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1 MPs Shocked by Abuse from Public K B Napier
2 BREXIT is Good For Us K B Napier
3 NO SYMPATHY WHATEVER for Muslims K B Napier
4 “This is for Allah!” Theresa May Exalts Islam J. B. Waddell
5 Andrew Turner MP tells the truth about homosexuality K B Napier
6 UK Government and its Warped Values K B Napier
7 Scotland Leads the Way with Anti-HIV Drug K B Napier
8 Don’t Know the Motive! K B Napier
9 London Westminster Attack K B Napier
10 The UK Government let the Terrorists Win. K B Napier
11 Thump the EU Bullies on the Nose! K B Napier
12 Recant or Go Mr Speaker J. B. Waddell
13 Sign the Petition:- Donald Trump should make a State Visit to the UK J. B. Waddell
14 Living in a Fear Society K B Napier
15 No Services Required from Hillary Clinton K B Napier
16 ‘Les Deplorables’ Won J. B. Waddell
17 Christians stop bickering about Donald Trump. K B Napier
18 The US Election Result 2016 K B Napier
19 Germany Hides Truth About Migrants K B Napier
20 Clinton in tomorrow? K B Napier
21 A Question for USA Voters K B Napier
22 BREXIT Arrogance K B Napier
23 Paying Bullies to Stop Bullying Doesn’t Work! K B Napier
24 The EU is trickier than a barrel load of monkeys K B Napier
25 What to do With Muslims? K B Napier
26 Compared to Clinton, Trump is noble!! K B Napier
27 Politicians are such hypocrites! K B Napier
28 A Vision of Islamic Rule is seen in France K B Napier
29 BREXIT is not Negotiable - Just Leave the EU K B Napier
30 Jeremy Corbyn's Re-Election is a vote for Marxism K B Napier
31 France needs to "take more responsibility" for Calais Migrants K B Napier
32 Liberal Depraved Party: Prostitution as Career Choice at School J. B. Waddell
34 Stop the Taqiyya Sadiq Khan J. B. Waddell
35 Not 'some' but FULL control of UK Immigration K B Napier
36 How to make the BREXIT Immigration Point System Work K B Napier
37 Idiocy on the Sea! K B Napier
38 BREXIT - Ireland all over again! K B Napier
39 Get us out of the EU – now! K B Napier
40 Munich:- another Islamist Attack K B Napier
41 "Don't talk about Islam!" J. B. Waddell
42 Will Theresa May act on the FACTS about Islam? J. B. Waddell
43 Theresa May as Prime Minister :- Will She Be Good or Bad? K B Napier
44 EU Nationals in Work or Invest in the UK can Stay K B Napier
45 Leave the EU Now and Weather the Storm K B Napier
46 Get on with BREXIT! K B Napier
47 Is the UK a Democracy or a Dictatorship? K B Napier
48 Beware of Parliamentarians stopping BREXIT K B Napier
49 Not Theresa May for Prime Minister K B Napier
50 Merkel Proves She is Mrs Hitler K B Napier
51 Conspiracy Afoot! K B Napier
52 BREXIT - our Enemies are Baying for our Blood. K B Napier
53 The UK to Leave the EU K B Napier
54 Tomorrow - Whatever the result the EU will... K B Napier
55 A Word About the EU from King Jehoiachin K B Napier
56 BBC's False Trail Concerning Immigration K B Napier
57 Killing Opponents a Wicked Sign of the Times K B Napier
58 “It’s Not Islam!!!” K B Napier
59 A picture of the UK if it remains in the EU J. B. Waddell
60 Obama's Leftist Lens: Blames Christians and NRA for ISIS attack K B Napier
61 Things You'll Never See... in the Middle East J. B. Waddell
62 EU Money is Our Money K B Napier
63 Orlando:- No man has the right to kill others for personal reasons K B Napier
64 BBC – Again! Superficial Attitude Towards Immigration K B Napier
65 Abandon Ship! #LeaveEU J. B. Waddell
66 Latest on Orlando Murders K B Napier
67 Radio 5 Live:- Reasons to Leave the EU from Swansea Market J. B. Waddell
68 Leave the EU K B Napier
69 More on the EU Referendum Remain/Leave EU K B Napier
70 UK a Willing Slave to Fascism K B Napier
71 The EU Migrant ‘crisis’ is a natural result of Islamic existence K B Napier
72 EU Observations - Reasons to Leave EU K B Napier
73 Stop TFL from promoting the funding of Islamic Terrorists J. B. Waddell
74 More Migrants to Come! K B Napier
75 Leave the EU and its socialist 'warts and all'! K B Napier
76 Think Clearly About Leaving the EU! K B Napier
77 Cameron and Tax Avoidance K B Napier
78 #ExplainBrussels, #ExplainIslam J. B. Waddell
79 “They are migrants not asylum seekers” K B Napier
80 BTM's response to Welsh Government's 'Out-of-school education settings' consultation J. B. Waddell
81 The Falsity of EU Membership K B Napier
82 The iron fist of the EU is shown in the migrant crisis K B Napier
