterosexuality, at least once, and some many more times; others permanently. Those who go back to being normal (heterosexual) from homosexuality, and back again, do so much like a drug user who returns to his habit. The habit kills him, but he returns (to homosexuality), such is the psychological reliance on his habit. He does not return because taking drugs is 'natural'. He does it because it is habitual.

So-called transgender issues are a farce. Men and women who wear clothing of the opposite sex are only gays in disguise, literally! They look and act pathetically, and at one time society was free to say so. Just because the law has been misappropriated by gays, don't think that everyone now accepts these weird looking people as normal, with or without bits taken away or plastic bits added! Remove legal restraints and gay intimidation and the truth will soon be expressed.

The whole academic transgender scene is just gobbledygook, full of theories that cannot ever be proved, and recommendations that cross the barrier of decency, morality and social good. It is just very bad science.

Which brings us to the point - WHY should we accept homosexuality as normal and good? It has brought us AIDS. It kills millions. It has increased the number of rare diseases amongst gays. It seduces children, at a time when they are far too young to make such choices. It is dumbing-down academic thinking. It wickedly trashes Christians and their beliefs… but far worse, gays act this way legally in the hope that Christianity will just fade away. Hard luck. It won't.


Jesus and Gays

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“Notes for the Clueless”

Inevitably, with monotonous regularity, pro-gays and gays bleat like sheep, that anyone who dares to oppose homosexuality is full of hate, spouting hate-speech. Even a pastor's wife says she ‘wants to cry’ because people like us speak against this most heinous of sins.

So, am I full of hatred? (Was Jesus full of hatred when He said the scribes and Pharisees were like vipers and whited sepulchres?). To date no-one has questioned what has been said - only that I have said it at all! I fail to see that presenting the facts about something constitutes 'hatred'.

In my work and study I am academically rigorous and know the difference between opinion and fact. But, most 'critics' I come across have no idea at all. They are clueless. Rather than face the truth, they shout abuse and will not even contemplate that what I have said is based not on my own views, but on scientific and medical facts. My 'critics', on the other hand, speak emotively, with scant regard for truth and facts. Their aim is to hate, not to know.

Laughably, many try to argue from scripture, though they are either atheists or just plain ignorant. They conclude that I must be full of hate, because there is nothing in scripture against homosexuality. Excuse me? Are they on the same planet? They also try to spread the myth that since Jesus did not mention homosexuality by name, then it must be okay to be gay! In academic terms, this is such a moronic statement to make, it is not worth looking at in detail. But, I'm going to anyway… but only insofar as to give an outline.

What homosexuals do, male and female, is called an 'abomination' by God. Romans 1 devotes its whole message to describing the evil nature of homosexuality. Other texts tell us that homosexuals (amongst other sinners, of course) will never enter heaven. Yet, homosexuals/sodomites use an inane excuse - "But Jesus did not mention homosexuality once!"

Invariably, 99.9% of all homosexuals will not be Christians (despite claims by some to be 'gay Christians', who, because of their sinful lives, cannot understand Biblical concepts or the theology that comes from it). They bluster, of course, and insist they are capable of understanding… but they are not. This is because their main task is to promote and maintain their sexual sins, which are gross. And, more importantly, God says that we can only truly understand what He says when we are filled with the Holy Spirit - and this only happens to Christians.


Gays and the Bible

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“The Truth”

Gays abuse Biblical text just as much as they abuse each other. So-called 'gay and lesbian Christians' also misrepresent and misuse texts to appease their own consciences and to try and convince others they are right. But, anyone who has a proper knowledge of the Bible can easily discern the error in what they say.

Genesis 13:13

"But the men of Sodom (were) wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly"

Those who believe the sin of the men of Sodom was primarily their refusal to honour the Eastern rules concerning hospitality should consider what this text is really saying. The word "wicked" is loaded with significance. It means: (1) Bad/malignant/evil (giving pain, suffering, hurt, misery, unhappiness, disagreeable, unpleasant, displeasing, valueless, worse than others, sad, unkind and of a vicious disposition. (2) Distress/injury/calamity/wrong. The word is based on the meaning: to break; to be broken into pieces; mischief.

