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Do you have a dream job?

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What is your job? A dance teacher? A nurse? A police woman/man?

Obviously, if someone asked you today ‘What’s your job?’ you would speak of your human job such as Doctor, Plumber, Painter, etc.

But, what is your job, really; that which is more important than getting money from, or having a fancy car and a big luxurious house?

For a Christian reading this introduction I think it’s clear, because being a Christian is like, in one sense, a very important job, except this job is holy, spiritual, true and pure and can’t be any different. To me it is a dream job.

I think whoever is a Christian (by predestination) has something that money can’t buy; that a promotion in a job can’t get you, either.

So, when you have your human job, do you feel you’re walking on God’s path and that this is the job He has chosen for you?

The simple way to find out is to pray to God about it. Talk about it with Him. Christians these days don’t talk to God about even the simplest of things. Why? He is always with us. And He wants us to talk to Him about everything; He is our Father. We should always look to God not ourselves. Ask Him in a prayer - is this the right job for me? If so, let me carry on with the blessings you have given me, my talents, intelligence, a good voice, a good dancer; and thank God everyday for them. Thank him for the secure life He has given you. You didn’t get those talents yourselves. God gave you them.

But, also in the prayer, say to God “If this job isn’t right for me and you want me to do something else, take it away from me please.” The answer will be obvious in time. Some Christians are too scared to do that these days as all they care about is being known in a big company and having a lot of money and living the high life. What they don’t actually realise, is that they already have the high life... if not HIGHER! So why not give it over to God, if it isn’t right for you? You’ve got the best possible life anyone can EVER have. There’s no need to worry or doubt. God doesn’t lie! His word is true! He will only give you even better than you already have! He ONLY gives the best to a righteous Christian. Faith and trust is such an important thing in life. Without it, all you do is dig yourself a deeper hole until you realise that all along it could have been just a simple switch to change and trust and have faith in God. Have faith, trust and live righteously, and God will give you all His amazing gracious wonders.

Even when times are low in any situation whatsoever, look to God first not yourself. We are worms and know nothing compared to our amazing God.

Just think for a second: your job gives you money, a house, food, car, etc. Well, if you live righteously in your true job role, with God you get all that and more!

Money - God gives us something that money can’t buy! Salvation and eternal life. Money sounds like nothing and is worth nothing compared to that.

House – You’ve got a house now. But, this house won’t last forever. God gives you the key to eternity in heaven. Eternal life is in God’s home, when the end of time comes.

No billionaire, pop star, or ruler on earth can buy into heaven, because God is King over any sort of so-called power on earth. God is the only KING. Only Christians - those who are saved - will get to know what eternal life is. Thank God every day for being chosen, as we are worthy of nothing and deserve nothing. What a gracious God He is.

Food and Car – God feeds us by enabling us to say and do the right things. He puts it in our minds. It’s not US who put it there. He tells us which path to walk and take. We are so blessed He gives us the way of life to walk, His path.

You often have to pay to travel miles and miles to a sunny, relaxing destination. God lets us walk His path for free! Without any expense! To a place better than any sunny destination or holiday! We truly are blessed.

When Christians feel down or low in their job, or because of a family matter, or any sort of problem or situation, look to God first, and not to ourselves. It’s not ignoring anything that’s happening; it’s just giving it over to God to deal with. It is the best and only policy. God says not to look to ourselves, but to Him first. So do it!

Live righteously and your life will be filled with wondrous things which the unsaved won’t know, feel, or understand.

Thank God. Please God. Do it for God! Because God deserves everything!

© 8 June 2011

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