83 Cameron Lying about the EU Again K B Napier
84 What Matters? Personalities, arguments or principles? K B Napier
85 Wales Five Years On - A Critical Review of the Welsh Assembly Government 2016 GORDON W TRIGGS (INDEPENDENT GUEST AUTHOR)
86 Leave the EU K B Napier
87 The Reason why Christians must not help those who hate God K B Napier
88 Who is the leader with the guts to eliminate ISIS? K B Napier
89 Ofsted’s proposals to enforce registration of Sunday Schools and other Christian Children and Youth Organisations J. B. Waddell
90 When Cowards Rule K B Napier
91 BTM's response to 'Out-of-school education settings' consultation J. B. Waddell
92 Questions EU and UK Leaders Refuse to Answer K B Napier
93 The Mortal Danger of Labour & Corbyn Administrator
94 ISIS act in the name of Allah and according to the teachings of the Koran K B Napier
95 Islamists are publicly vowing hatred and violence against us. K B Napier
96 The Horror of ISIS Paris Attack #Paris1113 Barry Napier
97 Nigel Farage on sparkling form at Liberty Stadium Swansea J. B. Waddell
98 Cameron's 'Project Fear' to stay in the EU #LeaveEU K B Napier
99 Socialism at Work! K B Napier
100 As many as 4,000 ISIS fighters have been snuck into Europe among the refugees K B Napier
101 That Cameron Thing! K B Napier
102 Politicians - Untrustworthy K B Napier
103 The Spread of Islam K B Napier
104 More on Fake Muslim Immigrants K B Napier
105 The New Labour Boss - Jeremy Corbyn K B Napier
106 Politicians driven by Satanic Anti-Intellectualism K B Napier
107 The Correct Attitude to Migrants and ISIS et al K B Napier
108 Remove ISIS from the earth K B Napier
109 EU Migrant Crisis is Engineered to Destroy Europe K B Napier
110 Beware of Migrant Arguments! K B Napier
111 Migrant Madness! K B Napier
112 Curved-Ball that will destroy Britain immediately K B Napier
113 Unjust Laws – Going Backwards in Time K B Napier
114 Michael Gove:- Christian Freedoms and the British Bill of Rights J. B. Waddell
115 Freedom of Speech and Censorship has to be a major election issue #GE2015 J. B. Waddell
116 Mr Milliband – anti-intellectual and anti-freedom #GE2015 K B Napier
117 As a Christian I can vote for none of these #GE2015 J. B. Waddell
118 What Are Christians Voting For? #GE2015 K B Napier
119 Satan's values are weaved in UKIP's Manifesto #GE2015 J. B. Waddell
120 The problem with UKIP's 'Christian' Manifesto 2015 #GE2015 K B Napier
121 Miliband will criminalise free speech #GE2015 K B Napier
122 Politicians simply don't get it - they are servants of the people #GE2015 K B Napier
123 UKIP's Manifesto 2015:-...are intolerant of true Christian Beliefs #GE2015 K B Napier
125 UK Politicians trade General Election promises like stock #GE2015 K B Napier
126 The Christian Party: THE 2015 DECLARATION OF BRITISH VALUES #GE2015 J. B. Waddell
127 On Public Record - the Politics of Tomorrow #GE2015 K B Napier
128 No, No, and No Again! #GE2015 K B Napier
129 A Question on Marriage for Mr Cameron #BBCAskThis #GE2015 J. B. Waddell
130 The Gay Philosophy of the Conservative Party Leadership David Skinner
131 I CANNOT vote for ANY party that harms Christians and opposes God #GE2015 K B Napier
132 Israel chooses NOT to have a ‘Freier’ as a Leader J.B. Waddell and K.B. Napier
133 British Values are Christian Tim P. Cripps
134 “Prevent Strategy is the Creation of a Police State by the delegation of monitoring duties in the UK” J. B. Waddell
135 The Coming UK Elections 2015. What’s the Choice? K B Napier
136 You have got it totally wrong Eric Pickles: British values are NOT Muslim values. K B Napier
137 Islam or freedom? Choose now. J. B. Waddell
138 The Paris Fiasco K B Napier
139 PEGIDA is motivated by self-preservation not facism K B Napier
140 To the Manifesto Writers of the Main Political Parties and to UKIP (30 December 2014) #GE2015 K B Napier and JB Waddell
141 A step in the right direction - First UKIP Wales Autumn Conference 2014 J. B. Waddell
142 William Hague says the UK will ‘comfort’ Jihadist when they return to the UK. J.B. Waddell and K.B. Napier
144 A YES vote for Scotland is a YES vote for EU Sovereignty K B Napier
145 End-times prophecy in action - Hamas-Israel war K B Napier
146 Israel has the sovereign right to defend itself K B Napier
147 Hamas hides behind the skirts of women and children K B Napier