Notice the profound meanings of this word? See how the Sodomites were vicious and unkind, unpleasant and malignant? See how they meant to harm and destroy and were of no value to society at all? And see how they were worse than others? This is a picture I readily see amongst homosexuals every day.

It is correct to say that, to God, every sin, whether big or small in our eyes, is deserving of His wrath. However, we are repeatedly told in scripture that Sodom is an example of extreme wickedness deserving not just eternal hell but also the temporal, summary penalty of total destruction. Sodomy is not 'just another sin', it is the culmination and expression of the depths of human depravity (see Romans 1) and Sodom has been given as an example of utter godlessness throughout the ages.

Also, look at the word "sinners". This word is an extreme expression meaning sinful; exposed to condemnation; reckoned to be offenders. It is a word which has the following root meanings: (1) To sin/miss the true way of right and duty; to go wrong; to be guilty and to incur a penalty. (2) To induce to sin/cause to sin; to bring into condemnation and to incur punishment.


Gays and Taboos

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"Crossing the Line

Though the following statement is concerned primarily with escalation of violence, it applies in principle to all taboos: "… taboo lines… normally restrain our most inhuman impulses. It can also lead people to take ever more extreme and unjustifiable positions."

It can also be applied to the general attitude of extremism and violence openly declared by gay activists toward those who reject their views, and to their general demeanour, which, in any decent society, is foul.

"Escalation is the increase in intensity of a conflict. Perhaps the most destructive conflict dynamic, the cycle of provocation and counter-provocation eventually results in the replacement of substantive debate with increasingly hateful and sometimes violent confrontations directed more at hurting opponents than at advancing interests.

This process plays a crucial role in the long slide toward war and the crossing of taboo lines which normally restrain our most inhuman impulses. It can also lead people to take ever more extreme and unjustifiable positions. Escalation alone is sufficiently powerful to transform what should be a tractable dispute into one that is virtually impossible to resolve."


The Gay Rights Charter

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“A Summary of What They Want”

Everywhere, gays (male and female) are claiming their 'rights'. Below is an accurate portrayal of what these 'rights' are:

"As homosexuals we have the following inalienable rights:

  1. Not to be questioned on anything, no matter how stupid is our claim.

  2. To lie to governments and people, without being accountable.

  3. To intimidate and commit acts of violence without restraint.

  4. To willingly contract fatal diseases, without blame.

  5. To willingly pass-on fatal diseases to all of mankind, without blame.

  6. To misrepresent the facts, whether social, scientific or theological.

  7. To force governments to ignore actual facts and to be as stupid and unbalanced as we are

  8. To reject all and any rational examination of the falsity we care to shove down the throats of all and any people and official bodies

  9. To bring mayhem and havoc to the streets of all countries, by flouting their laws, and then shouting 'abuse' when their police are rough with us

  10. To demonise those countries if they resist, so that other deluded countries force them to give in and allow us, as immoral people, to flood their country with evil, leading to disease and massive financial costs to the economy

  11. To bring about media control so that no media ever produce anything contradictory to what we really do or want, and suppress facts

  12. To control business and university policies, so that those who know the truth cannot speak it and are demonised

  13. To control law so that those who know the truth are criminalized or lose their jobs if they dare to speak out.

  14. To scream, shout, and abuse and offend anyone we wish.

  15. To seek legal and police action if anyone does the same back.

  16. To do the same even if people do nothing at all

  17. To deny freedom of speech to all and any peoples, because we say so

  18. To introduce false data to universities, medical, psychological and scientific circles, so that these will be used against the population and in our favour

  19. To prevent opposing views from surfacing and ruining our carefully constructed lies, and to subvert genuine research

  20. To make immorality the new moral.

  21. To pretend unnatural acts and thoughts are natural and good.

  22. To seduce children so that we can have as much illegal sex as possible

  23. To teach children in schools that we have a right to sodomise and otherwise sexualise them, even though parents object and common sense and morality reject our values – in other words, to groom them into being our future victims.

  24. To be thoroughly objectionable and evil and not to face the consequences of our actions.

  25. To pretend to be happy when we are all miserable

  26. To pretend, against the facts, that our sexuality is fixed

  27. To twist all known facts so that they are unrecognizable

  28. To spread lies and deceit in such a way as to bring about a 'following of fools' (politicians, medics, scientists, police) who support our false cause, making them more stupid than we are.

