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Heard on the Terry Wogan Show (BBC Radio 2):

A listener called in during the heavy snow falls and said: “I’ve just spent an hour shovelling

global warming off my driveway!”

What’s Going On!

Another wag in the USA said: “If global warming gets even worse, we will all freeze to death!”

Those are very funny comments on the present situation, but what on earth is happening? What’s going on?

In my ministry I have unique access to many sources of information. I receive daily news about environmentalism, churches, and finance, with reports from the USA, Britain and Russia. I also receive personal letters and emails from around the world. What I say isn’t just hearsay or my own opinions. So, I thought I would summarise what is really going on in the world today.

The Start

What we see happening has been a long time coming. There have always been faceless powerful men behind world events and wars. The social upheaval we now see in specific activities began in earnest just after the Second World War. This was when the secret activities of those faceless men stepped up a gear.

Until about the mid or late fifties there was no available way for ordinary people to buy things other than by cash. Because there was so little of it, the majority of people were all in the same boat. Which is why they made-do with old furniture handed down to them, few had cars, and few were able to buy their own homes. Everyone was uniformly broke!

Doors were left unlocked, people were friendly, youth were treated for what they were- young people with no experience of life, sexual activity was restricted mainly to marriage and fornication was considered unseemly and a disgrace, along with the babies it produced. Sexual diseases were relatively unheard of, abortions were few, even if we count backstreet abortions. And Britain still retained much of its olde worlde charm.

Then, it all started to change…


Because ‘finance’ was only available to the people who were already rich, most people never even thought of the subject. They either had money or they didn’t. And the only way to get money was to save what little they could out of small wages, and so few people had financial problems!

Then, the government allowed finance businesses to open up access to money on the ‘never-never’, hire purchase. It suddenly catapulted thousands into debt, though they never realised it until the inevitable happened and they got into strife. Other forms of financial ‘help’ emerged. Now, we are seeing the folly of this concept of the ‘open hand’, which has formed an iron fist.

Why did this happen? What we are seeing today is the culmination of nearly sixty years of financial irresponsibility and callousness. The whole thing was set up by greedy financiers and silly politicians, many of whom made their own riches because of it.

The whole financial mess is rooted in socialist ideology. No, I’m not making it up, and I do not have a ‘thing’ about Marxism! It is what actually happens, and has been confirmed by many reports I receive. The idea is to ‘open up’ possibilities to those who cannot afford to have the same standard of living as the richer folks. The newly available finances were advertised as ‘helping’ poor people to have a few luxuries or homes. The trouble is, those ‘few’ luxuries led to a ‘lot’ of everything, and having goods on finance is now the ‘done thing’.

What is missing from those ads is the very real possibility of demise. We now see millions in the West becoming financially unstable or defunct. Even whole countries, who borrow up to the hilt, are in serious trouble. But, those who caused the trouble - the big financial concerns and governments -will never be dealt a death blow, because they underpin the world cashflow. So, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The real cause is socialism, and this has been made very plain today. Gordon Brown talks of a ‘new world order’, as he mimics President Obama, and the French President, a very unlikeable man. Without a doubt the whole world is being led mainly by strident Marxists for personal gain.

Have you heard of the (Marxist) World Economic Forum (WEF)? It sounds very formal and official, but it is an informal private group. It spans the earth and its members are the governments and financiers who run everything. Each member pays a staggering half a million dollars just to attend the annual three-day conference. And whatever is decided in that conference is used in future governmental and financial decisions!

Members of the WEF also include failed financiers, those who have been convicted of wrongdoing on a massive scale, who have brought down whole banks, and whose dealings have destroyed countries. Gordon Brown, for example, often quotes what was discussed in the WEF conferences, and pretends it is his own decision! Yet, the WEF is not ‘official’!

One major member of the WEF is a man who is now based in China. He has recruited top brains, who are busy buying shares in, or buying-out, foreign businesses around the world. And the major speaker at the 2009 January WEF conference was the Chinese premier. China is, as you know, strongly Marxist and hates the West, just as Obama does. In other words, the West is going down the Swanee with pushes from Marxists already running western countries. And these are all bound by UN and EU rules, both of whom are… Marxist. See where this is going?

Sexual Deviation

What was an illegal, disgusting activity, became a legalised disgusting activity. You all know what I am referring to. Very quickly, on its heels, came a pandemic of immense proportion – HIV and AIDS. It was in homosexual interests to broaden the sexual scene, so they aggressively promoted heterosexual promiscuity. That is where the so-called sexual ‘freedom’ began its gruesome course. It was fuelled and run by homosexuals, to hide their own activities and to strengthen their own evil designs.

It was when abortion became popular, and sexual diseases went rampant. It all started with homosexual legalisation in the 1960s. Now, we are in the middle of an horrendous society where ‘anything goes’. The aims of homosexual groups are far from finished. Now we can expect them to drive hard for the acceptance and legalisation of everything sexual. And I really mean ‘everything’, including things you cannot even imagine. But, the ones you know about are included as front-runners for immediate legal demand… first being paedophilia, next comes bestiality. And far worse will follow.

What is behind this entire movement is? Yes - socialism. The current activities were devised by Russia when the revolution ruined the people. Homosexuality was a deliberate official condition gladly promoted by the Russian communist party, to break down family units based on the Bible. A hundred years later, the West is using exactly the same ploy, and homosexuality is riding high, as a victor. It is irrational, stupid and dangerous, but it is still going on! In other words, like the financial situation, homosexuality is a means of destroying families, Christian ethics and values, and social cohesion. This is because the main demand of Marxism is continual social unrest. The resultant diseases, death, and evils, are of no consequence. What matters is the removal of Christianity itself.

The Environment

With both the financial and the sexual horrors, the birth, background and continuance, is down to Marxism and the idea of restructuring society, to form it into a malleable and obedient slave of communism.

The same is true of the present environmental movement, which is also worldwide. It is Marxist through and through. Again, I am not just ‘harping on’ about a favoured theory. This is what is happening in reality! (I provide hundreds of proofs in my book references).

Environmentalism literally began as a German notion, when idealists wanted to return to a Middle Ages society (now being called for by Transition Towns and other green groups), which they saw as desirable. But, their view of the Middle Ages is romantic, not real. As I pointed out in my book, the people who actually lived in the Middle Ages would have given their right arms to live in our modern world!

That was in the 1800s. Then along came socialism big-time and wicked thinkers killed Russian royalty and brought in their own evil czars, who were far worse than the royal family they killed! Russia hobbled along on its unreality and violence until the late part of the century, when everything fell apart. But, when the Berlin Wall came down, it did not bring down communism. Marxism remained rampant in the hearts of people who loved the power that communism gave them.

So, Marxism took on new forms. The financial crisis, homosexual wickedness and green policies, are all children of the older Marxism, and they are all intent on doing us immense harm. The EU, and especially the UN, are Marxist bodies. The UN is open in its Russianised intent to bring about genocide… as was made plain by Kofi Annan’s terrible perpetuation of the genocide in Rwanda.

Green policies are not science. Nor are they for the better. They are Marxist ploys. But behind all that is Satan’s project – One World Government and godlessness. 

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