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To The Isolated Christian

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It is a sad fact that in our present day, there are very many Christians who are isolated and alone in their faith, knowing no other Christians locally. I can attest to this, because for several years I was one of them. I also know of Christians – either directly through email contact, or indirectly through others - who are alone, or very nearly alone in their local area.

The circumstances of the isolated Christian vary widely: You may be a new Christian, in whom a change has suddenly been wrought, resulting in you being made 'different' to your peers. Alternatively, you may be a long established Christian who has perhaps left (or been driven out of) a false church. Whatever the case, the isolated Christian is left with two options: either to subdue your new faith and conform yourself to the world - a foolish exercise that God will neither bless nor commend: Or separate yourself from the world (2 Corinthians 6:17), and face isolation.

As one who spent several years alone in the faith, I have a few thoughts to share on the matter. It is my hope that they might be of some help to others who may be in a similar situation.


"If You've Got It - Flaunt It!" - An Examination of Biblical Modesty

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I heard this phrase being used recently, and it got me thinking about how in the present day evil is so often put for good, and good for evil (Isaiah 5:20). In our modern 'culture', all Godly attributes are scorned, with the notion of modest dress often being simply laughed at. In this article I will consider why Christians should separate themselves from the world, and will make the case for modest dress.

The statement that has been taken as the title of this article encourages the practice of two sins: Pride, and immodesty - which are very similar in nature, the latter being an outward manifestation of the former.


Do you have a dream job?

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What is your job? A dance teacher? A nurse? A police woman/man?

Obviously, if someone asked you today ‘What’s your job?’ you would speak of your human job such as Doctor, Plumber, Painter, etc.

But, what is your job, really; that which is more important than getting money from, or having a fancy car and a big luxurious house?

For a Christian reading this introduction I think it’s clear, because being a Christian is like, in one sense, a very important job, except this job is holy, spiritual, true and pure and can’t be any different. To me it is a dream job.

I think whoever is a Christian (by predestination) has something that money can’t buy; that a promotion in a job can’t get you, either.

So, when you have your human job, do you feel you’re walking on God’s path and that this is the job He has chosen for you?


Insidious Homosexual Propaganda in Schools

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There has been an element of homosexual propaganda in schools since 2003 at latest, but as with all homosexual activities, the boundaries are continually pushed. The latest gay activities taking place in schools should horrify all sane-minded parents, and it is up to them to complain in no uncertain terms to their MPs, councillors, and schools - for the sake of their children.

LGBT History Month

Late last year, following a similar stunt in 2008, homosexual activist and film actor Ian McKellen toured UK schools to indoctrinate children about homosexuality. (The Christian Institute, 12th Oct 2010)

Now, we learn that the gay agenda, via ‘LGBT History Month’ will be infiltrating the classrooms of children as young as four years old. This insidious propaganda will be a part of every subject: From English to History; Mathematics to French, and is being backed by David Cameron’s coalition. (Daily Mail, 23rd Jan 2011)


"Do What You Want": Really?

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I’ve heard it said that the sole purpose of life is something like this: to have as much fun as possible; to do what you want, so long as it doesn’t harm other people. Indeed, this seems to be the predominant social ‘mood’ today, and before being saved I would’ve said something similar. After all, it seems fair enough (what with the clause about not harming others), doesn’t it?

But when the surface is scratched, can a Christian really accept such a view? And what are the implications of having this view of life?

I’d contend that this seemingly insignificant viewpoint is what is behind most of the social ills we see today. The problem with it is that it is purely selfish, by definition: It is all about the fulfilment and happiness of self as the main priority in life. To append a noun to the thesis: It is Hedonism. And what it does is remove virtually all constraints that may affect one’s actions. (As an aside, this idea, of doing whatever one pleases, was prevalent in occult circles at the end of the 19th century. At that time, it was rightly shunned by society. How far we have declined, when today it is the norm.)


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