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50 Shades...

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Every Christian ministry has produced a long detailed report on the film '50 Shades of Grey'

So, here's my two penny worth...

It is just sin. And Christians have no business watching it, or reading the book.

To do so would be to tarnish a claim to faith, with the desire to watch pornography.

I don't need to see the film or read the book – there are plenty of summaries around.

It is just one of several thousand similar films produced every year by pornographers.

It is simple – don't go to the cinema to watch it. Don't watch a video in secret.


Hate Crimes & Hate Speech

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“Deliberate Distortion of Truth by Homosexuals”

Constantly, we hear homosexuals claiming supposed ‘hate crimes’ are being conducted against them. Most people think the term is substantiated by actual crimes of large proportion, and so homosexuals are right to bring it to our attention. But, is this correct? No, it is not! As with everything else claimed by homosexuals, it is a blatant and preposterous lie, a deception used to gather sympathy, as ‘evidence’ for demanding pro-gay laws to ‘protect’ them..

Let us now examine what ‘hate crimes’ and ‘hate speech’ are, and what is really happening. Yes, homosexuals are being attacked, but not in the hyped-up way homosexuals are claiming. But, so are other people being attacked (in much larger numbers)!

The definition of ‘hate crime’ does not help, because it relies less on actual facts, than on the ‘perception’ of the one making the complaint. And I can assure you that an homosexual will ‘perceive’ a wrong even when one does not exist! Indeed, gay activists invent incidents and ‘crimes’ so that they can give ‘padding’ to their complaints. Thus, someone can be arrested only because an homosexual says he or she ‘perceives’* the person hates him/her or is motivated by prejudice. This is not good law! And why have a separate category of ‘crime’ anyway, when existing laws adequately cover what happens? (2014 guidelines now say this is not a reason for arrest – but how many police authorities listen to it?).


What is my personal 'take' on Islam? A brief summary

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Another two westerners killed by a Muslim, this time in Copenhagen. (The Telegraph, 15 February 2015)

It is a foretaste of things to come. (The Telegraph, 15 February 2015)

Muslim killers murder people in the name of a false god, Allah.

The falseness of their 'god' is not the real issue, for false gods have been worshiped for millennia. The true God will deal with them.

But, when Muslims cause harm to others, they must be dealt with through courts, police and the military. I believe Muslim terrorists (ALL terrorists) should be shot on sight and no publicity given. This is because they are psychopathic and will attack again. They have waged war against people for no reason.

These Islamists, then, must come under the law with strictness.

So-called 'moderate' Muslims are only as moderate as present Islamic numbers. When we reach the tipping point, many more will bring about the destruction of westerners. They are undermining freedoms and free speech, and so these must be dealt with by law (when they breach it) and by social condemnation.

If they are quiet and agreeable they must prove their acceptance of western values (NOT including homosexuality!) and not preach hatred for Christians or any other group. The Islamic population should not be allowed to grow larger by immigration, nor be given special privileges.

That is about it..


No, Fry

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Stephen Fry had a huge number of good wishes when he 'married' his toyboy Elliot Spencer. (Daily Mail, 8 February 2015)

He said that this was the 'majority' view in the UK and he looked forward to a time when it was the total view.

For an intelligent man he comes out with a great deal of rubbish!

He is said to have about eight million fans on his Twitter account worldwide. It is logical to say that all of those letters of support came from his adoring fans worldwide and not from thinking adults in the UK.

He is also deluded by his own wicked sexuality into thinking the whole of the UK will one day accept the gay form of twisted thinking and sexual choices. No way! The majority he speaks of does not exist... rather, most are silenced by the law and by gay thuggery. They fear the intimidation and attacks from both government and gays.

At this time gays rule the roost and think it will always be so.


Welby, Friend of Sin and Wicked People

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What we have here is an apostate archbishop of a non-Christian church supporting an atheist in his hate against the archbishop's own God! (Telegraph 4 February 2015) (MSN, 5 February 2014)

"The Most Rev Justin Welby insisted that the atheist comedian and writer had a God-given right to express his beliefs and should not be abused by Christians for doing so."

How weird (and blasphemous) is that?