148 Why Our Church will abstain from voting at the European Member of Parliament Elections 22nd May 2014 J. B. Waddell
149 A day to mourn... J. B. Waddell
150 UKIP and Christians K B Napier
151 Are Christians the "wrong kind of people in UKIP"? J. B. Waddell
152 UKIP – Time for Truth! K B Napier
153 Suspension of David Silvester, Councillor Henley South Ward, from UKIP J. B. Waddell
154 Letter 2 - Geraint Davies MP: Opposition to Early Day Motion 219 'Gay-to-straight conversion therapy in the UK' J. B. Waddell
155 Letter 1: Opposition to Early Day Motion 219 'Gay-to-straight conversion therapy in the UK' J. B. Waddell
156 David Cameron has no regrets and is ‘very proud’ of Same Sex Marriage reform J. B. Waddell
157 ...made them male and female... J. B. Waddell
158 The “Gay Rights” Deception Tim Cripps
159 Launch of new website 'Gay Marriage No Thanks' CCFON Press Release
160 Letter to Member of the House of Lords in Opposition to Marriage (Same-Sex Couple) Bill J. B. Waddell
161 Margaret Thatcher was a moral leader K B Napier
162 Same-Sex Marriage will destroy Marriage, Family and Society J. B. Waddell
163 Tony Blair, Consummate Deceiver on the EU K B Napier
164 Letter of Objection to Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) to Helen Grant MP J. B. Waddell
165 The Profanity of the Majority of MPs in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate J. B. Waddell
166 The French People Oppose Same Sex Marriage J. B. Waddell
167 The Pathetic Parody of Same Sex Marriage J. B. Waddell
168 Letter of Opposition to Geriant Davies MP and his support of Same Sex Marriage J. B. Waddell
169 Obama the Fake K B Napier
170 Ukraine and Russia propose legislation to put the gay 'genie' back in the bottle J. B. Waddell
171 Ann Widecombe explains some of the implications of Same Sex Marriage J. B. Waddell
172 Policy Exchange pulls out of Gay Marriage debate at Tory Conference Fringe Meeting (October 2012) J. B. Waddell
173 Would same sex marriage be a crime against humanity? J. B. Waddell
174 Covert plans to expose every child in the country to paedophilic propaganda on the National Curriculum. UK citizen
175 Gay Marriage Rejected by Australian Parliament J. B. Waddell
176 Socialism and redistribution of wealth explained J. B. Waddell
177 Corruption in the Church is the gateway for Same Sex Marriage J. B. Waddell
178 David Cameron will order you to embrace GLBTQ perversity. J. B. Waddell
179 It is God who locks GBLTQs out of the Church K B Napier
180 Same Sex Marriage, the ultimate political folly and the consequences of breaking God’s Law J. B. Waddell
181 Homosexuality – an Uncontrolled Fire K B Napier
182 CofE and Gay Marriage Barry Napier
183 Homosexuality Destroys Concepts K B Napier
184 BTM's Response to Equal Civil Same Sex Marriage a Consultation J. B. Waddell
185 Letter of complaint on “Boris’s law” for future reference – “If you can’t get over it, ban it!” J. B. Waddell
186 London Mayoral Election - DON'T 'Back Boris'!! J.Connolly
187 Same Sex Marriage – the policy to make 'homophobia' illegal J. B. Waddell
188 ECHR ruling exposes the GEO's SSM proposals as unworkable J. B. Waddell
189 UKIP accuses Cameron of 'picking a fight with people of faith' over same-sex marriage UKIP Press Release
190 Coincidence? Andrew Breitbart Dies Early March 1st, After Declaring: Wait 'Til they See What Happens March 1st Administrator
191 TEN REASONS FOR REJECTING SAME SEX MARRIAGE Dr Peter Saunders, CEO Christian Medical Fellowship, UK
192 The battle for the definition of Marriage begins J. B. Waddell
193 An Open Drain K B Napier
194 It Is Now Or Never! K B Napier
195 Who Broke Britain and the USA? Barry Napier
196 "Britain is a Christian Country": The Empty Words of David Cameron J.Connolly
197 A summary of today's debate in the House of Lords -- B. O'Cathain's motion Administrator
198 The Crunch Point for Cameron K B Napier
199 Cameron - Get Out or Get Out! K B Napier
200 Well, We Were Right: Britain Poised For Recession AGAIN K B Napier
201 Berlusconi toppled, Brussels man installed to run Italy J.Connolly
202 Misleading MPs - Nothing New! K B Napier
203 57% of Christians likely to abandon the Conservatives over same-sex marriage Christian Concern
204 Prayer answered at Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting! J.Connolly