  29. To crush all Christians in particular, and to erect a false gay 'Christianity' in its place, so that we may ease our consciences our own way.

  30. To do the same with any religion that opposes us.

  31. To build societies completely under our control, with official sanctions.

  32. And to have Gay Pride parades so we can do whatever we like without police action being taken for our indecency

These are our inalienable rights, because we say so and idiots support us. We uphold the freedom of fascists and the individuality of Marxists, and denounce everything we have not constructed on the failing foundation of the rotting flesh of homosexuality. Anyone who rejects this Charter will be attacked with ferocity and foul-mouthed abuse.

Furthermore, those officials and governments we have already brainwashed will NOT repeal pro-gay laws after being shocked by the truth of what we truly are, because we command them not to."

Gays and lesbians who are 'offended' should remember that all the points above are taken from their own statements. And any 'offense' is NOT to their consciences but to the smooth-running of their agenda. They hate objections and pretend in oh so many ways to be put out. They bluster and criticise (well, they try to), but it won't work with those who know the truth.

Some, in their stupidity, try to say that all this constitutes 'hatred'. If you publish anything against anyone, even with good cause, it is 'hatred'. Such is the limit of their argument! The veins in their heads must be very close to bursting point, such is their viciousness and anger.

(Note: Each of these 12 articles (A-800 to A-812) were first published in 2006 on a news-article website, now closed down. They were then republished by Yahoo and rediscovered by us by accident.
At the time they were the top-ranked articles on the site, but homosexual activists hacked into the system to reduce their popularity - such is their free speech and tolerance! It is this fascism that proves the weakness and intellectual paucity of their arguments.

© October 2006

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
United Kingdom

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© October 2006

Gay Secrets

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“Keeping Truth in the Dark”

After writing several articles about how gays are deceiving whole nations, I have received a number of well-crafted 'criticisms' (well, bumbling attempts anyway). Really, I didn't know I had so many fans! But I am now convinced by all your fine words and realise I am just multi-talented. Thank you all for your support. (P.S. Sorry, Mr Hagan, I didn't write anything entitled 'Jesus likes sending 9 year olds to hell'. You made it up, but I found it amusing).

As a reward to all my fans, I will now offer another article, so move to the starting line and get ready with your itchy keyboard fingers. Mr Hagan - are you ready? I'm sure you all have many great abuse-words already listed, ready for use.

This time we will look at the fact that gays are hiding the truth from society. They do it because they know the truth will bring an instant back-lash against them. I have already spoken about many of the things gays want to force on nations. So, as Mr Hagan puts it, let me tell you the truth again "through my very narrow lens".

"Time and again I have been described as someone who 'proved that homosexuality is genetic'… I did not." Guess who said that? None other than the gay icon researcher, Simon LeVay, the man every gay and pro-gay blindly quotes as giving 'proof' that homosexuality is natural and genetic! They do it, even though LeVay's work has been debunked by more researchers than there are gays in San Fransisco! They do it because they want to dupe the public. So, they keep any bad research a secret and call it 'good'.

Even more interestingly, ALL quotes I have given in my other articles are endorsed (or said) by leading gays. Did I forget to say that? That certainly makes monkeys of my critics. How many pro-gays will accept this to be true, when they slavishly follow LeVay and others, though their 'gay genetics' work is nothing but debunked nonsense?

Whilst I am being called a 'terrorist' for telling the truth, a rampant gay like Simon Sheppard is praised for telling us that he loves promiscuity (the backbone of gay society, though they try to hide it) and that gays are going to dramatically increase AIDS by indulging in what can only be described as filthy sexual aberrations. With gays there is no such thing as loving sex, only perversion wrapped in unrelenting impersonal lust. What Sheppard calls "unapologetic homolust".

Gay columnist, Michelangelo Signorile, says that unsafe anal sex was "quite common five years ago", but that it is now "making a come-back. It's the danger that makes this kind of sex so exciting." Yeah, right – yet they insist on reaping sympathy for having AIDS! It's yet another secret gays like to keep from the public, just in case all those Joes' and Jane's might just get the right idea about them.