The archbishop, like all the foul-mouthed atheists and homosexuals who have attacked us for what we said to Fry, is as godless as they are.

Anglicanism has always been in the pocket of Roman Catholicism (which honestly does not call itself 'Christian'), and has moved away from genuine Christian faith for several decades, as many publications have pointed out over the last century.


Muslims Throw Gays to Their Deaths

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Here we have a warning for all homosexuals. 

Though God requires your death, He says He will wait until the end of time before He sends you to eternal hell.

The only way out is to be saved. But, few of you will not even look at the Gospel, for fear of losing your sexual perversity.

In reality homosexuals should be thrown out of a country... but no-one has the guts to do this.


This is a blanket response to atheists and homosexuals, who have inundated our site to illogically defend Fry

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Firstly, we all know what Fry says, thinks, and the colour of his socks. This is because he is a 'celebrity' and a reasonable actor, and the media love to quote celebrities, especially when they become silly and off the wall.

Secondly, those who have launched into me from afar do not know me. I don't publicise my miseries and woes, or my failures for all to see. Therefore, many of the attacks have been from a basis of ignorance. You have no idea who I am or any qualifications I have to speak as I do.

Thirdly, we refuse to give a platform to either atheists or homosexuals. This is because we are a Christian website. It seems both sets are unaware of this. Your demands for me to reply to every attack leave me cold. And, mostly, I will not reply or allow you to dictate what we have on our site.


An Open Letter to Stephen Fry, 1st February 2015

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From K B Napier, Bible Theology Ministries commenting on an interview on 'The Meaning of Life' programme, unfortunately aired on RTE 1 TV, 1st February. (Guardian, 1 February 2015)

Oh dear. The trouble with a foul tongue is that the owner often trips over it.

My dear Stephen, as I teach Christians, I often have to say that atheists are stupid. Lo and behold – you have just proved me right. Sadly, many look upon you as one with superior intelligence... but your words and actions tend to disprove it; your intellect has not been guided by intelligence.


British Values are Christian

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Submitted to the Prevent Strategy consultation 30 Januray 2015.

Dear Sirs,

I wish to make a simple and fundamental point for you to consider in your consultation..

My point is that it is simply astonishing that your definition of "British Values" in the Prvent Strategy makes no mention at all of Christianity. It is absolutely undeniable that Great Britain has been founded on Christian values derived from the Bible. You have only to think of the Coronation, at which Her Majesty is handed a Bible as "The Most Precious Gift that this Earth Affords" to see the truth of what I'm saying. You simply cannot whitewash our history to obliterate our Christian and Biblical core---it would be a heinous crime to do so. And yet there is a very real prospect that the legislation you propose to introduce will have exactly this effect in suppressing Biblical truth and oppressing all who strive to uphold it. Can this really be your intention?


“Prevent Strategy is the Creation of a Police State by the delegation of monitoring duties in the UK”

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BTM:- Prevent Strategy Consultation Response 30 January 2015

In Theresa May’s speech to the Conservative Party Conference September 2014, she said:

“And I want to tell you about another change we intend to make. As part of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, Prevent has only ever been focused on the hard end of the extremism spectrum. So the Home Office will soon, for the first time, assume responsibility for a new counter-extremism strategy that goes beyond terrorism.

This strategy will be devised and overseen by the Home Office, but its implementation will be the responsibility of the whole of government, the rest of the public sector, and wider civil society. It will aim to undermine and eliminate extremism in all its forms - neo-Nazism and other forms of extremism as well as Islamist extremism - and it will aim to build up society to identify extremism, confront it, challenge it and defeat it. (, 30 September 2014)

In the Terrorism Act 2000 the word ‘Extremism’ cannot be found. 


The Coming UK Elections 2015. What’s the Choice?

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The choice in ancient Greece was between two leading systems – democracy and oligarchy (rule by elites).

That is, free thinking and totalitarianism.

Athens represented democracy and Sparta represented totalitarianism.

The latter allowed citizens to vote for whatever the council of elders chose for them to vote on.

This is what I call pre-censorship.


