Same-Sex Marriage will destroy Marriage, Family and Society


The legal contortions that legislators will have to make to accommodate or simply ignore to bring into law Same-Sex Marriage in the new Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) bill are just mind boggling.

‘Voice for Justice UK’ identifies some of them in their submission to Public Scrutiny of the new bill, such as:

An article in the Telegraph ‘Gay marriage will destabilise family life, sociologist warns’ (4 March 2013) provides hard evidence showing that there is a huge and sharp decline in marriage ceremonies in countries which introduce Same-Sex Marriage. This does not surprise me as the marriage bed will be completely defiled by the redefinition of marriage as it equates natural marriage between a man and a woman as the same as the un-natural sinful acts of same-sex people.

Never, in the history of our country, have our politicians gone to such lengths to lie, connive, conceal and distort the truth, promote sin and seek to invert the natural order of nature, biology, sex and family life as with the introduction of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) bill – and all without a mandate from the people!

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