205 Tory MP calls for churches to be banned from holding marriage ceremonies if they refuse gay couples J. B. Waddell
206 'Occupy' - What Would Jesus Do? K B Napier
210 How far from truth and godly governance have we come! K B Napier
211 Is Anders Behring Breivik a Christian? J.Connolly
212 Norwegian terrorist is a Darwinian not a Christian J. B. Waddell
213 Editorial on Norway Killings K B Napier
214 The EU Greece bailout is not good news K B Napier
216 Urgent: Complete the HRSJ Research Institute Equality Survey J. B. Waddell
217 Equality police decide Christians DO have rights to follow beliefs K B Napier
218 EHRC: Courts should have done more to protect Christians affected by equality laws KH
219 Lynne Featherstone MP states: UK Government legislation trumps the commandments of God in the Bible J. B. Waddell
220 Letter to David Cameron: Clash of Fundamentals & Decline of our Nation KH
221 Open letter to UKIP on their Homosexual Laws policy K B Napier
222 Response to the Civil Partnerships in Places of Worship Consultation David Skinner (Reproduced with permission)
223 UKIP crumble on principle to appease Nikki Sinclaire MEP and the GLBTQ agenda. J. B. Waddell
224 The sociopathic agenda of homosexuals and the UK Government J. B. Waddell
225 Wake up Mr Cameron. Before it is too late! Robert Richardson (Reproduced with permission)
226 Why I am voting No to Alternative Voting (AV) on 5 May 2011 J. B. Waddell
227 Christian Voters - the Four Key Policy Issues K B Napier
228 The ingredients of UKIP’s success: Unity, Conviction, Purpose and Purity of Message J. B. Waddell
229 The Real Power of a ‘No’ vote - Welsh Referendum Thursday 3 March 2011. J. B. Waddell
230 Letters to Lynne Featherstone MP about Homosexual 'Marriage' BTM
231 The hard ‘facts of life’ for the Welsh Assembly Government Gordon W Triggs (Independent Guest Author)
232 The Church in Wales will NOT be voting ‘Yes’ in the Welsh Referendum on 3 March 2011 J. B. Waddell
233 Christians in politics should involve all likeminded people K B Napier
234 New Precedent for Christian Freedoms! K B Napier
235 Gay propaganda introduced by the UK government into the school curriculum K B Napier
236 Death threats show the totalitarian mindset of gay lobbyists J. B. Waddell
237 “Britain in Sin”:- a catalogue of sinful legislation by politicians J. B. Waddell
238 The final assault on Christianity by ‘forcing’ the celebration of sodomy in the Church. J. B. Waddell
239 Egyptian Protests Update: 4th Feb 2011 J.Connolly
240 Egyptian Protests:- What are the Future Ramifications? J.Connolly
241 Gay activist killed by male prostitute - what a surprise! K B Napier
242 EU restricts information like a true socialist K B Napier
243 A Call to Action for Christians in Politics J. B. Waddell
244 First Night at a UKIP Branch Meeting J. B. Waddell
245 Behind the Evil - Socialism K B Napier
246 Roger Lewis uses Barry Island Primary School Children at official event for political gain – is this legal? J. B. Waddell
247 The True Wales ‘No’ Campaign pokes one in the eye of the Welsh political elite. J. B. Waddell
248 Important :- You must sign the "Get out of Europe" petition K B Napier
249 Self-chastisement, the new Political Correctness James B Waddell and Barry Napier
250 The USA is the best looking horse in the glue factory! K B Napier
251 Ireland's financial crisis is an opportunity for further Marxist policies and control by the EU K B Napier
252 Obama’s strategy is to impose sharia law on America K B Napier
253 WAKE UP AMERICA! Reduce Obama's vote to a Zero K B Napier
254 Frontex, the European Army, start border controls K B Napier
255 Euro land bail-out fund is Marxist policy. K B Napier
256 Western Media censor the truth about Gaza K B Napier
257 Obama a Christian? Then so was Joseph Stalin. K B Napier
258 If Obama is a Christian he must prove his salvation! K B Napier
259 HM Government Your Freedom website is censored K B Napier
260 Should a Christian pray for their political leaders? K B Napier
261 The Late Great Britain:- A post-election view of the UK K B Napier
262 Yet Another Lie Against Israel:- The Gaza Aid Flotilla Incident K B Napier
263 UK: Vote for Politics? or Vote for Reality? K B Napier
264 News From the EU, 10th February, 2010:- More Bail-Outs! K B Napier
265 USA: Obama is playing the public K B Napier
266 USA: Obama’s Birth Certificate - Questions Hot Up K B Napier