Church of Scotland is an apostate church and a synagogue of Satan

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Dear Sirs (Letter published by Highland News 12 December 2014)

After reading the report over 'gay revs' on the front page of Highland News (4 December 2014), certain things that are hard to say have to be said. We say them with deep sorrow and a heavy heart. For many it is known already, but the truth has to be formally recorded about the Church of Scotland. The national kirk is an ungodly institution run by godless, and graceless, men and women. The kirk is both a disgrace and a sinful blot on our nation's spiritual landscape, and shame on it. The scandalous evidence of its reputation is in the public domain for all to see. Instead of being a light in the midst of darkness it has blackened the nation by approving of practices which a holy God, and His unchanging word, condemns and abhors.


Wanted: Men with Vision, Conviction and Faithfulness

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We seem to be in a stalemate in church and state today. Problems are multiplying. The situation becomes more confusing year by year and we are in danger of losing heart: people are at a loss what to do. There is a great deal of activity but where is the substance? Maurice Roberts has said: "Wherever and whenever a religious movement ceases to produce the spiritual mind and the God-fearing life it has become a spent force." Those who may have a heart to do something about it are sometimes restricted by denominational barriers. If men with conviction and vision would join hands, who knows what might be achieved?


Are We Taking Error Seriously?

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Scripture and history tell us that the destruction of men's best interests is brought about by the reception of error. When churches embrace a lie rather than God's truth there is an inevitable spiritual and moral decline. R L Dabney wrote towards the end of the 19th century: "While German scholarship has been busy with its labours it has suffered almost a whole nation to lapse into a semi-heathenish condition." In the same era C H Spurgeon concluded: "Modern criticism, like modern theology, is like the sirocco that blasts and burns, it is without dew or suction, it proves itself to be unblest of God and unblessing to men." What can be said of the situation today?


Oh for a Sense of God!

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"What our generation needs is a sense of God," says David F Wells, who has done more than anyone to analyse the weaknesses of modern evangelicalism. Steeped as we are in atheism and secularism in society and worldliness in the Church, the times cry out for a sense of God. The present situation should vex the souls of the righteous from day to day. Only a movement from heaven is going to change the spiritual climate.


You have got it totally wrong Eric Pickles: British values are NOT Muslim values.

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I heard on BBC Radio Two news this morning  (19 January 2015) that the government asked Muslims "What contribution Islam makes to Britain?" (BBC News, 19 January 2015)

Of course, Muslims bit back harder. The Muslim Council of Britain was, predictably, upset by the demand.

So, a minister apologised because he did not wish to upset those of a 'noble religion'!

Government, then, fell at the very first hurdle, and we can see which way it will go. The 'Council' set up its own parallel government, ready to make Britain a Sharia state under Islam... and it won't take long, given recent moves.


Islam is not a religion of peace Mr Cameron

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Paul Weston (Parlimentary Candidate 2015) of Liberty GB gives a message (December 2014) to David Cameron to stop his duplicity, lies and cowardice by telling us that Islam is a religion of peace when the reality is that Islam poses the greatest threat to our civilisation.


Manipulated democracy at its finest

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Have you noticed?

Even though Angela Merkel took part in the "I am Charlie" demo, she condemned "hate" just before a German newspaper was torched by Muslims and continued to badmouth Pegida, the German grassroots group trying to slow or stop the rampant immigration from Muslims countries.

Meanwhile, German TV shows, eg, on Deutsche Welle, are presenting sympathetic Muslims with personalities that appeal to Westerners, and most of the guests are also condemning Pegida for rejecting Islamization. Europe is now officially expected to accept the switch from Christian to Muslim and those who fight this will be punished. It is the most powerful programme against Judeo-Christian culture to date. And all because of a Muslim massacre. The jihadis won!


My Assessment of Islamic Atrocities

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The terrorists, then, are the TRUE Muslims! The fact that other Muslims say they are ‘misinterpreting’ the Koran is irrelevant at this time, for the Koran DOES include commands to kill unbelievers. © Alain Lacroix | Dreamstime.comI have been asked to provide a Christian assessment of the Islamic atrocities being enacted throughout the world. This I find rather odd, as I have written in some detail about Islam for a long time. I will give my assessment in bullet-form (no pun intended), rather than repeat views I have already given many times.