Gays in Denial

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“Pride Comes Before a Fall!”

People who don't get out much tend to make up stories about their lives. They even come to believe them. Take fascist gays for example. You know, those gay activists who are so heterophobic they try to make 99% of the population criminals. Why? Because they know what gays already know - that homosexuality hasn't got a leg to stand on.

Though nothing in science or morality recognizes any credibility in homosexuality, gays cling hysterically to their corner, pretending all is okay. When anyone opposes them, they come out with all kinds of intelligent criticism. High-octane stuff like "Stupid", "bigot", "hate speech" and that quaint made-up word, "homophobic". No actual criticism, just words. Against such brilliant intelligence and rapier-like wit, I have no defense.

Well, in the midst of my angst (because gays don't like me), I bring you some stuff gays hate to be made public. Why? Because I don't suffer fools gladly… and there are now an awful lot of them out there, which I find queer. For all I know they might be ready to throw the worst critical denunciation at me for it… maybe even "fool", or "shut up".

"According to fascists, the decisions (of men) are dangerous for the survival of the species. Their range of choices therefore needs to be controlled, restricted, destroyed. They must be manipulated and dominated… you'll note that through some strange psychotic transfer, fascists do not (think of themselves as bad), but that 'others are bad'. Fascism starts with self-hatred that is always (projected onto) others." (Eric Coates, who translated 'Men are good. Period' from the French. It is an accurate portrayal of gay activity and characteristics).

"(We must make homosexuality acceptable) by using a carefully planned and calculated public relations propaganda campaign." But, "the critical thing is not to let the public know how it is to be done." The aim is to "reshape American law and society" and then "the rest of Western culture." And "First you get the foot in the door, by being as similar as possible; then, and only then… can you start to drag in your other peculiarities, one by one." And if anyone complains "demonize them!" "Identifying homosexual behavior as a choice must clearly be avoided, as this would open a can of worms…" (Kirk and Madsen, gays who wrote the 'gay agenda' in 'After the Ball'). Note they are hiding vital information from the public.

They also admit to making their claims to 'rights' a deliberately false ploy to get their own way: "Our campaign should not demand explicit support for homosexual practices, but should instead take anti-discrimination as its theme."

It is they who call it a 'propaganda campaign', one that would "normalize homosexuality… as an acceptable lifestyle, through planned brainwashing on a massive scale… This invasive 'marketing' strategy describes tactics to use the media, to desensitize, to jam and ridicule opposition, to make gays appear victims and to seek high-profile media, political and legal office."

See how gays deceive you? The quotes again came from Kirk and Madsen, whose ideas permeate all homosexual activities today. In their book they openly and defiantly proclaim the 'gay agenda', which would use propaganda, manipulation of leaders and demonization of anyone who opposed them. This same book launched the current maniacal gay movement and shows us the fascist nature of activists.

"Homosexuality is not normal. On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm. Nature exists whether academics like it or not. And in nature procreation is the single relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction. No-one is born gay! The idea is ridiculous. Homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait."

What a terrible thing to say! How dare I put it into this paper! He or she should be strung up for it! Okay, but guess who said it? Give up? The person who said it was… a lesbian leader! You'll find it in 'Vamps and Tramps' by Camille Paglia, 1994. Pages 70-72.


Gay Propaganda – Deception from Start to Finish

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“The Myth Makers”

In the original Pinocchio story, two very suspicious characters duped him into going with them to a town offering all kinds of earthly delights. He swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker!

After a while of sampling those delights, Pinocchio slowly saw the reality behind what was going on. The glittering prizes proved to be shoddy and perverse. Kicking himself for his stupidity, he got rid of the myth and all was eventually well.

Today, naïve Pinocchio clones are everywhere. But, it seems, they can't separate reality from myth. The worst social disruption and myth-making today is in the hands of gay activists. Their influence is vast and seemingly unstoppable… but who has bothered to check-out their claims?

Without doubt, gay activists are now master scenery manufacturers. They are making a whole town out of wood and string, in their attempt to get everyone on their side. Those they dupe are usually highly intelligent and in positions of influence. But, for all that, they are nothing but Pinocchios, duped by what they see and hear. They have been told things by gays - but have not looked behind the scenery. If they did, they would be shocked to find an empty space!


