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Where does coronavirus lead you?

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Despite the Coronavirus and all the uncertainty and troubles it brings, God still rules.

Before I dive in, I hope while reading this short article you and your family are safe and well. For further articles regarding Coronavirus and its present form, COVID-19, you can find them on our homepage and in emails.

Since the Coronavirus has started a lot has happened in my personal life. New life from my sister having a beautiful baby girl, two weeks ago, and also my sister in law announcing she’s pregnant. My brother got married to a lovely Christian woman and is happy. Sadly, I've also experienced loss as my uncle passed away yesterday after battling with cancer. This alongside my studies and currently packing to move house next month means life is rather intense. Not forgetting all the news of thousands dying because of the coronavirus and the current lockdown in our country (UK), it’s been pretty overwhelming.

This isn't an article to say 'oh, me, oh my, hear my troubles and give sympathy'. No, it's to ask a simple question, as I'm sure a lot of you reading this could be experiencing the same doubts or fears.

  1. How do you feel in this current situation?
  2. Where have your thoughts led you?

For myself I can honestly say my thoughts have lead me to God every time. Holding onto His promises, clinging to His word and striving to live right and think right when we need to be on point in such uncertain times.

Why has it led me to God every time? Because through all these life experiences and loss I have had God as my safety net and He comforts me with His promises and guides me as to how to deal with everything through His grace.

When in uncertain times; when given a random obstacle to tackle; when living in times like this; a Christian should experience reminders from the Holy Spirit.

What are reminders from the Holy Spirit?

For Christians, our spirit is always alive even when sometimes mentally we can feel drained or low.

God is always there guiding us, holding us and lifting us. The reminders He brings to His children who live right WILL be there for you if you’re obeying him.

The Holy Spirit reminds us of scripture: God’s promises which bring comfort and declare His majesty, presence and peace.

God gives us endless mercy, and gives continuous blessings, they are new everyday.

What does this mean?

Are you striving to live for God?
Do you read his word?
Do you give time for the Lord?
Do you actively live by what you preach?

If the answer is YES to all points then God will respond and will comfort you. He is always there for us and will sustain us through any situation - it's a promise.

Even when you feel you can’t bear anymore, 'just remember' God will only give you as much as you can handle.

Take time and meditate upon God’s word

Friends, take time to appreciate God in everyday life. Remind yourself: He is our purpose for this one life we have and even through such uncertain times like now - there are more to come because of what prophecy states.

So seek the Lord with your whole heart and obey now. He won’t leave you in famine, homelessness, naked or hungry.

These reminders of God’s promises and His presence, should be experienced in good times, not just bad.

Remember who made us, remember He is our Lord, Creator and Father. With him nothing shall be impossible to accomplish or get through.

Take care all

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