One thing must be stated – when examining what is now happening we must not fall either to unchecked anger or to unchecked fear. And the subject requires both realism and proper argumentation, which I see as divided into two major areas – Christian, and political. Of course, any political argument must be founded on what scripture tells us. The material below is written without anger, and after two decades of observing Islamic behaviour and claims.


Islam or freedom? Choose now.

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Quotation from President Harry S Truman’s address before a joint session of Congress March 12, 1947,displayed at Cosford Royal Air Force MuseumClick the image to see the full quotation by President Harry S Truman (1947).

Picture reference can be found at: 

The Paris Fiasco

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It is not the Islamic attack in Paris that was a fiasco, but the responses from politicians!

Angela Merkel said it was an attack against freedom of speech and democracy. David Cameron agreed.

But then her government tried to silence mass gatherings of people who do not want Islamization.

Even Nigel Farage fudged his answer, with a roundabout reference to the failure of multiculturalism.


PEGIDA is motivated by self-preservation not facism

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"Protesters from the mounting right-wing group the Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West marched through the streets of several German cities in the latest round of demonstrations against what they say is the growing influence of Islam on the country.

But campaigners in Cologne, Berlin and Dresden were met with darkness as opponents staged a silent coordinated campaign to switch off the power at a number of buildings.

In Cologne, where the PEGIDA campaigners were heavily outnumbered, the square around Cologne Cathedral - one of Germany's most famous landmarks - was plunged into darkness." (Daily Mail, 6 January 2015)

Governments should be on notice with this new movement!

It is the Islamic hardliners who are fascist, not the protestors!


Muslims Against Sharia

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A Call from 2008 to Reform Islam

The information given below is the text of the Home Page of a group called ‘Muslims Against Sharia’ (only available on Web Archive). The text is for their fellow Muslims. We have commented on one or two statements, at the end of the paper. Comments are numbered. Publishing of the statements does not mean we necessarily agree with everything said by the group.

If the group is – as some say – merely a front for the spread of Islamic superiority by covert means, we will immediately remove this article from our list if suitable proof is given. The website for the group is: (Available on Web Archive)


To the Manifesto Writers of the Main Political Parties and to UKIP (30 December 2014)

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As genuine Christians we have noted the increasingly anti-Christian policies and laws created by the main parties. To date, UKIP has verbally agreed to base its policies on ‘Judaeo-Christian values’, but have yet to prove it with manifesto policies.

As genuine Christians we have no association with the Church of England, which is ‘Rome-in-Waiting’, and do not accept as valid or authoritative what is said by mainstream Anglicanism or Rome, who are not Christian or genuine. By contrast, our statements are biblical, moral and ethical.


A step in the right direction - First UKIP Wales Autumn Conference 2014

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On Saturday 6 December 2014 in the afternoon I went to the first UKIP Wales Conference at The Orangery in Margam Park, Port Talbot. I am not currently a UKIP member, but I managed to purchase a ticket and confirmed with the organisers that I had clearance to attend before showing up.

UKIP's banner is 'The People's Army' and this can be seen with the unpretentious group of delegates and speakers assembled, who have a passionate desire for common sense policies in British politics and to oppose the cavalier political elite of Westminster, who are completely clueless as to the strength of feeling held against them by the ostracised British electorate that they continuously ignore or patronise.


David Skinner (claimant) vs Professor Eric Anderson (defendant) Winchester County Court

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David Skinner is a retired teacher and pensioner who "attended a lecture given by Mr Eric Anderson (pictured) at Bournemouth University on 27th February 2012, entitled 'Open Lecture: Changing the Game - Gay Athletes then and now'.

During the lecture, David became increasingly concerned by Mr Anderson's hostility towards older people and especially Christians, whom Mr Anderson perceived were opposed to his own viewpoint, and by Mr Anderson's use of obscene language.

David was invited to ask a question during the Q&A session that followed the address. When he rose to his feet, he sought to preface his question by raising his concerns about the hostility and obscenity that had featured in Mr Anderson's lecture.


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