Michael Gove:- Christian Freedoms and the British Bill of Rights

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12 May 2015

FAO: Right Honourable Michael Gove MP

Dear Mr Gove

Re: British Bill of Rights

Congratulations on your new appointment as Justice Secretary and a very decisive and remarkable win for the Conservative party.

Mr Cameron said last Friday on the steps of Downing Street that he wanted “above all to bring our country together”.

In the Conservative Manifesto 2015 on p.44, “We will continue to defend hard-won liberties and the operation of a free press… Because the work of the free press is so important we will offer explicit protection for the role of journalists via the British Bill of Rights”.

Will this freedom extend to Christian websites like ours www.christiandoctrine.com where we openly comment on homosexuality, same sex marriage, Islam, government policy and the application of Christian Doctrine to the lives of Christians dealing with the issues of the 21 Century?


Freedom of Speech and Censorship has to be a major election issue #GE2015

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Letter to Victoria Debyshire at the BBC.

Dear Victoria

Re: Freedom of Speech and Censorship has to be a major election issue

There are 33 million Christians in this country and yet the values and oppressive intentions of all the main political parties towards Christians is a glaring omissions in the BBC's coverage of the General Election 2015.

Labour in their Manifesto 2015 say we will "We will take a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime, such as anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. We will challenge prejudice before it grows, whether in schools, universities or on social media. And we will strengthen the law on disability, homophobic, and transphobic hate crime." (p.54)

Thus Labour will further censor free-speech and criticism of Islam and Homosexuality, with criminal penalties for those who do.

How can we not have the freedom to criticise the barbaric acts done in the name of Islam or the draconian legislation of homosexuals and their sycophants?

Why should they have special rights when their intentions are overtly hatred to others? It's certainly not a moral right.


Mr Milliband – anti-intellectual and anti-freedom #GE2015

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This is an open letter to Mr Milliband, who will simply ignore what I say.

Dear Mr Milliband,

You are leader of the Labour Party, which, until now, has always been the 'soft end' of communism. I think perhaps the nation forgets what socialism is all about, whether it is founded on communism or fascism.

Cameron now owns the fascism label, so you must take the communist label. This is well deserved, given your intention to criminalise genuine Christians with seven years prison if we say anything that is not PC about either Islam or homosexuality.

I want to ask you something – WHO will be next on your Stalinesque list? What about those of us who reject the false science of environmentalism concerning climate change?


As a Christian I can vote for none of these #GE2015

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none-of-these-2015On 7 May 2015 I will be going to complete my ballot paper at the West Cross, Swansea West polling station. I will not be entering a vote for any candidate, but will spoil my ballot paper with the following words:

"As a Christian I can vote for none of these."

I will have my vote counted as a spoilt ballot paper and make it clear to the counting officer why.

Who will join me in doing the same?


What Are Christians Voting For? #GE2015

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general-election-2015-uk-dreamstime xs 6768392I – and now James Waddell – have already stated that we refuse to vote.

We have given our reasons why. We will not even vote for UKIP.

As this will be one of our last posts before the election, let me be even more clear about what Christians are voting for.

We are voting for pro-gay laws and Islamic hatred, to continue and to grow exponentially. There will be no gradual process. The attacks on us will be swift and vicious. The Islamic genocide (no doubt approved by homosexuals... until THEY are also targeted, which they already are) will continue and more murders of Christians and Jews will come about, thanks to UK governmental stupidity and deliberate godless policies.

We are voting for a Party system. This is a system God cannot accept.

The Party system is onerous and oppressive. It produces MPs who MUST obey the Party rules, leaders and policies. None of these things can be found in democracy (the closest we have to acceptable practices but still not biblical). It is a pernicious system wherein a Party stands OUTSIDE what voters want! It decides what IT wants to do, and MPs portray this external demand in their work. In reality, MPs, who SHOULD be our servants, are actually the servants of their Party. This is why they cannot do our bidding, though this is what they are paid to do.

