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This is our 25th year of ministry. To this juncture the ministry has been low-key, known mainly to those with an interest in truth. We didn’t advertise, nor did we vainly seek recognition. We will continue this way. 

The old website, is now off-line and redirected to this website. Its content will be transferred to the new site for archiving. 

This new site is meant to be different. It will provoke many who think they are Christians, because it is what is needed. Few Christians today stand for what they believe in, and when they do, they prove their ‘beliefs’ to be nothing but shams and errors. The site also wishes to show that our beliefs cover everything, not just doctrinal statements. So, we hope to add new sections.

As for us, we are ‘reformed and reforming’. We go beyond the statism called ‘reformed’ because the Reformation was only the beginning. But, too many reformed Christians see it as an end, an archive and not a living movement of God’s people. Thus, most of them rely on tradition rather than on truth given by scripture, often mistaking one for the other.

This site will not make you feel comfortable if you prefer tradition to truth. Yes, some traditions can be allowed, but only if they arise from, or concur with, what God says. We will kick out anything that does not. We also oppose any form of Arminianism – especially charismaticism.

We refuse to be labelled, too. We believe in Calvin’s five points (remembering that they were not his points, but replies to arguments put forward by Arminius), but this does not make us Calvinists. We reject any label, whether denominational or personal. We are Christians, simple as that.

We challenge you to read the contents with a mind rooted in God’s word..

© June 2010

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