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University Life: - A Brief Guide

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As far as many prospective students are concerned, universities are seen as places where anything goes, where young people can escape home, and live as they please, doing whatever they like. Many people go to university primarily for the drunken ‘social’ element, and for casual sex, more than to study and earn a degree! I know this to be true, because I am a university student myself. I heard the conversations about ‘uni’ taking place before I started, and saw the reality after I arrived!

The purpose of this short article is not to persuade against participation in the things listed above (any Christian should realise that they are wrong!), but mainly to inform Christian students who are planning on going to university, and anybody else who is interested!

To start off with, the activities listed above are actively encouraged by university authorities, such as student unions. Many universities give welcome packs to Freshers (the university term for new students - usually first years). My welcome pack included several condoms, vouchers for cheap alcohol, and discounted entry to a local club (a place of drunkenness and breeding ground for sexual immorality)! Condoms are also easily available from university health services, where large packs are given out, free of charge. If this isn’t encouragement, then I don’t know what is!

Though many students restrain themselves in some small way, for many others the student life is purely hedonistic – with lots of drink, casual sex/fornication, and having what they say is a ‘good time’. The sad thing is that this lifestyle was allowed to proliferate, and parts of it were in fact designed by big businesses seeking to get their hands on student cash (this especially applies to clubbing).

Clubs are basically places that students and young people go to ‘party’. Again, it is hedonistic, with many going to get drunk, and find a sexual partner for the night, with loud music playing all around them. Drugs may also be involved, though I wouldn’t say this is typical of all students. Certainly, the drunkenness, and music (complete with foul lyrics) are the main elements that people enjoy.

Another thing that has grown prevalent in universities, is the ‘Green Agenda’. Special Green events are held, with the aim of converting students to the Green cause. In effect, it is what many Greens hate: preaching! The more worrying thing, however, is how environmentalist thinking has infiltrated university courses themselves, with many subjects now having an environmental element to them, even if the subject itself has nothing to do with the environment. Basically, Green is everywhere!

Reading what I have written back to myself, it seems that I have painted a fairly grim picture! I won’t deny that some of these things will surround you at university, particularly if you decide to live away, but it is also easy to distance yourself from them.

Things like environmentalism may be harder to get away from, particularly if you are forced to study it as part of your course. To those who are faced with this problem, I would recommend that you stay quiet - but do not take at face value anything that is taught concerning this subject. Do your own research, and read Climate Change 'sceptic' material, such as Barry Napier’s books, or ‘Blue Planet in Green Shackles’, by Vaclav Klaus – both of which will give you a good deal more truth than any pro-Green material!

Aside from these issues, university will hopefully be a good experience. You will learn much in your course, and will hopefully enjoy it! You will also learn lessons for life, particularly if you are living away. It is weird at first, yet strangely satisfying being totally responsible for one's self. And having to manage your weekly food shopping sure teaches you the value of money!