So, when Christians vote they are NOT voting for a true democratic system, but for a system that determines WHAT we may vote for, regardless of our wishes as a nation!! It is why we are lumbered with the EU, and many wicked laws. Parties are laws unto themselves; they parade what THEY wish us to vote for, thus censoring our choices. The Party system stinks and has reached the nostrils of Almighty God.

We are voting for corrupt MPs and government. Do you think that the only corruption is the fiddling of expenses (which is STILL going on despite public outrage)? Then you are either misinformed or easy to placate!


Satan's values are weaved in UKIP's Manifesto #GE2015

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ukip-valuing-our-christian-heritageThe UK General Election 7 May 2015 will, without doubt, be a pivot point in the history of the United Kingdom.

For Christians it is obvious that the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats, SNP and Green parties are open and defiant in their manifestos that they will censor and criminalise any opposition of homosexuality and want to promote LGBT values across the world with a global marketing style campaign including special envoys tasked with that mandate. It is easy therefore to dismiss voting for those parties, no matter what the merits or otherwise might be of their other policies.

Can a Christian Vote UKIP?

What about UKIP? Can a Christian before the Lord in good conscience vote for UKIP?

UKIP the party and many of its leaders and supporters are warm, friendly decent people, wanting the best for the UK. UKIP’s policies on the main headline themes are what a Christian can sign-up for without a problem.

But what is the number one issue for Christians and for the future of the UK? It is the values and laws that underpin a party and subsequently the nation. Do they comply with God’s moral and eternal laws established from the Creation of the world? Yes or No.

UKIP have published a warm and inviting document to solicit the vote of Christians “Valuing our Christian Heritage”. That is indeed the message of the document, but with major provisos that essentially mean we have to accept the following:


The problem with UKIP's 'Christian' Manifesto 2015 #GE2015

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The problem is this and ONLY this...

Though UKIP issued this assurance, it has also said that Christians must toe the line of culture found in the 'British values'.

This will be enforced by UKIPs culture minister, Peter Whittle – an homosexual.

UKIP says it will not try to reverse any gay laws.

Who do you think would win the battle? UKIP or Stonewall??

In many ways UKIP is the 'best of a bad bunch', but don't be deceived because of desperation!


Miliband will criminalise free speech #GE2015

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Threats of murder against Christians and non-Muslims is endemic throughout the world. Threats of death are made in the UK, the rest of Europe, and the USA, and Christians in particular are murdered in orchestrated genocide throughout the Middle East and beyond!

The UK government stands by and promotes this murderous false religion Islam, JUST FOR VOTES. (Gatestone Institute, 30 April 2015)

Miliband is set to hand us over to the Islamic rulers as if it was a good thing!!!

 'The Labour Party Manifesto pledged to take a "zero-tolerance approach to hate crime"  (p.54) regarding the growth of Islamophobia as well as anti-Semitism. "We will challenge prejudice before it grows, whether in schools, universities or on social media. And we will strengthen the law on disability, homophobic, and transphobic hate crime,"  (p.54) it said'. (Labour Manifesto 2015) (Pamela Geller, 27 April 2015)

We are seeing the resurgence of militant Marxism in our lifetime, just a few years after we saw the Berlin Wall come down.

Labour will also send us to prison for having non-PC views on homosexuality.

SO PLEASE – DON’T TELL ME YOU ARE VOTING FOR PEACE AND TOLERANCE! We are being pushed into a modern Warsaw ghetto.

If you can’t see that, then I fear all the more. The axe is ready to fall, and we have brought it down upon our own heads.

WE HAVE WARNED... vote for ANY Party and you vote for your own demise!!

This particularly applies to Labour.

And if Labour comes in it will ban our posts on Islam and homosexuality.

Ignore at your peril.


Politicians simply don't get it - they are servants of the people #GE2015

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This morning (BBC 2 Jeremy Kyle Show) I heard the Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg spouting about what his Party will do if they win the majority. HIS Party??? What arrogance.


MPs are servants of the people. I am NOT INTERESTED in what you 'offer' or promise!

You must do what the voters want, NOT what your Party wishes to do!!

You must hear what we say and do it. No arguments! That is what you are paid for.


UKIP's Manifesto 2015:-...are intolerant of true Christian Beliefs #GE2015

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For those who were clinging to UKIP as a last resort... below is what UKIP says about our main concern – freedom of Christians and the homosexual drive to eliminate us.

Remember that the one who is in charge of UKIPs 'culture' department is homosexual!!

[Peter Whittle is the UKIP Culture and Communities Spokesman, a self-confessed homosexual "as a gay man" (Standpoint, May 2010) and a parliamentary UKIP candidate. A homosexual is by definition anti-Judaeo-Christian values. This appointment will have a major impact on how UKIP executes any future strategies. He is also a founder of the New Culture Forum that advises Westminster.]



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Below I pose a fundamental question to submit to your prospective candidates in the General and Local elections on May 7th 2015:

Why are we no longer a nation of free men and women under God’s rule to discuss or question those things that goes against His laws without being accused of a hate crime, when in fact the real hatred comes from those who whilst professing diversity, tolerance, inclusion and live and let live express a deep intolerance and naked hatred of whatever is true, righteous, pure, just and merciful.

These are the ‘Jesuis Charlie Hebdo’ tolerance crowd who whilst wanting to reach out in bridge building to Islam and the gaystapo are prepared to commit violence against those who want to protect the right of every child to have both a father and mother.

We are told that over a million people turned out onto the streets of Paris on Sunday 11th January 2015 to stand in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. Indeed the BBC spent almost the entire day covering the event. And yet it turned into a macabre out- pouring of mawkish sympathy for Muslims lest they should fee discomforted or excluded by what some of their fellow adherents to Mohammed had done. Indeed the spirit of this event was captured when the crowd sang along with the drug fuelled and psychedelic Beatles song, “Imagine” [1]. It could equally have been Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. Both records describe a world devoid of antithesis, of male and female, of good and evil, of light and dark, of victim and criminal. It is a fantasy world where Hitler and Satanists rub shoulders with Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa. Everything is Paneverythingism .


UK Politicians trade General Election promises like stock #GE2015

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Party General Election 2015 Promises are like shop-stock"If we win the election we will..." do this or that.

Each Party is making these promises.

But, do you recognise what is really going on?

Parties are offering rewards to those who vote for them.

It is nothing but marketing of Party stock.

Anything wrong with that?

Yes – there is everything wrong with it!

Why is it wrong?



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The Christian Party have published a concise and encompassing set of British Values for the General Election 2015 'THE 2015 DECLARATION OF BRITISH VALUES' and are inviting Parliamentary Candidates of all parties to sign them as a pledge on a personal basis.

The Christian Party's declaration resets the definition of British Values on the basis of Biblical principles and traditional Judaeo-Christian values. BTM concur with this declaration.

The declaration is a clear counter to the new interpretation of British Values by Theresa May of the Conservative Party in her Prevent Strategy and by government agencies where anybody who opposes the immoral pro-homosexual laws of the UK would by definition be considered an extremist.

The only problem the declaration does not address is that the individual parliamentary candidates of the main political parties when elected will have a party whip over them to fall in line and vote for the policies of their Party Manifesto. It has been proven over many years that the party leaders and thier members of parliament want to obliterate all semblance of traditional Bible based morality and reengineer a society based around Sodom and Gomorrah.


On Public Record - the Politics of Tomorrow #GE2015

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"The politics of tomorrow will be mainly fascist coupled to Marxism – a fusion of all that is ungodly."

I do not think for one minute that my warnings about the coming political scene are heeded. No doubt some even smile and think I have lost my senses. Even so, I speak out as a record of the warnings, to remind people that they were warned.

I have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of fascism and its various forms, from Nazi Germany to now. I have a similar knowledge of communism.

That is why I warn that the politics of tomorrow will be mainly fascist coupled to Marxism – a fusion of all that is ungodly. All the signs are there.

This afternoon, between other duties, I watched an old war film about a Nazi take-over of a Norwegian village, the way one man escaped to inform the British of what was happening at a German airfield, and a successful raid by commandos. The main point of interest for me was how the German occupiers started their reign and pushed it to the extreme.

It was the same in Jersey, and in many countries overtaken by the Nazis.

And it is happening today where ISIS etc., are in force.


No, No, and No Again! #GE2015

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I WILL NOT VOTE for ANY Party that harms, or intends to harm, Christians, and that hates God openly

Some think I am being silly not to vote.

Some are afraid NOT to vote. Sadly, they have an inflated idea of their influence over their MPs.

But, my reason still stands firm... I WILL NOT VOTE for ANY Party that harms, or intends to harm, Christians, and that hates God openly. I have every right to speak this way after being attacked time and again by homosexuals and their supporters, over many years.

The ugly way in which ALL parties follow the gay mantra is enough for me to remove myself from voting. Let homosexuals do what they do, so long as it isn't in public and is not used to ruin my life, or to groom children!

You might say that if I don't vote, I cannot get involved with trying to change policies.

Frankly, I no longer care!


The Ark: BBC 1 (30 March 2015)

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I promised to review this one-off programme, The Ark shown on BBC1 on Monday 30 March 2015.

Is it not the way of things... pen and paper to hand, my TV began to experience massive glitches and 'freezing' of both vision and sound!! (Something to do with weather) and I missed huge chunks of the film.

So, I can only offer a VERY brief observation of what I managed to see.

The first is the TV blurb itself, which inadvertently warned of the programme's coming problems!

It said: "Epic one-off drama telling the story of Noah: a man who risks everything to save the people he loves. A retelling of the classic tale, fusing elements from the Bible and Qur'an."

There you have it in a nutshell. Typical BBC hatred for the genuine biblical message and an insult to genuine Christians.

1. It did not tell the story of Noah – it gave a very skewed novel-writer's approach to the biblical facts.

2. Noah did not "risk everything" – he faithfully obeyed God and knew he would not lose anything, but would gain God's care, help and rewards.

3. It was NOT his aim to save those he loved – Noah did what he did out of obedience to God! That he also saved his family was just a bonus.

4. Calling it a "classic tale" is another way of calling it a myth, which it was, and is, not.

5. And fusing Bible and Qur'an is a major insult to Christians and God. Mohammed plagiarised huge parts of the Old Testament/Torah so as to mix it with his odd ideas of what life is and Who God is. And he got it all wrong! Where the Qur'an agrees with the Old Testament there can be no argument. But, where it says something different from the Old Testament, the Qur'an has got it wrong. Simple as that. In other words we cannot 'fuse' Bible and Qur'an!


A Question on Marriage for Mr Cameron #BBCAskThis #GE2015

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The BBC are asking for video questions to ask the politicians in the run up to the General Election 2015. You can get full details here on #BBCAskThis.

Here is our first contribution to the General Election 2015 debate asking Mr Cameron the rhetorical question on why Christians should vote for the Conservative party. It is clear that a true Christian cannot vote for any of the major political parties as they all want to advance homosexual rights, gay marriage worldwide, homosexualise our children and UK society and censor the Bible.

We would encourage all Christians to submit a video question on marriage and the other perverse legislation introduced in the last 5 years and the proposals in each party's manifestos to sodomise the UK and world.

Here is the transcript of the question:

"Prime Minister, why should the 33 Million Christians in this country

and others vote for you and your Conservative party when,

without a mandate from the British people,

you made it your personal mission

to destroy the true meaning of marriage, as a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman?"


The Gay Philosophy of the Conservative Party Leadership

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Mr Conor Burns
MP Bournemouth West
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 0AA



Dear Mr Burns

As we approach the General Election on the 7th May 2015, I wish to address the Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) philosophy that you represent. I see that you took part recently in a conference for “leveraging” homosexuals into position of leadership in the Britain [1], which I find curious since the Home Secretary, Theresa May has said, “We now have more openly gay MPs and openly gay ministers than ever before.” [2]

LGBTs are at the heart of government, the BBC and nearly every public service. The fact that the radicalising gay organisation, Stonewall has commandeered the V&A Museum to conducts its awards ceremonies, every November, involving not only bestrewing awards on the gay glitterati - actors, MPs, writers, sports personalities, dancers, pop musicians, theatre and film directors and TV presenters- but slandering and insulting Christians like Michael Scott Joynt, the Bishop of Winchester with impunity, demonstrate the LGBTs are not an oppressed victim group. [3] What is it exactly that society has to surrender, that has not been surrendered already, apart from our children and grandchildren?


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